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The application for the 2022 Class of @NewAmerica National Fellows is open until February 1st! Apply now if you’re…
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @sarahgrcev Definitely not healthy! @CyrusTheEIder Wow @ijbailey it's a joke"The more Americans learn to tolerate difference the less they are able to tolerate indifference. But it is precise… @the_happyproton @readliberties his essay is very well done. by indifference he doesn't mean don't care. he means b… @the_happyproton @readliberties i agree––become more indifferent but not apathetic @HaMeturgeman that's a good point, but what do you think is the main reason? it's not poverty. @bungarsargon really scary on a certain level. are we doomed to these sisyphean debates? @bungarsargon I'm reading his daughter right now! These conversations have been going on for so long!I implicate myself here, of course, Trump became too much a part of my life. Am increasingly influenced by Mark Lil… identity, self-expression and one’s "personal narrative" become the basis for the collective politics/morality… @Bradninchfellow precisely @jfosterross i intend toThey both make a valid point about one half of the problem: We should take politics seriously and organize, but we… would stream this YouTube channel all day.
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@YvonneRosselin @EricWollberg thank you! @jpsaverino @JackMillerCtr @ASU_SCETL Thank you! @doppioshawn @ASU_SCETL thank you so much for attending!The jokes have been good today wife and I were greatly honored and moved to attend this inauguration, a victory for democracy, and to hear the…
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain’t his whole day.
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @huskyjayhawk @Harpers Thank you so much @tomphilpott @JoinPersuasion @Quillette @Yascha_Mounk Hardly @tomphilpott @JoinPersuasion @Quillette @Yascha_Mounk don't tag me in nonsense like thisObama stays suntannedUnderrated benefit of Biden is that you cannot, hard as you try, make a cult of him
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧Feeling overwhelming gratitude for the adults in the room...
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧“If it was not clear already, one stinging lesson from 2020 is that our countrymen are not buying what the online a…
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @BrianOFahey1 oh, man @Shteyngart, i nominate you!Who is going to be able to step forth and write fiction about all of that?Today at 2 PM EST, @thomaschattwill will offer a critical reflection on ‘race and identity’ for @ASU_SCETL's…
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @SundPamela the entirety of his being in that office was toxicWe made it a sentence to type @koleegjis 😂Kodak Black: 1 Julian Assange: 0 @lemusadavid Haha, exactly!And what about Bobby Shmurda?
Two sides of the same tragic coin: one exaggerates sameness, the other obsesses over difference. What Albert Murray… the Transitive Property of Whatever, the Harpers Letter signatories - Noam Chomsky, Salman Rushdie, etc. - are e…
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @jcapital54 Sure does @shermham Feel free to expand @thomaschattwill @davidklion doesn't do nuance, let alone close reading
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧I know the point here is to be dishonest, but the obvious answer is that the thing distinguishing the two is the ex… @moultano @Harpers She’s not quite arguing about who has had rights, though. She’s making an argument that certain… @StrangelEdweird i feel like we are there now! filed it a month ago, but my new column in the latest issue of @Harpers turns out to be a long response to the ki… @jasonintrator @JohnHMcWhorter @CathyYoung63 @ArcDigi have to disagree. the other piece is elegantly written, but i… @JohnHMcWhorter @CathyYoung63 @ArcDigi really nice corrective to the other piece, @CathyYoung63One must make distinctions, as Cathy always does. Is cancel culture just good old enforcement of norms all agree up…
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @TheDjOfChoice Oh, is that what he said? Must be true then.To be clear, these troops, indirectly, really are *forcing* Trump to leave. He was clearly hellbent on staying to t… Obama How Trump handed over was forced the keys… @OldKanart ??This is not a proud image. This is a document of American decline. of the fastest ways to learn whether your group is a Cult is to ask a friend who is not in the group.
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @EcclesiastesSun @samuelmoyn No worries! @EcclesiastesSun @samuelmoyn I wasn’t actually part of that groupmy hunch is that Mr. Trump might not receive his security deposit back in full
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @chrisgrigsby it's beautiful, but i don't see a single bookThis is a dream house’s a great 🇺🇸 tradition
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @stinson Damn!After 1460 long days, today is the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency. @LostNCheeseland it doesn't spread during the daytime
@kevinholtsberry Hey, thank you so much for this @yaffaesque but you could imagine the trump era created a context for some people to be a bit braver than even mitt… @nicolebrianne @lhgraeff @afessasanoy do you think russia will give navalny a fair trial? @lhgraeff @afessasanoy if he came home, we could start to discussThere used to be. On MLK Day, it's a relevant question. I don't think there is one today. @afessasanoy not even close!Is there a single American in public life with the courage of Alexey Navalny? @RudelyStamped Hadn’t seen this! @wesyang gotta hit those pull muscles, too!By this precise measure, we can say with absolute certainty that you and your boss and the entire administration fa… should specify: it's not disagreement that is a problem. Civil disagreement is welcome and necessary. I'm talking… @LexRadix oh, totally, it's the complaining about your posting that is bizarre. civil disagreement is fine. @damintoell 😂A real but strange type on Twitter: the righteous and exercised person who follows and always interacts with your p… @HypeVaughan @jarretcrawford genuinely confused: you follow me. that's a choice. i invite you to unfollow. will blo… @HypeVaughan @jarretcrawford The point is insightful and can be understood within historical context and reinterpre… speaking of MLK today, this is my favorite photo of him: #livestream @ifru_london 28 Jan - 7.10pm Is #FreeSpeech still a right? #LionelShriver
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧“If we are not careful, our colleges will produce … close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists” —Martin Luther King, Jr.Surprised how much pushback there is here. Bottom line is, if you have to have 25,000 troops stationed in the natio… think we've got to at least put an asterisk next to it
@kunktation 🙏🏽 @MichaelDavSmith UnrealFor this week’s newsletter, @kuokuomich and I interviewed @sebastianveghk, who brought us up to speed on the arrest…
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧The president's entourage are selling promises to pardon. Of course.
Retweeted by Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 @gregthomas22 I’d love to read that, man @DanJBray 🙏🏽