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My hair is 90s scumbag length and I feel pretty hot rn @MasqButterfly Squatting your partner is one of the best feelings in the world on GodListening to J.Cole while downbad, all of a sudden this shit sound like scripture. Maybe I understand some of yall rnmy only coping mechanisms are getting high and kissing my boyfriend. When I can't do either of those things I reall…
HxH changing my life rn @hannahmationdn That's some big brain shit you gotta post updates @bobhobobstudios I unironically love that book so I'll read it with you and encourage youit fucks me up that when i first heard of michelin star restaurants i was like "the tire company??" and then i was…
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Retweeted by mallory is Christmaswho wouldnt want to be Bayonetta's little pogchamp?
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasThe Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...
Retweeted by mallory is Christmasi have made a purchase
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Retweeted by mallory is Christmasstill manifesting that ps5 on christmas day, hopefully more music out, god PLEASE
Retweeted by mallory is Christmas @iamkillbill is there anyway to find the Instrumental to Chakras that might actuallly be one of my favorite beats of all time.Yall believe in dinosaurs but not Santa Claus smhI might be an actual Aesop Rock stan but Savage Mode II still AOTY93 'Til Infinity top 5 songs all time"gifted kid" aka "how did you go this far without getting diagnosed with autism or adhd"
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YO THE RHYTHM ECHO THO!?I get such a hard on for exam/tournament arcs bro holy shit. @bobhobobstudios I don't make this fact apparent to most people because I don't like getting flamed, but I don't re… @TheSmumbo These type of jabs don't have to carry any weight. If so one cares about you enough to invite you to a p…'m 4 episodes in to HxH and I haven't been this attached to all the main characters in an anime like this in a long time. @ineedagothbitch I often refer to myself or my partner as that in a joking or reclaiming sort of way, but I don't k… @dickheavychevy I expect every show to suck because I'm an ass. So I'm sure it'll be better than I expect.ALRIGHT FINE I'M WATCHING HUNTER HUNTER NOW @PeroxideHeroin I still remember when you were like "play that same chord progression but different." and it took m… @PeroxideHeroin Tryna make a jaded track like @PeroxideHeroin I grow stronger with every jaded track I produce. Like we're sparring partners @PeroxideHeroin 👀
Fresh Prince really gonna change my life at age 21Cake containers are so hard to open so that you feel like a fat fuck for struggling that long just to eat a pastry.Six Days by DJ Shadow is starting to become popular on Tik Rok and that's just pretty cool. DJ Shadow deserves so much more recognition.
Why stop is genuinely one of my favorite songs rn. Please go listen to ithalf-canon joke #Animaniacs #wakko
Retweeted by mallory is Christmasniggas talkin bout they wanna see eminem vs logic like we wanna hear this for an hour+
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasBro I got q weighted blanket for my birthday. I'm so touch starvedSpoiler: it doesn’t matter because my dad can beat up all the other rappers dads. Who’s the real winner here???????
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasCharlie just sang me happy birthday this the best birthday everWho gon call me and sing me happy birthday while I light and cut my own cake
Birthday depression got me sleepy at 2pm. I'll turn 21 tomorrow @iamkillbill Damn bumping this for the rest of the day. Fire birthday surprise.Damn I've been 21 for a whole morning now and no one has sent me 21,000 dollars.Damn this covid birthday hittin different. @PeroxideHeroin know I'm a religion nerd and like most people can't relate to that at all. But how did the whole "Christians VS C… be thinking really mid bars are fire because of delivery... Penny for my thoughtsHarry Styles is now a progressive icon for doing shit that Young Thug did 4 years ago. For doing shit that Andre 30…
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24 years of 'Endtroducing.....'
Retweeted by mallory is Christmas @mohboy14 The mcrib got me dreamin 🥴😳😍How Santa Deniers be watching the NORAD Santa Tracker:
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasI desperately hope I don't get covid dude if I lost my sense of taste I might on suicide watch bro.
AHHH I FOUND ONE OF MY OLD SD CARDS AND ONE OF MY FAVORITE MIXTAPES WAS STILL OK IT HOLY SHITSo it's a really big deal in my life when my favorite song changes and it just changed to a song it could have been for like 2 years.2000s hip hop has a super special place in my heart but some of the shit they used to say bro. Don't catch me saying the f word on a trackMe and her vibrator teaming up to make sure she see stars
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasDaewon Song somehow busts out 10,000 point combos in real life on normal ass curbs and shit. Like damn what am I doing with my life rn. @ineedagothbitch Damn this one just genuinely correct. Like this is totally correct and safe usage of the phrase. I… @TheSmumbo @imma_ryan_ytp "is this r a u g w?"
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasYOO A LOT IS THE FIRST SONG ON THE ALBUM?!? 21 might be an actual genius I can't believe I've been sleeping so long.
Just saw it's #FreePcMonday I just bought a new computer and don't really need my old one. If you want it just re…
Retweeted by mallory is Christmas @PeroxideHeroin I do say this to myself though. I find it comforting @PR6STON Wait do you mean like it's not a joke. You watch this clip and you can't get into it?I wish I had a sexy morning voice. My harsh, fat comedic relief ass voice just always sounds annoying bro.Freddie, Earl, Pusha term “mumble rap” in and of itself is anti-black. the rappers don’t be mumbling they be speaking in their local dialect and styling it
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasI know im a dweeb because I watch shit like this and lose my mind hard to think about relationship woes when your lungs are screaming from a light jog. I gotta exercise more JesusBroke my case like 3 weeks ago. My phone is already riddled with cracks I really got that ugly old cracked AndroidI have left CH. Will still be working with everyone, but I wanted to focus more on some solo projects. New music co…
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my quit my job so i can become a janitor at an orphanage who plays chess in the basement
Retweeted by mallory is Christmasthe most meaningful CH track, the best CH track, and possibly the last CH track. bump this shit for our sake.
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasThe best and maybe the last CH track. I didn't even do anything in this crew but hot damn if I wasn't super ridicul… to Impossible Kid again. That album is a 9 don't @ me dudeThe homie just dropped his first track. Excited for what's next. i don't fuck, i listened to aesop rock in high school
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasWas reminded today that literally no one loves you more than the person who can tell you to your face that you are fucking up
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasOh thank God I tested negative it really is just a cold
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2020 know it's just a cold, I know it's just cold, I hope it's just cold, please be just a cold...Tekken - The Mishima Hairline watch on yt with bonus post-credits scene:
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasHeard this in @FreddieDredd voice attracted to straight men
Retweeted by mallory is Christmascorpse real name is probably Dustin
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Retweeted by mallory is Christmas @PR6STON I care 👋😔 @FrankJavCee Hello
Viv is genuinely slept on as a producer. At The Door by Aesop Rock is one of the single best representations of irrational anxiety that I've ever heard.This album too longOnly halfway thru my 1st listen, but it sounds like Aes took some mental shackles off for this one. This has a simi… checking any social media till I listen to the new Aes record. Expect lots of stanning in the next few days.The ultimate companion for all modern supernatural tourism Spirit World Field Guide OUT NOW
Retweeted by mallory is ChristmasYo I giggled like a little kid holy shit I need this game dude
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