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@csblee55 I spent 10 minutes cleaning egg out of the carpet this morning 😭Having one of those days where I don’t like any of my selfies so I’ll just share photos from our subathon last night @ashh_bash_ttv This means so fucking much to me 😭💜 @PotatoJim_ Understandable. It’s sad 😞 @Rouge__Gaming Of course. But we also have it where you can’t share links because people spam links to porn sites 😬I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t bother me when people talk about their stream in my chat. Did your stream do w… @jaimielyn09 @impulZeGG @abbyurshield I’m so glad y’all joined us 🥰 @abbyurshield @impulZeGG IDK WHY I JUST LOVED IT SO MUCH @Gwenwyn_ It’s 3am and I’m in bed seeing this post.... now my stomach is growling
You just lost The Game @DiscipleDashni AHHHHH CONGRATS!!!!!!
@HimeKaye_ His name is Reinhardt and he is an Australian Shepherd 🥰Just wanted to share all the photos my dog photobombed this morning @BeardBro92 It’s atrocious @BreWho_BreMe Why is this so cool @ashjhamilton Oh no your tweet did not! I understood what you meant! @ashjhamilton Oh certainly. I keep having people tell me 'sexual harassment happens everywhere'. As women, we def k… @Hrothmar_tv It's heartbreaking and repulsive @LuciaEverblack And if they don't come forward, I hope they have the resources for help so they can begin to heal.What is so scary is these are only the stories we know about. So many accounts of sexual harassment go unreported.… @beeweev @EllesmereGaming It happens. It's all good.I put 'and ignoring' in this tweet for a reason. Plenty of people protested in game and I am so proud of them. What… @EllesmereGaming Yeah a couple people misunderstood which is why I clarified. I have friends who are protesting in… @Darkmechx SUNUVA 😭 @Darkmechx WHAT SERVERThis is an excellent time to remind people that ActiBlizz CEO Bobby Kotick was in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book
Retweeted by 🔴LIVE|Third Artifact @cheersitskatie Revolting @EllesmereGaming I said and ignoring the walk out. I’ve stated several times nothing wrong with being active in the…
@side_questress Take the time you need. If you need help let me know. I’ve witnessed those who act like they are in… @side_questress Sending hugs. It’s hard and makes you want to hide from the world. You deserve better people in your life. @zugwow then don't be a GM if its too hard @MindParadox @jzrgg i've been so busy blocking people these last few days @Zulu_Gaming it's all good! @Zulu_Gaming hence the 'and ignoring' section of this tweet @auringon "the internet loves being victimized" is a huge red flag to me. I may be misunderstanding the message you… @auringon I addressed this in comments but yeah, same for the women. I also addressed that you can still be live an… @snorlaxatives69 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW @xpatriciah The way they fucking bragged about what they did.... and took photos.... absolutely revolting @MadHatterJimmy Yikes @MadHatterJimmy They may still be discussing it. There are people protesting in game too. @EiyaWoW Report them. Doubt they will be in trouble, but trash like this needs removed from the game. That’s where… @BeardBro92 Exactly. Or you can not log in and just talk about the lawsuit. If you put your growth over human right… @BeardBro92 Some of them really thought “this would be a great day to be seen by more people!” @BwrYumiko AYUP. I’ve noticed women I thought were good people haven’t said a DAMN THING. If they are scared of ups… men streaming WoW and ignoring the walkout are not allies. Remember them and where they decided to stand during… you’re listening and donating isn’t enough. We want you to listen so you can understand and TAKE ACTION. It’… hope men in the WoW scene do more than a one time fundraiser or donation. Ask your GM why you don’t have women/PO… @IAmBpala NO @Darkmechx would be awesome if fans participated in this by refusing to log in to BattleNet, WoW, Overwatch, etc. during th…
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@ImSessis Thank you! @xJupitersprite the bagel in the toaster oven sees before I devour it @Namaslays I feel like I remember you discussing this! Someone else in my community went through this too except th… @cherthedev I’ve been reading your posts as well and I hope you have begun to heal after all you have been through.… @cherthedev I truly believe if things like preventing slurs in chat and blocking whole accounts rather than toons w… @Its_Realms buncha bull shit @2ccAlex @usagiikay NO it is such a wholesome and kind community. I have never experienced a gaming community that was so kind. @Fartbooty HI FARTBOOTY @bearkoda446 OH MY GOD I THOUGHT YOU WERE INJURED @usagiikay FFXIV community has shown me I do not need to tolerate toxicity while gaming @FoxRunGaming @TESOnline I do have an account! I haven't played it in a bit though @tsharpe7 Thank you so much friend 💜 @Charliekanijo Yes! @mr5litre304 HAHAHAHAHAA @CrzySmurF It’s signed! @junosbigtoe Come over some time! We keep it 65F here @gxrogue I made a character on Yama! Havent actually played yet tho @side_questress We all already know nothing will change or become of it. Boys get away with being mean. @Veiledgg He went on to say some shit about how he wanted me to continue playing to help women. Like, if you wanna… @_serenaspeers Thank you so much for the kind words 🥺💜 @SilkyC This is only part of what was sent to me and said about me. We’ve had so many childish people in the chat a… @The8bitDee I really had to ask if they were joking cause there was no way one of my friends would treat me like this and then 🙄 @Seyesssa Because all the games I’ve played have had horrible communities. Hard to tell it’s bad when everything around you is shit. @Veiledgg He wanted me to take him into consideration when making my choice. We talked about raid gear all of three… @sir_onionknight I didn’t even discuss anything with them I didn’t discuss with other people when chilling in disco… to treatment like this from the World of Warcraft community, I will not be returning to WoW even if they change… @Darkmechx LMFAO we used to call my cat boo-boo kitty 😂
@Scoutievision Hahahaha @NeilGortz LIVING THAT GOOD LIFEToo tired to dress up for stream today @theBiscuitJesus OMG ITS BISCUITJESUS @Itz_Viralz HA @Kazadar I’d rather be called dude or bro than lady. Lady has only been used towards me in a derogatory or condesce… @EmwunGarand Only if I reply with “nm, wbu bitch” @youarockerfoo I see comments saying “wear something else as a conversation starter”. Bro, who tf going to concerts to talk with people??? @Moshcrates Personally, I don’t mind. @wildkait Not even the guy who DM’d me for two years messaged me this much. Holy fucking shit. @JayShotTV Yeah! @blizzb3ar I see what you did there 😏😂Please stop giving streamers pet names. I am not sweetie, hon, cutie, or love. It’s creepy and icky. @SariaSlays_ ONG THESHERIFF WAS IN YOUR CHAT LMFAOOOO HES A LIVING MEME IN OUR COMMUNITY AFTER SAYING DUMB SHIT IN MY CHAT LOLOLOLOL
Normally I hate wearing crop tops but for some reason this fit has me feeling so good 🥰 @One7TOut Completely. We can’t allow people who behave like this to educate the future leaders @RWMCGRATH That’s not the kind of content I post @MadHatterJimmy WANT @primallassie @OMGWhatTheFox You too! @ibabydee_ This is where underestimating women gets ya @cheersitskatie I accidentally typed “hi” in the general chat and people actually said hi back to me instead of “fu…