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hey what's up it's wes 22+they/them or he/his

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@thelilnan what's he gonna do, stab me in the shins or something? big deal, that's not where any of my organs arethe agony of "there's 7 people you follow who follow this person" but they're all Big Name Content Producers so it'… some art by the starfighter person is on my tl. i wonder what they're up to (immediately sees the first rt on t… is so much funnier than it would’ve been in English
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)to say "the introduction of technology into the body makes you less human and that's a very cyberpunk idea" is like…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)HE DESERVED BETTER, OKAYdangan ronpa is, was, and will always continue to be a huge disappointment but i did also just start crying about how much i love ishimaruenablers
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)The ride broke where it took the picture so I had time to reflect and think about I've done.
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this cute. i love them to ctrl+f all instances of "chilchack" to "epic divorce man";__; fucking dweebus it when the artist draws senshi in a way that is kind of hotizutsumi is the only good catgirl
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)senshi he's 28. he has kids. he knows what fucking is. please Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)today i am depressed and i have depressiontomorrow i will drive to indianapolis for the mbmbam showyesterday i actually did manage to not fuck up driving to the fair, but i DID fuck up by not checking when the fair… nothin bout ecology but joining this fb group was the best decision I’ve ever made
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)"ah the prevalence of characters who have gotten completely fucked over by the current warring village system means… the ever-hilarious "you can fight destiny! that's why i can beat you!" "you're the son of a hokage and a powerf… still mad about "you can fight your destiny, you don't necessarily have to die to save your more important cou…'m still mad that karin gets revealed to be an uzumaki and then....never interacts with naruto at all after that r… in pip to me, your local taka fan. and your local sakura fan. and your local sai fan. and your lo--you know wha… now i'm just remembering when i did a reread/liveblog of naruto until i caught up to it around chapter 650 or s… i just went back and checked those forums and one of the staff has a pepe icon. hoo boythis one's for mr. sheen
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood) @whatmakesgames I dunno, last i was on there it was Very mid-2000s internet about women (which is to say: Bad) but… new final fantasy 7 didn't give tifa arms the approximate shape of cricket bats, destroying the artistic integr… you just have to make a cute chibi version of yourself on picrew and that's that hell yeah best thing about ambrose raveneye is canonically he was working with a dark power to destroy the world and the…'s time to remember marshall cooper (a good but flawed boy) and ambrose raveneye (absolutely not a good boy. just a terrible boy)deviantart, neopets, naruto fan forums, shockwave, sometimes livejournal. also postopia (rip) just had a big rollout of Gender Productsthe tag #ポケモン5分モデリング has made my day. Some guys basically said “it would be super easy to add all the Pokemon to s…
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" Its funny, i really liked him in the beginning when he was only making jokes and then i found out he is actually…
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Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)vampire but with car keys for fangs. accepting licensing offers from movie studios @sjwalrus i think people decided that the scary desiccated corpse in the botw2 teaser is maybe ganon so you just to… @sjwalrus 😬😬😬maybe this year i will actually succeed and not fuck up in trying to drive to where the fair is. but i doubt it @sjwalrus i was wondering why the second person seemed familiar and then i remembered she's the person who called t… (birthday: june 5 1997)
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Ok, I'm dithering to avoid sending a piece of writing, SO how about a mini-thread on medieval cannibal babies? Me…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)[#goodomens] it’s ok aziraphale!!! research is important!!! #ineffablehusbands
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe has decided that Gooigi is edible
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)my pikachu...wesさんのピカチュウは ピカチュウ度: 90/100 かわいさ  : 6/100 性格のよさ : 34/100 総合得点:130/300 #あなたは何点とれる
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It's silly but I honestly can't help but admire that they just went and put ALL of the dialogue in there, nothing i…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Got the new Dark Souls book that's basically a massive lore resource. Has all the item descriptions, maps, enemies…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)why dont u consume some real cyberpunk media like cyber city oedo 808
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)-A woman throws a bag of popcorn against Joker, and knocks him into the ground JOKER: I am just trying to watch the film.
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Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood) @failedseance whenever i take my glasses off my eyes just sort of sink into my face and disappear, as though they w… don't know anything about a.i. artificial intelligence but i can't stop thinking (david byrne voice)there is son.…[#GoodOmens] we’re having some communication issues, we’ll be back shortly #ineffablehusbands
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)it was john linnell's birthday today. happy birthday john linnell @sjwalrus i (foolishly) looked at the account and...the "actually i told my english teacher i ship thorki and she s…’s a pic of my cool new smartphone
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)I can't get enough of this good apple content from Nintendo
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)I wanted to do a sequence with a witch proposing to her giant scary chaos deity girlfriend whom she loves and adore…
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okay seriously, everyone understands why animal crossing is being delayed to avoid crunch but no one seems to want…
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Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)"stop trying to make every close m/m relationship gay! We need more focus on platonic m/m relationships! Friendship…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)folks, i have filled out this punch card to the point that i can now go and get a free sushi. so i'm gonna go do thatI can't believe I've seen some full adults on here pouting that Animal Crossing is releasing next year when it mean…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Fuck you #TARGET . i just want some God damned shoes
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)I guess this isn’t always a hellsite
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)To the WORLD!! #goodomens
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)I made this for no one and no reason. Plz Enjoy.... "Jonathan Frakes Asks You Things"
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)psychonauts 2.......thbrushhonestly but i'm a cheerleader is not a perfect movie but also when the reprise of "glass vase cello case" starts n… after the movie I stopped by he grocery store on the way home and ran into a friend from mac!!!
the soundtrack for this movie truly does slap even if there are only five people besides me in the theaterthere’s only three other people at this movie showing............UncomfortableEvery time I read The Great Gatsby, the final paragraph brings me to tears. Breathtakingly powerful writing:
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)get ready for the emotional rollercoaster that is my GarfieldEATS review thread
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Look at this dumb shit. Look at it.
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)Surprise!!!! Banjo-Kazooie are coming to Super #SmashBrosUltimate, and yes I wrote the music in the reveal and it’s…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)yamper=yapper+amp?IT'S THE ELECTROCORGIA brand new Pokémon called Yamper has been spotted in Pokémon Sword and Shield's E3 demo. Screenshots come via the…
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)man I’ve really gotta buy a switch at some point huh
Retweeted by wes cravin' (blood)i mean i still don't have a switch so it's not like i can play it then but like oh my god that's in two days. fuck yesJUNE 13???MS MARVEL IS ALSO HERE?MODOK IS HERE"when ff7 remake comes out im gonna download a mod to make tifa have bigger boobs" why are straight men gamers so f… MORE HEROES, MOTHERFUCKER