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@mygicat @AtlasKingtitan In the old days of twitch it was more focused on the content itself @WWEliketofight No but thank you @darthv3getarian 💖😩 @Shiloskie When COVID goes away we can get brewskies 😤👌🏻 @TheKateEmerald @TheSims HOLY But also H O W @katestark @Twitch Oh shit i want @Shiloskie 👀👀👀👀I’m central @justkimmie_ If i was a kangaroo I’d keep you in my pouch for safe keeping @Shiloskie Hello i think i love you @Shiloskie I’m still a shit bag but thank you for the kind words 💖 @streetgrind_ I look up to you. You’re wiseI banned one of my biggest financial supporters for sexual harassment. I banned someone who gifted me half my stea… @SamStrake I like to buy the tricky bras just to throw my husband off @TVCTwitch I’ve had that a couple times and I’m like 👀👀👀DONT ask if I’m about to raid and to raid you @Glitch3Shadow This is very true @jejunevault I’m home now i got time to argue. What you wanna talk about next, politics? Global warming? Sexism in… @jejunevault That’s the times I get a 10 minute break from my day job. Im getting tired of trying to explain why… @bewarechameleon Just for funzies @bewarechameleon I’m still on the toilet @jejunevault That’s why i wait to add more details. No one reads a 3 part tweet lol (then again no one is reading the other tweets so...) @TheNomadEric This is not one I’ll delete don’t try @NextLevelMark Heh heh heh @Dani89squad I love youYou’re in her DMs I’m in her bathroom taking a shit WE ARE NOT THE SAME @jejunevault @LifeBeyondGames Okay this got me 😂 @JimmyNine_ LMFAO @TheMightyMic I meant muting lol @ShoemakerCole Exactly. You’re on the right path my child @Moshcrates Fine I’ll do it... WHO NAMES THEIR KID PATRICK @TheMightyMic I find muring healthy too @ShoemakerCole Whatever you do don’t send her dick pics @SoNotAcceptable Your opinion counts 😤 @YBourret @DFGrumpy often do I type out a reply and delete it TOO FUCKING OFTENThis woman puts so much effort into everything she does I simp so hard @Basyk__ @IverseaKnight @kiralighty001 Now stop @Basyk__ @IverseaKnight @kiralighty001 you lurk for genuine support this tweet isn’t about you. I promise it’s not an attack on the lurkers who are doi… @DFGrumpy That’s not what I’m talking about lol @LittleMiss_F This is understandable @ichibadassTV That’s completely understandable and I say this as someone who primarily lurks in channels. I avoid s… @streetgrind_ YES @PWNYplays We love our supporters @spooderdooder @GullibleGambit I had this issue too! @Jabarinewson Because i love you @kingbri1st This is hilarious @LizzardGaming1 I personally lurk without saying anything. @ichibadassTV I dunno. I know some want to show they’re supporting but generally it comes off as “i need recognitio… @GrandmasterSky Nothing. Absolutely nothing @ImMahti THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT @Moshcrates @HueGramTwitch THIS HAS GONE TOO FARLet me add: I’m okay with people lurking. Lurking is important. But I, and damn well know others, notice when you O… @theSheepsAsleep Of course it’s okay to lurk, but when you can’t even say hi ;-;Streamers notice when your only communication with them is “!lurk” @TheNomadEric @yellowspoongirl WE WERE SPOONING DAMN IT @italchicc $930 for 800sqft 1 bed, no storage/parking upgradesI found my lights 🥰 Need more... Streaming Horizon Zero Dawn first play through right now if you wanna say hi👀💕
@EposVox @SaiKrishanKumar DEAR GOD @QueenOfNaCl When we talk about sexism in the gaming industry.... it’s fucking everywhereWhen the guy who tells women to get off the game and go back to the kitchen is put in charge of creating game ads: @JamieJrk Two Towers @Foxygen_Prime I’d like to know more about your dog👀 @cropperthebrit This isn’t what I’m talking about 😂 @Silfy_Star And you are in my heart 😤💖 @wildkait @Amouranth I mean she could always break up with him if it’s going to be a big deal....I pity women who only feel empowered by tearing down other women. @NickFoxFighter Yes haha @EmilyBarkiss I just woke up from a dream where i pulled over on the side of the road to pluck a corn cob from the… @in2vapor I have it! Waiting on the Netflix adaptation👀 @NaraviaTV OOOOOOO COZY BOOK TIME LETS GO @littleredkatTV HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL 💖💖💖💖Logging off for the rest of the night to do something I haven’t had much time for: reading. Good night, sweet drea… @ButtJuiceSoup hahahaha i have been WAITING for you to see this @Dandolorian YAAAAAAAAY! @Dandolorian Never think I won't do something lol @Creepylattelive haha no not yet @breadwitchery adam driver is ugly @Bionic_Bliss I wrote it haha the bakery employee was like restocking? idk she wasn't behind the counter tho @WatchGirlsPlay LOOOOL i bet it was beautiful @xoGlitterTV LOOK AT THE TUM TUMSThe real reason why my bed is always a wreck @laurelrothamel To the cake or my marriage 😂 @Essabee93 Thank you! I got a new curling wand had to put it to use lol @MystDreamWeaver I’m always coming in with the proofI heard y’all thought this was fake/photo shopped @Two5Chicken That’s hilarious 😂😭😂😭😂😭 @Two5Chicken LMFAOOOO I NEED THE FULL STORY @MrAnder17469100 Marble! @wr3ckin_it HOLY SHIT @DivineGhoul Hahahaha if only
Hi let’s have an afternoon stream and play Horizon Zero Dawn thank you @kaelaonfire I’m admiring a RESPONSIBLE PLANT MOM so admirableNormalize failing My channel has been a constant struggle. Even now I’m low in viewership, sub count, revenue, etc…
Retweeted by Third Artifact #BIM @kaelaonfire Oh hi there👀😍 @SwanRonsonFPS Marble👀 @PWNYplays Thanks 😂 @crissanonymous I’d let you fart on my dick just to get cheesecake ohhh my god @SuncityGaming He laughed while scratching his balls per usual @Spidaman1991 @IAmMazlu I was tempted but i frequent this grocery store i don’t need people to know too much about me 😂