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Author, speaker, scholar on higher-ed quality. Going Alt-Ac | UDL | Copyright Ninja | Evaluating Online Teaching. Get books/book me: he/him/his

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@tressiemcphd @hallmarkchannel LOL: Here is one data point for "no, never" in your quest to understand @hallmarkchannel fiction tropes.I don’t have an angel and devil on my shoulders, I just have a voice in my head that says “oo that would be fun :)”…
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@jjjohnson01 Thanks for letting me know this was a useful read!#QMIDAChat A5: My designers and I read @ThomasJTobin's book "Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone" Very good information…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinHey, #HigherEd friends. Your #Friday moment of #curiosity is a question: What's ONE thing that you do in order to g…
@TheTattooedProf I could totally represent socialism against such foes. thanks to my top new tweeps this week, @Joanna_Ray11 and @FiRawle! exciting! #UntilLearningHasNoLimits
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinI am honored to be on this list, and in such splendid company, too!
@elizabeth_joh @hypervisible Dear god, part of @watchdogsgame just jumped over IRL. Remote control of vehicles thro… @DerekKrissoff A bunch of sheep and one stubborn ass to keep them in line? @wishcrys All the Nopes. Sending support and respect your way!It's the end of fall semester, and I've been thinking some more about grading:
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @Flowerdarby Your session is also awesome: this event is shaping up to be a real "use it tomorrow" series of experiences for participants!I'll be doing an invited workshop on "UDL Design Hacks For Online Courses and Programs," and have you SEEN the spea… @vijisathy Ooh, DM me or email me: I was invited to talk at @UninorteCO two years back. Baranquilla was marvelous,… final spirit has spoken: Heed well these warnings, and resolve to take action for the…
Most powerful words we have: "further consideration." I change my mind a LOT, based on evidence, argument, and thou…, yeah! #DidYouKnow that we're more than just the conference? We do just-in-time professional development for all… @Katie__Linder Awesome you can officially share this. Say hi to Karen Pedersen when you get there, too. @GretchenAMcC @riverheadbooks Daaaamn! I just read it, and you are totes deserving of an edition of one. Well done. directly from a student, how to kill a dream. "It would pain me to give you less than an A" as the prof STILL… I think your title for tonight's chat is excellent. 1 of the main issues with rolling out UDL in schools…
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @OnlineCrsLady @SusanDebraBlum @tinebeest @CathyNDavidson @aydub78 @Jessifer You rang? Open sesame! @DrSRCrawford Mine was the very first one I ever received for work in distance-ed; glad to have a weird connection! @DrSRCrawford Now I know that we are connected. Spooooooky.
Webster and Selkie wish you all a peaceful week. @FiRawle Our cog-psych colleague @MDMillerPHD wonders, too.! Yeah, this is just genius, and worth the read for "L" alone. @leaton01 Hey, good to know, Lance! I'm also a VO guy, but on the radio-and-TV-commercial side of things, so I am…'m looking for an audio-book publisher for some of my own books, and this article on the tricks of the trade is at… @tjoosten The imp in me now wants to find literature to support this assertion. @dgooblar LOL--That is the Portage Park, neighborhood, and there's Milwaukee Avenue, and there's our house from 15… am very glad that this resonated with you today—I try always to be a radical simplifier and find themes to connec… @Teachforaliving I am very glad that this resonated with you today—I try always to be a radical simplifier and find… @GeekyPedagogy @biblioracle @LangOnCourse Typos are Twitter's way of showing that you're not a bot. @DrSRCrawford Thank you, O Great One!
Here are some songs with the same tempo as my 9:25/mile running pace: Eagles: One of These Nights… #NittanyValleyHalfMarathon was very special. Distance: 13.1 miles. Outside temp: 27°. Time: 2:03:32. Racing ag… questions do we ask when we see neuroscience presented in a conference talk? What should we be asking? New pos…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinDown with "decorative neuroscience," at learning and business conferences, up with thoughtful, evidence-based trans…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinI am ready for the #NittanyValleyHalfMarathon. #GoOxGo #BringIt! to the Matrix.
@TheTattooedProf I confess I stan Team Megatron, and have for some time, now. @biblioracle @CyndiKernahan @WVUPRESS Yes, as noted in your #giftguide, the entire @WVUPRESS series is ☆☆☆☆. Findin…
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @MDMillerPHD @NAU Good wishes for what comes next!
"The series, overseen by @LangOnCourse . . . is (as the kids used to say, but probably don’t anymore) killing it."…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinNo matter how many books I write, I adore the feeling of holding the print copies in my hand for the first time.
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @biblioracle Heck, I'm still waiting for season 2 of Taboo. to get the #scholar, #academic, or #nerd in your life (or yourself) for the holidays? @Biblioracle recommends… @LillianNave @dararyder @ProfessorDannyS @AllisonAposey @Jen_Pusateri @AdriaBatt @InnospireEdu @Dave4EdTech
T-minus three days until I get to run the #NittanyValleyHalfMarathon in 32° weather and get more comfortable in my… the most honest, respectful conversation with students today of my entire career. Bottom line: I care about cha…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinThanks to @staceymargarita @HFedesco and the @vandycft team for organizing such a fun book launch party for…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinI am grateful that our @WVUPress #ReachTeach book is a useful resource for others' #UDL advocacy. This post made m… @AnnGagne @BooksYarnLogic Merci beaucoup! I am glad the book is a useful resource for you in your work and advocac… @Ronbrogers @ThomasJTobin book Reach Everyone Teach Everyone is a fav of mine. And second the @ThinkUDL shout - great alternative way in.
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinSpecial thanks to my top new tweeps this week, @LeaderNonprofit and @AnthonySilard.
TTTRRRUUUTTTHHH!!!, @BenDevane, @JD_Dillon, and @betsy_: back on Nov 12, we invited you to come speak at the @UWDEPD #UWdtl confer… you @rayschroeder for sharing your insight & expertise with the higher education community! We're very excite…
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @dynarski Only missed 2 invited talks ever: 1. Upper Peninsula Michigan event Jan 10. Flights all canceled day-of:… @dynarski D'oh. @KevinKelly0 @TrainingIndustr @StylusPub @Katie__Linder Ta-dah! @GeekyPedagogy @MDMillerPHD @WVUPRESS @LangOnCourse LOL: I was talking about my bad dad jokes as emcee, but if you… @GeekyPedagogy @MDMillerPHD @WVUPRESS @LangOnCourse Yeah, but the entertainment could use some help next time. ;)I am proud to be part of the Teaching & learning series with @WVUPress. Here's to many more awesome books!
@britz It's one of the central focus areas for our distance teaching & learning conference every year, where we bri… love it when one rock star author fanposts another one. If you haven't read Tufekci's #TwitterAndTearGas or Cotto… @britz Access. What are we doing in L&D to broaden our interactions for the widest possible audience of learners? T… articles like today's @insidehighered piece are lighting the way for the #AltAc crowd! @Katie__Linder,…
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@e_alqurashi @saudiinusa This is an awesome set of tips--great to share!"We're learning from and with each other - and that's what I like to call a learning community." @derekbruff on…
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @echoechoR What is this "winter break" that you speak of?On this first day back to work after #Thanksgiving, I am #grateful for my @WVUPress #squad ... and this isn't even… out the featured article in our December 1st #HigherEdConnects newsletter by @ThomasJTobin. Keep a look out f…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinIf you liked the @TrainingIndustr article re: non-linear career advancement, then you'll love our @StylusPub book,…
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @katinalynn @DukePress This will be a fine pairing with _Going Alt-Ac_. So glad to see your book become a real thi… my book has a page on the @DukePress site, this is getting real !!!
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @joshua_r_eyler Aha! @joshua_r_eyler Merci beaucoup! @joshua_r_eyler Hey, Josh--who is your audiobook publisher, by the way? Any chance it was Margy & Lawrence Bauman o… 69 is out! We're honored to have @vijisathy and @DrMrsKellyHogan discuss the intersection of inclusive teac…
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @ThomasJTobin @courosa I did radio way back too. What I learned that has come with me is you are not broadcasting t…
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Hey, #HigherEd leaders: my #HigherEdConnects article, "Secret Boss Training: How to Observe and Assess Teaching in… @courosa Indeed. That underscores the value of "doing one's homework" about any new audience and creating personas… @courosa You know, thinking about why I <3 online presentations and don't often feel that disconnection: I did radi…, thread. @biblioracle @insidehighered Any more, I see my role as a researcher, theorist, and author not as a trainer, but as… the cool kids are pre-ordering @TheTattooedProf 's Radical Hope:
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@timethief420 @tressiemcphd Really? Decaf is an option. @kipaimara @tressiemcphd +1 to Tabetha's idea of a monastery, esp a Buddhist one. Quiet, contemplation, solitude. H… @Jessifer And centers need to not be treated as 'remedial' places for those with poor evals, but places that CREATE…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinAnd there are many of us who *chose* #altac as our career. It has been my plan A since I interned at a T&L center i…
Retweeted by Thomas J. Tobin @ThomasJTobin @Katie__Linder @KevinKelly0 @StylusPub Really looking forward to the book!
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Many faculty members who are hired to teach, have never been trained on how to teach nor they know how people learn…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinHere is a great capsule argument for why @Katie__Linder, @KevinKelly0, and I wrote #GoingAltAc from @StylusPub. Tho… did four online presentations today - and they're hard. They're so much harder than just being there with the peo…
Retweeted by Thomas J. TobinSpecial thanks to my top new tweeps this week, @QMProgram and @MarciaMentor! @TheTattooedProf That was indeed uninspired play calling. Also, Let's Go, Buffalo! #BillsMafia