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Heidi L. @thewordealer Cardiff, Wales

Experienced at lots of things, appreciative of crap jokes, good wine, a hiking trail and interesting companions on here.

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@aDatingDad Best of luck tomorrow πŸ‘ @HealeyCartoons @wizhinstar @SecondSightFilm Ooh really....this is totally epic @SteveJordanUK It was spectacular πŸ™Œ @TinkerpussBCcat Happy birthday...looks like you are having a wonderful day πŸ₯° @wizhinstar Dog Soldiers...the most epic horror with one liners you just have to revisit time and time again...watc… @bgdadyspnkbtm @mack44_d @theboysmum1 I can't like this enough, brilliant Dawn πŸ‘ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_Embo Love,love,love how happy you look in this 😍 @IanMullen3 I had a curry too .πŸ™Œ @oldschoolbiker4 I used to live in Miskin! My grandparents lived in Creigiau....small world! @marktt1965 It is indeed...North of Cardiff @oldschoolbiker4 Wales....a local walk called Ridgeway that straddles Cefyn Onn woods's a spectacular view on a clear day @Buttersmith Thanks was so foggy and still, really lovely and calming despite the thoughts of it lookin… @girl_tinder Sign me up #princessWell that was a muddy, foggy tramp through the thinking about the history of ruins and old pathways...… @Niki44 It's a mystery but a nice one to have 😊 @win_confidante Ahhhh love this post, seeing you guys happy in my timeline is a joy πŸ₯° @Niki44 Oh no, scrammed and no cake....that's a shocker @_Embo Ha ha ha that proper made me chuckle πŸ˜„ @ThatPodcastChap Ooh lovely 😍 @wappingraces Me too, I cried when I had to sell her, she was wonderful to drive @Mazza6069 I shall try next weekend, thanks 😊 @thedogman_918 Oh my goodness look at them, gorgeous faces 😍 @gemisinlondon Love them 🀩 @Mazza6069 Ah it a good one? @ThatPodcastChap Nope...never too early for sherry and mince pies @jshawmiller Ah good....just came to check you were alright x @robynr_123 Well done, you look terrific ...that's a lot of work you've done πŸ’ͺπŸ‘β­ @Sarah_Gin_Fiend Same...blasting out 80's tunes atm whilst cleaning πŸ™Œ @iamKirsty_ Ooh that's a nice shacket and very happy someone else uses that word πŸ˜„ @The_X_Stitcher They are a dick, let them sit with that and you have a lovely Sunday anyway x @Mish_in_London I will....Summer is the start date ....x @Mish_in_London 100% true, it is in the woods at the start of a hiking trail and it's a dream I've had for a long t… @Mish_in_London Ha ha ha I thought the same...I'm setting up a timber yard and dog cafe next year in the woods 😊 @Danpaints81 I know, I did and then felt really bad, but the surprise comedy factor got me @silverpebble Thats was a lovely tonic, thank you for sharing Emma @Wieneraaron't stop thinking about this lil cat @ThatPodcastChap Justice prevails....
@CraigLEllison Nice outfit coice and why not...cheers 🍷 @Buttersmith I love it @MariaMazraz Ooh that lipstick is killer on you 😍 @Dannyg010203 @_Embo Ahhh love seeing how happy you are in this photo, hope you have a wonderful time @knocker01 I saw your job from earlier....lovely piece of work, good hands πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š @knocker01 I have a soft spot for men good with their hands ..... @knocker01 It hit the spot.. although I could do with a man to tuck me under his shoulder now to cwtch me in 😊❀ @PrisonerOfWar5 Have a great night...cracking place to watch @PrisonerOfWar5 Last photo of the night...I think we did well!! @ChrisHowley6 Thanks Chris, she is the apple of my eye @knocker01 Actually alright but was fuelled by dad's bacon sandwich and also this ... @Jayney_M I'm very impressed x @Jayney_M Yeah....running in 18 feels boiling to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @itisEyelaClaire @theboysmum1 Me too 😊 @Jayney_M Go going in that heat, well done πŸ‘ @Rich20271043 This is a fabulous treat to find this morning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @CallMeEminence I love them...2 pairs isn't enough @yoghurteater Really want to be scooped up this morning into a big hug.... @CCBK666 Wales isn't locked down.... @StevieDee710 Bacon...and coffee 🀩 @StevieDee710 Morning 😊
Good friends, gorgeous daughter, great food, photogenic ceiling ❀ so lush to be out this is my my daughter... @Dannyg010203 Yes, we have been for a few weeks nowPre alcohol..... @PrisonerOfWar5 Ooh....we will be there in a few hours!! @MarkCoo68674196 Happy birthday pal, have a cracking day @GirlJail I have not been out since before Covid....I have no resilience to alcohol these days so I know how bad I will be in advance πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ @PrisonerOfWar5 I shall wave if I see you.... Revs is a great night! @6hyterrier Heh heh...I am just prepping you all for the nonsense later πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ @PrisonerOfWar5 Ooh that's where I will be too...the Ivy and then Lab 42...have a great night and enjoy your celebrations...x @Sarah_Gin_Fiend Ah no.....all the way back in October....we just kept getting locked down so we've ended up going this evening! @clumsyoaf33 You always look fantastic in blue hues....have a gorgeous day x @_Embo @B4TTL3S Help me Harley .... I know not of what I have done.....x @B4TTL3S Someone told me this a few months ago as I had the same is a wonderful smell @B4TTL3S There is..... @djspiteful Me too... @TheRealNickJury @theboysmum1 Ha ha ha maybe he just wanted to define his name....πŸ˜‡ @CUFFLINKK8 can I have your email address or can you dm me ...I'd like 2 sets of cufflinks...thanks so much @sebdewsbery No way, you look so much younger, have a fantastic day @gemisinlondon Oh I thought it was my signal...I was proper fuming in the car earlier 😀 @twitt_twoo72 That is a huge difference, well done on being putting yourself first, it's difficult getting out of t… @theboysmum1 Fair play to him, and extra points for using the correct "too" 😊 @girl_tinder Ha ha ha love your reply @CraigLEllison Have been waiting patiently for an update...Will it appear Wednesday? @popsicle_____ Bravo πŸ‘ you look incredible ❀Woo hoo, it's Friday and it's belated birthday party night with the girls. Have a great day everyone! More pics to…
@greenlynchy I took it down....didn't want the fb hooligans chasing me on here for daring to point it out...I like… @greenlynchy I did....I should've suggested tippex πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @greenlynchy Ha ha ha me too.... @MysteriosoX Nope, I couldn't watch it...used to wind me up way too much @gazeeebo64 The filthy minded may interpret it as pussy looking for where the men at..... @stevebr98325879 @popsicle_____ Ha ha ha not a blunt cut fringe, it means have it layered in so it falls and blends into the lengths @yoghurteater Awesome, thrilled for you πŸ‘πŸ‘ @popsicle_____ No fringe Pops, or cut a long one in but had it graduated a little more x @DatingQuite Stay strong sister...don't let him block the right one finding you ...if he wanted you he would've mes… @elvonhar @MyshkinFool Ha ha ha that's a great reply, @MyshkinFool sorry you had to see that abusive sparrow tweet πŸ€— @ThatPodcastChap I don't quite know what you are saying but alrighty then πŸ˜‰ @aclegg68 Yay, he's better and back with a storming shot 😁