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mallory @theyaremallory layin on the floor

no memories, just vibes (she/they whatever, just not he)

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All I need is just ONE reason to hate Green Day and I will I swear to god. I already don’t get the music.
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Retweeted by mallory @YoPetrall DomerYou know magicians everywhere were so sick when the Masked Magician started airing
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I was strong enough to ignore the purple. But this.... laugh is perfect holy shit @Stuffnmuffns I can hit a punching bag so hard I impregnate it (nonsexual)Been trying to buy a new pc for a minute now and keep having to pay expenses. Now I’m finna be without one for a minute. StrugglinWe are holding a memorial for LEVEL$ in our Cv27 section in discord Sunday at 630pm eastern time. We got the okay f…
Retweeted by mallory @ineedagothbitch I don’t really fuck with social magicks off principal. But love magick really finna make you unhappy unless it consensual
If someone really try to manifest love by leaving crystals around you that’s sus as hell ain’t no one consent to that.Boots is so fruity for that
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Retweeted by malloryIf your kitchen looks anything like this we coming for you first in the class war.
Run this up. I’m staying the night at someone’s house and I accidentally used the Clorox bleach wipes on my ass what do I d…
Retweeted by mallory @CreditCardNumbr @ineedagothbitch @stillsigma Worst Tyler album @stillsigma @ineedagothbitch cherry bomb
Retweeted by malloryit's almost like when your exposed to more people you get more eyes on you
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Retweeted by malloryLEVEL$ was incredibly kind and considerate. He always checked in despite us not being close, and he always DM’d his…'S LEVEL$ FOREVER
Retweeted by malloryRIP LEVEL$. I don’t even know what to say, I can’t believe it man. Rest easy homie.
Retweeted by malloryLEVEL$ being gone doesn’t make any sense. Really struggling to wrap my brain around this
Retweeted by malloryCried and got introspective, too high for this rn 😡stop talking and look at baby Clifford
Retweeted by malloryWhat it mean that someone read me a children’s picture book about worrying and I started sobbing?When Creepy Susie said “Lil Ivan Uzi Vert” I felt that shit
#spookymonth #addamsfamily "Welcome... to my home..."
Retweeted by malloryWhen you truly accept people’s identities you see any trait as belonging to any concept. Things that are preconceiv… more music friends. If anyone has any groups or servers I can be added too I’m down. 👀 @clover_ghost Easy @theyaremallory
Retweeted by malloryI’m gonna cry I love my friends so much
This how the Flonase hit whose mum is tryna get them into nft again
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Retweeted by malloryI was pretty pessimistic about this but seeing it in this light reminds me that I’d sob if I saw some of my favorit…
Just found a way to get cleaner vocals. 😈 imma be hitting up rapper left and right. Looking to get killed on a track.Prolly one of my favorite rappers in the game rn. This man don’t miss got that #swag! Do you???
Retweeted by malloryI got that #swag! Do you???ITS MAY NOW!!! Here is my March/April playlist!
Retweeted by mallorywent to pick up my pizza from Pizza Hut and saw the prettiest girl there 😳❤️
Retweeted by malloryjust took a 6 hour nap, you bitches just can’t compete
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@iamsodamo Their voice started to get all panicky and like, worried. Just gave mans a bad trip or something.Think I just made someone have an actual existential breakdown by telling them I don’t know what their “usual” is.… TWITTER MEMES ARE LITERALLY LIKE WHEN SOMEONE TELLS A JOKE AND NOBODY LAUGHS BUT SOMEONE ELSE TELLS THE SAME…
Retweeted by mallory @Stuffnmuffns Thriller Bark. Slogging through it a lil?
Retweeted by malloryWait you mean to tell me Spider-Man is a genius anxiety ridden 20 something with the ability to tell when danger is… T-Pain not understand that he’s famous or is he just that coolTime to just play Spider-Man and be comfyMy new compilation of b sides 'Excerpts Vol. 1' is out now!
Retweeted by malloryThis is the worst day at work I’ve had in a minutewhen your transphobic aunt and uncle r at your house
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Man I genuinely cry or get goosebumps when I see a dope song put over any hard anime scene. @CreditCardNumbr That’s a good way to advertise the new albumgonna start sending job applications to every company but instead of any contact information or a resume, i’m just…
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Retweeted by mallorylet me compose music for your low budget early 2000s korean mmorpg
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Retweeted by malloryNEW SHIRT. 24 HOURS.
Retweeted by malloryi would (respectfully) curbstomp anyone for this caring gorgeous angel right here @LilBanng
Retweeted by mallory @Stuffnmuffns The inner mechanations of my mind are an enigmaWAT
Retweeted by malloryWhy have I not seen this with penis length
it’s raining out and this lady just put a ziploc bag over her head to walk to her car
Retweeted by mallory @iamRav Rav feat: Kill Bill
Retweeted by mallory @Stuffnmuffns Sex MonkeysI’m on my highest high right now it’s always been the music
Retweeted by mallorygo follow my girl nancy
Retweeted by malloryNu Drip Gamerz, you know what the fuck is up @SuperMegaShow
Retweeted by mallory @YoPetrall Why you tweet this after I go to work. I was playing Cold War all morningY’all be fartin?
yung gravy be like new york bitches on my johnson, ur mom fucks me like john paulson
Retweeted by malloryWhat’s your favorite beat and why?judge judy is still a bitch
Retweeted by malloryI’m very proud of you and all that but you succeeded in making your FX makeup look gross and I don’t wanna see it please.pov: ur afk and forgot to close overwatch
Retweeted by mallory @TheSecretSaria POGCumpI cut added sugars out of my diet and now I really can’t handle sweet stuff at all. I tried to eat a gogurt the oth…
Retweeted by malloryfound this in my documents folder which means i created it but I don't remember doing this at all
Retweeted by mallorydid not need to see this
Retweeted by mallory @YoPetrall BESTIE THATS MY BESTIE 😍😍😍 internally when i ramble about existentialism
Retweeted by malloryWish I lived in a pirate port town
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The dysphoria hittin today 😔Peter suggested I name myself after my favorite character from Babysitters Club’s my name. But I names myself after a character from The Babysitters Club they found my house
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