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guy larsen @ThisIsGuido Personal IG: @guylarsen

Makes pictures that move. Makes pictures that don’t. Director @Penny4_

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@will_mcdaniel Your work ethic is insane Will.
If this happened to me it’d send me over the edge @Sara__Firth I now know what trtworld really meansWho do you relate to more, the croc or the turtle?
@gilly Neither did I until it was recommended to me. So many big names for a small series and easily one of my fave… @gilly Over The Garden Wall!!!Reynaldo Luza ( 1893-1978)
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@DanielJLayton If this lands you a badge I don’t know how I’ll react @AgathaLing @PsychedIRL Oh yeah?? I’ll have to look them up!
Results! 📊 The Well print won the poll... but loads more people got in touch to say they wanted the Canine Encoun…
#NewProfilePic a short name sucks
@Madison_g_clare yes!
@BrownAds @elijahwood Wheelers! Terrifying! @Brainysod James and the Giant Peach! @AdamtheZilla Oooooh ye this was scary for me too! @oohgaryc A GOODIEWhat’s a single shot from a film that will haunt you forever? @will_mcdaniel You’re not pouring silicone into that are you?Here we are then, go on and pick oneHey Twitter! help me out, if you had to choose... which of these would you buy and hang on your lovely wall if I r… @RachelKiki_ @RachelKiki_ ah was looking through banquet records thank you!! @RachelKiki_ vinyl sold out :( anywhere else I can get it? @EdCutcher for a sec I forgot you were south and worried this was twomin
@acinemaforacton This is such great news! I live right round the corner from this, it’s really exciting to hear it’… @DeclanMcKenna @orlagartland 🙌🏻🙌🏻 yes
@SayHiSinead Beautifully satisfying, I love to see this @PJPerkin I googled to see if you got it right Nicely done @NotAFile @kitingmare I’ve seen brussels before @kitingmare This is chaotic good energy @DanielJLayton I want one that represents me now I want a collapsible colander @RachelKiki_ No party bag 4 u @cribble What, I can use the water??? What??? @KhanStopMe Yep, just no souped up shopping trolleys or Craig :(one way I know I’m an adult is that I get furious at people who strain pasta in a sieve instead of a colander any… @sallylepage I had a panic watching you GRAB A SWAN @producerjacob @tomscott I thought I recognised it!
@AgathaLing Get baked first. @reb_day @Irvine_TE Right then @clivebirnie does this interest you?! 😂
Retweeted by guy larsen @ICOEPR Afternoon watch scheduled @ana_milana_ Sounds like the interpretation of somebody who hasn’t finished the thing yet! ;) @WillDixonUK I feel this very, very deeply. Hype is a skill that's too easy to get wrong. Problem also arises when… @ana_milana_ You also finished replying to me, don't undersell yourself! @RossJNicholson I can’t get my head around how you always make it look so much like wood. Is it like a pulpy cardbo… @pretentiousbitc nope. get it done. @bertieglbrt where are my last 5-10 seconds bert. it doesn't count if they're not rendered. @sallylepage COME ON SALLY MAKE ME CARE!!! @4__Random__4 that's the sort of achievement I can only aspire to. Congratulations.literally nobody cares until you finish it so finish whatever you're doing today and make them care and finish it @leenanorms @Mrheavyhand Hit 'em with the muted fake cough first
@AgathaLing Urgh the comments are a fly trap of urine
@lordor317 Thanks! I’ll review it end of the year and see what needs binning off!! @KhanStopMe Love looking at it like this! @DanielJLayton Ngl man I’ve been obsessed with them this weekend @AnneMarieDames Lovely thanks! I’ve already said I’m only using a pen. No highlighters or fancy tape! @WillDixonUK Yeah the Legends they use in the videos is pretty mentalI have joined the bullet journal gang. Help me. What do I need to know to start? @scottygb I’ve kept one for two years that isn’t too floral. Just two lines’ space per day to note down what happen…
@EdCutcher #thankyou @AgathaLing Glad my chest has visibly grown outwards, even if it’s starting just below the pecks @_JOSHEDWARDS_ This stuff can legit keep me awake at night. I can’t break free of it. @HA55ZAA @producerjacob Okay it’s your vent. 6pm in the car park? @HA55ZAA @producerjacob Clearly not if you’ve left our vent broken for ten years. Are you coming over to fix it? @HA55ZAA @producerjacob So you’re saying you still won’t be coming over to fix it? After all this time not getting back to us about this? @producerjacob What a spot, I shall be writing to the Housing Association. @Ornsack @RageNineteen Retiring the festival bands for me was like losing a finger.The house was dubbed, '43, The Bakery'. I'm not telling you why. @RageNineteen I weighed a lot more in accessories back thenVisited my fresher year student house last weekend. It hasn’t changed at all. Same spot. Ten years apart. That’s… @pa3weg I need to read T&Cs more then!! @pa3weg Interesting that you don’t go there in the first place. Why is Twitter the only exception? @annaholling Thanks! I did this a while back and it was glorious. Can’t recommend enough. @EdCutcher No one can even see your tweetsAs soon as I whiplash and leave it all, I sort of get my voice back. Same as when I relegate these apps to the back… give a bit more context, I’ve noticed recently I spend a lot of time lurking on Insta, Twitter just to mentally… a full re-sort of my phone in a screen time revolt. This is what it looks like now. Already feel better. What t…
@ahchrissawyer Big Success! Sidenote, I want your bike tape, been looking for solid brown bar tape for an age. @KhanStopMe I think it's now overtaken Animator BeardFINALLY, I've made some prints available to buy! Very limited run, only ten in A3, ten in A2.…
@notcorry Had a year and a half of that up the road!
@John_W_Shaw my grandad George Longhurst was supposed to be in Singapore, standing where he raised the flag at the Japanes…
@onbrandbrandonn 100% Return to Oz. Parents thought it was Wizard of Oz. It wasn't. Headless witches and monkeys on…
@jabberworks @royalacademy Fingers crossed, it's a great show!!
@TOMSHARMANWEB tempted not to use it for free mate
No I won't accept this, Una is a great name for a twin. @MightyMounse
@ambernoelle @Lynn_Nothegger @EdCutcher