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@TroyChowda It's called subtlety @bitriptucker Sorry love that's canon @chillsandtrills I relate to this tweet on a spiritual level @Oliviaj_8 had the BABY lay down with her hands out. cops are afraid of a BABY.
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@gonnaluvmeagain Who cares!!!! @VikingSlaveGirl This rock slaps @luvu2tuesday Yes.Star Trek Canon that does not matter: Ship design inconsistencies When Tribbles were first discovered How many sibl… "pandering fan service" to the "SJW trekkies" would be to make a Trek series written by, produced, and stari… you don't like Janeway because "she's mean" please remember that's because Richard Beardman thought in order for… you have an issue with any of my Star Trek tweets please remember that Star Trek is a TV show and like myself, is often very stupid.when spirk roleplays
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @burkysimp @tarsusingkirk This is so fucking funnyi think about this video at least once an hour
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @_reigok @chyIerIeiqhs Amazing contentWhy not? We pay members of Congress a base annual salary of $174K and they stay home 1/2 the year.
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @vsellen He always had emotions but I'm the movies he admitted he had them @tngliker Data and Geordi were fun and the special effects hold upShout of to the guy who told me I "must not remember Star Trek" if I thought Spock had emotions and when I mentione… can Spock love Kirk when he doesn't have emotions????? Character arcs, learn them, I am BEGGING @kindredtrekkie Almost like life events such as career change and generally living life can change a person! @NightPunks I got plenty of red, yellow, white, and pink @NightPunks I have so many rosesCasuals, watching Picard: wHY dOEs PiCaRD sUddENly cArE AboUt ELnoR wHeN hE HAtEs kiDs!?!?!? Me, a trekkie who has… @trekonomics Drag that crusty old bitchMr Gowron’s neighborhood #StarTrek
Retweeted by Deep Space FineNothing drives me up the goddamn wall like men saying women don't "get" scifi. A woman literally invented science f… Who Killed Man with Down Syndrome Over Movie Ticket, Quietly Hired at Neighboring Dept.
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Good morning! For those who want to learn this lesson, I think it’s important to sign quick when it comes to emerge…
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @mrs_redcorn Arcs were* @mrs_redcorn Genuinely curious what would you say Deanna's or Beverly's arcs more in any specific season or the whole show? @ella_persiste @InspiredLamb I've seen screenshots but I can't find them at the moment, just background characters for now @ella_persiste @InspiredLamb when he has an opportunity to have sex with a klingon: scared, fears for his life, a coward quark when he has…
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @InspiredLamb @ella_persiste They are back in Discovery!!!! @mrs_redcorn I agree Hoshi and Mayweather were way underutilized and it was some straight up racist bullshit. I lik… @yayameenk I am ready to fight the ghost of Gene Roddenberry if called @ella_persiste You don't have to prove to me you love Star Trek 😊🖖 @RevSisRaedorah Thank you!!! @BoomerNiner What wholesome news! Congratulations!'t going to tweet today but this tumblr post has me literally crying at my desk bc this will be me someday not…
Retweeted by Deep Space FineIdea: Murder She Wrote reboot but the lead is an elderly trans woman
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @klausnkrieg Good tweet @howthesedays PLEASE SAY WHAT YOU WANT about the fucking catsuit because it was bullshit @howthesedays You are correct!!! @DeepSpaceErmine Give my ladies something to DO!T'Pol/Trip are a more compelling romance than Riker/Deanna, Deanna/Worf, and Worf/Jadzea COMBINED.Say what you want about her catsuit/the decon scenes but T'Pol got to actually do more/have more of an arc on the N…
me when I imagine the ds9 haters from back then witnessing the show getting the recognition it deserved 25 years la…
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @Oliviaj_8 @scaliebashir Yo fuck that crusty noodle thought this was referring to people shipping the two miniatures from Night at the Museum @taa0148 The curls 😍 @Oliviaj_8 @scaliebashir He's not a lady he's just proud of his chest. @idontgiveahuxx @PascualEugenia @Oliviaj_8 @scaliebashir I'm not gonna slut shame the manYou, a simpleton: How are the graphics? What's the frame rate? What weapons can I use? Is it first person? What abo… greek heroes had one of two critical flaws: - Hubris - Himbo There was no inbetween, those are what got all of them killed
Retweeted by Deep Space FineGame description: More than 25 hours of pointing and clicking!!!!! Me: you have my attentionthinking
Retweeted by Deep Space FineKirk, internally: who is this homophobic, racist, shitty human being beside me?
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @weedcorndog It just speaks to me on a deep space level @weedcorndog @toboldlyhoe Thinking about this againHello trek fandom, today I bring you this #ds9
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @Oliviaj_8 A himbo we can live with @Oliviaj_8 You see this art? @Oliviaj_8 I made a hate cam @Oliviaj_8 @Oliviaj_8 He's both not hot physically nor narratively it drives me BONKERS @Oliviaj_8 I've made my opinions clear. @Oliviaj_8 What are you a cop?There hasn't been enough love for Mariner's dig at Worf's crimped hair in that #StarTrekLowerDecks clip
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Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @magicalmolly Yes @troicrusher It is but now I found Twitter @emrysprk It's a good tweetYou don't understand this was the height of straight Trek comedy.The year is 2008, you Google "Star Trek jokes" What to choose? "Riker's best pick up lines" or "Janeway is better t… movie is called Fantastic Fungi and it's on Netflix. @DevinElleKurtz This is so striking and beautifulChile i love this!!!! Got chills!!!! Aint nothing like some good ole church sangn
Retweeted by Deep Space FineI whispered to my boyfriend "wait...... this is Star Trek" right before @albinokid appeared to inform me that yes,… and I saw a documentary about mushrooms at the local art house theater where ever other auidence member w… @407sadnoodles Good tweet @orchidtreks This is great news @klausnkrieg People who work in a candy store legally can't be forced to pay for ice cream at their place of employment. @klausnkrieg Root beer makes the ice cream better but ice cream makes the orange better @klausnkrieg Would recommend orange next. @klausnkrieg Mason this is great content @bloodbuzz She's beautiful @ensignlesbian I read this as dread worfDaughter is watching the Kelvin Trek films and watched Beyond tonight. I've been a Trek fan since I was 4 in 1975.…
Retweeted by Deep Space Fine @407sadnoodles No one has cut their hair like that since 16th c monks @Hestiashearthfr They definitely had some issues with each climax having to be *more powerful* and action packed th… at me straight up crying at Jinora becoming the first master in a generation at a time when her people are hav…
Sick of hearing about "Far Beyond the Stars?" Thinking "oh, that was Benny Russell, not Ben Sisko?" Explain "Bad…
Retweeted by Deep Space FineIf I see one more person weaponizing this scene from TOS' "The Savage Curtain"... what century is this? Did I miss…
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