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thom @thomelette East Lansing, MI

• he/him • MSU • Peach King • Pokémon Master • Formerly TDT/Crisis •

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@K_Jez1 No it was after the double ness fsmash @YaBoiColm Need to hit stuff like this every game thoI do not care about being PR I just want to be good enough to hit cool shit against ppl I’m better than and if that… @YaBoiColm Peach even or winning PT gets fucked @RussellCJ36 No order here btw @RussellCJ36 Songs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder Life - KNOWER Modal Soul - Nujabes Rockin’ the Suburbs - Ben…
Pokémon mystery dungeon is peak comfort mediaThinking about how I have simply regressed in every aspect of my life in the past 6 months wooooo @keithofsaturn Like 3 weeks? I just want to be done with some of these projects lol @keithofsaturn Been impossible to focus on school recently and I’m falling behind in my other goals as well so I’m just very stuck. @keithofsaturn Mid
@TruesClues mr. halo @TruesClues :)“” which character you might ask? I do not know65th @KoolOriBro @podgy713 @K_Jez1 @StevensWhitford haters will say it’s fake @K_Jez1 Falco is not bad because of shield, he’s bad because he’s slow and can’t threaten space. Also you can’t DI things from falco lolFeelin sad80 in MI sponsors hmu need a resetCan’t believe we let them kill PM @vintagedream14 Juck Fuggleguy @K_Jez1 You failed to consider that I am very cool and was predestined to take 6 stocks @EthanNeff3 I like Ludwig too but coney legit has me on the floor sometimesConey is the funniest streamer
@Tohjo_ Only a few more weeks...Just trying to survive the semester at this pointhlello ?????
Retweeted by thomPeach’s neutral b but instead of pulling out toad and having him do whatever he does she pulls out Squirtle and he… @ahmadultimate Bullet seed is a bad enough move that when I hit someone with it I laugh @ahmadultimate It’s funny thoHopefully getting back into the groove of things starting tomorrow. Gonna get some long needed rest and then hopefu… blows my mind every time I see him play
A trap remix of GnW and Sonic noises entitled “Game 5 Reset Type Beat” @FrauditSsb Literally any time you have questions lmk @ddee_ssbu @FrauditSsb I do not agree with your Squirtle assessment. @FrauditSsb Also please learn a better character :(Peach: Best is fair, or turnip if that counts Worst is dsmash :( Fav is uptilt @FrauditSsb I think a lot of it comes down to turnip use fwiw. Most peaches don’t push that aspect of the char enough @FrauditSsb I think peach wins tbhGonna take the week off of smash until next week’s crew battlesI shouldn’t have played today lmao @przzyfied @FluxPlatinum @QuarkBird Needed a W @FluxPlatinum @QuarkBird I had 5 minutes to do this and I have not slept in 26 hours please let me liveI wish I could sleep but I have lan to run/hw to do @J3_SSB Pokémon Grandmaster @J3_SSB Pokémon is harder than chess because there are more pieces @Drewish_SSB Why is Kirby like that @PrettyObvious7 You’re onto somethingBack on the piano grind starting tomorrow Also haven’t been focused on improving my health as much and I want to…émon is like chess but there are 900 pieces and they are animals and it is not like chessThis is so true
Retweeted by thomgotta get my average up hard s4 apologists need therapyYo fr? @DaymanAAA Young Link breaks the rules in ways no other character does. @DaymanAAA My hatred for Hero surpasses Young Link. But why is young link allowed to be like he is.Young Link*’t believe I play a competitive game with hero in it
Why is this such a Palu bracket I wanted to play peach @keithofsaturn Zard goes crazy at ledge @SlamSHADYSSB Unfortunate6 stocks but I’m still cool4-2, still tied for first 🥰 Took 7 stocks in the 2nd crew battleahh yes it has been about 10 weeks time to pick up diddy kong again.
Retweeted by thom @FluxPlatinum Yes :( @HjartaStudios !bracket
Zain is way too good dude lolPissed I am bad at the game realized rob is our mascot. Unfortunate. @claykay47 @Daybreak502 Oh no I agree with that being incredibly wrong, all I think is that if we all bully him rel… @claykay47 Is not****** @claykay47 I think there are better ways to go about it. Obviously we should teach him that saying that kinda stuff… @Daybreak502 14 year old player from the UP claimed we should ban Hjarta for playing too campy and that it is dange… on a kid (for a legitimately absurd opinion) is fun and all but this kid left Twitter for similar reasons… can kinda be said for smash, but I think I’d still want to pick up smash at an age where I could handle a lot… kinda wish I never had social media @BuyMeALamp @QuarkBird Ness has nowhere to go but down and Lucas has nowhere to go but up.I don’t care what you say queens gambit is simply a sports anime portrayed in live actionFinished queens gambit somebody recommend another sports anime for me to watch @QuarkBird Lucas isn’t worse than ness that’s propaganda#FreeMelee
wondering how they knew which palu alt i use’m in a weird headspace. Gonna take a day or 2 away from Twitter for a while.I need silksong to stop me from going manic @Bluedanes111 @Regralht Palu. I don’t care that l lost, I simply did not enjoy that @dontsaveme101 I was just messing around today. The MU does suck but that doesn’t mean I can’t not enjoy when I am… @dontsaveme101 I didn’t say I deserved to win I just said it wasn’t fun? @Regralht He also comains minmin so I really just think he doesn’t enjoy this game for good reasons @Regralht Toon Link player legit just ran to the other side and threw things at me. He’d use TL’s dash attack after… entered this tournament to fuck around and have fun and this set ruined it lolJust played the lamest set of smash bros I have ever participated inMade up for it by killing a gnw off of Ike nair at like 45Just lost a tournament set to Marth side b at like 40%
Twitter is so fucking dumb lol @podgy713 @Dylster_X @Ketchup_Yoshi I want to be clear that I don’t think raising a dog is easy, or “just filling a… @podgy713 @Dylster_X @Ketchup_Yoshi Aight you’ve topped it this is now the funniest thing I’ve seen on this app1 Health Upgrade/No Rocket Launcher makes this shit super slow or you just die.