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@jadladthemaddad @hillaryonlyfans Tactical Force (2011)In which Triple H is literally Trump now.
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' Force (2011) is maybe the most fascist movie i've ever seen, and i watched Range 15 need to be watching this with me omg
Civ Now Movie Later the. fuck. up. @arndtjc shockingHello John Donovan of Schererville, Indiana, owner of Donovan’s Painting @disc0p when you show up with $600 they suddenly need $1000 @MurderBryan hulk’s getting old, gotta find a new scumbag wrestler to fuck your wife, pandemic or no. clocks ticking @wojespn don’t apologize fuck that guy @WCWWorldwide @feraljokes wrestling pod drama >>>>>>Jerry Lawler is hanging out in an amusement park that’s totally empty, which is the safest thing I’ve heard of for the public in a while.
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @MurderBryan yea that’s just true tho @hillaryonlyfans haha hey those are really cool man you think i can borrow the lori greiner one no reason it just seems coolno one in the real word gives a shit about any of this. i could walk out into the street right now and say the word…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'also I’ve said this before but I spent a lot of my youth around county district and circuit court judges, and they… was put in the youth home at 15 for “Incorrigibility” (an actual misdemeanor you can charge children with in Mich… to wake up and see lefties sharing a fuckin qanon conspiracy about kids in cabinets on wayfair. we’re doing great @CodyRhodes @tntdrama @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT @FiteTV where’s SonnyActually he turns too many people on and it makes weirdos like this uncomfortable @hillaryonlyfans C Jordan “Ninja” Jevens @hillaryonlyfans your proper mental for this one mate @tom_on_here accusing the attending physician of anti-foodie federationism @barndingus it isi quit working at the banquet hall after high school @OldSchoolEnigma “grown a** man” who can’t use swears on the website lol fuckin hellhell yeah the best limited side arc in the series? Hard to say, but it’s fantastic storytelling and Jackie is an extremely tragic character @BoogieDogCHI @andycomplains @ReyFenixMx I deserve this also I am not sorrybeen thinking about Jackie Aprile Jr’s story arc in The Sopranos for 2 days @dougcrap he’s cool @BoogieDogCHI @andycomplains @ReyFenixMx I’m being attackedjust checking in on ryback
@MlissadRio ywI ordered a mango smoothie, they asked what kind of mango and I said “anything besides that Mango Mussolini in the… @BoogieDogCHI me, eating the entire brunch menu with my hands @a_mighty_wizard @oathsprod pilsen @BoogieDogCHI @DirtyDickinson @Willie_Mack @PWSpaceMonkey @ShaneSabre @soothsayersauce @ViennaBeef my body is readyI love watching all the wrestling today, but watching @AEWrestling 8 man tag match, a lot of people do not understa…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'neither do advantage plans, tax credits, consumer markets, government portals, or public options what’s your fuckin… pet and what they’re named after (just pictures) @michaelianblack @DeonnaPurrazzo @losdrogas it will not keeel @bitmapt it’s infuriatingthread to read, read it, be like this bartender Cabrera the love of god please use a good knife in one of these videos. smashed ass cross sections, might as well cut i… @porksweats1 I make fun of my fellow fredos on here plenty, but I will not let these bog dwellers strip us of our dignity @losdrogas when my lucha libre facemasks get here it’s over for these hoesHey ICYMI! @lob_3 @BrasilianFury @thiccflairttv and myself all got together and talked Night 2 of #AEWFyterFest for…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @StrongStylStory @lob_3 @BrasilianFury yeah we didlate civ! listen to it ok thanks new special Boom Goes The Dynamite, with ME @BrasilianFury @lob_3 @thiccflairttv all holding court about Part 2 o…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'wrestling is goodyou’re welcome
team trump lowering a foam replica of mount rushmore down behind him during a rally but it's the size of the spinal…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @porksweats1 I liked him better when he was dead @porksweats1 i wouldn't knowSorry there’s traffic restart it
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @EFFYlives ok thanksi think i will play video games on the twitch platformhalf expected @EFFYlives to kick open my apartment door when this dropped (only a *little* disappointed he didn’t) is true i do it all the time did not get to happen this past Wrestlemania weekend but @thekingnickgage said trans rights, motherfucker.…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'Executive Vice President Of The Company Gives His Half Brother A Hug joke over, shut it down't believe i didn't know about turkish oil wrestling until today. true sport of kings
Into DARKness: Fyter Fest Night 2 Edition (for real this time) @ohhoe what’s wrongyears ago i saw ring of honor live and one of the wrestlers had a lady that accompanied him to the ring. will never…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @ohhoe easy fix @thiccflairttv I walked do the check marks can run... anyway, look forward to somebody looking up Brian Dunkleman…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @jordha you’re a trail blazergaming segment cancelled bc i am raging about my food getting delivered to the wrong house Time Now // Into DARKness @ 6pm cst @a_mighty_wizard f @OfficialBrohoss Mind that Big Gap In The Sky @OfficialBrohoss is my favorite part of the chris dorner manifesto
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'The Jeopardy rules used to be that in case of a tie, the tied contestants would win their cash and get to come back…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'can’t believe this isn’t a @jordha tweet hope judgement day is coming. I hope all you filthy mouth losers burn in the shithole sewers of hell. All you wil…
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'democrats are republicans from 20 years ago is sky high at the moment. 1 coink = 5 chcolotate milks #cryptocurrency
Retweeted by voted 'nicest'have you done your research about Coink yet? I hear it’s the future of cryptocurrency. I’m getting in early! #coink #crypto #bitcoin @gurtzgarden thank you sir @melindas4u2 @disc0p @CharlieDaniels melinda who is your commanding officer @gurtzgarden how much of my iraqi dinar portfolio should I convert to coinkCopyright and IP law in this country sucks a huge bag of asses people still razz him about his hot sister. He will be 15 foreverthat lil twerp ben shapiro has to be one of the most miserable people on earth. Imagine being the “peaked in high s… im on @BookCameo so that means if u give me your money ill do one of those videos for you how bout that MDK
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @gurtzgarden read this in the voice of a big mouth billy bassA 24-tweet thread about a very weird story involving DeSean Jackson.
Retweeted by voted 'nicest' @OfficialBrohoss @losdrogas bk is only tolerable by slathering every item in zesty saucepretty loaded card on AEW Dark tonight. nice