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Prince of Ororo. Mutant. Elemental. God of the Storm. Wind Rider of the Serengeti. Krakoa Quiet Councilman.🌪Aspiring writer. Comedian. Comic enthusiast/content

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but you are THE SHIT! Good morning! ☀️ @FashionEnigma Twinning!! @Zealous_Libra @jaicelemar PERIODT!!
@iLLmak3Ufamous Beautiful!! @IamKickz PERIODT. 😂 @IamKickz All the while, chomping down and scrolling. They’ll be alright. A little stress will humble them. 😂 @JaySnow____ Like, was I supposed to get up? 😂😂Staff struggling on the floor: We need help out here! Me on lunch: Hate that for y’all. @_ShowtimeRX Seriously. She has the potential to be just as great. It’s a shame they don’t even acknowledge her. It… @_ShowtimeRX Waaaaay more.Remember to exfoliate, drink plenty of water and mind yo damn business. 🤗 Good morning. ☀️ @searchforzach RED FLAG! RED FLAG!! 😂😂😂 @DEClark_14 I was like “don’t go saying no more nothin!” 😂 @J_Hayes90 “House of M” reference. @DecodnLyfe I was about to holler!! @mcneil_radeja PERIODT! I was about to cuss!If Ch’thon has something to do with this.....!!! #WandaVision @UniquelyMalik I wouldn’t be able to take it! @itsmeroyal1 Limited edition. There aren’t anymore. @RyanMaphosa5 Same!Girl, we goin be playin CSI each episode and I’m here for it. No. Me: “NO” WHAT, BITCH??? #WandaVision“No...” Not that damn word! #WandaVision have so many questions but I’m going to keep those off the TL to avoid spoilers. And them damn credits did not ha… might possibly be jumping the gun but I think they’re going to try and incorporate a particular moment(s) from Av…  started off slow but that second episode really picked up. I think we’re in for quite a ride with thi… @DecodnLyfe 😩🙌🏽 @Sorrydoiknowyou It’s like...horrible. There’s nothing going on. Like, nothing. @MoralesAcosta2 Thank you!I told y’all I was a stan. ⚡️
@jamiestpatricks This cheekage is serious 🙌🏽😭“The next few weeks...” if y’all ratings are trash, just say that, Kandi Gworl. hate the very thought of this.! ☀️Heard they were going super lo-fi for #WandaVision 🤭 Congrats and can’t wait to watch @Paul_Bettany & Elizabeth Ols…
Retweeted by Hadari Yao’s High Priest 1/29 🎂The series premiere has arrived 📺 The first two episodes of Marvel Studios’ #WandaVision are now streaming on…
Retweeted by Hadari Yao’s High Priest 1/29 🎂#NewProfilePic @HerosHeroin 😂😂😂 @RodcommaThe Owwwwe!! @TheePusha 😂😂😂 @RodcommaThe But yours is shakin tho! @jsmith_1189 I can imagine but you’ll still look great. 😂 @jsmith_1189 Ok! Especially if I haven’t eaten all day. You better come tf on. 😂Me waiting on my food vs my food finally getting to me 😂
@AsToldByBrian It’s basically about Wanda’s reality warping powers and addressing her mental disability. @joyaj_ Rightfully so. It’s going to be game changing. @TheMarcusGrant Me too!! Epic!! @ACPCool @UniquelyMalik Omg!! Ima have to watch that at work. @BelieveInBoog 😂😌 @Naeem_Nara 😎I might’ve done a lil sumn with this challenge... @qicle Hell yea 😂😂😂 @UniquelyMalik I’m not sure if it’s midnight or what. I hope so. @qicle I like that idea so much better than Netflix’s aesthetic of dropping whole seasons. @popularboytrey Same! I feel like this is going to be epic.Y’all...WandaVision is really coming! it’s one thing Ima do, it’s budget. without work is dead. Good morning. ☀️ @cjrichmond15 me rededicate myself to fitness because I am SLACKING.
The first President to be impeached twice? That’s a new record, bitch. We’ll toast to that. IS THE ONE!! Stood still and that thang was still talkin. “Big Bank Challenges....” verse wore Taylor’s ass OWT! police? @DecodnLyfe have to pace myself when I read because I can fly through some material when I’m genuinely invested in a series. 😭
@DecodnLyfe She was ready to slap fire out his ass 😂😂😂Me when “Grown Woman” comes on... @__AyeJay_ Yessss!!!Mary said “pull that shit back before you lose.” 😂😂😂😂 @DecodnLyfe PERIODT. @DecodnLyfe I know and you know that’s my favorite too. I can play constantly.
Me when one of favorite team members falls off the cliff in X-Men Legends...(yes, I still play this game). @Euphraxio To do this to a sea creature just to show your love for a soon-to be- ex president is genuinely horrifying. @SHERBLIS93 Ok cuz whew!Either way, Drake can get his coochie ate. @hoodopulence Illyana said, “bitch, you in my house now.” 😂😂😂I’m stuck between Burger King having grits and DaJT meme... @SemajjTheMuse And do!!Good morning! And to the new followers, the chaos begins! 🥳 @DecodnLyfe @capedcrusader21 Yes and she ate, even when she was outgunned!!
@cocaineprettty Better than the original. I need it downloaded. @Sorrydoiknowyou Ok!! That mf slaps!! @DePHIn3Gravity It’s so bomb. Grande “Nasty x Body party” mashup @sonic79894 PERIODT @_iamprodigy Don’t waste our time!The fact that I have Smash Bros and I have yet to play it 😭 I’m going straight home so I can start playing. @iDavey @Postmates PERIODT. ✊🏽 @iDavey @Postmates Sue they asses, Davey! @AntiDamian Yes! Brought that character to life. @PRInCE_CHARMinZ Now this, I’ll agree with. His screen time was limited as hell. @AntiDamian Eh, sometimes they need to take a backseat. They find everything wrong.Age of Ultron was a good movie. I’m not sure why it gets the hate it does but I personally enjoyed it. Besides, we… @sir___isaac Ok! I was so disappointed in myself that I skipped over it. Now, it’s one of my favorites! 😭 @hoodopulence Same cuz that thang was seriously THANGIN.
@MR___MAAN I read that so wrong. I thought it was the ones you listen to and always skip. 😂 I almost whooped my own ass. 😂 @MyNewEssence96 Lawd, I read too fast. Lmaooo!!