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A voluntary victim who ruins herself throughout eternity, the better to insult God. "One of the foremost contemporary horror cartoonists." —@PublishersWkly

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@badtimebuddies "Hey. It's me. Your dry skin. And I'm craving something you need—" 11yo: "YOU DON'T EXIST!"wandering evil cunnilingus monks of Satan
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @boneysoups Breath of the Wild honestly
@CarrotEater1234 @DominoComics @bkny @ScreenSlate @lizzhickey @snakesandrews @jonvermilyea @weepinggold @rachsyme I want a sexy neroli scent that is appropriate for winter, pleaseUrban legend: all the hearts in the world are sinking because the architect failed to account for the weight of the Internet
Retweeted by Julia GfrörerMe just trying to find the strength to look at the internet day after day
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @lizzhickey @bkny @DominoComics @snakesandrews @jonvermilyea @weepinggold @NicholasGazin It is!I got emotional remembering a museum show I liked
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @slicklikeagato purple roses!Learn to process and unpick your revulsion until you understand why you feel it. People you couldn't stand to look…
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@scumbelievable This always happens and it's so embarrassing @ScholarOfDecay BoooZine discord is now on Disboard, go bump it, go join it, go tell your friends, go ask Alice @TwitterSupport what’s going on with this? @hauntedculture'm committed to the "finding out" part of "fucking around" in 2021
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a company could just say "ay, wanna redesign our burger wrappers" don't bring Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Junior into the shit
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @WhereDidJennyGo Hell yeah you areMe on Twitter vs. Me on Discord's the name for reply guys who instead of sucking up they keep trying to start fights and then cry when they get themA thought exercise for all gainsaying reply guys @magencubed If I hadn't spent like an hour last night on discord yelling about why we can't memory-hole art by crim… @leslieleeiii I wish 😔IT'S SNOWINNNNNNNG @vjrmedina I’m told being a gangster feels goodO O @poroussalinegod "You know, some people try to pick up girls and get called assholes..." 11yo: "Sephiroth KILLS girls and he s… "I'm done with my homework. Now it's time for me to draw creepy stuff, like my greatest inspiration, Picasso!…
@senor_martinez1 @donhertzfeldt And just like that you got yourself muted @frenchbulldong @urzapolariz @Daphne_Lage You're a nicer person than me. 😔 @urzapolariz @Daphne_Lage Just admit you don't know what an ethicist is @jettyjettt @King_ak1ra No. @scumbelievable @urzapolariz @Daphne_Lage A lot of philosophers suck but it's honestly never occurred to me to just say they aren't real @urzapolariz @Daphne_Lage Literally what the fuck are you saying right nowWhen you say reading something upsetting is like getting punched in the face, what I hear is that you've never been punched in the face @aphoebebarton @scumbelievable @poppy_haze @EffInvictus You really need to get a fucking grip. @billieblssm @urzapolariz @Daphne_Lage I suggest ethicists! @girlsgutsgiallo I see what you're saying but Frollo could get it imhoThis thread expliquer un dessin c'est le début de la fin
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @3liza Not yet—most of the people on there are strangers to me, idk who to trust 😔I really don't have the patience for this as it turns outJust had our first member flounce bc we used "zines" to mean something other than art anthologies. The server is go… your divorce dresses please and thank you!
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Evening bump! This is turning out to be a really nice server tbh @MKupperman's not the job of art to be morally instructive god dammitI reject absolutely the notion that transgressive behavior must only be depicted with a morally instructive purpose…
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörerstealing stuff and embarrassing the police is the best genre across each and every medium; this is not up for discu…
Retweeted by Julia GfrörerFor everyone who wondered how a zine can help you make friends, good news! There is now a discord server for zines.… @WhereDidJennyGo Who gets to fuck the rooster?One minute it’s “we want to fuck the fox” and the next it’s “stop romanticizing criminals” like ok you have to pick oneStop acting like you never heard of Robin Hood. @Patricipacion Can’t believe ppl are glorifying robbing a bank or whateverWe live in a vastly unequal society where most of us hold very little power. Of course we find crime romantic. OF COURSE we do.High self-assessment of interpersonal sensitivity correlates with underperformance and mutual dissatisfaction
Retweeted by Julia GfrörerI love to puke up a few inflammatory tweets, attract a handful of new followers, and then fall blissfully asleep ha…“Stop romanticizing immorality” is truly the “somebody put shit in my pants” of takesThe perennial “Scorsese romanticizes crime” takes are nothing more or less than the stoned guy from the Onion artic… is both flattering and infuriating as an artist to be told that I tricked a reader into seeing something evil as…’s truthful to say you don’t like a work of art because of the way it made you feel. It is disingenuous to blame… are at best the monkey describing the path of the rampaging tiger it sits backwards atop. Reading the mind… if we could see with perfect clarity into each other’s minds, intents cannot be judged. Intents don’t exist.People are terrible at judging the intent of others. We are trapped in our own heads, each behind the distorting ir… theory that it’s all right to depict immoral acts if you have the correct intent is bogusᶜʰᵉᵃᵐ ᶜʳᵉᵉᵐˢ
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer38yo: Every other voicemail I get is from your school saying another staff member has Covid 11yo: They need to clos…
@VoidNotes Not at all! Tell everybody!Okay fine here you go, what if we had a zines discord?something to think about before starting threads for everyone to name which kinks are bad. like wow you're just doi…
Retweeted by Julia GfrörerArchive of Our Own is free to use and has no ads
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @kenlowery Bruh what's your AO3 acctI wrote a hundred thousand words of fanfiction last year and I think I did the world a lot of good, actuallyWhat goes on in the mind of a person who pays $1.50 shipping for a zine and expects to get a tracking number?Please understand that I am unable to control the post officeA message to the person who ordered a $5 zine a week before Christmas and couldn't understand why it didn't arrive… issue, I think, is that small art—art made by small people, outside an IP—is not safe. In its cheapness and its…
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Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @doctopmary @Dr_Alex_Graham My story as well. Ppl who think comic are thankless have never mounted a gallery showanybody who says "i think that $15/hr is too much money for a minimum wage" is also saying "i absolutely love to ha…
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @letsgoayo You deserve $20 at leastgreat, now I'm part of fan fiction discourse. here's a good take: it doesn't matter if fan fiction is good. Does f…
Retweeted by Julia Gfrörer @bbburgerrr I sigh until my face turns blue @scumbelievable @theseantcollins Making this my ringtone @theseantcollins @thorazos
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Waited too long to google "how to do a blowout at home" and now my hair is dry @FerretParty I've seen productions of The Mikado with more cultural sensitivity than this @aemiouly I mean, that's absolutely true, but any Japanese person whose written English is this fluent is going to…'s just hard for me to square "it looks like they put extra care and research into their work" with that praying-hands pose(Someone posted this on a Discord server I admin to prove that cultural appropriation isn't real and racism against… @kenlowery Well, if I must!What are the odds an actual Japanese person wrote this, do you think?