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August 25th is the birthday of cartoonist Walt Kelly (August 25, 1913-October 18, 1973), creator of Pogo.
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)he just has such a powerful design... you take one look at him and you know he's just this little THING who has no…
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every time i see any news about disney live action remakes i am instantly knocked unconscious and remain so for the next hourthe pasta was fine except it was served on a very flat plate, was very slippery, and I had a fork that had a 30% ch…’m @ the crave festival which is pretty good. lot of turnout. I’ve eaten some pretty good pasta and some alright sashimi so far(sipping) google? what the fuck is this genre listing @sjwalrus you know itjust found out who exactly was out here calling chasers "trans amorous" and....i should have knownalso since there is Literally Nobody Left Alive on earth, when this computer runs into a problem (as computers tend… the government knew about this for forty years why were they only able to manage to make computer clones of 64 t…"we got you 64 computerized teens into this simulation to save humanity" "you just said that everyone and everythin… in the book the main character is like "wait that doesn't make sense, you killed me five times in real life an… the "people are coming back after being killed because it's a computer" explanation makes no goddamn sense beca… in ICE custody don’t have access to a free phone call, which is why @MigrantFreedom created its pro bon…
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Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)i also heard about jason statham's character's sister who he was extremely close with when they were both children,… haven't heard much about hobbs & shaw but apparently deadpool showed up in it? whyPublicity stills for Charles Laughton’s masterpiece The Night of the Hunter (1955)
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lrt I’m “haven’t seen the sea in a long time”tag yourself I’m: someone said “no” very loudly while they were in the room
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)what are some good books to read. I’m terrible at making decisions but I love murder mysteries and epistolary novel… new illustration for Super Lesbian Animal RPG, featuring the party heading out for an adventure on the Sapphire I…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)ANDY NGO UPDATE: Amazing new footage emerges from a lawsuit showing Andy Ngo laughing as Patriot Prayer members pl…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)well I finished reading the book I was reading and “you were in a computer the whole time” is...definitely a twist,…
tfw you're dating the cutest boy and he thinks ur the cutest boy...... #sakanacomic @MadelineRupert
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)hot girl summer is over, make way for crab boy winter. scuttle about sideways. wave that one terrible big claw around. disgusting
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)images of juice that exude moderate to severe aziraphale energy
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)my fancast for an american good omens where crowley is constantly going off script and aziraphale spends the whole…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Geological mimetism. This small creature is a reptile of Phrynosoma sp taxa (commonly known as horned lizard). Tha…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)brazilian organizations and chartities are able to physically help out with reforestation, local programs and commu…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)old but gold
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Oh so Newsweek can ask and it’s whatever but when I do it it’s a whole thing? Fuck off.
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Her: Who's your favourite character in the Muppet Show? Me: The vampire Her: He doesn't count Me: I can assure you that he does
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)that being said, does anyone have any recommendations for fun things to do in chicago? i'm planning on checking out… im gonna be in chicago the weekend after this)oh boy can't wait! :) (remembers that one of the family me… supervisor at work later that day had us run a test case with a customer named "zelda" whose first words on the… work i doodled a soggy rehydrated ganondorf. i have no idea how to draw ganondorf besides He Is Largetweeting about edging on main: not great tweeting about edging on main but both your display name and url contain y… I big mad because the pretentious guy in my film class with tweets about edging on his twitter (under his legal… POPEYE
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)hgs=Hydrated Ganondorf Summer
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)sooo apparently the reason my laptop storage is so fucked up is because i accidentally took a 24 hour long screen r…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)years ago i came up with an au where dib grows up to join the resisty and travel thru space with a stolen irken eye…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)An official damn thread about it, but we launched the "He is a Good Boy" collection kickstarter today!
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"you've sustained a lethal amount of radiation poisoning and will die in two weeks...PSYCH, turns out we can sure r… you know i love me some homicidal space supercomputers but the ending of this book felt like a real copouti wonder if the article will mention that a lot of the “inclusive cast” was outright lied to about the movie they w… that adam has “an inclusive cast and a controversial premise” is uhhhhhhhhhhh sure one way to phrase itThousands of miles beneath your feet, our planet's inner core is doing something weird—and scientists aren't entire…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Hi it's your uber I'm outside
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)my car has been at the repair place for five days now....pleaseme: :/ me when gleeokenspiel's theme goes ding ding DING: :)hey y'all, please help out my boyfriend (who is also the lead NPC designer on @SLARPGofficial) if you're able. it w…
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chili timeheres a photo
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)why don’t you observe the hedgehog and see how long he keeps the tube on and how he takes it off
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)wild how fast gamers turned around from “steam has a monopoly on pc games and that sucks because they’re honestly k… in space with a massive conspiracy told through ship logs/various documents? hell yeah, love that. that but gay? the pinnacle of mediaI’m enjoying this book but my enjoyment is dampened by the probability that there is going to be no gay stuff whatsoever @sjwalrus sewer cryptid energyWelcome to my presentation “If Wolfgang can be a name so can Ratking” or alternatively “My partner is being unreaso…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)im angery tonightman, things are going wrong all over the family this weekend huhgot so frustrated i had to scream into a pillow and now my throat is fucked up. thanks for watchingnote: her Brutally Honest nature apparently recently led to her talking to one of my mom's friends and calling the… my dad emailed my sister like "hey that was a major breach of confidence and i don't think i can trust you with… they told my sister and my sister went "oh hey grandma dad and aunt lisa think you're going senile, is that true… grandma is kind of getting increasingly senile and my dad and aunt have been discussing this bc theyre concerned…"i know people told me this thing in confidence about person b and told me not to tell her, but i went ahead and to…
=__= david himbo gilbert the buns place is gonna be at the food and music festival next week, which incidentally the band that the guy i… bummed out because there was a tea place that also only exists as a food truck (or as a booth at festivals) an… buns are so good though...thank you, hot buns food truck, for the good foodsfinding some real good food at the art fair only to discover the place only exists as a food truck so actually find… you be my... partner? #FoundInTheThriftShop
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)oh fuck yeah dude (2019) (dir. Jordan Peele)
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)hate it when you don't think through the implications of your story's ending so your main character ends up committ… many spikes on this bad boy. beautiful textures on the hat, suit, etc., but absolutely terrible mouthfeel[my funeral service] my widow: he will surely be remembered for being such a terrible liar who faked his own death…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)What if we.... Worked together to stop climate change from devastating our planet.... Haha, just kidding.....
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)✨my patreon is live!✨ subscribe for all the benefits below, plus exclusive shop announcements and early access to a…
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this is the best tiktok i've ever seen in my entire LIFE
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)RIP Richard Williams ;__; (1933-2019), the master animator behind Roger Rabbit, The Thief & The Cobbler... and the…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Sorting through my Bronycon footage
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)excuse me? u read this ? . . Meow
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood) @mattliptoncomic @G0ffThew
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)He likes to just sit and watch tv like a little person
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