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Thomas A Rice @ThomasARice2 St. Petersburg, Florida USA

Born around the New York City area. Joined the US Navy and Honorably discharged went into sales. Married with 3 children and one grandchild. Living in Florida

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Joined Twitter 11/9/20

@__junkym__ @hinato_125 Oh, trust me! That isn’t happening !!!🤣😂😁 @hirujob_tsubo This is what a good father does for his son . He gives him guidance. You are a great dad!👍 @meisoushufu @monmonmonbran It’s funny… when her son was 16 he most likely thought his mom was dumb as a box of roc… @monmonmonbran Congratulations mom!!! Nice job!! Where did the time go? I find it most unsettling to be as old as o… @__junkym__ @hinato_125 How is this possible!!!! I am still waiting for all the White Day cards that I have been ex… @k_tamajii I do too! @k_tamajii @monmonmonbran 😁 @__junkym__ @tabibito62 @amina_spm I don’t know… you guys look pretty shifty… I think I have seen you on wanted pos… @hirujob_shiho I know you will! I think the work you do is very honorable and noble! Helping women to better themse…
@__junkym__ @tabibito62 @amina_spm You guys look like vampires!!! I think I am glad I am here and not there!!!😱🤯😳🫣 @ripuca_yuho Well, being there by yourself you should have no problem moving freely! Looks like you have the whole place to yourself!!🤣😂😁 @monmonmonbran @k_tamajii Maybe it’s jus like his wife said and he has nothing to worry about…. Be positive! 😁 @k_tamajii Now try not to jump to conclusions! Sometimes it best not to dig into this kind of stuff if you don’t re… @monmonmonbran So, who’s first birthday was it?🤔 @ripuca_yuho Not you too!🤯😱You’re the third person from Japan who I know who has a cold! Please rest! Drink plenty… @__junkym__ Stupid yard work will help too!😖 @__junkym__ I will definitely do what you say… well, maybe!It’s not that difficult to take a walk for 20 minutes! I… @__junkym__ I definitely try but it’s the things you don’t expect that throw it out! It’s not lifting something hea… @__junkym__ Do you know my wife! She was a nurse and I hear this all the time! 🤣I am trying to loss weight but it i… @shinotherapy See ya! 😁 @__junkym__ It’s a total mess! This weekend I will make it back into a park like atmosphere again🤣😂😁 @__junkym__ You just don’t know!!!😖I hate yard work! Can’t stand it! I have met it go for a few weeks. I planted iv… @__junkym__ Get out! I will need to set up an appointment with you! I have arthritis and scoliosis in my back . I… @__junkym__ Her is a picture from my front yard. Now that I am out of my chair, it might not be as bright as I thou… @__junkym__ It’s a bright beautiful sunny Florida day here! It’s night now for you! I don’t think I will ever be a… @Kafka_0666 Yes, I think this is true. We don’t have the confidence to step out of the box. Mainly because when we… @kotohogi2424 I don’t blame you for one minute! After a cold winter, it’s nice to see the signs that warmer weather is on it’s way!😄 @__junkym__ Oh, I can understand that!The high winds can blow all the blooms of the trees and then ruin everything!… @sawa1110 It truly was a wonderful picture! I am very grateful you put it on Twitter! 😁 @Akiyo_mamacamp @monmonmonbran Oh no!!!😱quick! Get some medicine to stop it! If you don’t, you’ll have a sore nose soon!🤯 @monmonmonbran I looked him up. He was an extremely successful comedian. I have seen people, here on tweeter, use h… @sawa1110 @Kafka_0666 Now don’t tell Mr Tsubo this but I have never played darts 🎯 before in my entire life!🤣 I nev… @shinotherapy …. Ok… I lied 🤥… you really do have spectacularly beautiful legs!!! I mean out of this world beautifu… @shinotherapy I don’t know if Ramen is available here? We don’t have many Japanese restaurants around me. Tons of C… @dg_meketee Good luck on your exams! Sounds like tough stuff to learn! It’s good to put it aside for a while…. Why… @shinotherapy Oh… I hadn’t noticed… 🤣 @sawa1110 How wonderful! Just spectacular! We in Florida are missing out on such beauty!😁 @shinotherapy I have had the drink with the round ball in it…. That has the same name doesn’t it?🤣 @k_tamajii Hope you are doing well my friend!😁 @shinotherapy Those sure look like beautiful… shoes…. Very lovely…🤣😂😁 @hirujob_tsubo Yes, I have noticed a huge cloud from the east coming here at sunrise every morning ! It smells like… @sawa1110 @Kafka_0666 @manabu_2020 You might have better luck if you say” Heads I win, tails you lose!”🤣😂😁 @Kafka_0666 @sawa1110 Not me!!! He better get out there and work his butt off! Especially now that he won that newd… @Kafka_0666 @manabu_2020 Oh, you know he is!! He’s world renowned!!! Well… kind of…. One person in USA knows about… @Kafka_0666 It is much easier to complain “I can’t do this!” Instead of getting off our dead ass and at least try!!🤣 @shinotherapy I’m not sure I would enjoy this as much as you! This could be the reason I might run away!!!🤣😂😁 @hirujob_tsubo @sawa1110 @moto___h @YUMEOKU_CEO_NY @kikuchiceo Ok!! Your on!! Why I am the league champion dart thr… @hirujob_tsubo Nice! My kids enjoyed watching curious George when they were children too. I have forgotten… could y… @hirujob_shiho Sure looks like a very warm coat!😁 @hirujob_shiho You not only “look good “ at Disney! You look good, period! You are very lovely! You want to help ot… @k_tamajii It really does look good! I’m really not to worried about what you will eat tomorrow…. You always think of something!🤣😂 @kotohogi2424 We are often so busy! We don’t have time to stop! “I will be late if I stop!” Or” I will lose money i… @shinotherapy I will try not to run away! You are such a nice person! Why would I even think about running away!🤣😂😁 @monmonmonbran I am sorry. I am not familiar with this person. I will have to see if I can look them up. I hope you… @__junkym__ We really could use some rain here right now. A cold front is coming today but it will only drop the te… @hirujob_tsubo Very nice! Did his dad buy him curious George?🤔 @Kafka_0666 I will be happy to do so with such a wonderful friend to go with me!😁 @Kafka_0666 @FaUFAWiXYjNOlVh It is so strange to say “Good Morning “when it’s 8:50 pm here!🤣😂😁( 20:50)!!!! @Kafka_0666 Yes! I think so too! Retirement is a death sentence! I will never voluntarily retire!!😁
@shinotherapy Good morning! The sun is setting here now! But for you a spectacular day is about to start!! How wond… @monmonmonbran That’s strange…🤔 @asunapyon02 No! It’s ok under the circumstances! It’s completely understandable! Are you back home or still in the… @iku_kosei449 As you are sleeping, the package is on its way! It will be seeing you in two weeks!🤣😂😁 @hirujob_tsubo Now, it’s good afternoon here! Over there it’s “sweet dreams!” Good night 💤😴🌙 @ripuca_yuho You must also want to gain a few pounds too!!!Maybe you say kilograms instead of pounds??? @hirujob_tsubo That’s wonderful! When my kids were young we would go see R rated movies back in the 1980’s! Then m… @hirujob_tsubo @DONMAI86677110 Boy, I can sure relate to that!!!😩😖😭 @monmonmonbran Learn something new!😁 @shinotherapy Good night!🤣😂😁 @hirujob_shiho LOL! 🤣all kidding aside, they really are a wonderful bunch of people to work with! You should fit in… @C39rin61823Ty @hirujob_tsubo @hirujob_shiho Oh wait!!! Now I understand why you said “ let’s now speak Korean!”🤣😂😁… @58mac0 Thank you so much for following me! I hope I don’t disappoint you!🤣 You are a funeral director? I once had… @hirujob_shiho Now don’t you worry! You are working with a great bunch of people! They will definitely help you! As… @hirujob_shiho @C39rin61823Ty @hirujob_tsubo No…I was lying! I wasn’t bowing at all… I never left my chair… How do… @hirujob_shiho @C39rin61823Ty @hirujob_tsubo Wait!!! You now work for Mr Tsubo!!?? That’s fantastic! And you actual… @hirujob_shiho @C39rin61823Ty @hirujob_tsubo There is an old joke, If you know 3 languages, you’re trilingual. If y… @hirujob_shiho @C39rin61823Ty @hirujob_tsubo I thought Japanese was hard to learn! Korean looks even worse!🤣I have… @hirujob_shiho @C39rin61823Ty @hirujob_tsubo Your English is wonderful! What a pleasure to meet you! I am from the… @C39rin61823Ty You did say” let’s speak Korean.” I thought that you knew how to speak Korean!🤣😂😁 @Kafka_0666 Yes, it helps if you can visualize yourself working on the problem. You watch yourself solving it. Then… @C39rin61823Ty @58mac0 The biggest problem that I have on Japanese twitter is my words can be changed by a translat… @58mac0 @C39rin61823Ty “Words can be a blanket or knives.” I like that very much! Yes, I like how you put that. It’… @C39rin61823Ty @hirujob_tsubo @hirujob_shiho It would be much better for me if you spoke English instead of Korean!… @iku_kosei449 There are times that we are depressed and things are not going right. We don’t want to smile. But if… @iku_kosei449 You know… this morning I was looking at the “old you” again. I really love the pictures! I have alway… @shinotherapy So, how is the weather today? Maybe a little warmer? Of course being a Monday might have been a fact… @tseoacccher @hirujob_tsubo He must have something going for him… he just married the most beautiful woman! I think… @taka_seiwa Yes, I am a morning person too! I’m ready to have fun when I wake up! Some people are not morning peopl… @monmonmonbran I am very pleased to hear this! I dislike colds! I hate sore throat’s even more… I guess everyone do… @Kafka_0666 LOL 😂!!! I think you ment to say infamous!!!🤣😂😁 @iku_kosei449 Yes! Please smile when a picture is taken of you! You have a beautiful smile! I like it very much! Sm… @taka_seiwa LOL🤣! Just try and not let others tell you what to do! Live your life how you see fit and enjoy yoursel… @shinotherapy It was warm and muggy today. More of the same tomorrow. I’ve had my air conditioner in my car running…
@Kafka_0666 I think everyone has had about enough of my voice in Japan!!!🤣😂😁 @taka_seiwa Don’t be! You will be ok! If you do catch it, it’s not going to be the end!!You will be sick but you w… @monmonmonbran Don’t fear not wearing the mask! They are totally worthless! They don’t work! You’ll be ok! Live you… @monmonmonbran Take cough medicine and also medicine to stop a runny nose! 😁😍 @iku_kosei449 Something will be coming to you that I hope will make you laugh out loud!! Well I think it should at… @iku_kosei449 Is this you!! ?? You have a wonderful smile! You should make more of them! @shinotherapy Good morning! I think this poor guy needs an aspirin!😳🫣🤢