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BLACK✊🏾✊🏾 My Love. My Art. My GOD. #Nuffsaid #Love #Laugh #Worship GOD GOT ME! Donuts and Wingz. aka The BBQ Shawty. Food Erotica.

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@thotimus_primee @serge_fils Oh I wasn’t saying that you were... just adding my 2 cents. People justify shaming on… @thotimus_primee @serge_fils “Skinny shaming doesn’t hold the same weight as fat shaming” .... on a societal level.… @theEthanKrane Same!My space is chill. Energy, chill. I’m a goofy as nigha but very much chill. @jg_major Care @jg_major Issa control thing ... I be feeling like a lot of vegans be feeling like they entitled to control other p… @Skylar_Writer Chile lol @WasteOfDick 😂 @Naughty_N8te Baby I’ll burn the entire house down. Respectfully @BlackZeldaMage U got a time machine? @jg_major Especially as much as I’m a self professed meat lover @_KkingC_ Am @LUXURY0RNOTHING Oop ... well tell me then @2_legitt @2_legitt Lol no. My gym still open. But I did them when we was on the first lock down @Deepswimflipper Thank you🥴 @WasteOfDick A meal replacementIf you invite me to a vegan thanksgiving, I will be bringing a roasted ground beef stuffed turkey wrapped in pork bacon. #jussayinBitch who I thought I was? way I’ve been giving these shoulders work
Stimulus and pandemic should be as synonymous as car accident and check.You will never have access to me again. Respectfully..... also “shade” from people that don’t actually know you are “fighting words”🤷🏾‍♂️I hope this election drama has helped everyone on all sides see that this is all held together by regular mfs who c…
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶When people try to do me dirty to one of my best friends... ... you know we talk to eachother right 👀Fina-fucking-ly.... cause this would have been bad @3MuchHutch 😂😂That long distance be unchecking all the boxes that were previously checked.🥴 is roc nation themed? @3MuchHutch Dr. Daddy @3MuchHutch Lit! @ChucklingLotus @MizzCreme @Carolinas_94 She literally said rode next to her though.... again .... justification of… @ChucklingLotus @MizzCreme @Carolinas_94 .... justification for wrongs are the reason why actual criminals stil roam free. @ChucklingLotus @MizzCreme @Carolinas_94 Interesting. Because when confronted by the adult, she did not deny any of… @ChucklingLotus @MizzCreme @Carolinas_94 Because you had the mental capacity to tell yourself to stop?I’m not no half way type of dude. Too many of y’all out here playing with these water bottles and I don’t like that… like a barbecue, but you won’t get yo baby back @theestallion @JaQuelKnight #BodyOdyChallenge #BODYchallenge
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶 @MizzCreme @ChucklingLotus @Carolinas_94 .... also it’s literally an 8 year old kid thinking to himself “I’m going… @AcesOnSpades Actually I think Adobe reader is free and they have a sign option @AcesOnSpades I actually don’t know wat I’m paying for tbh lol @AcesOnSpades And do. The way it transforms all documents... I be on that ass“Moments” Part Two 🤍
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶I wanna lay up with oomf. No sex. Just lay up in bed and watch movies and eat snacks.
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶*I can't fuck with you becus of your sign* Ok zodiac sheriff. A horoscope does not tell you a story about a person.
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶 @AcesOnSpades Yea well Adobe has the digital certificate.... but then also the freehand signature thing. Then I lig… @AcesOnSpades On Adobe 👀The family in question: *whispers amongst themselves “look at his fat ass getting another plate”… @justcallmemh Hope it gets better @CassiusJamaal It’s just ridiculous🚨BREAKING: More than 750,000 Georgians have requested their ballots for the January 5 runoff elections. Have you? R…
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶How other minority groups are racist toward Black People because of their experience with ONE Black person but can’… @LUXURY0RNOTHING 😂😂I know @fuhtrue Alone versus Lonely. If you’re experiencing loneliness you’re probably not a loner. @ayodriko @DiscussingFilm Only real ones would get it @heydraughter Like seriously @TheMarxxxist Lmao I reflect everyday 😂😂 @Kandispecialist You would need to understand the difference between loneliness and being alone. To different ideol… Him: *checks off all the boxes* Me: where do you live? Him: *inserts somewhere I gotta fly to* @DiscussingFilm @ayodriko Me-kiyel My-yuuursExtend the same grace you would’ve wanted to receive. 🥀Delusions: a helluva side effect should be sleep. I have so much work this week. @iamwonyae 😂😂😂How do you go awf on someone and then STILL try to make a relationship or sexual advance🥴Me AF. @imakeelit Siri: play Brandy - Broken-heartedWhat’s your type? Me: intellectual country nighas @imakeelit If I could eat whatever I wanted fuck watever body yall be talm boutMust be nice🙄 @PrinceJauan Exactly @PrinceJauan And the more you rush the more you fill up the space I was creating with pressure and ain’t gon be no… hate wasting my time.
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶 @PrinceJauan My problem is them tryna force their way in and I’m in the middle of creating the space. Like please just give me a second damn @____tsuchikage A little more than half a box of pizza 🌚.... sounds like a snack to me @HarrisonGuy Personally, I’m not big on focusing on past trauma. I’m all for the here and now... and what you’re doing with that @DatDudeDrezzy If it helps ... I was also eating wigs at 1:40 am @TheMarxxxist I had a very reflective day lol 🥴And what’s the problem anyways ... I’m done. Just some random shit on my mindMoral of the story: getting to know someone is more than just knowing their zodiac sign or favorite color. Understa… @LUXURY0RNOTHING @PrinceJauan Seriously. Working through scenarios and contingencies in your mind just to protect your peaceFor me: being a loner is not necessarily about control, it’s about peace. There are no conflicting energies other t… thing: if a loner tries to create a space for you in their life, don’t f*ck it up. ... you don’t know how much… @Sluttypig929 Nope no qualifier needed. Loners are content with being alone which is what makes them loners or indi… .... loners ARE NOT lonely...... understanding that them being a loner has nothing to do with how they feel about you.... also, it’s important to understand what kind of loner you’re dealing with and adapt accordingly. For some you… also exist on a spectrum. Some don’t seek socialization but would allow it if it happened. Others may actively avoid socializing.To elaborate: lf I’m a loner, I’m the only one that can change that. If and when I am ready to.It’s like we want people to be true to themselves and others but whenever they literally tell you who they are, we… someone tells you that they are a loner, believe them. I can bet you a million dollars YOU won’t be the person that changes that.The way me and my best friend somehow found a way to become closer friends tonight @whoaheywhat Purrr
@pharreIIy @aventadorslim SameI’m “I’m not arriving at all” years old.
Retweeted by John John, The BBQ Man🥩🍗🍖🌶 @aventadorslim @pharreIIy It be some bottoms like that too though. Some people just want penetration. I was kiss, s… might wanna delete this. Cause this ain’t it @DecolletageGawd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂