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live tweeting and making fun of games, movies, TV and anime. Not responsible if jokes actually end up funny.

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Remember the movie ‘Looper’ where Joseph Gordon-Levitt has to shoot his older self in the head
Retweeted by 3DPat @SongJoann Don’t make me @ JSong on you! Even though everyone already gets the @ 😬Well that’s a Saturday Date canceled. This might be a sign to go ahead and get Disney+ 🤔 @SongJoann Accountability! Accept all that accountability for mobile-ci-Android and mobile-ci-iOS! @Lureii @zebideroo @chanelalbright Agreed. There isn’t anything to be gained from attacking each other. The real e… @Lureii @zebideroo @chanelalbright Yes to stay focused on what the topic is. In this case it’s not even just about… @Lureii @chanelalbright It’s a tough one though. I’ve been told my hair is unprofessional while working with other…
black women started wearing their hair straight during segregation b/c black women had to follow the European stand…
Retweeted by 3DPat @LinkovitchWolf Gotta be a game where everyone has them. Feel no use in using command inputs with Terry when you ca… @iatemuggles It’s so much stranger considering it’s got adult her and teenage Sasuke. Like... dude is in his 30’s n… @LinkovitchWolf Gotta get back into some games with commands 😭 @LinkovitchWolf Cool dude. Though I think I might gear up for either GrandBlu or new Guilty Gear. Get in out the gate. @LinkovitchWolf I’m out of practice at competitive everything. I gotta get back in the swing of thingsDang I’m bad at normal fighting games and now also Smash 😭 @SongJoann @SongJoann Sometimes it doesn’t work though I swear! you gotta tap it quick or it don’t take 😩I appreciate it when I look over at one of my co-workers and they have on high intensity K-pop. @mrpibmo Powerful
“Hey, Mando?” “Yeah boss?” “Take that helmet off for a sec?” “Sorry, can’t.” “Why?” “Religious reasons.” “But the o…
Retweeted by 3DPatThis is how I wish to approach everything in life.
Retweeted by 3DPat @buIbakaur Damn I got in this at 78!? Woof You won’t ever be getting to me 😂 @mrpibmo This doesn’t even sound like the strangest thing to happen in a Supernatural episode tbh. @eyeslikebadu @mixedqueen93 Wow they looked so much better back then. And Stacy lost custody of her kids!? Even Darcy didn’t do that! @HomeboyRecycles question! You guys give a receipt for bringing in electronics to recycle right? @emilyxoanna She does love 90 day fiancé! Oh my goooosshhhhh
I love classic RE2... but to be honest I don’t care for the remake at all. Not even a little bit. So I’m not exactly excited for RE3.The design’s they showed for RE3 remake sure look... not great. Like not great at all 😬 @GuerrillaDawg @LaurenSivan @CarlosTVRadio @LisaRemillard @beondtvofficial One of my friends girlfriends makes a good chunk of mon…’s “crystal curious” these days (not my term) so #CarlosandLisa sent me to get the scoop on these special s…
Retweeted by 3DPat✨🙇‍♀️HELLO LA!! I am looking for work! 🙇‍♀️✨ I just moved to the great, big, loud los angeles area and I'm looking…
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I’ve been looking at food ordering apps for an hour now trying to find something I want to eat. Deciding what to e… @Psythor I can’t believe how easily and quickly you just made a Superman story that I really really really want to… Luthor realises he can’t physically out-match Superman, so instead uses a disinformation campaign to destroy no…
Retweeted by 3DPatOooff. Overhearing this relationship in trouble on the shuttle bus and the guy just told the girl, "I love you and…
Retweeted by 3DPat @oucrimsongirl Same. Though it seems like they would be able to connect in the right atmosphere, of just hanging ou… @TwittahFingerz That he is 6’7 and has sperm. I think that’s all that’s important to her 😩Real talk though, how is Mike in such bad shape if he’s working a farm? ...oh yea it’s a failing farm 😬 #90dayfianceWow. Mike brings up the ex and the hoodie gets zipped up and hood on! That is some big giant “you F’s up’” I body… @HausofBeavers He is doing all the things she hates on day 1 and 2. Like if she was attracted to him before she for sure ain’t now 😬 @oucrimsongirl Agreed. I would have been unable to deal with meeting all the friends on day 1. Hell I would need it… @thecaseplaceLA Yesssssssssss thank you for the Golden lords reference! Yes!!!! 👏👏👏Robert you got 4 other kids you aren’t taking care of, Granny has good reason to worry about Bryson. #90dayfiance @emilyxoanna Blake and Jasmine are just way to different in every aspect. Blake is all higher energy jokes and part… doesn’t want to hang out with anyone, not a fan of talking while eating, and in general wants alone time?… @RealChanelNo1 She for sure is acting like a tiny child...The friends needs to ask the very important follow up question to Mike of: “do you think the world is flat?” Cuzz… is like “mike please shut up and just get me pregnant” 😂 #90dayfiance @MissNeenieBaby It’s the questions they are terrified to ask 😩 @cathlintons AgreedTania is going to expect dude to fix up and build the she shed fully while she’s gone. This is why she’s leaving.… @Ayo48 Gotta Remember Emily is also the chick who’s lived in Russia for 3 years and knows no Russian. She’s been dumb for a long timeWhat? Why... why would she plan a trip while the #90dayfiance program is going on? What is Tania even doing?? This… @eyeslikebadu Same. Like you are personally attacking them or something. @emilyxoanna Like good of her to at least go down and do a small meet and great. Especially after asking for it not to happen at all 😬I’m fully with Jasmine on this. I would HATE this whole pool party thing especially after a long flight. #90dayfianceJasmine: “I really want to sit in the room alone” Blake: “cool, lets go to the pool so you can meet all my friends!” 🙃 #90dayfiance @its_Nielblair Well she’ll get to try and convince wife 4 how she’s not going to be special either... and that one also won’t listen 🤷‍♂️😂 @emilyxoanna He got 3 other babies he don’t take care of 😂 He ain’t about to start now!Sasha is saying Emily is acting like his other ex wives 😬 She really think was going to be different didn’t she? S… @emilyxoanna Who could have ever saw this coming? Who I ask!? Emily is surprised to find out she’s basically being a single parent?? To the guy who’s left his other 2 ba… producer has to ask old money bags and his child bride questions because they are terribly boring. Neither one… @Ayo48 Like I feel that’s an automatic loss of the argument if he’s saying she can’t do it.Wait is Robert saying he would be mad if she post pictures of her ex’s? Whaaat is this?? #90dayfianceI wasn’t ready for Bryson to be so much more likable then Robert. The kids this season are all alright. #90dayfiance @BelleNoir80 The only thing that’s off is that he doesn’t know English. She may as well be barking like a dog and h… @emilyxoanna That’s why he was calling for the mom! But he doesn’t realize that will NOT stop her 😱Annie he has no idea what you are saying. He doesn’t even know why you walked away. This is so dumb 😩 #90DayFiance @itsalisontoyou She is for sure more interested in his genetics then his cash. She wants tall babies and that’s it!When you need a translation app to ask your fiancé what they think about the wedding... maybe you shouldn’t get married? 🤷‍♂️ #90DayFiance @emilyxoanna Like let the man eat first damn 😩 She was ready to push the food aside and do it on the tableShe can’t even wait till noon to talk about having babies!? I mean... Mike is not wrong, waiting for the immigrati… @justy70190771 If only it was just that she had a tail 😭😭There goes Natalie, probably hoping she’s pregnant from last night 😬 #90DayFianceTime to spend more time with everyone’s new favorite grandma! #90DayFiance @Jetjaguar67 Feels like what should be the Toy Story TV show or something. Shouldn’t be a movie @its_Nielblair I can’t get over how it came out like 4 years ago now and it’s still just so amazing
@emilyxoanna Not lucky because you have a big butt? But that’s the most lucky thing to have ever! 😭I’ve been playing a ton of Bloodborne again because...damn it’s good. I’m just sad their isn’t a ton of co-op still going on 😕 @kikibunny_ It’s such a strange: “oh it’s ok to make fun of the old me as if...I’m not still the same person” The… @kikibunny_ Wooowwww the boldness of some people to be huge assholes! Sometimes....sometimes violence is the only answer 🤷‍♂️ @oucrimsongirl My Hero Academia and One Punch Man where all huge home runs today. Damn they where good.When did #OnePunchMan become SMT?I’m sure All Might is trying to convince himself of this but we all know... he’s gonna die. #MyHeroAcademia @bulbakaur The girls I wanna date don’t wanna date me 🤷‍♂️ Sometimes it be that way.Wew this is such a strong strong strong situation. Like damn that was a slam dunk of 7 minutes. #MyHeroAcademia
11 years ago, I was texting a dude I'd hooked up with a few times as I got ready for thanksgiving back in my hometo…
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@emilyxoanna Doing it up for thanksgiving I see 🙌 @fortressedheart Same! Can you image how amazing/terrible twitter would be if it let us make actual sounds with our… I did this... Baby Yoda x Frieza.
Retweeted by 3DPat @fortressedheart I’m a little brother to 9 older siblings. Being annoying is just how I say hello at this point 😉Hmm street fighter 30th is on sale on Switch... And I really do need some 3rd Strike in my life. Very tempting. @SixBrownChicks That’s the south man. Grow a pair and skin the rabbit! @SixBrownChicks Leave. He cheated and got a woman pregnant. Heck that’s grounds to leave regardless of fertility issues! @oucrimsongirl And porn-granny is like 41 😭 People be waiting till their 40’s to have a kid and she has a grand child! @eyeslikebadu What has happened that these grown ass men have the idea that a woman must DIE if she doesn’t pay att… @fortressedheart Way to often. It means my ability to annoy is weakening, if they don’t out and out hate me then I…