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Thor Diakow @thordiakow Vancouver, B.C.

TV producer, reporter, and national film critic for @BT_Vancouver, @CityNewsVAN, and Rogers Radio. I love birding, sci-fi, dinosaurs, and classic rock!

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@jdfunari Preach!Hey I think we could use more Rise of Skywalker TV spots. Give it a rest!Ryan Reynolds escapes from harms way! Thor and Dina talk all about the top entertainment headlines.
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @agraphafx @TicoRomao Did I catch Christian Bale in there?BREAKING: Expo Line is back up to peak hour capacity and Millennium Line is now nearly at capacity says @TransLink.…
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @RaxKingIsDead There's a lot to unpack here!Here's Bong Joon Ho talking about the best film of the year. trains will run. Union representatives say most of the sticking points in negotiations have been resolved and…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowDie Hard...ON ICE! Ghostbusters trailer is even better when you're buzzed.
This epic Star Wars LEGO set was one of Amazon’s best-selling toys over Black Friday weekend
Retweeted by Thor DiakowJingle bells.
Retweeted by Thor DiakowHappy 103rd, Kirk.🤔 @mogirlprobs @FadedYoda OMG, and A Quiet Place! @FadedYoda Noah's great in Ford v Ferrari too! @BT_Vancouver That's live TV for ya; I said "Once Upon a Time in Mexico". Remember that one? @BethofBC Bates is so f'ing good in #RichardJewell.Entertainment with Thor & Mel! Check out some of the Golden Globe nominations! The 'Wonder Woman 1984' trailer is…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowLook at that fur fly! The @WHLGiants annual Teddy Bear Toss took place yesterday at Rogers Arena.
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @chantalkreviaz @NHLJets Love it!Seriously though, excited for Mckenna Grace. She was great in the last Annabelle flick. @T_PLAC :)New Ghostbusters trailer is a great reminder how awesome J.J.'s 'Super 8' is. @robfreemanYYJ Yeah buddy, so engrossing!#TheIrishman close behind with 5 noms. You get a 5/5 too! @CraigKoban leads the Golden Globe nominations with six. It's on Netflix and if you need another reason here's m… they plan to still participate in the US 2020 Election.
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @ErickWeber @NetflixFilm Saw it last night and loved it. Pryce is next level in this film. Loved how Meirelles did his backstory.The Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer is out! The focus is on a new family, but their ties to the 1984 original lurk…
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @EdlundEric @TwoFox15 @BethofBC I'll be reviewing when it's out this Friday! @CraigKoban I've never been able to wrap my head around the HFPA!Delighted to see 'The Two Popes' get some recognition in the #GoldenGlobes nominations; beautifully crafted film wi… @cspotweet MeeeeoooooowIt's here! #GhostbustersAfterlife
A new era of wonder begins. #WW84 in theaters June 5.
Retweeted by Thor DiakowGlorious. @ScottWillsonBC It looked horrible from the get go!I try to avoid the worst of the year list but 'Gemini Man' has to be the worst film I saw in 2019. In addition to b… away by how much I enjoyed 'Ford v Ferrari'. Mangold continues to knock them out of the park.
@AlistairCalder Very chic!One of my favourite Christmas jams. of @TaikaWaititi should check out his quirky 2007 rom-com 'Eagle vs Shark' starring @AJemaineClement and Loren… out my review of 'Frankie'.
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @BethofBC Glad you agree!
Lots happening this weekend! Tomorrow is the annual @ugm Christmas meal and don't miss Sunday's @WHLGiants Teddy Be…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowWATCH: This week on Thor's Hammers, @thordiakow reviews the new ensemble family drama "Frankie", starring Isabelle…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowFIRST LOOK at #GhostbustersAfterlife. Paul Rudd as summer school teacher Mr. Grooberson. @McKennaGraceful as scie…
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @JamieRighetti @ZSharf YES!Check out my review of 'Frankie'. Wars fans, listen up! Thor and Dina talk about what's trending in entertainment.
Retweeted by Thor DiakowFeeling Festive! We catch up with iconic Canadian singer-songwriter @chantalkreviaz and chat about her first Christ…
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @HankOnFood @DarbyDouglasTV @MattGranite #THORsDay!
The flocks of snow geese induce Hitchcockian level terror in the students at my daughter's school whenever they fly overhead. @meemaxwell81 Team Building exercise '99!DO IT! @GJustineGalo @EdlundEric One of the most versatile actors out there!Always fun catching up with @chantalkreviaz! We chat about her brand new Christmas album tomorrow on @BT_Vancouver. @EdlundEric Yes, awesome flick. The racing scenes were intense!"Crews on scene." I use it all the time! it up with @DinaPugliese today! that's one way to do it! @MarkDayNews the famous Vegas slogan be replaced? Aerosmith sparks rumors Las Vegas is changing its slogan.
Retweeted by Thor DiakowSNEAK PEEK: #RiseOfTheResistance inside #starwarsgalaxysedge opens Dec 5th at @WaltDisneyWorld and Jan 17th at…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowThis is BADASS.
Retweeted by Thor DiakowOMG YES
Call out culture is strong when it comes to the environment! Thor and Dina talk about the trending entertainment he…
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @NaganNews I hear ya! My hands are brutal this time of year. @VinnieMancuso1 The Force was a little weak that day.15-year-old Richmond student Caleb Wu has created 'Project Lightbox', an initiative that gives needy and sick kids…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowWithnail approved! in, 007 fans! #NoTimeToDie @robertcarnell Oh how delightful!
Memories. #Doom @BethofBC Lol, thanks! @BethofBC Roasted cauliflower!Serious question: can you sub Italian seasoning for thyme? #herblife @jennafabulous I remember we used to dump like a tablespoon of sugar in the cereal bowl whenever we had them.Oh, @ScottWillsonBC! @thordiakow @GameOfThrones Feels like it's missing something 😝
Retweeted by Thor Diakow @DanielBettridge @GameOfThrones Essential! @laceygilleran GOOD LORD!WINTER IS HERE! Bring the entire @GameOfThrones collection home today. #GameofThronesHoliday marvel hero finally has her own movie! Dina and Thor discuss the top entertainment headlines.
Retweeted by Thor DiakowAmerican Doll skates are just as hard to put on as real ones! #parentingproblems"I’m done running from my past." Watch the new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ #BlackWidow. In theaters May 1, 2…
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@scott_tobias @GuyLodge ...and the Judeo-Christian bit! @Schaden81 Wow, pretty cool. The Two-Face of birds! @VictoriaAhearn That just about sums it up.
@adores_the_fall I can get behind that!Hanks and Rhys are predictably great in #ABeautifulDayMovie but Chris Cooper nearly steals the show.
Fred Lee's Social Network: Giving Hearts Awards honours philanthropists; WEDay & YWCA Crabtree Corner Luncheon…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowGrab the tissues and don't miss #MarriageStory! Playing now at #VancityTheatre and coming to Netflix Dec. 6.…
Retweeted by Thor DiakowThor reviews the acclaimed new family comedy-drama 'Marriage Story'.
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