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Kẹ̀hindé @ThisIsKennys Lagos, Nigeria

liberal. democratic socialist. feminist. sociopolitical commentator. writer. digital marketing professional. mental health advocate. chelsea fc.

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“not all cops!!”
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @hizicktweeds Nope @maatinz Touché @maatinz Hmmm. Women will Destroy you.Upgrade your girlfriend like say na iOS please!spread the shit out of this.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéThe message in this Video is Golden👌🏼
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéAllow time do its thing. me and my boys gas commot next week. Everybody going through it make we go catch trips abeg.You're a bird @orefejoo__ He's a dumb dumb lmaoSomebody please mess with me I need a new distraction."Simi child looks like Falz" is a very distasteful joke.. know when to draw the line or leave humor to those good at it.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéThis is my brother, He was shot and killed by the police Dec 31. 2019 in federal way, wa. He was shot while in a ca…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @ABC Oh trust me he was intent on killing him. This is a 1st degree murder no questions asked., do your thing .
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéMy statement on the death of George Floyd:
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @djkaywise #JoorPartyXYoutubeMusic 🕺🏿 @deepizel FaxThe Guinean sample on J.Cole & Trey Songz’ ‘Can’t Get Enough’ remains one our favourite African samples in Hip-Hop…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé❤️❤️❤️❤️ policeman shot a 16 year old girl Nigerian policeman shot a 16 year old girl Nigerian policeman shot a 16…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @hizicktweeds @Forbes Liiiiiikkkeeeee who gives a shitThere's terrorist attacks every other day. Boy bye. @maintishe @xbaekhughugx Can you please tell me your name so that I can make sure you're the owner of the house (I'…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @maintishe @xbaekhughugx This is how it should've gone: you ring the bell, wait for the residents to arrive with th…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéBlack is Black y’all. Kazeem is Nigerian-American They don’t care about your background. I’m glad this was caught o…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéI made some headers for you all to use to support #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéy’all better leave that app alone. Y’all creating all this content for them, helping them generate all this revenue…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéThe officer that had his knee on George Floyd's neck has been charged with 3rd Degree murder, manslaughter.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéOh trust me he was intent on killing him @Ore__K Yup @Dotoon @TheOfili_ Nope. You won't. People getting killed in southern Kaduna for serving God. You don't know the half of it.Kylie Jenner, always resist the urge to shalaye. 😂
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéFuck off your peace. Get rid of Toxicity, Cleanse your Space. Cultivate Love. Be free
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéKendrick Lamar's performance at the Grammys 2016 — This feels like a good time to bring it back to the timeline.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéStill relevant!!! @orefejoo__ I want 🥺Racism is not a difference of opinion.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéLmao he's washed anyway. Fuck him. @orefejoo__ Must be nice. Alchy? 👀TIK TOK banned the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Fuck going viral for a dance routine. Now hop off that MF platform.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéNormalize helping your male friends who are sex starved get some coochie 🥺🥺.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéNigerian police shot TINA, TINA IS 16 Nigerian police shot TINA, TINA IS 16 Nigerian police shot TINA, TINA IS 16 N…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéOkay but they paid for it. Leave people alone. police arrest CNN reporter and camera crew as they report from protests in Minneapolis…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéRemember that time the NYPD went on strike to show how important they were to keeping the city safe, and crime went…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéSaying “she’s not gon smash you” when a guy defends a girl is stupid af. How does being a decent human being equal to simping?
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéDr. Joe Abah sits on the fence with two legs in one compound.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéBeing called "GAY" because you let a drunk girl sleep in your bed and didn't touch her, is better than being called a RAPIST.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéObama ain’t fooling nobody.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéy’all love rebellions and revolutions until black people do it.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé...
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéPhoto ops government achievement 😭 are all busy & worried about our lives & those of the ones close to us. Meanwhile, in parts of the world which m…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéI saw this one on fb and it was too powerful
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéAgree?
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéI'll put Carvalho in top 5 but that's just me 🤷🏿‍♂️ stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral sup…
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéI see you've continued down this path from the doc. I'm proud of you 💚 @taylorswift13 @realDonaldTrump My Queen! @Officially_Seyi What chaos? Shit there's already chaosWhites forming a barrier between black protestors and police.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @YG @TomiLahren Spell it out YG. She is a privileged bitch.Hey privileged b**** @TomiLahren
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéBeen in a cave all these while only to pop up at the chance to represent the Klan. You love to see it. Classic Tomi… asked you Tina was only 16.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéI don’t know Tina.. never met her.. but today 50 thousand of you spoke up for her.. thank you!!! #JusticeForTina #justiceforsouthernKaduna 🕯
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéI actually passed out 😂😂.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @Dotoon I'm going to guess you're in western Nigeria. How about you relocate to Kaduna or Benue?Shut the fuck up racist bitch! You ain't shit Katie. You've never been shit. Go suck a fucking dick! this. You're privileged. @shanpriv0 Touché @shanpriv0 Watch Harriet. That's some good stuff @orefejoo__ Shit! Love love it!Trash list on this milestone 🥳 @PetrCech @Arsenal You won that night, Petr.this tweet is from four months ago
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéKush and sleep. Name a better combo. @orefejoo__ Haha shouldn't everyone be a Stan?When law and order becomes more important than people and water. You are living in a police state that’s doomed to its own fate.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé @orefejoo__ Your Avi damn! Bringing back mad nostalgia. Frank Ocean's Orange 🥺 @orefejoo__ You'll heal 🤗4 simple arrest may have prevented all this mess.
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindéThat's exactly what I keep saying omg. How you gon let people murder a human in broad daylight then send them back… @icecube That's exactly what I keep saying omg. How you gon let people murder a human in broad daylight then send t… @orefejoo__ You seem hurtShit I been sleeping all day. Wetin dey sup? @maatinz Lmaooooooooooo I listened to Title soon as it dropped🌎🔘 with highest bid takes him, everybody goes away happy
Retweeted by Kẹ̀hindé👃