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top 2.5% OF. b-tier leftist, s-tier ethot.🔞 occasionally i post bangers but mostly im just hot. wife gal for @silvergelpen 💗 pfp by @saint_caz

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Do you actually have that tattoo on your leg? — lmao do ppl think i edit it into my pics? 🤣🤣's the tallest a person could be and you think you could still win in a fight? — height doesn't matter. they cr… would you say to someone who thinks they might be MtF trans but doesn’t know for sure if that’s what they wa…… to live in the closet? — try to find a safe place where u can be yourself because that's not a good way to live… "someone forcefemme me pls" vibes in your curious cat right now — no kidding lol you and Jess ever want children, who would you choose as the sperm donor? — idk i have to find a uterus donor fi… old are you — i am 20 years old and anyone who disputes this is lying!! advice for a freshly cracked egg? — start hrt as soon as u can safely do so because u will probably start to fe… times out here on the town. I don’t get out often so this is great! Also, how do you know I’m the same anon?… @VVVisection this normally works but only if you're not too desperate abt it💖Do you take "thot" as a term of endearment? — depends on the context but yeah i guess so mostly we’re friends now! 😂 — me and anon out having a good time on the town way I can be your friend? — yeah sure okay! video game of 2020? — for me? hades!! on gay people? — love em do I get to have sex with you — u don't 💖 tess ama goooooo @hottrashbabe @abrahams_wife i believe in u queen 👑 @hottrashbabe @abrahams_wife i don't want to have to do this but u owe it to yourself and to your partner!! stop be… an octopus tattoo too horny? more at 11 @hottrashbabe @abrahams_wife open up to your partner damn it @NepswirlDaBeard @abrahams_wife rip to u but im different @hottrashbabe @abrahams_wife it's your partner you're supposed to share stuff 🥺🥺 @NepswirlDaBeard @abrahams_wife im tipsy and i want a tattoo 😠 @Total_Irishness it's really good @hottrashbabe @abrahams_wife and u say your partner didn't know?! @abrahams_wife i should update it soon @no_goblins you're catching up to me💖💖 @KendiiKenniko ty sweetie🥺🥺 it warms my heart to see stuff like this💖 @antisisyphus are too 😠okay this worked for about 8 hours but now my face is angry @antisisyphus beautiful june 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @starfader brain updated!💖 hope u have a lovely weekend ripley💞 @Agood_driver nice @no_goblins yes bitch!!friday night can check ✅
under communism the only books that will be written will be on how to fuck from behind
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorine @antisisyphus just on this website? @antisisyphus go get chikky sammich @antisisyphus or da sickle for today? 🤔 @DeathToJiminy i posted a pic in the replies where u can see it but yeah still dumb @adahalley666 no it's something ppl say all the time but it's not any more true for the ussr than it was for the US at the time lol @SK_Ashby i immediately put on lotion, toner, sunscreen, primer, foundation, and powder so it's an illusion 🤫 @BeatrixDoll666 the camera caught me laughing at my cat!! @SabrinaMorgens ty doll 🥰 @syber_kara 2 more! one on tuesday and the last one in about a month when im done recovering from my hip implants.… @gaybugfeet ty babe 💖 but also @anarcholesbian hiiiiiii bb 💖💖 so are u 😘 @syber_kara ty 🥺🥺 it's been really cool for me too!! more injections on tuesday 😌can't even tell i had laser this morning 😎'm about to go sickel mode @hottrashbabe ty doll 😘 @islandgirl286 ty darling!!💖 hope u have been having a good week so far!oh hey almost didn't notice! thx for 16k💖💖 @awlivv no uuuuu 🥺🥺🥺 @GetroMone glad u found it! and congrats!! ive been really liking mine 💖 @Java_jigga NICE @GetroMone nice! u can change that setting back so u have buttons if u want!! i certainly did lol
@thisismetryying ikr??she was obviously correct to say so hot girls are annoying
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorine @biboofficial i luv her,, 🥺 @thesuperslab @jwrush mf said warnimagine logging onto twitter dot com and having a good timei am the superposition of all three women when i drink whiskey don't care for chess. they say it's a thinking man's game and unlike some others i know my place
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorineyes vaccine distribution is very important but getting that $2000 out needs to happen first or people won't make rent for february @SamtheEvader when will our wife return from war? :((Yeah I was magna cum laude in college. The neighbors were always yelling at me to shut up
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorine @chainchompist gm molly 🥰🥰 i hope u have a nice thursday!! @chainchompist mommy's home @4Nthingxhere i literally just got out of bed like 30 minutes ago leave me alone 😭😭😭cute art hoe at starbucks said she liked my vibe @TheGayChingy it's good to be a doll 😌😌 @chainchompist yw 💅🏻
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorine @leftistthot420 way sexier @TheGayChingy it's so funny still @TheGayChingy im eating breakfast and thinking about this again @JesseDoctor it says that the ladies love jesse @gaybugfeet wanna hold hands and upset the masses with our problematic behavior? 🥺🥺👉👈 @fatnudes im so sorry i will have to release an update 🥺me and who
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorine @chrissychlapp cmere girl
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorine @gaybugfeet haha heyyentering the trump presidency / leaving the trump presidency
Retweeted by Tess 5G Chlorine @crystallgnaires @suchnerve somehow we have not run into each other yet but i will remedy that immediately @yungdresscode @SandyFrizzle i made some tough calls and i have a few regrets. i agree with u though @SeverelySapphic sav im so sorry it will never happen again 🥺🥺🥺 @lapetitekris and i appreciate it❤️❤️ @fingerbIaster we're all just lucky that a hottie like u gives us such great content❤️ @chainchompist surprisingly horny!! @BoringNerdyKate omg kate noooooooo @hottrashbabe this is good 🔥