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Headed "into the unknown" with #GoldenGlobes nominees and #Frozen2 co-directors Jennifer Lee & Chris Buck, who jour…
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterTheater Review: Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Adly Guirgis (@CookieRiverside) explores the troubled lives of reside… former star of the HBO series shares his thoughts on the comedy's final episode — first as himself and then as… Review: #JudithIvey and #EdmundDonovan play a single mother and her troubled son in @SamuelDHunter's elegia…’s a winter wonderland here at the #JumanjiTheNextLevel premiere! Stay tuned for more coverage. Atlanta Journal-Constitution is asking that a disclaimer be added to #RichardJewell, saying the Clint Eastwood… director Gordon Price was prosecuted for shooting parts of his feature 'Crawford Road' on public lands…"We're running Wonder Woman right into mankind at their best and their worst and the villains that are born from th… car franchise can now be viewed by kids, as Dreamworks teams with Universal to bring the saga to the world of a… Center Honors: Nancy Pelosi receives standing ovation, Spielberg honors Sally Field"My main priority was for people to see the human woman behind the hero." #GoldenGlobes nominee @CynthiaEriVo on th… Bros.'s responds to the AJC's demands: "‘Richard Jewell’ focuses on the real victim, seeks to tell his story… the latest episode of #AwardsChatter, Jackson Browne (@SongsofJBrowne) shares with host @ScottFeinberg just how… last surviving Nuremberg Trials prosecutor @BenFerencz, who at 99 is the subject of a new Barry Avrich document…
From #TheCrown to #Succession, which series should win best drama series at the #GoldenGlobes? Vote now:"It was the best way to wake up." #Frozen2 co-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck share how they found out about… #Fleabag to #ThePolitician, what should win best comedy/musical series at the #Golden Globes? Vote:'s #Beetlejuice has announced its closing date"We hope that other agencies and studios will follow." #PayUpHollywood founder Liz Alper responds to Verve's announ… news in #PayUpHollywood land: Verve is raising support staff wages as a result of the movement, becoming the fi…
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterVerve has become the first major Hollywood company to announce a business-wide change in response to #PayUpHollywood the new episode of #AwardsChatter, Jackson Browne (@SongsofJBrowne) opens up to host @ScottFeinberg about writin…"I feel a certain responsibility to defend her legacy — which has now been, I think unfairly, boiled down to one el… cast & crew of @SEEofficial went through an intensive bootcamp to ensure their portrayal of blindness was accur… years ago, Netflix passed on Sergio Pablos' origin story about Santa Claus, #Klaus. In 2016, the streamer c… maker Epic Games is asking a New York federal judge to declare that its dancing pumpkin feature doesn't in… day after rising star Juice WRLD died suddenly at the age of 21, the medical examiner has launched an autopsy t… new @AppleTVPlus series #SEE explores a world where humankind has lost sight. #Ad We sat down with the cast and… Kressley's 10 tips for upping your gift wrapping game this holiday season
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterViacomCBS' post-merger plans: synergy, stock buybacks, real estate asset sales and a dividend:
Retweeted by The Hollywood Reporter"Watching the movie now a few times, it's totally, totally worth it." @GalGadot says the "different spine injuries"… is positioning itself as a content juggernaut, one that will sell its TV shows, movies and IP globally, C… the #WW84 trailer hint at a queer romance?"I was always searching to find a connection on television or movies, so I get the impact that a show like this has… #Rocketman to #OnceUponATimeInHollywood, what should win best comedy/musical movie at the 2020 #GoldenGlobes? #WW1984 looks to challenge Diana Prince’s notion that only love can save the world response to Monday's #GoldenGlobes nominations, women's advocacy group #TimesUp said the list represents an indu… #Joker to #TheIrishman, what should win best drama movie at the 2020 #GoldenGlobes?"It was a really special start to what became one of the great life adventures that I've ever experienced."…’s clear from the opening moments of the trailer that #GhostbustersAfterlife isn’t attempting to imitate, in term… #Rocketman to #DolemiteIsMyName, watch the trailers for the #GoldenGlobes nominees for best motion picture, mu…"He wrote something that, I think, we all projected our history onto." #GoldenGlobes nominee Adam Driver talks abou…"He's a koala. He's a detective. He's hungover. He needs your help." Here's what you need to know about the new int… production designer Jade Healy used Adam Driver's and Scarlett Johansson’s apartments to signify their breakup… gift is his song and this one's for you. #GoldenGlobes nominee @TaronEgerton reveals which song from #Rocketman #GoldenGlobes nominees snub had you most surprised? year after 'Vice' scored the most #GoldenGlobes nominations, HFPA voters seemed to show a preference for historic…"I remember thinking, 'Okay, if she is the one shouldering this movie, I think we are gonna be okay.'" @ChrisEvans"I just spoke to Phoebe and we were shouting to each other down the phone for three minutes." #Fleabag's Andrew "Ho…"So many stories to be told." @Leisha_Hailey and @katemoennig explain why #TheLWordGenerationQ is so necessary at t… Sports Emmys has added a new category to its annual awards show: esports"I just imagine myself sitting down at a table all by myself as the 'loner Throner!'" Kit Harington talks about his… Atlanta Journal Constitution, now represented by Hollywood attorney Martin Singer, says the Clint Eastwood film… operator Charter Communications feels that entertainment giants' new and upcoming streaming services could ha…"Without the neuroses, without the self-hatred, without the impostor syndrome, it would've been harder."… in to my recent sitdown at @SavFilmFest with the directors of the excellent 2019 docs AMERICAN FACTORY, APOLLO…
Retweeted by The Hollywood Reporter'TV's Top 5': Inside the True Crime Wave With Apple's 'Truth Be Told' Boss
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterFirst 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Trailer Brings Back the Scares and Nostalgia
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterCBS will sell Black Rock, the historic New York skyscraper that has served as its home since 1964.
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterThe reign of Phoebe Waller-Bridge continues. #Fleabag got 3 #GoldenGlobes nominations, including best performance b… McCarthy’s love of psychedelic stylings and the work of #SpiderMan and #DoctorStrange co-creator Steve Ditk… Atlanta Journal Constitution is asking that a disclaimer be added to Clint Eastwood's #RichardJewell stating th…"This was the first time in a long time that I was actually terrified." #GoldenGlobes nominee Jennifer Lopez (@JLo)… Jennifer Lopez (@JLo) to @Awkwafina, listen to #AwardsChatter episodes with newly-minted #GoldenGlobes nominees five-part Arrowverse event, #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths, doesn't just unite the stars of the CW series, but other n… (@Beyonce) is revealing some details about her debut Ivy Park collection with Adidas
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterThe first cut of #WonderWoman1984 was 2 hours, 45 minutes. "It wasn't like three hours and a half; I’m not that kin…
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterDirector Patty Jenkins noted she and star Gal Gadot already have a story for '#WonderWoman 3,' and are even conside… costume designers behind some of the #GoldenGlobes nominated movies open up to THR about their work 'Morning Show' Explores Consent in Sexual Assault Flashback
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterRachel Brosnahan Reveals the 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Romance She "Begged" to Stop
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterFrom the #Oscars to the #GoldenGlobes, which award show is your favorite? #Parasite, #TheFarewell and #PainAndGlory were not included in the #GoldenGlobes' best picture categories will look to divest Black Rock, the New York headquarters of CBS dominated the 2020 #GoldenGlobes nominations across both television and film categories — particularly in t… Huff has been promoted to vice president, CBS News communications in 2018, Natalie Portman made headlines when she criticized the lack of female directors nominated for the… Joon Ho's #Parasite has been named best picture of the year by the Toronto Film Critics Association Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer, who currently co-hosts the three-hour-long 'America's Newsroom' show in the m…'s awards columnist @ScottFeinberg explains why it doesn't bode well for the cinematic adaptation of 'Cats' that…'Watchmen' Director on Bringing Doctor Manhattan to Life: "It Really Astonished All of Us"
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterBreaking down Monday morning's announcement...
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterTHR's chief TV critic @TheFienPrint: "Broadcast TV has finally become completely invisible as far as the HFPA is co… Week Tonight with John Oliver (@iamjohnoliver) is done for the season, but before production wrapped, the HBO…'s awards columnist @ScottFeinberg breaks down who should and shouldn't panic after the #GoldenGlobes nominations Oliver implores #SantaCon to end
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterFrom #Joker to #TheIrishman, watch the trailers for all the films nominated for best motion picture, drama"A God Walks Into Abar" stands out as the decisive Doctor Manhattan hour of #WatchmenHBO Peele’s #UsMovie, including star Lupita Nyong’o, was completely shut out by the #GoldenGlobes. See all the s…'The Mandalorian' and Luke Skywalker's Fade Into Obscurity
Retweeted by The Hollywood Reporter'Silicon Valley' Showrunners Talk Ending HBO Series: "It's a Different Kind of Comedy Now"
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterNetflix walked away Monday with a staggering 17 film nominations in the 2020 #GoldenGlobes race, running roughshod…"I seem to be experiencing a consistent amount of firsts every year -- so this was just another first." #Harriet st… Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video were once leaders in the streaming department, viewers are now faced wit…'s chief TV critic @TheFienPrint breaks down the #GoldenGlobe nomination highs and lows, from the bizarre ignori…"I wasn't watching because it didn't even occur to me that I could." Paul Rudd was awake, but not watching when he… Meryl Streep wins at the #GoldenGlobes for her role in #BigLittleLies, it will be her 10th victory at the awards… in 1948: 'Whispering Smith' arrives in theaters — "A first rate drama of the plains"
Retweeted by The Hollywood ReporterTaylor Swift (@taylorswift13), Elton John (@eltonofficial), Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (@Beyonce) and more music artist…, #TheIrishman and #TheLionKing are among the nominees for the upcoming Art Directors Guild Awards