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but I thought Semedo was good? @cheerspaI laughing irlbetter have good features this guy cant do solo shit @KIANDR0 @YourFellowArab curtis <3 @Steve_THFC I saw the potential from the first day StevenI have never seen Ederson play well btwAurier is brilliant in the air? what??? @jaconspan starts tasting worse the more u drink, orange juice is just always peng, apple juice gets kinda sickly idk @jaconspan few sips of apple juice is peng, gets weird fast tho, orange juice more practicalor @Keftyz_ let’s goooDannyRosaParks... I might be fucked @domsougly all asswould have never thought he’d be this good. I hardly expected him to be the perfect DM we’ve been crying out for
Arteta has turned Arsenal into what everyone thought Mourinho would make Spurs.
Retweeted by alexSon was 100% scoring if he shot too that’s the sad part 😔🤣 it actually took Kane to be the best player itw on current form for people to rate him... madness @markgoldbridge Kane is arguably the most complete striker in football. Some of the passes he pulls off no other st…
Retweeted by alexlol how atrocious was Ederson yesterday? can’t believe he came out for both of those goals, made it so easy for th… was actually so brilliant last night. Aurier played class but Walker’s pace is so usefulHojbjerg is literally exactly what we need at DM such an underrated signing, proved everyone wrong tbf
Retweeted by alexSerge Aurier vs Man City | 21/11/2020
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Ndombele picks this pass out as Kane is dragging CB’s out... that’s such insane play on the new contract you bald fraud
Retweeted by alexLO CELSO JDBjd she d @sbc_tips they’ll release loads from now on I reckoncry more @GLC18i literally NOTHING man his style of play is insane, I don’t see any other player in the world turning around… - Tanguy Ndombele's three Premier League assists have all been against Manchester City, in three different games.…
Retweeted by alexpeople acting like it’s Ndombele’s job to be a rock defensively? we’re winning because of him. this lesbian isn’t g… anyone else thinking of submitting an application ⬇️ @thesIvmpgod @domsougly HD oled display ffsHojbjerg is disgustingly goodbrilliant from Aurier, Doherty is stripping there and we concede btw @JTayy_ @KIANDR0_ I have earnings on that account you fucking bastard @MO2752002 I’ll call him Mo the elite 1 god
@ftblalt yes @LlewLloyd this is the one @idncyp @KIANDR0_ ok that’s cool @KIANDR0_ you pick the greek god name nI wanna get a dog and name him after a greek godif we sold this king for 8.5m I’d have been sick
Retweeted by alexisn’t this guy like 30+ with geography nolly this bad? year ago today, Spurs hired Jose Mourinho. My manager. #THFC #COYS
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@TheRealStraits @97Howes I've only been there once and it was £9 with 50% off ffssss @SpursOfficial more Aurier pics pls sir
yeah he’s a bit scummy but respect his discography @JTayy_ #RESPECThe's not judging them you fucking retard. he's simply stating that wearing a dress isn't very manly, which it isn't. Kamara has been brilliant tonightSouthgate is actually keeping Kane on the pitch for more than an hour in a dead rubber game when Spurs are playing…
Retweeted by alexthey've got Calon Lan playing on the fake crowd noises ahhhhnot a good captain though according to a certain fanbase? cute @naughtybear2019 I take it back pro trader bear @tomrlloyd can’t believe I didn’t know this hahaha @JazzyShirtMan looking through his filmography he's been in a load of popular films but I cant remember him in any… @JazzyShirtMan I haven't really thought about it lol. I kinda assumed he was just playing up to the character but h… @curtbir I genuinely had no idea? Partridge is a character? thought it was the actual bloke75% of Tottenham’s goals this season have been started by a Pierre-Emile Højbjerg tackle, interception or pass. Cr…
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@_Danaldinho if u camp admin table you dont deserve rights its just a factthat goal from Ferran was ridiculousbest player of all time fgs @naughtybear2019 no you bought in the hype, probably the worst time to buythey thought it was fucking 15? just shows you how much people underrate him lmfao... -12 from what it actually is… gone and Skipp backup would be an unbelievable upgrade. then the Winks funds on Skriniar omggg PLEASE laugh dont you @KIANDR0_ I'd smack you up at block
Wrexham Is The Name. @Wrexham_AFC
Retweeted by alex given away more pens for Spurs in the few months he’s been here than Aurier has in over 3 years you donut GET INNNNNNN
@Glen____M @MauricioMagic untradable @MauricioMagic @NineRole dfkm literally. Wijnaldum soon tho he's brazy @NineRole @MauricioMagic 8 chem🤝 @MauricioMagic he's so good man @NineRole @MauricioMagic you're a bad troll @MauricioMagic this ASS but it wont be as ass soon bc I'm only 200k off Neymar!! bad tackle very deserving of a penalty if you ask me! @Keftyz_ big celeb but probs gonna be boringso no celebrities this year @AnthonyPaphitis class @KIANDR0_ ? @KIANDR0_ me @KIANDR0_ @thfcAlex14 @mcfcHarrithats what we do the Irish fucking it up against us again @thfcaIi Dier Rodon partnership sounds so goodDan James is disgustingly uselessall the Welsh players that play for Spurs were actually born in Wales 😍Randolph what a save ffs @reaIgonekid didn't know we played you for the past 11 hours you fucking nonce retardalso Neco Williams is fucking class why are Liverpool fans at his neck?