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live tweeting and making fun of games, movies, TV and anime. Not responsible if jokes actually end up funny.

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tv show writers discussing diversity
Retweeted by 3DPatMan reading people’s answer to this just has me feeling tired. @Loeybug Wait is that dudes logic simply that since woman give birth they are at fault? But that logic would also… @NintenDaan Still not officially cancelled! @iatemuggles Not enough ‘believe it’s
You say “debt,” I say “financial entanglement”
Retweeted by 3DPatBeen a while since I watched #LifeAfterLockUp Man it’s sad watching Clint and Traci. Drugs really be leading to an… @colgatesmilezz Yea I could swear it’s been known they had a open relationship since jump.“But what about mutant on mutant crime, Erik.”
Retweeted by 3DPatDuring Jim Crow former slaves began getting gold caps to replace their rotting teeth. It later became a sign of wea…
Retweeted by 3DPattidal and tesla laying off workers and lowering the salary of those still required to work pisses me off. extremely…
Retweeted by 3DPatA random citizen in Gotham when Batman drives a tank into into his house to stop a guy who tells riddles
Retweeted by 3DPatDr. Fauci: “As a country, when you compare us to other countries, I don’t think you can say we’re doing great. I me…
Retweeted by 3DPatThey are making ‘Gothem’ again? And I don’t care about the police of any city, even the fictional ones accuses Biden of wanting to defund the police when Trump is actually trying to defund our children’s schools.
Retweeted by 3DPat @iatemuggles @Linkovitch_ They know what they are doing, it’s just that we don’t like it. They gotta keep the poor poor in order… continued unemployment boost would be the most meaningful and have the most positive effect on the US economy o… can't think of anything worse than hot watermelon
Retweeted by 3DPat @mrpibmo I don’t know if I could handle watching a cartoon at this detail the entire time 👀 @kylegaddo @MikkiLexaHFX Ok, my brain understands what he explained but I’m also positive my body can’t do that.… @mrpibmo Ren and Stimpy rules say you only show the ‘better’ eyes for a single frame close up. It’s very effective they 100% found evidence tying this to a cop and decided to bury the hell out of it. That’s all I’m gathering… can't even control lice, you think they can control Covid-19.
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@colgatesmilezz He really is. It’s... suspect...but half way way into the season is the only way to really know who these people are @Sawyer_DAA Man I hope they have supervision. Their gameplay can be so ‘meh’ in a lot of places. @SuperNintendad You can really release anything on the eShop these days now 😬 It’s become the new steam shoprt this to spread it around please
Retweeted by 3DPatI am screaming
Retweeted by 3DPat @SuperNintendad What the heck am I looking at? Is this actually a game on the switch?A British journalist, arrested in Seattle, documents a system "seemingly bereft of humanity or equity." In 30 year…
Retweeted by 3DPatDo not take deadly pandemic advice from people who don’t care if your children are gunned down in their classrooms.
Retweeted by 3DPatThe b(l)and Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A last month to pretend they’re down with BLM. Now they’re s…
Retweeted by 3DPatsomething i like to think about is that all of Jojo's part 5 takes place across 8 days, and Mista's bullets are def…
Retweeted by 3DPatJapan has less than 1,000 covid deaths. They never went in to full economic shut down. They have an unemployment ra…
Retweeted by 3DPat2020’s slogan has been chosen
Retweeted by 3DPat @its_Nielblair That’s true of the Ruby Rose Batwoman, but she’s getting replaced with a completely different charac… @MikkiLexaHFX There are a lot of easy things they could have done. Heck no explanation at all would have been cool… @jethiIee @earringdealer I’ve tried and failed 4 days now to wake up for some Tacobell breakfast to get my damn Cinnabon delights...some BSTaco Bell be like “too many niggas like this shit.... take it off the menu”
Retweeted by 3DPatAbout that Harper's letter...
Retweeted by 3DPatThought Naya Rivera was trending because she was being abusive or generally awful again but it looks like she might… the blobfish is ugly. You wouldn't look so great either if you'd just undergone a rapid depressurisation of 1…
Retweeted by 3DPat @Nibellion Awwwww yea! Now that’s what I like to see! @PickleFISH96 It’s a kinda strange thing to explain but the flaws are what people where expecting and hoping for.… @MikkiLexaHFX Big sad that her story is that she’s a homeless drug dealer. Did they really have to make the black… @SongJoann I’ve been looking into this and it seems mostly his stance is: “fuck the police, I’m not helping them e…’s good to know the powerful United States economy depends on public schools. Now explain why public schools hav…
Retweeted by 3DPatAfter watching #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia with its 30+ couples, the just 5 couples of #MarriedAtFirstSight seems… @iatemuggles but how do you find all these shitpost to post so fast? @iatemuggles They would finally be able to put more then 2 toilets on the space station!Lady Antebellum changing their name to Lady A to show solidarity with BLM only to SUE AN ACTUAL BLACK ARTIST who al…
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Retweeted by 3DPat @iatemuggles But then who will remake the good movies into bad movies? @onlinegrapes Thank you for introducing me to this hero!Reading about Everett True (1905-1927), a cool big bald guy who went around knocking out rude people
Retweeted by 3DPat @kikibunny_ I lagit went from hyped to only expecting disappointment in .5 seconds. It’s been a long time since I’… so it’s not just that the new Batwoman is black but a criminal. She’s a homeless drug dealing murderer… niece's friend just died of covid. She was only 23 years old and in good health. Young people please be aware that even you can die 😔
Retweeted by 3DPat @idatemuggles That effect is really damn cool. Like you look really damn cool! @kikibunny_ Oh wait people are already saying that the details coming out say... she’s a poor, lives in a van, drug dealer 🙃So now I kinda really want to see all of this because I just want to know how they explain the change.
@kikibunny_ It has to happen to them or to someone they know. The classic ‘not real till it happens to me’ type nonsense 😞Watching so much bullshit unfold on Twitter over the last couple of weeks has made me realize one thing: Common se…
Retweeted by 3DPatThis is harmful
Retweeted by 3DPat @mcclure111 He’s admitted that every doctor he’s seen has said he needs deep psychological help but he refuses any… is no such thing as “cancel culture” and i’m disappointed in those who are allowing this intentional overton…
Retweeted by 3DPatRemember when cops found and arrested a protestor by tracking down her Etsy review of the t shirt she was wearing
Retweeted by 3DPatKanye being an anti-vaxxer isn’t surprising at all. And Wakanda getting flooded + climate change makes this all a… @idatemuggles Damn now that’s a real power napThis 👇🏾 painfully alone.
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Mary Trump says her uncle is a sociopath, suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as well as a long undiagn…
Retweeted by 3DPat @Linkovitch_ I feel like youtube is misunderstanding the news in its algorithm because now it’s recommending a bunc… looking at all this Smash stuff... woof, it’s so much worse then I thought. And I thought it was gonna be real bad @DaBlackB2 Well, at least I’m not a racist 😉 Ya know. Unlike you.This guy Pranked his whole family😂😂😂
Retweeted by 3DPatthis sign in thailand is iconic, the “love you” is sending me
Retweeted by 3DPat @RapCentury_ He makes it with diabetes!?Florida: State of emergency for the next 60 days. Florida: Schools to reopen in August.
Retweeted by 3DPatremember kids, fuck Adobe
Retweeted by 3DPat @DaBlackB2 Pretext for all the people who read this thread for some reason: None of this has anything to do with… @DaBlackB2 So if I show you some proof, are you just going to come up with some reasons as to *why* you aren’t raci… @DaBlackB2 The words you’ve chosen, the way you’ve used them, and your continued antagonistic attitude have pretty… @DaBlackB2 I mean you can just view all the stuff you said... like the words you used and the things you typed. But… @rita83636719 So, unprovoked, you went out of your way to tell a black man he needs to stop calling out racism. I… @rita83636719 @DaBlackB2 @horrorfreq Bitch about? I’m the one defending them. But for someone who cares so much abo… 74% of the nba are black people but 98% of the owners of men’s pro basketball teams are white...🙃
Retweeted by 3DPat @horrorfreq @DaBlackB2 @rita83636719 *us* and *we*? I’m afraid you are gonna have to continue to wait because I’m… got no bones in this battle but I need the argument experience. Yes I know there is no changing a persons mind on… @horrorfreq @DaBlackB2 @rita83636719 So... I have comprehension problems... but nothing was said at you? And you pr… @DaBlackB2 @horrorfreq @rita83636719 Look you don’t get to back out now after being all racist against Samoa’s just… @Sawyer_DAA This is the first Im hearing of this game tbh @DaBlackB2 @horrorfreq @rita83636719 Sure. Right. Like... for real you just sounding real racist against Samoan’s.… huge pipeline defeats in two days: A federal judge just ordered the Dakota Access oil pipeline shut down after…
Retweeted by 3DPat @DaBlackB2 @horrorfreq You got people who only speak English and still can’t express their feelings, but you gonna… @horrorfreq @DaBlackB2 Karine and Paul’s ‘relationship’ was 99% through a translation app, not to mention Karine ha… Christie is the best selling novelist of all time
Retweeted by 3DPatAtlas Begged.
Retweeted by 3DPatel oh el
Retweeted by 3DPat @umbersupreme You know @TLC wants them to misunderstand each other more so they can get it on camera 😂