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Nicholas Booth @Thievesbook The planet next door

Nicholas Booth writes detective stories about spies, fraudsters and with @howellspace, looking for life on Mars Agent: @Humfreyhunter

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Lee Marvin estate is very happy aspiring journalists should read this model Matthew Parris intro on Boris Johnson and watch how he manages a me…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothWell done and marvellous good luck to Robert Stone. It's been a pleasure to be involved. #Emmy #ChasingTheMoon
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth#singlikeapirate likes pirate @wekesperos Next year, you’ll be on the cover 🤫 @cosmic_scot Bravo! @emerpreynolds @missionmovie @ChasingMoonBk @KeithHaviland @clarestronge Not at all. Btw when is your next one out… In the garden @drspacejunk Sing? row, from left: Max Peck, Max Peck, Max Peck, Max Peck, Max Peck, Max Peck, Max Peck, and Max Peck. morning on this beautiful day. This is an older, gesso & ink painting of mine (1990's) of the intriguing Mên-a…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothHm- I know that name! Check out my essay in the newest issue of Ad Astra! @ness @JenniferUnter
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @missionmovie @ChasingMoonBk @KeithHaviland @emerpreynolds @clarestronge I rarely watch “network” documentaries - t… @missionmovie @ChasingMoonBk @KeithHaviland @emerpreynolds @clarestronge It is a delight to me that all your films… @missionmovie @ChasingMoonBk Seconded
@howellspace @mars_stu @jeffreykluger @RealRonHoward @UniversalPics Yes, but I am not going to stick my head in a f… @NiecyOKeeffe People with that expression always wore the red shirt in Star Trek about two seconds before they were killed @JonSavage1966 To cut a long story short, you were absolutely right. One of the reasons I left London in 2005 was b… will help you make the matzoh balls. #ShanahTovah
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @MartinM_Media @NASA I still pinch myself. I was like the cabin boy on an ancient voyage of exploration. Been downhill ever since. @mars_stu @howellspace @jeffreykluger @RealRonHoward @UniversalPics Tell me about it! @MartinM_Media @NASA @MartinM_Media @NASA Also in shorts at the time @howellspace @jeffreykluger @RealRonHoward @UniversalPics Wow! So the ships reached you too!Daddy’s girl #cats of twitter @pete20cwt Have a freebie old fruit -- full story of Hanford The Apocalypse Factory: Plutonium and the Making of the Atomic Age
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothFirst haul of autumn!
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @EndOfThePier In other news, Rosh Hashanah old bean."I do feel like an outsider, but I don't lose any sleep over it." - MES #FallFriday
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothA happy and healthy new year to all those who observe it! Shana Tova!
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @DirectorRuth @BBCCasualty Bravo! @martinangler FYI to start my space talk soon!
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @DrCaplin Rosh Hashanah!Britain, 2020: always coming up with new and inventive ways to find the bottom of the barrel and smash right throug…
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @martinangler @absw @wekesperos @JezCraddock @dr_david_w @marcuschown Easy peasy @ABSW @wekesperos @JezCraddock @dr_david_w @martinangler @marcuschown FYI you’re up to this weekend, stay safe and don’t forget the importance of #SocialDistancing #COVID__19
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothBefore we get to Movember, if anyone wants to sponsor me to eat triangular Swiss chocolate next month, I’m doing Octoblerone.
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothIt’s a Jewish tradition to have apples and honey on #RoshHashanah which begins tonight. The thought is that it will…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothGreat review in Engineering and Technology Mag. Half a century has passed since Nasa’s Apollo programme first put h…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothBarry at the beautiful River Conwy at Betws-y-Coed - courtesy @BJRoberts - #WelshPassion loving these spectacular i…
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @TomLevenson It just popped up on my feed, too. When I saw Cheshire, I thought "Wow" - and then realised it is an American one. @EndOfThePier I’ve fully adopted electronic ways of working, I do enjoy the luxury of a physical thesaurus 🤣 📖
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @unclewald @DB_hereatlast @Stan_And_Ollie “Stanley is fetching a limousine” its been a rather lovely day here on Anglesey 😀
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @DB_hereatlast @unclewald @Stan_And_Ollie “Tell her we want to get married” @joonloons @hbhammel Walter Becker produced the China Crisis album Flaunt The Imperfection that got me through my f… @joonloons @hbhammel You both have been telling in the jeers at the original tweet
Come on ladies (and gents), your favourite Steely Dan tunes please! In no particular order: Any World (That I'm W…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothMy girl is SO SMART! Plz hire her for all your TV writing needs.
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @astro_carl Which one’s Max Peck?Next up: MSR Here’s our Mars Sample Return Lander mission which might launch as soon as 2026 to fetch the sample tu…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothI can’t describe heaven I any meaningful detail, but I do know that the wine at dinner will be chosen by @timatkin
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothHi there 👋👋
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothBollocks.
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth‘Scientific American’ Endorses Presidential Candidate For First Time In 175 Year History
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothI rewrote the ending of Farewell to Arms, the last page of it, 39 times before I was satisfied... —Ernest Hemingwa…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothA very large panda eating a very large carrot, very loudly
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @TheRealNickJury Tell me about it, matey you may find yourself living in a dystopian nightmare @astro_carl @CornhillGlen @spacecentre @NASAHubble @uniofleicester Thank you. @astro_carl @CornhillGlen @spacecentre @NASAHubble @uniofleicester Are you sure it wasn’t Barbara Ann? I once got o… @CornhillGlen @spacecentre @NASAHubble @uniofleicester He’s deputy PI, I think. Btw here is a freebie from our book… @CornhillGlen @spacecentre @NASAHubble @uniofleicester I wish I could remember his wife’s first name - When you get… @CornhillGlen @SpaceCraigUK @RoyalAstroSoc @drbuncen @howellspace Only in 2020 could News about life on Venus appea… @NewsOrFallSong
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @es_thomson Wowsa @spacecentre @NASAHubble @uniofleicester He married someone from Leicester, too - I covered that very mission as a… @CornhillGlen @SpaceCraigUK @RoyalAstroSoc @drbuncen Not that I am being opportunistic in agreeing with yers all
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothSorry mate, doing this will only start an English boycott of Tunnocks Wafers and the Scottish economy will collapse…
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @DrCaplin FYI nightmarish moment when a customer asks you what do you think about a particular book & you decide to be 100%…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothVery pleased indeed to be coming to the cosmic shambles network to talk about Beneath the Night (@FaberBooks). Chec…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothThat's... some headline
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @Astro_Jonny I love the picture. Russia has always managed to have blokes who look like Bond villains since the end… where the magic happened in Barbara Hepworth's studio + gardens
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @Space_Lectures I’ve been a bit Cone Crater all week 😆 @Ian_Fraser FYI @CameronYardeJnr All I can remember is seeing my dad literally convulse with laughter. A treasured memory! @CameronYardeJnr Zeitgeist, eh? @NasaProPlus @UKSEDS @heidi_teaman @martinangler @SophiaLRoberts @chrissyxmacleod @JezCraddock @wekesperos @absw An… @CameronYardeJnr I always thought it was in the movie. Where they go to Majorca? @AndySaunders_1 @magicaltrout @RoyalAstroSoc Hmmmm, we’ll see. @rwindrem Great to see you on here. Critical Mass is still one of my favourite books.Dwight Eisenhower on Holocaust “Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses - because somewhere do…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothThe Package was a fun watch, as you’d expect from a movie in which Gene Hackman teams up with Dennis Franz to stop…
Retweeted by Nicholas Booth @tanyaofmars FYI @CameronYardeJnr It has the best line in the whole series. Where some Germans appear and Mrs Slocombe starts compla… @mars_stu All great shows. I always loved the fact they were ridiculous but were played straight. @AndySaunders_1 @magicaltrout @RoyalAstroSoc Never heard of it. It would sell more if it was about Venus. @Space_Lectures Always the most enigmatic of the Moonwalkers - which is saying something. And somewhere up in heave… @mars_stu I always loved those ITC shows, especially when a white Jaguar appeared.... Eno has collected highlights from his soundtrack work over the past 40 years for his new collection 'Film Mus…
Retweeted by Nicholas BoothThis remake of The Champions looks crap