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i’m the most iconic person i know. he/him. vt ‘22 #BlackLivesMatter

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Getting into wine.
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the village still has no internet… very cool. it’s not like i have exam prep or anything i should be doing rn :)🐝🐞
Retweeted by toomy :) @HoesChiMinh @Adamrcalvin mentally i didOh boy we cheffin
Retweeted by toomy :)fun fact. the bois were chefin and we did not know it was a video @Adamrcalvin
stupid thunderstorm taking down the power at the theatre so now i can’t go see my silly little anime movie :(
this is the best $4 i have ever spent “alexa play peach pit” alexa: “i’m sorry, do you want me to play the artist peach pit or the song peach pit by… world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.
Retweeted by toomy :)Let’s goo! @thomas_vop
Retweeted by toomy :)after many tries i fixed my stream lol. i am dumblets goooo @Expert_writersk wow! thanks for the heads up! that’s so pog!i apologize for the delays. adam is doing a big boi statistics assignment about chocolate in a bag is a success. just gotta buy straws for next time @sleepdeprived why are u tweeting from an android? but also @Mikasacus and @aztrosist what’s ur inspo for music?? a…
adam and i are gonna stream tonight. be ready for it😤😤 @Adamrcalvin 👀Adult Capri Sun
Retweeted by toomy :)beer in a bag beer in a bag beer in a bag beer in a bag beer in a bag beer in a bag beer in a bag beer in a bag bee…
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for the first time in a VERY long time i am actually tired before 2:30am… this is crazynew crumb AND girl in red AND coin AND still woozy… SHEEESHHHHcurrently eating homemade curry while listening to on the floor and my heart will go on. the vibes are immaculate
anyone wanna volley a ball tomorrow?babi
Retweeted by toomy :)just had to run to the bus stop. what a throwback to pre-covid😤🤪rise and shine gamers me and my roommates had a podcast it would be so funnygrilled cheese and soup bc like… food :)) drafts go crazyyyy
mentally i’m still here
Retweeted by toomy :)I'm taking a break from mental health to focus on school
Retweeted by toomy :)watashi wa uwu
i wanna play volleyball sometime this week @not___connor MONKE
i wanna see jeff bezos in an eva fight elon musk in a gundami made one
Retweeted by toomy :)good afternoon
Retweeted by toomy :)this is why i love anime😤💯 or pfizer is the 2021 version of Team Edward or Team Jacob
Retweeted by toomy :)got to see @TheDistrictsPa 2 years ago at soundfest... i miss it :( mario kart wii has over 200 maps... i guess u could say ima gamer😤💯🤪
adam is on the way back to blacksburg. yay :))Thought I looked good :)
Retweeted by toomy :) @Adamrcalvin the last pic before or after u sent this
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@phantoonie i did right as it was ending lolcurrently watching adam’s sister’s wedding livestream on youtube. i wanna type pog in the chat... @CiaraW210 👀pov: ur one of the 6 people i talk to on snapchat earth is so fucking beautiful
Retweeted by toomy :) @HopeUgalde SHES SO AWARE. there was another instance where she asked something kinda deep and then was like “pain” @gay_hokie SHHHHHEEEEEEsh @chipnanimus NO SPOILERSSS. what the heck dude!! how could u spoil that for me. AHHHH :((my special talents include drinking cans without my hands. thank you for coming to my ted talk.
got into the car with him after his shot and he hooked himself up to his bluetooth pretty neat feature
Retweeted by toomy :)if someone brought me coffee that would be pretty pogdouble vaccied up, lets goooooo. i like how whenever i close my eyes i see a windows home screen. big improvement f… @mariaprovo21 yee. there’s a clinic at the christiansburg rec center tomorrow and i was tryna see if i could go to that one insteadabolish the second amendment... i meannnnn... 👀
Retweeted by toomy :) @Adamrcalvin adam... it was grubhub you foolupdate: it was doordash, i apologize for the incorrect information
@_trulyjulie the balancing took a while but he’s playing cod so he didn’t notice lol. silly gamer boy @gay_hokie idk where it’s from. his sister got it for him lmaohis grubhub just got here... i’ll wonder if he’ll find it this time many people do i need to call to find out where i can get an appointment for my second dose even tho the websit… fans when music comes on
Retweeted by toomy :) @bakedvoltage yes @mckrodney we’re playing it at the brewery. it’ll be chaos😤💯 @jebbbbbbbbbbb you already knowwwww😤😤maybe it’ll take him longer to find this one me out @MichelobULTRA
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Retweeted by toomy :)Mmm breakfast :)
Retweeted by toomy :)adam’s reaction to this: “you went to cookout last night? ohhh wait, fuck me” BIRTHDAY TO MY BBY!! i love you adam and i hope ur bday is amazing as u are!! :)) @Adamrcalvin know what rhymes with earth day... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :))’s Earth Day, here’s one of my favorite videos that illustrates a year on earth from Lagrange 1
Retweeted by toomy :)if you ever feel like giving up just remeber... the josh fight is coming soon
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Retweeted by toomy :)yose on film
Retweeted by toomy :)if u aren’t making and eating dinner at 10:30pm wyd...
@gracebperkins yeeeeetwilight characters buying you pads: a thread
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@crixare4kids yes.when u want a new bike:
@camsims800 the narrator is like the best character in the dub. i haven’t watched the whole show dubbed bc i don’t… @camsims800 kaguya sama dub is also top tier @bakedvoltage yer, and im sure you’ve seen parts them but there are some REALLY PRETTY scenes later on both in anim… @bakedvoltage yee, the story is pretty basic. but the show is so good bc of the animation and characters make u wanna keep watchingpov: ur watching the dance skit scene in napoleon dynamite
@socc3rgur1ie i have a pretty decent collection here but a bigger collection back at home hehe @socc3rgur1ie SOCK GANGGGG!! :)