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The "perfect" #programming language doesn't exist, but we're curious to know which one is your favorite! Why do you like working with it? 🧐Here to introduce our wonderful speakers for #Angular International Women's Day! On May 29th, we'll be joined wit… you are looking to add search to your website, improve the accessibility and discoverability of the feature by u…
Want a chance to hear from some really awesome women in the #DEVCommunity? Join us on May 29th at 9AM (EDT) for… about what it's like being the leader of small teams and large teams at companies ranging from startups t… to always use the `alt` attribute on `img` elements. Even if the image doesn’t convey additional informati… @LoveWiz11 @freeCodeCamp @CreativeVinny @ellie_html Well there you go #winning πŸ’ƒ it looks awesome vinny! Great work @ellie_html @jonamichahammo Anytime! And that's fair. Also, you're right but this also shows your eagerness to learn, which is… @pdxmike_ All good. We completely understand πŸ˜„ @waynewallace_io Np!
@PrathmeshRewale πŸ˜‚ @itsKenyanCoko Here for it πŸ™Œ @DcoustaWilson @WtmIndia Sounds like it'll be a blast!✨ Best of luck Nishu. Here's to including more #womenintech @pdxmike_ Oh no πŸ˜‚ You will get it next time Mike. We believe in you πŸ™ @MelonheadAU Nice πŸ™πŸ™Œ @olanetsoft That dedication πŸ‘ @waynewallace_io Such a great idea Wayne! Love that you're driven to provide more opportunity to others πŸ˜‡πŸ™ @MelissaAstbury Go Melissa! Loving the positivity. You got this πŸ™ @sheikh_mukeem @freeCodeCamp @JennifaCarey That's awesome news. Congrats Jennifer 😁 @jonamichahammo Oh no! Sorry to hear you're struggling. But you'll be able to conquer all 8 mountains, no doubt πŸ‘ H… @rothecoder The irony πŸ˜† but jokes aside, it's definitely a good thing! @jayanti_sharma @ayeola_taiwo The struggle πŸ˜‚ @ayeola_taiwo Very cool πŸ‘ @graceyomowunmi Such a sleek design! Love it 😍 @248ahmad_mohd πŸ™Œ @KotreshGB4 @hackerrank Look at you go! That's awesome Kotresh πŸ˜€ @JJcodes314 @Harvard @cs50 Niice! All the best JJ πŸ™ @JohnZiss9 The horror! Just kidding. You're definitely not the only one. Everyone's different πŸ˜‡ Is it because you d… @erikaosgue oh man. That sounds like a lot! But we're glad you were able to get through it. Great work Erika πŸ™Œ @housamz So cute! This is why kids are awesome @KalumeYves Love this πŸ₯° @MiraTechno Yes! @robobo1221 Beautiful 😍 Thought this was real footage at a glance @towernter Truly a life or death situation πŸ˜‚ @vzverovich A 10/10 braindump however. Thanks for the article! @DThompsonDev Keep doing what you do Danny! @_Don_2 @engg_rky impressive πŸ™ @UncaughtE πŸ˜‚ @dee_bloo @perjerz34 Fair point! @great_tarmizi Aw, really glad we were able to. Hope you continue to have a great day πŸ•Ί @__nathalylopez Woohoo @ankitsharma_007 @Ilya14005006 πŸ™Œ @benjamingb Facts! @TrishaThePanda @fireship_dev Yes! Always a positive πŸ™πŸ€— @KeithCraigo Awesome job Keith πŸ™Œ What did you like about the course? @Jalpesh @YouTube @angular Nice video Jalpesh! @i_RakeshJoshi @maxkoretskyi @indepth_dev You're right! This was a really great article. Very thorough with clear e… @alexsoyes C’était une super prΓ©sentation! Il est un bon orateur. Merci de le partager AlexπŸ˜„ @Abu_lwl #EidMubarak to you too and fellow developers who celebrate today as well! Taking a break is just as important πŸ™Œ @great_tarmizi YES. Great job Tarmizi πŸ‘ @__nathalylopez This is awesome Nathaly πŸ˜„ And we bet! Really happy you're having a good time building your app @great_tarmizi Nice! πŸ™Œ @theEmcon If you ever have specific inquiries or need help with anything, our DMs are always open! πŸ‘ @youssame0 Possibly! At least in dark mode I don't burn my retinas staring at the screen for too long at night like… @rothecoder Occasionally! @AbrownDev97 This is impressive for your first time! Keep at it β€πŸ‘ @tech_natural Cute! Good work πŸ€— @towernter @theEmcon ❀ Along with all the helpful replies, might I also recommend: @laurieontech Yes! There is no "right" way to learn, everyone's journey is different. πŸ™Œ @dabit3 Exactly, different strokes for different folks πŸ‘
Communicate to screen readers whether a link points to the current page by using the `aria-current=”page”’` attribu…
TGIF πŸ₯³One of our favorite days of the week! Who's adding final touches to their project today? Or maybe you're ju… can't wait to co-host a very special online event next week! In partnership with @gdg @ngconf @angular & others… you're struggling to find free #JavaScript resources to enhance your skills in #Angular #React #Vue and more,… more meaningful sections by making region landmarks. This way screen reader users can understand your layouts.…
Whether you're just starting out as a #developer or you've been in the game for a long time, knowing your learning… online #VueJS Meetup is now LIVE! Learn about #accessibility with Vue 3 & how to create a #Twitch extension w… new trainings, absolutely FREE! Check out "Introduction to PWA and Service Workers" by @devpato and "Upgrading… are only a couple hours away from our next #VueJS Meetup! πŸ’š Join us for talks by @Linus_Borg & @crazyjack12 by… @aaditpant01 @sambhavbhurtel @msp_nepal @MSPInspire πŸ™Œ @SabrinaLaGasse Still sounds like a pretty solid day sabrina! Hope things are going well with your personal project πŸ€— @Bitcode_djcode Wow! So satisfying to watch 🀩 @javascript_jess It's wild! Takes so much commitment, time management, balance, and more πŸ™Œ @towernter 🀣 @yukinagano_hb That's beautiful Yuki ❀ Great job! @ChloeCondon @Microsoft @vogueandcode @beccaroro @MistyRobotics @azureadvocates @MSFTBayArea @MicrosoftLife… @shrutikapoor08 @telmo πŸ™Œ @devbyrayray πŸ™Œ @devbyrayray A much needed article πŸ™ It can be hard prioritizing and delegating tasks where there's so much to keep… @JohannesHoppe @angular_schule Nice! Awesome setup Johannes. Hope it went well πŸ€— @iphonegalaxymd 🀣 @DcoustaWilson Great article Nishu! Very thorough πŸ™ You did an awesome job covering DI in detail @kokkisajee Very cool! @kuncevic @AngularGirls Yess πŸ’ƒ @im_sandeepdalvi Good luck Sandeep! @AnfibiaCreativa @ngVikingsConf Woohoo πŸ™Œ super exciting @maxime1992 @zak Nice! Thanks for sharing πŸ€— @SiddAjmera @StackOverflow @pankajparkar @srashtisj @ngslconf This is the best! πŸ˜πŸ™ @NikPoltoratsky πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @russell_parry1 That's great Russell! Happy learning 😁 @dzhavatushev @code This πŸ™Œ @cherucole This was so well done Cherucole! Great job πŸ˜πŸ•ΊGiving a label to your inputs makes it easier for users of assistive technologies to use your site. Here are some d…