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Sometimes I walk by children, tap them on the head, yell Goose! and run away. 4th grade Teacher, author of books

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My band Astro-Goons had our first gig tonight and it was SO MUCH FUN. just showed my dog the clock on my phone to prove that there's still fifteen minutes until he gets fed. #professionaleducator
M*A*S*H is my favorite show not named Star Trek and this video essay by @BatyaLewbel on it is perfect and everyone… @LAMBRADLEY @jthompedu Thanks! It's true, I wrote a whole book about it. Happy to answer questions too if you haveviewed in this order it looks like george lucas sucked the life force out of yoda to become young again and now yod…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson"The Professor" (on Rush & lesson planning & writing songs you can't play yet) - via @TheWeirdTeacher
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @sena_k_44 Thank you @dramseysmith Thanks, me too @Ms_TeachAlot Thank you @mtrann9 Weds morning @mtrann9 Today I can feel the stent more than yesterday and that's weird.
@ShanaVWhite @dhudgins Holy cow, busy lady. I'm only running one session each of the days which means I'll be able… @ShanaVWhite @dhudgins Like fly in, do the thing, fly out same day? @ShanaVWhite @dhudgins THAT'S SO EXCITING! I'm presenting at it too. We've got to hang out while you're here. @ShanaVWhite YOU'RE GONNA BE AT INTEGRATED??? @innejf @TheJLV iPadfoot's death was very sad @TheJLV @innejf If we keep this up she's gonna get iRate @innejf @TheJLV Are we putting in orders? I'll have iMac n cheese pleaseI know as a card-carrying feminist, I basically walk around wearing pink, glitter-encrusted glasses (I don't. I'm n…
Retweeted by Doug RobertsonFirst look at #TheWatch, coming soon to @BBCAMERICA. Set in a fictional city where crime has been legalized, The Wa…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @indomitabletea @Dowbiggin Doctor Who is a brilliant show though @Dowbiggin That's probably why I found it so funny @TraciEspeland It's really badDid you hear an Apple store was robbed? They think they're gonna catch the guy though. They have an iWitness @SherylAndersen5 That's what I've read. So excited @SherylAndersen5 I don't know why they never did a scan. I think because they believed me that it was in there and wanted to limit exposure @MsAbeja @rlawsum Like a tiny knife is being stabbed into your back and twisted twisted twisted until you throw up… @thesega Thank you @MrTomRad Haha, must be pretty good @CHSiddons @EdsNotDeadPC @RWDodd @petercrable I always got stuff to say to her @thesega It must have killed people, or at least made them think they're dying @SuperEvansMath Yeah, there's thatWhat an amazing depth of both ignorance and compete lack of care @BetsyDeVosED. Well done. @mtrann9 It's not great but it's better than what it was @lpdeal Oh man that's terrible.. Forever @mtrann9 Oy that's massive“Google it” means I don’t owe you labor. “Google it” means I choose not to give you my labor. “Google it” means I b…
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Once. Just once, I would like to be called "Sir" without having it immediately followed up with something stuffy an…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @MsMarshallCMS Men get them far more often than women from what I've read @cwilsonspanish Yeah, it wasn't great times. Thanks!Please stop giving attention to, supporting, and celebrating medicore adults. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
Retweeted by Doug RobertsonEvery single time I ride an elevator I think about the bit at 4:32 of this video. @h_james18 Nice! ThanksI am on a 117-hour flight and a guy is live-tweeting what this excitable, happy lady is saying. No big deal except…
Retweeted by Doug RobertsonDoes anyone know what the app or tool people are using to get that screen with random pictures floating by on their… is a cumulative act. You don't unlearn things, you modify your previous learning with new information, whi… @PatoWonton VICIOUS CIRCLEI spilled coffee at home and could not figure out why the carpet felt wet much farther away than the coffee could h… @calliembush Please do, no worriesThey should make a Zorro video game. @RockstarGames get on that. @Andrea_Houck Thanks! I hope so.. @thereadingzone Thanks! I think I will be @ToscaKilloran I drink plenty of coffee. Water...not so much a lot of the time @RemScience Yup! Thanks @iLibrarianFMS I'm with you but I think the song of our generation if there's is one might be Smells Like Teen Spir… @edutinker That's a good plan. BABY SNUGGLES @MrsWambold Thanks. I'm feeling better nowMy fellow fans of #GoodOmens you must check out @OutNerdMe posters for our favorite angel and demon.… @lisa_mcmann IN YOUR FACE STEVE TYLER
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @SueThotz Yeah, your body is built for it. Mine is all WTF IS HAPPENING the whole time. Still, I've been in the roo… @SueThotz Haha @terrieichholz Oy that's hard for him. Thank you @MsAbeja Thanks! Made em at home @MsAbeja I've heard the birth comparison too but I've been in the room for three of those and I stuff would presume… @audreywatters Thank you. @2014ORTOY Haha, woohoo internet chipmunk! @Dowbiggin Yeah, it's a good time all around @lisa_mcmann Whose the real rock star now? Does Steve Tyler's body make actual rocks because he rocks so hard? I do… @audreywatters Bam! I'm a quarry. @lisa_mcmann It's not a great time. Thank you. @peachkiller85 I need to get that done too. Should have doubled up since they were in the general area @Dowbiggin Yup12/12 fin11/? The hospital staff was amazing, great experience all around as far as "we're gonna stick a cancer and tweezers… So now I'm home and in recovery. Took the rest of the week off school. Have lots of good drugs for pain and st… So he had to push it back into the kidney, laser it, pull out what he could, then leave a stent (a tube) in the… They say the biggest stone you can pass on your own is 5mm. Mine was 8mm and impacted, so it wasn't going anywh… My biggest concern was the doc would get in there, see it, and be all "Pffft, you could have passed this and a… Woke up a little over an hour later, was actually able to be coherent a little while after that. Easy recovery… Finally went in and they did the thing. There's only one way into the kidney without cutting you open so use y… He agreed and we scheduled surgery for today. So all day today no eating, no drinking anything, just waiting. C…'t pass Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. I made an appointment yesterday, Tuesday, at a Urology clini… I waited and it never passed. Normally I pass then within the day. Didn't pass Friday. Went into the ER for t… Time: So last Thursday I woke up sick and in pain and knew exactly what it was- kidney stone. Oh great. I've… Relevant. Story coming soon. @MaryNellAnthony Yeah, language arts are easier to plan for sure @DFallprey They love me
I wrote about Neil Peart and you should read it because it's about teaching and also about the most thoughtful drum…
Retweeted by Doug Robertson @StantonAlana I am lucky @jay9mac Completely agree. It's brutal @MrsDurhamteach @johnwick @CrazyPln @sheathescholar @abby_forrester @KaraTheTeacher @burgessdave @MeehanEDU @SFecich That's very short
This is basically a Neil Peart Memorial Twitter account now. Please read what I wrote about him and how he influenc… deeply hate writing sub plans for multiple days in a row. The third day of math lessons always says, "I dunno, ma… @MrsMieliwocki Very clever @TrammellMath Thanks!I wrote a new song. It's gonna be a big hit. remained perpetually amused by how often the rule "men are people, women are women" is proven to be true.
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