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miguel @thexionxtra he/him β€’ 17

my mom makes me do fortnite dances with my brother cuz its the only way he gets exercise | @miguellocked

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how do u have ur pfp as a close up of your face. not only are you confident enough for it to be your face you're co… getting kicked out of heaven for telling God he cant beat Goku πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ
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@icedoutomnitrix DID YOU QUOTE TWEET ME @icedoutomnitrix do u mean this @icedoutomnitrix ?? @makjako i don't think i can save it but i tried @ItsZaeOk post another code i've gotten so gooodhold up 🀨
Retweeted by miguel @SneakytheSnake @SneakytheSnake quoted on priv nothing bad just funny @overcoverloon1 delete @overcoverloon1 this is such a banger you have no ideawhen i'm in among us and i already know the impostor @Joe_M_Miller @jaboukie to mock others with pronouns in their bio yeah @jaboukie and also πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @jaboukie first thing i'm muting is nor/mal @samccoelho ok @samccoelho what is iti am on the same level as caucasian james @murderousCroww @yesmaraidan one day it won't be a joke anymore what the o @yesmaraidan NOOOOOO @TheConsciousLee why is he blaming his mom for that jesus christ @sergiopolarbear no i'll lose @sergiopolarbear ok @zurkovich legend @icedoutomnitrix imagine being in court and they pull your subconscious thoughts as evidence @SneakytheSnake @ridha_____ @KellyannePolls did this to her daughter @MattieQueso @ridha_____ what the fuck are you doing @murderousCroww @KellyannePolls she's an awful person @laswagna gm dylan ! @eggsBENedictlol gm ben! @_reecespuff_ gm reeces! @lilnimrita gm nim! @_reecespuff_ not enough @_reecespuff_ just did @22brolian he was for banging on the glass begging his dad to help him and the boss refused to do so. and he just p… @SneakytheSnake he is, this is the hindsight i'll teach my kids @icedoutomnitrix imo @icedoutomnitrix worth @22brolian messing with u yeah we are @22brolian finally someone who shares my cereal tastes 😭 @_justwinnie NOOOO
@zurkovich @FBISanFrancisco @FBI thank u for this @mistakeswasmade @BarackObama new map comes out this month or next month @n1kirby @jack wtf @rudy_betrayed it's super cool. go to to learn more @n1kirby no you didn't @jack did?? @bocxtop i've saved countless of lives @rudy_betrayed have you heard of the new iPad that charges at lightning speedi still remember entering that first line of code when i was making quizlet @ellieeanes @pebbut no you she calls you brad @samccoelho NO don't be sorry @samccoelho thank you though actually i know what to do in the future @samccoelho THIS WOULDVE BEEN GOOD EARLIER NOOOOO @limnnsweet jesus ur so skilled @ridha_____ what? no it's not? i've never missed or taken an ile @ValterSkarsgard a missile would definitely wound the guy on the left, but he would survive. the one on the right would not @ValterSkarsgard he has stronger armor than the guy on the right @ValterSkarsgard what is wrong with you. the one on the left would surviveyou launch a missile at both of these people. who would live? exactly feel like the knight armor they had in medieval times was far more efficient than this @tortieyt @TwitterSupport can i have @hemi @emmalangevinxo no @Quantum_King_ literally couldntve used worst photos to try to prove his point u look great in those what 😭 @QuikTrip woah @icedoutomnitrix i didn't give them permission to use this clip?? @yesmaraidan YOU GOT BLOCKED OVER THIS?? @overcoverloon1 @Quantum_King_ is he implying that you don't look good in those photosi have dislocated bernie sander's kneecaps. he will never sit again. this is the consequence of all of your actions @ptvstan69 if ur fearing for urself then don't do it but in general i think it's good @ptvstan69 it's such a good idea @ptvstan69 wait that's such a power move hold up @overcoverloon1 no u don't get to change your arc u had it it's over @overcoverloon1 i'm basically 18 @eggsBENedictlol exactly there's no way @overcoverloon1 likes mean nothing to me i will die on this hill @overcoverloon1 i'm right @JuanNotSoBot in my class if we fall asleep or anything like that we're marked off points for our own projects we @JuanNotSoBot jesus @ridha_____ I KNOW MY PSRTNER BARELY DID ANYTHING FOR HIS PART SO IDK WHAT TO DOOOOOteacher just said "you can present up to 15 minutes but i won't be upset if you go a bit over" mine is 5 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚dying pan
Retweeted by miguel @lilnimrita does this still apply @astronomy487 @22brolian LMAO @22brolian @22brolian i'll draw regular minnie mouse @MichaelaOkla @elonmusk @postedinthecrib carp @itskeyon i would look through these at walmart seeing if one had the golden bongo @murroyi i'm not even kidding to frank ocean for the first time why is alvin on this @itskeyon imagine she pours gravy on top without realizing @ridha_____ they wanna be me @icedoutomnitrix that's actually cool thanks chris @bocxtop ok that's cool tho to get offers thank u @JuanNotSoBot damn