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mandrake fraser 🍄 @thewhippetbeans Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

I'm fraser, that verbal clown from the whippet beans. Nice chap/rarely serious #songwriter #writer & flippant /minor success on stage, radio & hollywood 🎸📻🎤

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@russty_russ Her dogs are all qualified gas installers too. @ratemyplatenow Blackjack on a fishfinger
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@jeffreygrove @ratemyplatenow It’s a king’s brunch. @ratemyplatenow I have many more delicious recipes on my new food blog thing... x @ratemyplatenow Blackjack on a fishfinger to @iainlee & @FlippinKath for 4 brilliant years, most creative, interesting and downright silly radio in ye… @Britpopmemories @DodgyUK @TeenageFanclub @TheBluetones I choose dodgy, saw them loads in the 90’s and then 20 year… @NmeYears That bus looks way older, I reckon wham used it when they drove to their gigs in Hamburg in the early 60’s. @SteffenPeddie @BBC_Cumbria @bbcnewcastle @BBCTees @CatherineCPeart In Newcastle by the blue carpet... @realDonaldTrump @SenatorTimScott The only community you support is the bot community. @dailystar I think they’ll probably go for an actor. @Baddiel I always think trump looks like 3 midgets on each other’s shoulders trying to sneak into a cinema...
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @MTCPODCAST @ancelottisibrow 4 kids one bike. Driver, backa, E.T, pegs.
Driving would probably be Bat Out Of Hell or Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf, or anything by Tom Petty,…
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @AnonNewz Too late.Getting to know our delivery guys
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @realDonaldTrump Cannon & Ball @realDonaldTrump Benson & HedgesHow long do your toffee apples usually stay fresh for after Halloween? @realDonaldTrump Aren’t you hiding in a bunker from your own citizens? Must be some other trump...I drew this in 2008, I never dreamed America would get so much better then so much worse in the next 12 years.… @russty_russ @transdiffusion You don’t get half page constipation relief adverts these days... the national diet mu… @DalaiLama I like denim.I set up my Instagram food blog yesterday, if you’re on there do join me and spread the word too, already got these… @Anthspeak You and your yoghurt phobia.We don’t have the technology to share flavours yet, but these are very interesting and not unpleasant... worth a go… @TVMartinRoberts Meatloaf perfect for driving , even better on a motorbike, classical in the bath makes sense.... I… @Anthspeak 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😣☹️Butchers often look a lot like their products. #butchersOur daughter is too young to get much from it, but I’m thoroughly enjoying introducing her to the family ness. Grea… @WillBlackWriter @realDonaldTrump What am I talking about? Way too many big words for him... @WillBlackWriter @realDonaldTrump I hope he’s sat in his bunker reading one of your books and reality is suddenly dawning on him. 🤔 @ClaptonCFC Ironically Eric Clapton went through that racist ‘phase’ in the 70’s. @CAA_Official Those eggs with 2 followers have filthy mouths....
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @CAA_Official Those eggs with 2 followers have filthy mouths.... @Skinny_fatbloke That glorious and triumphant feeling when you actually finish a bar... magic 😊 @JaseHeeley @Bob_Fischer @paulychilds @geoffquincy @thebellow Funny feet used to have no face and just be feet , I… @themonkeycage @ProfBrianCox @robinince A time capsule from the 1970sToday is an important day for Wales' democracy as 16 and 17yr olds now have the ability to register to vote in Wels…
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @markknoller It’s now suitably piss coloured. @powrdragn University 🤔 @TVMartinRoberts What’s your favourite driving song? And what’s your favourite deep bath song? @realDonaldTrump It’s over old man. Your reign of hatred and ignorance has backfired.Did scooter ever find out how much the fish is? @SunApology I heard dan wootton had a thought once, apparently it hurt his skull and he vowed never to have another one.
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @SunApology I heard dan wootton had a thought once, apparently it hurt his skull and he vowed never to have another one.Scala Radio sounds like a diabolical idea.BlackJack on fishfinger ... many more at #RateMyPlate @babfitz New to this foodie world cheers ...😉 @babfitz I’m gonna develop some fancy foams this week... @russty_russ Kerry getting shot by the duck hunters or Todd getting hit by a van.
@EmskiMCR You might recoil in disgust but the hipster market will pay £25 for one of these... I’m gonna make a fortune...‘Blackjack on fishfinger’ ... just one of many incredible recipes to be found on my new food blog.… @RoyalFamily Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @SunIslandMusic @CAA_Official Your logic is as fuzzy as your photos. @JeminiBrodo @CheeperMcToasty @dvillella @realDonaldTrump That’s fake and Churchill was a nasty bastard anyway 😉Tom Cruise is trending... what’s the tiny little lunatic done now? @JonnyDonahoe @JosieLong I hope you don’t heckle....A real party starter... another sensational recipe from my new food blog.... x @russty_russ A dark, dark day in British history.Educating Rita, Sue & Bob too. #Put2MoviesTogether @missbekirk1 @TheLastLeg Poetic license but I’m pretty sure that’s what they would have had.... @adele_pascale Go for a long eye test in the countrysideSo I’ve decided to become a #food blogger! I do mind blowing menus that rival any chef on the planet. Do your taste… @CAA_Official If Knocking over bins and spraying rude words on walls is terrorism then then most teenagers in the world are in big trouble.
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @CAA_Official If Knocking over bins and spraying rude words on walls is terrorism then then most teenagers in the world are in big trouble. @CheekBro Hardly a terrorist organisation... just a handful of spoilt brats over here. I’d designate them ‘workytickets’. @DavidMccreery @NUFC @NUFC_1980_1994 I remember you visiting our school around this time. The only player who ever came. 👏 @DjThunderDragon Also.... he’s got 19 for decisions! Decisions made under the influence of Bucky should be a 1 at best! @DjThunderDragon He’d have 20 but he does a lot of his punching and kicking in the tunnel or outside in the car park. @seannwalsh How dare you make a joke!!! .... it’s not like that’s what you do for a living.... oh hang on a minute.Nuns don’t kill people rappers do. #HolySongsAndMoviesI’ve decided to become a food blogger... doing food nobody else does... I’m gonna have to join instagram and everyt… from almost everyone on the planet...... who knew Trump’s reign would end like this? #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER @ASB_Breaking @TakeAShite Maybe it’s a spider who’s had laser eye surgery? @NclTreeServices They are sexy as hell. 👏Rather appropriate album title and track listing... I suggest you get a copy of this on Friday and turn the fucker… @Variety Shock horror! Massive cunt supports monumental cunt. @robinince Get the seek app, it’s free, just point your phone at anything living and it tells you what it is 😉If we had cops like this in the UK we’d be out on the streets too, fighting for our civil freedom. Trump’s army of…“Hello is that the police?... there’s a madman around... what’s he doing?... err he’s kicking in chairs & knocking…
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @edwardgorelik @nezua They’re more like A-team baddies than cops.One day scientists will come up with a silica gel we can eat. #Science #shoes
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄 @ByYourOpinion Ooh a racist lion 🦁Cecil Seashell from the Seychellois... human tongue twister.Trump is physically insane. He looks like his body is made up of 3 midgets standing on each other’s shoulders to sn…
Retweeted by mandrake fraser 🍄Future Scotland captain... guy. wiz kid name, long career ahead.. legends in my world... #FM2020 #footballmanager @anders482 I only beat people up verbally mate 😉 aye I know longbenton well, I grew up in wideopen, live a bit furt… day scientists will come up with a silica gel we can eat. #Science #shoes @RealMattLucas There’s also this guy....
@anders482 @ASB_Breaking Absolutely agree with that sentiment mate. @anders482 @ASB_Breaking The rise of the right doesn’t fit with advancement in civilisation, they’ll always be the…