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@Sayamis Yadon! And nah don't worry about it! I dropped everything out front for you! @Sayamis Sent! It's 4 coconut 4 wood and 4 clay and I've got enough coconut for 3 right now! So if you want more th… @Sayamis Ah, just got the palm lamp recipe actually! I can make you one no problem. (Or more, cheap + has other colors iirc.)Please, just, empathy is in short supply these days, be good to each other. @SmilingGrouch @KikiDoodleTweet "Little drawing" EMILY IT'S SO GOOD?I'm not around a lot lately which is one part struggling to not turn into an isolation potato and one part every ti… is getting a preview in a bit, along with a post about my pin mail and my thoughts on what came in.Miiiiight be opening my store again soon with limited menu items as stay at home continues. If people are interested designs.
My first ever enamel pin design! Seafoam the Narwhal for Beast Friends 😊
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Hey, evening crew. Let's see what kind of damage you can do to that funding goal, yeah?
Retweeted by Hannako Lambert 🔥 Turnips 84 @theladytiefling She hopped off and immediately hopped back on with a book tbrjjrjrbrbrIf you were wondering, it's still going. @SmilingGrouch @GarfieldEATSapp EXCUSE ME @so_engery I had no idea what lamb cake and assumed it was a meat loaf until I scrolled down.
@Akinesias King Stinky propaganda.Like,'m not kidding, Stinky out here getting more love than me and Garfield combined. dragged to my death by @TacoBusArt and Stinky's combined forces. WAS A GOOD TOP COAT DID YOU JUST SLAM IT TO THE GROUND WHEN YOU YEETED OFF THE ISLAND WHAT THE HELL DUDEHad my first villager move out and 1. Did not get a letter like you would in New Leaf which was a bummer but also 2… I love the backing card? It echoes the linework without detracting from the main event, and the pin looks like… to this pin tho because this pin rules. Two colors! That yellow pop! I love a pin that will get your attention…"But epoxy can age and soft enamel looks so b—" look. Look. L o o k. Pin care is the burden of the owner, not the… back on epoxy. Tiny jagged outlines give epoxy places to puddle in the gaps. It's not an easy thing to clean up… clean outline also makes it so that you barely notice that it's got the absolute thinnest coat of epoxy on top.… cartoon style here translates nicely as the humor is in the lines itself, and it's a fairly clean one to render… you are an artist starting out with your first pin: keep it simple! Keep it economical! Pins don't work for ever… this is there first pin and ??? It's so well done I would have had no idea. I love how you can see all t… up to this and would like to discuss immediately this excellent pin by @RocketBird2 found here:… @vamproseusa Nah, Stasia ended up linking it. :v Thank you tho! @vamproseusa Hrm not seeing it??...does anyone have a link to the tweet with the horror face designs with the extra eyes and teeth? I lost it. ;3;
@kiwifie Graham is personally sent via a weeb detecting algorithm. @kiwifie I dunno if you saw this but:'re lucky the space helmet slaps or you'd already be a crater, Graham.I TRUSTED YOU NOT TO BE WEIRD AND YOU FAILED ME. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @korybing Doesn't she leave after noon?Quarantine streamers suddenly realizing they need to order green screens: #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @noyozu IT'S IN MY QUEUE AAAAnd another. These are the only rules I play UNO with now. @ruemxu The whole channel is really good! Voice actor friends playing video games and having fun. @ruemxu IT'S REAL GOOD, I am refreshed. ☆Also the VA for Tanjiro in KNY if you want that content.I've been looking for Japanese let's players on youtube to put on in the background and found Yugioh voice actors p… @24cylinders Rip @AndreaDemonakos Have you tried going in and out of the house?
@_Jelly_Super I like macadamia, hazelnut if I want that nutella flavor, and creamy oat milk! Oat milk is the most neutral.
@24cylinders NOOOO @fae_emma Pretty much anything that comes up if you search for my Twitter handle plus Chinese factories ! @fae_emma @fae_emma Here's one: @fae_emma Oh man there's a few! I'll do my best to look, otherwise if they have questions by all means send them to me! @ashworksco I never got to squats, but I think I misunderstood lunge reps and I either did 3 sets or 6.I Messed Up Real Bad YallBeing stuck inside means picking up new fitness routines and long story short I don't know how to sit down anymore.
Samples came in the mail today!! They’re BIG?? They also have a magnet clutch which helps keep them from flipping o…
Retweeted by Hannako Lambert 🔥 Turnips 84It's going well. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch NOOO HE DOES THE POMPOUS NERD EYEBROW THING I'M OUTOne week into quarantine and 'bout to shake down this nerd for his donut. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @SerenatanOtku Lmao he was the Kpop squirrel but now Raymond is the new hot beef. @SerenatanOtku Bruh he was the source of people paying out 10 million bells just to get him. @SerenatanOtku Nice!!! @SheenaBoekweg OH NOI wish I could thread the photos Zipper has just been lurking in that corner for hours as far from the rest of the… no I'm not alone. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
April Showers. New sticker for my patreon this month, with metallic rain. ☔ $5+ all get this sticker if you subscri…
Retweeted by Hannako Lambert 🔥 Turnips 84For pin pal club subscribers, in addition to the sticker, everyone will be getting this guy. A steal of a bundle, a…
Retweeted by Hannako Lambert 🔥 Turnips 84 @fss_subsistence 👀👀👀Ainu headgear!!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch many* but honestly still accurate you don't need VARIANTS, it's WRONG.FREE ME, BRÖTHER. pin pal club subscribers, in addition to the sticker, everyone will be getting this guy. A steal of a bundle, a… Showers. New sticker for my patreon this month, with metallic rain. ☔ $5+ all get this sticker if you subscri… REASONABLE.Bunny Day cancelled. There are two many recipes, you don't need TWO DIFFERENT RECIPES FOR BALLOONS, ZIPPER. @pheazandt @bytesizetreas Ok the face IS very good tho...Oh my god he gave them to Anabelle too. @giggleloop Nah but it's easier to hear! They also won't go across the plaza so they slow down when they reach it. @MonnichiArt Everyone nasty today!!!STINKY................... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch will report back with the model RIP my tables. @PachPaints HNNNNNGNGHHHH YOU'RE RIGHT....Cleaned up a bit but kept the important items. Back on it. no rights for tables huhCJ is in town and I have 3 Coelacanths...but they're also my office tables. Do I get the model or keep my tables? @AvivaMaiArtzy !!!!!!!WHEN??? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch a break but it's raining and gates are open, come watch me wait like a gremlin for balloons to come by. @BrittonyLeFever NICE
We wait. been raining clay but I have a spare bamboo doll recipe now if someone was looking. @ItsTalegas OH THat I didn't think so but I just tested it and @ItsTalegas Hell yeah, it flushes when you hop off. @suddenlyapples I love my sky toilet, it's my second one now.NOPE @alexandrasketch I shot that sky toilet down fair and square.I think there's a limit to how many physical items you can get a day because the last 3 have just been bells... @HappehCakes My friend called dibs or else I'd pass him along rbjekebrb @junkworx Honestly? Probably the happiest villager I have.If I know you you can add me at SW-3847-3898-4860 if you wanna witness my slingshot trophy pile grow in real time.