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#Pulwama fallout: From social media to the streets, calls for revenge feed political agenda has been put on a dangerous downward path, and unless enough people speak up, we all run the much bigger risk… J&K administration Sunday issued orders to withdraw security of five separatist leaders, including Mirwaiz Umar…"Keep workers insecure, and they will be under control. They will not ask for decent wages or decent working condit… it comes to emoji, inclusive doesn’t always mean more representative Via @livewire challenges to Trump emergency declaration face uphill battle the @narendramodi government’s handling of the situation has done is to give a second life to the homegrown Ka… window into the lives of colonial India's people, in the trials of a surveyor"We have lost three sons from Uttarakhand in the attacks. Kashmiris must leave Dehradun." decision will almost certainly deal a death blow to Pakistan’s exports to India, which currently stand at aroun… Geelani, J&K administration withdraws security of five separatist leaders egg debate boils over – will governments stop playing with children’s food? upwardly mobile Indians suffering from a deficit of moral courage? excerpt from 'Translating the Indian Past and Other Literary Histories' delves into what life is like as a unive…’s stake in the crisis in Venezuela incidents of violence and criminal intimidation have been reported from different parts of the country ove… the first generation of feminists in Kerala singing genealogists of Karnataka grips trapped Kashmiri students in Dehradun amidst Bajrang Dal offensive is estimated to have about 33 million child labourers. continued in some areas of Jammu due to poor enforcement of curfew, and in some highly sensitive parts, ba… | India hikes tariffs on all Pakistani imports to 200% panel says Hindutva groups using Pulwama to target Muslims, Kashmiris |…
The rejection of the Citizenship Bill expresses the firm resolve of Indian masses to say no to any assault that may…"By shouting long and hard, along with everybody else, about giving Pakistan a “muhthod jawab”, you cannot at least… waves have caused more than 25,000 deaths since 1992. rise in the value of land seems also to have increased the opportunities for petty corruption manifold. national security advisor John Bolton also offered assistance to “bring the perpetrators and backers of the atta… Two lynched, another critically injured in mob attack grants transit remand to Manipur police to take student leader to Imphal Rs 100 crore Vande Bharat Express faced “brake-binding” snag resulting in skidding of the wheel in its return j…"Every life is precious, be it of a soldier or my son. How long will we continue to lose young lives?"… indicated that revoking Pakistan's MFN status could mean two things: some imports could be restricted or… chopper case: Delhi court dismisses Christian Michel's bail plea far, the curfew in Jammu is in name only #PulwamaTerroristAttack and despair come together in sculptor K.S. Radhakrishnan's 'Ephemera' I National Security Conversations: Understanding and responding to #Pulwama |… are intellectuals and institutes of higher learning posing such a grave threat to the powers that be? And why s… | Nobody is talking about the core issue. Maybe they are all afraid that public sentiment at t… of child labourers in Telangana belong to SC, ST communities: Survey Veewon had also protested the arrest of journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem under the National Security Act. attacker 'never showed inclination to join militancy,' says family failure halts #VandeBharat Express on day after launch | After #PulwamaTerrorAttack what are India's options? | @svaradarajan in conversatio… | JeM chief Masood Azhar's designation as a global terrorist has consistently been blocked… Attack: Protesters block rail tracks in Mumbai Citizenship Bill lapses: Good riddance to bad rubbish | Badri Raina writes. backs India's right to self-defence, drops customary call for restraint meet on #PulwamaAttack: Pakistan condemned for supporting terrorism in India confessions of a university teacher in Allahabad Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) has not paid the outsourced agency’s bills since October and the dues now st…'s most-favoured nation status has also been revoked. is clear that after a point, the PMO virtually started dictating to the Indian negotiating team set up by the de… also directed that the process of filling up the posts of information commissioners be initiated one to two-mont… resumes charge as finance minister change has made healthcare a bigger concern for vulnerable communities Reporting an act of terrorist violence in ways to defeat it | @pamelaphilipose is punching below its weight despite massive soft power capacity'Coast Line': A whimsical and fond sketch of India's west coast days after taking oath, KCR to expand cabinet on February 19 says Pak's demand for probe into #PulwamaAttack is 'preposterous' digitising land management has taken away its socio-physical identity children deal with death | @JoChopra writes.'s mass protest in sub-zero temperatures over Leh's HQ status continues student who led protests against Citizenship Bill in Delhi arrested summoned the Pakistani high commissioner to the foreign ministry to hand over a “very strong” protest and als… praised the city of joy in a letter in Persian saying “One should be grateful that such a city exists”.… the hunger for power stimulated the players in 1967, the desire for self-preservation is certainly strong enough…
The move will instead serve more powerfully as a political signal, especially if the @narendramodi government decid…, a film moves on from being just another creative endeavor to becoming a great work of art and then, a ti… National Rural Drinking Water Programme “has failed”, managing to secure connection to only 44% of all rural ha… of cows have died, allegedly due to starvation, at the Hingonia cattle rehabilitation centre as the outsou… core issue is why are local Kashmiris, many of them relatively well off and educated, ready to lay down their l… | "The entire Congress party and most of the opposition in this difficult time stands with the jawan… company Pfizer to partner with government on drug resistance sets aside plea seeking de-recognition of ruling party NDPP in Nagaland directs Centre to make appointments of information commissioners more transparent |… Mallya files for permission to appeal against extradition order persistent poverty of imagination“After preliminary inquiry, no evidence was found to substantiate it,” and so the sedition charge against AMU stude… Ghalib's 150th death anniversary, a visit to his apartment in Kolkata | @manasharya wri… India revoking Pakistan's 'most favoured nation' status is more symbolic than economic India summons Pak high commissioner, calls back envoy for 'consultations'"Anti-caste feminism was/is never static. The dynamic nature of our assertions is rooted in our radical history" Curfew in Jammu city after protests, army asked to aid #CRPFJawans UP, a well's water turned white, but official says it's 'too cold' to inspect |… time may be inappropriate to talk of doing something for the Kashmiris. But then, when will that time come, if… Jaipur gaushala in fund crunch, hundreds of cows starve to death | @Astute_Shruti rep… court asks Union minister Rajen Gohain to appear in rape case video of Vande Bharat Express posted by @PiyushGoyal was clipped from a YouTube video, which was sped up to twi… Why the Philippine government is accused of going after the media says no again on backing India's bid to list JeM chief as global terrorist opposition unity in 2019 withstand the fragilities of past coalitions? parties stand with Centre, forces in aftermath of #PulwamaAttack #Pulwama | "The death toll in the yesterday’s attack on the CRPF has risen to 49." | India accused Pakistan of giving “full freedom” to Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) to operate on its territ…"We are told by hyperventilating TV anchors that AMU is a hub of terrorists and anti-nationals. Haven’t we heard th… #PulwamaAttack the core issue in Kashmir is being ignored – again #Pulwama almost 100 years, black leopard documented in Africa status in Ladakh snubs the demands of Kargil's people