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Sometimes I walk by children, tap them on the head, yell Goose! and run away. 4th grade Teacher, author of books he/him/his

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@annemdelgado I always have a pen or clip or Lego or ruler or something in my hand. I can't think without it. The o… writing Yes, on the computer, but the pen isn't an "am writing" prop. It's a old school fidget spinner. @JenaFriedman *lesson planning* @sheepishwolfy He can notSwan is putting up with zero of this maniac's nonsense and it's both beauy and utterly horrifying to watch. I go o… greatest gif ever has been shared with me @StaciErickson1 WHAT IS THIS IS IT'S ADORABLE @sheepishwolfy But he needs to FINISH first @sheepishwolfy The Kingkiller Chronicle @doodlinmunkyboy YES AND IT MADE ME SO MAD I WANT THATThe Dark Tower, but right. @wmchamberlain Oh neatDresden Files The Parable of the Sower etc Mass Effect Y The Last Man East of West Operation: Mindcrime Trump reminds me of this Fred Armisen character who can't finish a single sentence
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @Never_Ruthless PANDAMONIUM @harkinworld Bwahaha @chandrawu Haha @kellywchris I am not. Just grumpy
Hey, listen to this. It's really pretty @shadow_uzumaki @nathan_stevens Greatest villain line ever. are all killing it, thank you @mrburkemath Heh heh hehI am requesting funny animal and/or superhero (still funny tho) gifs please and thank you.Cancel All Sports How hard is this? @elprofesorsilva @terrieichholz @phenomenalGP @pcbrynn That evil @hysickscience Sweet, thanks @Heather_No_Rum I will then, thanks @bsanspree Cool thanks @bravesearth I did that with the second and I was trying to figure out what to read nextDresden Files fans- I've only read a few, scattered through the series. Better to read in order or does it not rea… @Lamariamartinez @LisaesqLisa @pcbrynn @ALICEtraining I've been through half that training. Was "sick" the second d… year old- I found a cool leaf! Me- OMG, I can't beLEAF it! Whole house- ... Me- BeLEAF. LEAF. 7 year old- ...… in #GhostOfTsushima is super weird. There's a need for pelts to craft things, but ONLY predator pelts. You… if you hate the NRA
Retweeted by Doug RobertsonBy @Lunarbaboon @Mr_Severino So fun!My wife and children are very excited about digital fireworks and balloons and whatnot on Animal Crossing.Seems like there's a word for this... @AndreaDunlop1 Oh no! @LisaesqLisa @pcbrynn I'd quit. If they shot at me I'd leaveRT If you have ever had to do a lock-down drill with a classroom full of 7-year-olds while explaining to them that…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @shadow_uzumaki The game is worth the price just for the completely leveled up Stand Off mechanic @shadow_uzumaki man I love slicing through baddies like a hot knife through Mongols invadersI just got kicked out of a flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing guideline had…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @andreabeaty @killyalison *whines* I have every pay for our stuff channel except that one thoooooo
#GhostOfTsushima #PS4share @goldbootsedu Could be a lot of people, couldn't it?Beware the grift @dfteach Awwww so nice @HeatherL114 Haha oh no @doodlinmunkyboy SmaaaaaartI just found out my seven year old doesn't know how to make a pot of coffee yet and I want to know who his parents are. @juliesibley "guidance" @comes_a_candle Oooffff that's a good one too @MCDphysteach If I'm sad everyone else has to be sad!This @FApocalypse was great and really drove home how much I love and miss live music. Like I've been watching conc… played a song wearing masks just to prove you could play speed death metal wearing a mask so you can wear one… breaking my neck to the @FApocalypse livestreamed concert Live At Bloom Studio. They played a live concer… @cristama I'm sorry I'm so sorryEvery time the baby girl does something she thinks is cute or funny she looks around the room to make sure everyone… @misskatiemara Hard agree @AwesomeScience I think you're right. Some of my kids would LOVE this. And some would be so confused. @shadow_uzumaki Right? It's like he's not even tryingHe doesn't land in a pile of hay. Worst Assassin's Creed cosplay ever. @killyalison I knoooooowwwww that's where I saw most of it the second time, after it left NetflixI really like this thread because it's either totally out there or really smart or both (probably both) and I'm pro… @LisaBiber I'm sorry I'm so sorry! @timmons_wendy @musko101 Dear Dr River Song, I love you. You're my favorite. Please hold me at gun point and laugh at me when I'm scared. @Theylbrickroad I should just buy all of it @Theylbrickroad Where are you watching it I can't find it streaming now @killyalison IT'S NOT ANYWHERE BECAUSE SOMETHING SOMETHING BBC AND HBO AND I'M DYING I'M SO SAD I CAN'T WATCH IT RIGHT NOW @easybeinggreenx I'M SORRY I'M SO SORRY. If I have to be sad you all have to be sad too @kndreuter Me too!I was doing fine, just hanging out and being relatively happy, and then out of nowhere I pictured River's face when…
A transcript of the GOOD OMENS Hugo Award acceptance speech. ( You can watch the speech at…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @Jpm2375 And?"It's my right as a free American to do nothing to stop children from being murdered in their classrooms and it's a… school districts that are opening, How are you going to do active shooter drills while social distancing? Wil… a post asking what schools are doing about detention this year. I’m sorry, but I can think of a billion more th…
Retweeted by Doug RobertsonPretty cool TikTok is banned but guns and nazis are good to go.
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @killyalison I agree @KayBisaillon Yes @shadow_uzumaki I haven't, but I rarely use photo mode in these games @jeffmcconnell8 It's REALLY good so far. Especially as a fan of samurai movies @TeacherLingua It means I started playing at just after one am because my children were keeping me up, and I honest…*realizes what time it is* Oh...Ghost of Tsushima is one of /those/ games. Ok. Good to know.Because it's one am and no one is asleep so it's snacks and watch dad play video games could hear this bit a thousand times and I would still curl up laughing every time @chrislhayes What do you think the psychological consequences are going to be to children if they end up infecting…
Retweeted by Doug RobertsonIMPORTANT YOUTUBE CONTENT @edutinker Right @edutinker Yeah probably @shadow_uzumaki The colors are so pretty that I'm glad I'm not doing it in b&w @shadow_uzumaki I always have subs on even in English. Games, movies, every but stand up comedy. The English voic… @shadow_uzumaki Second play I'm gonna go full Kurusawa mode @shadow_uzumaki Oh! And Arthur Morgan and John Marston (but only John from the first game) and Arthur > John. I wa… I tweeted about how vibrant The Force Awakens is yesterday, I figured now is a perfect time to once again say…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @shadow_uzumaki I love Kratos (even jerk rage monster Kratos but also Dad of War), I'm early in GoT and I love Yuna… @realDonaldTrump Traitor. Murderer.Can he even do this? It feels like one of those amendment things would prevent this. You know, if the government ca…