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I prefer being conventionally strange as opposed to being strangely conventional... Big Fanboy of Eleanor Tomlinson.

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@kaitlancollins ...And loses argument. @RayWhoriskey Hey, you're welcome, and thank you. Hang tough, man. @kozar812 We all have these moments. Sometimes we just gotta ride it out. @ZookeeperBean As long as you eat all the leftovers...You've always made the right amount. 🤣😊 Happy Thanksgiving. (gobble-gobble) @thatclarafied @ALANCOPE24 Thank you, so so much. ☺️💙 @ElizabethMerck Well, that'll keep your hair out of the gravy. 🤪🤣 @geostylegeo This is part and parcel of the aspect of 'Conservative American Exceptionalism' which perpetuates the… @TheImprovisor I will say this: So many people who are bigoted against LGBTQ's, their bigotry often exists side-by-… @dmIreneDB Cool. C.G.B Spender lives on! @TheImprovisor I don't know, dude...That's a weird lady, is all I can figure. @LillianRhaine Thanks a bunch, buddy. 🤗😊 @dmIreneDB Is it about the smoking man, the character, or the actor William B. Davis? @MissNyki Agreed. In a truly diverse and pluralistic society, we should always be mindful of the tendency of many o… @dmIreneDB I hadn't heard anything about it. Wonder what that's all about? @dmIreneDB You talking about X-Files Cancer Man?Sometimes, the universe has a funny way of straightening itself out... @mwhitlock93 'Never Say Die' and 'Oh, F**k This Mess'...ditto. 🤣 @LaPetiteWolfe Awww, fret not the passing of the years, nor the maturing of our younglings, for they are our legacy… @kozar812 @_lifeaspaige I got one of those inflatable neck braces which puts traction on your neck, and is supposed… @LaPetiteWolfe Is that your little'un tearin' it up, there? 🤣 @kozar812 @_lifeaspaige I get a pain in my neck that migrates down to my shoulder, my arm, sometimes down to my sho…'m missing someone who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving today...though she did say she'd celebrate it with me, if sh… @_lifeaspaige upside down. Something like that might help, but you'd either have to purchase one, or find out if a… @_lifeaspaige I have degenerative disc process in my lower back, and sometimes the nerve gets pinched. I used to ta… will kneel before this and LOVE IT!! @HarrietMould Oh my God, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen and heard. How have I missed this all my life? @therealzevgood Yeah, Christmas is about LIGHTSABERS! 🤣🤪 @fourantifakids Hey, cupcake, the current sitting VP is a chucklehead by the name of Mike Pence. I know it can be… @kd_jac Thank you, so much. Every month, when I post something like this, I rediscover how awesome my friends here are. @kozar812 I always love doing that shit. 🤣🤣🤪We have July 4th, when we commemorate white slaveowners who ironically talked up liberty in order to get out of pay… @IAmDawnM Because while faith is about a person's relationship with their 'God', religion is about going out on fan… @gemmamarierose My aunt once said, "It's not too early to start drinking, as long as the hour ends in 'O'Clock'." @lost_in_nola Thanks. I'm gonna do some more of those, if some more scammers try to hit me up. @lost_in_nola No, those are my comments. I was the one who just got out of 'The Joint'. 🤣 I love doing that shit w… the big finish more... wait, there's more's a conversation I just had with 'Abigail' from 'St. Augustine, Florida' Enjoy. @DazzlingD009 5' 11" @hergorgeousmess I believe he's planning to call a blue-ribbon commission to put together a 20-point plan and appoi… is quite true... @svdate No, Biden sure doesn't have anyone painting anything like this for him...and I'm guessing that's because th… are only interested in preserving 'States' Rights' when a state wants to deny a woman's right to bodi… @kozar812 @Nevermoore82 Aww, thank you. I figured I was older than you. 😊 @Fitz_Phoenix I'll keep 'em coming, not to worry...🥀🪓🔪🖤 @kozar812 @Nevermoore82 Yep, he died on March 31, 1993...and that Tejano singer Selena died on March 31, 1995. Both shot and killed. @JillianLeeAdams Well, that calls for a Happy Dance! @Nevermoore82 He died on my 21st birthday. 😔 @Fitz_Phoenix Thank you, so very much. Damn, I have the greatest friends, and for all the dark and dreary things I… @JillianLeeAdams Awww, stop it... No, tell me more about how great I am... 😂🤣🤪 @JillianLeeAdams Thanks, buddy. You've been a really cool and supportive friend these last few months, and I'm real… @lifesafeast Thank you, very much. ☺️18 months sober. Here's to, at the very least, 18 more. @LauraGalanWells Yeah, well somebody tell Malachi he's not carving the turkey this year... You know how crazy he c… @PostCoffeeInsp December, 2019 @ItzLyndz Mmmm, that's delish... @deapoirierbooks I usually smoke a turkey, until I get down to the filter. @ItzLyndz My deviled eggs and crab puffs= empty platters.
I wouldn't have such regrets, here alone with my yets, this is hard as it gets, in my own head You never whispered… on the tundra, burning with the frost I was another one among the lost You were the vision often in my eyes Dr… of doubt, creeping out to play Wretched, I shiver 'neath them, come what may Tangles of brambles, scratchi… @LillianRhaine Go get 'em, buddy!!! Keep it up! @AlexanderLippe I really like the visual. 👍 @UROCKlive1 Actually, if someone in that administration (perhaps Trump himself) on their way out of the Oval Office… would know what I am thinking of, when I wear the look of a man who was just handed the keys to the cage wh… @kozar812 Yeah, you just can't go wrong with a little holiday tail, can ya...? Oh my, now that sounded a little naughty, didn't it? 🤣 @byMorganWright I'd go with Purple, cuz with 80% of the brain's capacity, I might well be able to do everything else. @kozar812 I save lobster for Christmas. @Shannydelic than anything else. @Shannydelic I've never had an account that had more than 1000 until this one, and I'm still a little bummed that I… @faultyfrannie Well, I've been needing a boop on the nose for days now. 🤗 @NicolaTyche Recovery from drug addiction. 18 months tomorrow. @MissEloof Well, my Brian was so drug-addled for so many years, my Brian might be very susceptible to Covid-19 vacc… @kozar812 That too...Saints Preserve Us... @kozar812 No, he honest-to-God thinks this vaccine is doing some Fringe-type stuff to our minds. What has popular e… @chainchompist, whether it's 'Brians' or 'Brains' this vaccine controls... This fella's got nothing to worry about. thought I was just another face in the crowd Until your love came and smacked me right upside my big ole head. 💜 @shadow_kylie Absolutely nothing weird about this at all... Go on about your business.🤣 @rocketsssssss @JoeBiden Yeah, he is, bitch. Suck it up, buttercup. Oh, and yeah, this too... So nice to be able… @JoeBiden Most Americans agree with you...Except the millions who seem to believe that we live in post-WWI America… @LifeformBri @KidinaSandbox That's a healthy way to look at it... Damn, I'm unhealthy. 🤣 @sarahcpr But Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are certified...It's over, even if Wisconsin were held up. But yo…, I hope the proofreaders were briefed, and actually worked for a change. I'm guessing they've learned to slack… you could see all that you've created inside of me, you would either hold me and never let go... or flee fro… @saracentury Because women finally realized that half the men they were marrying weren't worth the spit from their… Republican presidential candidate will never win the national vote total again, and will only win through the EC… Republicans are stupid enough to nominate that dipshit again.80 million, a margin of over 6 million, giving Biden a 4 percentage point win, Biden has beaten Trump by the second… all the delaying tactics and theater, Republicans have succeeded, in a limited sense, to perpetuate the bullsh… @JillianLeeAdams Well, whatever, you look great! ☺️🤗💜 @JillianLeeAdams Frizzy haired, my butt...Your hair is like silk...I guess that's just a filter, huh? 🤣🤣💜 @RedElixier Well, the mystery of the Mary Celeste is always a good read. Not a supernatural ship, by any means, jus… @JillianLeeAdams Oh, Lord, I guess I'm awake now...Time for some coffee. @JillianLeeAdams Actually, to help with ropes...You're free climbin'. 🤣🤣 @JillianLeeAdams That just conjured up an image of you clinging to shelves like the rock face of El Capitan, holler… @SveaVikander Yeah, in times of uncertainty, it's helpful to have some good, old-fashioned offense to hang onto, to get us through. 🤣 @JillianLeeAdams Yeah, I used to sing that at Karaoke all the time. I guess that's still kinda leanin' on them as a… @JillianLeeAdams Well, if that's the case, Paul and John must've been exhausted by the end of that song...