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i’m the most iconic person i know. he/him. vt ‘22 #BlackLivesMatter

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@Adamrcalvin i was inspired by u to rewatch them after seeing ur snd kd with the kar todaydad: why ya smiling at your phone; lindsay texting you? me: no, im just watching my Kar clips on call of dutycan i introduce u to half baked am proud and excited to announce that by the end of break i will be a pc gamer :)my body is temple. gotta treat it right😤😤
you still haven’t picked up ur charger. i can bring it to u if u want :)
Retweeted by tommy vop :)Match: *starts* R.O.B mains:
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @storiraven worst- i like playing pong best- i am tallyee yeeeee good morningggg voice tweettttt!! :))
@lindsay_carole5 ikr, people these days smh @storiraven me too😪when she sends u texts like these <3 @mckrodney thanks dawg, i appreciate it :’)goodnight voice tweeeeetttt :)) my voice tweets gonna work now?
yes voice tweets aren’t sending :(my goodnight voice tweet apparently didn’t post so here’s a good morning voice tweet!! :)) voice tweeeeet :))
i just made a glizzy in the toaster. i am above u mortalsThe Wii was released on this day in North America, 14 years ago (2006)
Retweeted by tommy vop :)mouth breather... HELL YEAH BB
Retweeted by tommy vop :)thinkin about how we get spotify wrapped in a few weeks
Retweeted by tommy vop :)could it be?? a wednesday night vibe check?! yee yards @liam757vt it’s weird be it says i only have like 14 on something but if i go to see who likes the tweet it still s… anyone else’s twitter buggin out with how many likes they have on tweets?? @flow3rchild_tay thank youuuu!! :)
he said out loud “ahhhhhh stop.” i think i am safe... for now @thomas_vop What’s homework???
Retweeted by tommy vop :)update: he has been sending them to me for the past 30 minutes and counting can hear @Adamrcalvin watching tiktoks from across the apartment... i’m just waiting for him to send me them @VChafian hey that’s cheating. you can’t post 2 from the same year. boooo present to you the most heart wrenching action drama of the 21st century... @sarawy_n that’s bad boi looks CREAMY and GOOD. but also isn’t that penne lol @sarawy_n as someone who also makes tasty pasta i am intrigued. pics or it didn’t happen @storiraven hehe, i picked those pages for that reason exact lolfreshman -> sophomore -> junior honestly not much has changed besides the length of my hair THREAD
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @storiraven @storiraven @storiraven wait ignore das kapital. read this instead GOOOOO. WE BACK BB @storiraven das kapital. i did it. it was a solid couple paragraphs tbhdo it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it d…’s 1am on a tuesday night and there’s loud music and someone throwing up outside at the apartment below my window…
@not___connor lmao. false but i appreciate the hype @not___connor thanks for the contentyou all really gotta work on the fleeting amount of jokes you got statics hw and vibin. nice acquired serotonin: high vibe check: maybe want some green teaaaaaai hope you all enjoy the dumb shit i post on my storyLETS GOOOOOOOO fawn blaring faded blue unfertilised brownish red
Retweeted by tommy vop :)
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @not___connor no :(
been spending way too much time on it lately
Retweeted by tommy vop :)vt really out here charging me FULL price to learn engineering through a worse version of khan academy and instead… am spreading the chaos through the apartment hehe anyone made this yet
Retweeted by tommy vop :)45 is here!
Retweeted by tommy vop :)I came back from Kroger opening the door saying “sup bitches” to my roommates at the dining table. Unbeknownst to m…
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @ayegsandbacon good. im still gonna lay in bed all day thothe caps changed their logo and idk how i feel about it... i will be laying in bed all day as a result, that is the reason why.
been seeing something in roadsigns lately
Retweeted by tommy vop :)i take pride in the weird noises i make... that is all🍃
Retweeted by tommy vop :)I ain’t never seen a goat lag 😂😂😂
Retweeted by tommy vop :)ten sandy cacophonous sky blue vested warm pink
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @asap_locky 5am really is peak engineering hours. my brain really do be going brrrrr. but also i am tired so goodni… @asap_locky lol, thanks dawg!! i’m pretty much just applying forces to a design and seeing if and where it would br… hey. check out this FEA project i’m doing instead of sleeping i am again. walking the thin line between late night and early morning twitter for the second day in a row...what's the point of having a CC option for a semester half in a pandemic but not one entirely during a pandemic I still don't get it
Retweeted by tommy vop :)it's nice to drink wine until you are happy
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @VChafian well “baddie” was already in caps bc it was being emphasized so i couldn’t un-emphasize it and i wanted t… @VChafian *MY BADDIE @chipnanimus lmao, this is true. but yee dawg do itSome shots from Oregon. Early 2020.
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @chipnanimus get a clear phone case and put them between the case and the back of ur phone, don’t actually stick them tho
Retweeted by tommy vop :)u left ur charger here...
The garden flowers sinking in mid November mist.
Retweeted by tommy vop :)waiting until the night before to do my homework @ChaseSabadaba she cutethe amount of serotonin this brings me
Retweeted by tommy vop :)just got the call... pour one up for duke today🕊
Retweeted by tommy vop :)idk if this is late night or early morning twitter... but i am here Faroes
Retweeted by tommy vop :)
I made a playlist that I think is pretty neat. Y’all should check it out.
Retweeted by tommy vop :) @storiraven we already have. and we’ll do it again