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@Mark_Granger_ @J_S_Docherty @MikeCooperRP Yeah, I think I missed that bit! @gjp1969 @MikeCooperRP Oh maybe it was! I was out walking on my lunch at the time and thought I’d blacked out for a second. @J_S_Docherty @MikeCooperRP It felt like they just forgot to do the punchline. I remember one before that was just… @MikeCooperRP No I mean the joke in the episode that was just a setup @MikeCooperRP How’d you feel about that joke without a punchline at the start? @alexmjsmith I wish I’d managed to draw a line between bubbles and baubles in time for #goldcrackers @bishy14 I’m trying. Keep getting error code 11. @skiddlyboooo He’s one of my favourite comedians. The last time I saw him (Hyde Park) he had a smirk on his face th… @skiddlyboooo @skiddlyboooo Ha, yep! You’ve got to watch the rehearsal footage too. @Rickallden @Bang2write @GoIntoTheStory But also @SitcomGeeks @Rickallden @Bang2write @GoIntoTheStory Sounds like you have all the best one’s there.FREE BLOG! Desperate to buy something today? Here’s a bunch of book recommendations from Writers in Various Stage…
Is Bob Dylan rehearsing for ‘We Are The World’ a sitcom or a comedy drama? @jonholmes1 @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds @sionedwiliam @Rhiroberts @wallj10 @mohitbakaya Congrats!Nothing you write will EVER be as funny as Bob Dylan’s contribution to We Are The World.’s impossible to remember what Mulaney looked like before he got that massive coat. @bishy14 is your fax machine on? Keep getting an error code. @alexmjsmith Six weeks later... Journalist skives off reporting the news.
@MikeCooperRP @adnanahmeduk @simon_alcock @CharlieDinkin Good luck Mike. @Rickallden I know man, it’s ridiculous. It’s so frustrating as it’s one of the best books around. I was lucky to g… @alexmjsmith Looks good, what’s it about? @MrLiamArnold Almost impossible?With #blackfriday approaching, I present a selection of book recommendations from Writers in Various Stages of Deve… @Rickallden @Rickallden Thanks! Should hopefully have the list published in time for all your Black Friday shopping needs. @Rickallden I’m working on a blog collecting together all of the books recommended in the Writers in Various Stages interviews.
The winner of this week's @BCGPro Gag-a-Week competition is @thisisdouch, with this joke about films. Enter this we…
Retweeted by Chris Douch13 years since that time @ThisisDouch didn’t wear a coat and @kristenschaaled was concerned about his health. His p…
Retweeted by Chris DouchShout out to the person who’s already polished off their advent calendar and a selection box before December. @TomEaston You get a blue tick.Which in case you can’t guess, was Life on Mars but with Jimmy and Alan Carr.Still often think about the pitches we put together for The Impressions Show. Sitting in Television Centre being to… decade later, Richard and James would work together on Truth Seekers. Oh man, it IS a small world after all!And of course it wouldn’t have been possible without producer Richard Webb taking a shot on two kids who until then… in 2010, @bishy14 and I wrote a sketch for The Impressions Show Christmas Special with @jonculshaw and… @tobydavies They’ve got to spend the money from raffles and bake sales on something. @SitcomGeeks @bbcwritersroom Comedy drama? ...what’s that?!
@richskipworth1 They’re so great. Thanks for sharing. Really good to see these again. Definitely interested in buying some. @richskipworth1 Oh man. This is what I’m talking about! I’m so into this. Thank you. @richskipworth1 Rich, you honestly have no idea how hard this mystery was to solve. You’re like Christmas Banksy. A… @livingspiritpix Brilliant. Hopefully that means you managed to raise a nice amount of money too. Looking forward t… @PhilDWriter @richskipworth1 I’ve genuinely been working on this mystery for years. A significant breakthrough in m…’s taken decades but I’ve finally found out that ‘Rich’ from the Christmas cards is @richskipworth1. @GailRenard Always better to do a happy dedication. Worth more on eBay. @MrLiamArnold @Sarah_btf Yeah, comps are different. There’s going to be a duplication of ideas but word-for-word co… @MrLiamArnold @Sarah_btf And I think that’s what this comes down to. The fine line between sharing and trying to pa…
That moment when you’re about to go to bed and then you discover a 5-part documentary about The Comedy Store @RobGilroy It’s so iconic. Can’t think of anything else like it.Andi Peters’ behind the scenes look at Toy Story 2 was the most-watched TV broadcast of the 90’s.Your Sunday reminder that all episodes for series 1-3 of My Petsaurus are available on BBC Iplayer…
Retweeted by Chris DouchNo new interview today but you can catch up on all of series one with @lukebeddows @joannelauwrites @ratbanjos @MrLiamArnold For context, one of the people I was referring to is a copywriter. The other was in marketing. People…
If anyone’s sat there trying to decide what to watch right now, stick Career Suicide by Chris Gethard on @NOWTV / @SkyComedyFoo Fighters or an old packet of Quavers? Think before you vote.Okay okay, practice round is over. Fighters or the 95-96 Bulls?Okay how about this one? Fighters or Coldplay?Let’s test this. @RobCromwell Very impressive.
@UniversalExile Two definitely. Well, one and the drummer’s hair.How many members of Foo Fighters could you confidently identify in a lineup? @tabtcbbc Not talking about my jokes being stolen. I’ve not written anything on Twitter worth taking. It’s not abou… @MoldyOldCrow Good work. @MikeCooperRP It’s clearly not done as a way of sharing something funny so they’ll never even consider a credit. It…’ve deleted one person for it already and close to the second. It probably makes me angrier than it should but it’… know, when you read their status and think, “nah, you nicked this.” Copy/paste into Twitter and it was posted t… else have people on their Facebook who think it’s ok to lift popular jokes off Twitter and post as their own… @ancientmarinade (Even if someone did submit a very similar joke, BTN are very good at crediting multiple writers. Had it twice now) @ancientmarinade @dominic_mcg Nice. Which one was yours? @CiaranMurtagh @Andrew_B_Jones I’d watch it tonight. @Mark_Granger_ @J_S_Docherty @BBCComedyScot Yeah, I had a very lazy rice pun for that story. The Hamilton gag was a great one too.Today I remember comedy writer Debbie Barham, born this day in 1976 but sadly gone in 2003. The youngest pro writer…
Retweeted by Chris DouchI’m back with a joke about climbing a tree in today’s episode of Breaking The News from @BBCComedyScot on… @J_S_Docherty @BBCComedyScot Good one. Mine was the student up a tree. Nice to be in the credits with you.Delighted to be back with a Crackerjack Christmas special hope you all like it as much we enjoyed making it 👍
Retweeted by Chris Douch @J_S_Docherty @BBCComedyScot Which one? Also, congrats!
It’s time for another bedtime story from @brianblessed. This week he’s reading my version of Hansel and Gretel. Gra…
Wow Richard Kind played Tom! I had no idea. Then again, I was six. @MrLiamArnold The studio seemed to really be pushing Droopy around the time. Was a regular in Tom & Jerry kids too.… @AliceTaylorM Yep 92. I remember very little about it but know I loved it. I also spent ages trying to avoid a dog…’m sure people worked very hard on the new Tom and Jerry movie but... do we need it?, I said it reminded me of Stella! See!
It goes without saying, but this song is HUGE and I love it. @ratbanjos You should get an easier name, like mine.🚨NEW PODCAST EPISODE ALERT!!!🚨 New Creatives of Colour Podcast episode on @acast & on all podcast platforms Writi…
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And here’s the Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield sketch we discussed. Fascinating to hear the story behind it. it earlier? This one includes an insight into collaborating with David Walliams, writing for The One Ronnie,… @kevcecil Thanks for sharing, hope you’re well Kevin You’re on my list of people to approach for series two! (6000 word count optional)This interview series is great and highly recommended to comedy nerds and anyone breaking into the industry.
Retweeted by Chris Douch @ADawsonBros The hyperlinking is what takes the time. It’s the reason why this is the last of these I’m doing for a while. @alexmjsmith Get the big mug for this one. you don’t desperately want to watch a sketch show after reading this... you’re probably a commissioner. Loads he… is the ultimate interview if you’re a fan of British comedy written by people who love American comedy. Storie… in Various Stages of Development #013 Not only is this interview with @ADawsonBros filled with advice and… really love this. Have a listen and a share. @sjmawhinney Winner winner, chicken dinner!
Anyone ever actually won a chicken dinner?