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I went to McDonald’s with my dog and now I’m going back to bed 😬 @_heph Are you tweeting WHILE LIVE @witchytwitchytv Oh my god YES I started it three months ago and now have it tattooed on my body ITS SO GOOD YOU WONT REGRET IT @DobbyCryptids It can feel cruddy to have to “take a step back”, but if it’s ultimately what you have to do to be b… @DobbyCryptids Oh hell yeah I did. Moved in with a friend until I had a better paying job to rent an actual apartment. @septeques Nooooo 😭😭😭 @DobbyCryptids Oh no what did they do? I once came home while my old landlord was mowing the lawn, and he had stopp… have a 24hr stream in 5 hours and I CANT GO BACK TO SLEEP @okeebzo Guarantee someone did this at twitchcon @PodsofWar Like how @GGAAHHHHH just followed me on Twitch today? KAPPA
@casperspicy I miss you too buddy. Go to Chicago next weekend 😂Garbage cans are $50?! Excuse me? I get that there are cheaper options, but I need something that fastens so my dog… @HueGramTwitch @hihotofu If you guys saw what he did to my kitchen while I slept you would understand @IamLichMixer Okay i will 😭💖For those of you who really liked the end part, @sevenexecution created it for me 🥰 @LeifTheSly Haha I KNEW YOU WOULD LIKE IT @JanuaryAndOn HAHAHAHAHA @JanuaryAndOn Whoa WHAT @Bren_doodle *ahem* @Hunkstaban It looks like it’s taken MONTHS for everyone. I’ve never gone longer than a week without working so I’ve been stressing 😅 @Losey_Dosey I wish I knew why they decided to pass me up at least 😭 @BondOfGames @sevenexecution did it! We were talking about the Paul ending and when i was video editing, he said it… @BondOfGames I will now be out the Paul ending everywhere 😂 @NanoPierogi I felt pretty proud of myself after cracking this joke lol @Kendrisite They usually do cause they find out I’m married or i won’t f4f @KateBitOfficial I will def be saying this during this holiday season @MartyTheElder Excuse you, sir, but I prefer to be called by my proper title which is the “sweet cinnamon roll that… @UnicornyLithia It’s a cute face tho @battleofriven Damn i wish people gave reasons so you know where to improve @Mommafact1 I’ll be seeing you tonight 🥰 @CheeringXBoxer Thank you 😭💜 @AsystoleMD It’s fine I don’t mind typos 😂 @BottomFraag You’re always so kind 😭💖 @Nerd_Mom13 My issue lately has been requirements. I’m trying to get out of sales because honestly, it’s not where… @Kendrisite Thank you 😭💖 @XombiiNation Thanks! @sevenexecution made it for me 🥰I've been in a really low spot for these past few weeks. I haven't heard back from any of the jobs I have been appl… someone announces they're unfollowing..... @ZarahP96 OMG SO DID I JUST LAST NIGHT @okeebzo @_heph The best part about a good friendship is feeling loved even if they're not up your ass with compliments @_heph @okeebzo Me the other night on stream: "I love introverts because they can be so low maintenance with commun… @pinkerchu It looks like I have to email to myself, save it to my phone, then upload it from mobile. @pinkerchu Finally figured out what I needed to do for it to even APPEAR so I can upload, and its "too large" IT'S 19 SECONDSExporting video edits from Adobe Premiere is the bane of my life
@SgtFitGeek I thought that too, then looked at the prices of skirts, and walked away. @NickFoxFighter I CAN SEE IT IN HIS EYES TOO @Skigz91 ITS THE LIGHTS 5HEAD @DoubleAgtSmith btw I'm getting there early and getting dinner with people if you down for some burgers @Skigz91 EXCUSE YOUPrecious puppy is precious @DylanTheGoon OUR SWEET CINNAMON BUN 💖 @Kendrisite haha mayyybeee @carrotcheeks WHAT NO WAY @_heph $17 @Beware_Da_Flock N O O O O O @Skigz91 HOW DAREIf I had a dollar for every time a new viewer asked me if I wore colored contacts.... @AmericanDadLive “I’m ready to get punched in the face” @MamaMercs AUSSIE FAM @PlayWithJambo I could go for some Limbas bread right about now @shaperka Ohhhhh my god 😂😂😂 @DoubleAgtSmith See you soon *dabs awkwardly* @carrotcheeks @KozyOMG @DoubleAgtSmith I’ll be there bb 😭 @justin_moore Haha Aussies are so spunky I love 😭💖 @noelledelray SO RELATEABLEMe: I want to take a cute family photo with the dogs! My dogs: (Now live! )
I’m taking my IRL friend @Coopz__De to @TwitchChicago and she’s so excited to meet my Twitch friends that she’s actually crying @_heph I don't deserve all y'all @LillyVinnily PRECIOUS @jeffbrutlag WORTH IT JUST FOR THE ALERT OH MY GOD 😂😂😂 @CeddyOrNot The first year we had Ghost, we dropped about $4K on him in medial expenses due to seizures and everyon… @llWr3tch3d That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me @MamaMercs THIS THANK YOU @ghiblibtv LMFAOIf you and your s/o are constantly hurting one another, the love wasn’t real. felt so awkward making this, please enjoy @UnicornyLithia Tho photo was hard to do lol @DiscipleDashni My overall goal is to raise enough for both, but if not I’m not sure which one to choose 😅 @NubbinsInc Luke was holding treats 😂 @Bob_Zombenstein I’m always thankful for being just supportive as a friend 🥰 @JanuaryAndOn Thanks! I have a bunch of out takes that I’ll be posting too 😅 @justinspack No but i did AGAINBasically, anyone who is able to help I’ve hand painted some purple ornaments to write names on and decorate the tree with! 🥰Put my Christmas tree in my stream room because this Friday we are doing something special. A lot of you guys have… @KenjiSensei @FUNimation @VIZMedia @MHAOfficial IM IN LOVE @HueGramTwitch OH MY GOD NOOOOO @LeifTheSly Oh my god stop 😂 @PlayWithJambo After all he does, he deserves everythingMy husband: “I rented Toy Story 4 because sometimes I deserve to spoil myself” @gloskull Peeping that Skeletor👀 @bubblegutstv Awwww come here let me for you a hug and you can hug the doggos too @breadwitchery @yellowspoongirl All the guys you like look like one pump chumps @Mommafact1 @Skigz91 😂😂😂 @OnepegMG I broke the part that attaches to the mic stand 😬
@larkislive @Twitch Oh m god i loveMe seeing all my friends achieve their goals and being happy for them because their wonderful, hard working people… @jeffbrutlag DAYUM @Faxxius @LambbChops It's a stream orgPeople who get frappes in the winter are a whole other species @HellzGatesRS *stops crying* God???