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Hree Orange
@Farts_Johnson @afterglow2046 I don't remember that, heh. I was too distracted by fat guy wiggling his tongue at me… @afterglow2046 @Farts_Johnson Hah. I can't imagine a clearer indication that our tastes don't align. I dislike tha… @Farts_Johnson @afterglow2046 I can't abide the meta stuff in a few of the stories, and Delta and the Bannermen ...… @Farts_Johnson @afterglow2046 Eccleston is my least favorite modern Doc. He was also kind of bland and half formed,… @Farts_Johnson @afterglow2046 Doctor Who fandom is an exercise in forgiveness, heh. @afterglow2046 @Farts_Johnson The Eighth Doc in the BBC books really grew into something great, though @Farts_Johnson Her Doctor is pleasant enough. And that's really all that can be said for her so far. @Farts_Johnson I hear this week has some big, continuity-impacting things. We'll see how it goes. Right now, I'm… @Farts_Johnson I mean ... RTD's reign was a constant battle of me looking past bullshit to see the good. But the go… @Farts_Johnson This is true. Ish. @chickendynasty I didn't watch it at the time, though. I just watched most of it last year. Or, I was in the room… @UncleAsriel @Farts_Johnson A lady named Jodie Whittaker. She's fine, I guess. Although I'm starting to blame her a little more, too. @chickendynasty "Classic" Charmed, which is a dopey ass show that I can see the appeal of but still mostly dislike @Farts_Johnson There's not much to remember. I had hoped this season would turn things around, but I'm giving in to despair. @Farts_Johnson It's a close one, but mostly an insult.The last two season of Doctor Who are Charmed-quality television.This episode makes me think the 1.5 speed on Netflix isn't such a bad idea. @ABCBTom I was vaguely OK with most of Moffatt's run. I'm told that makes me a lady-hating monster, though. But m… @ABCBTom To make matters worse, I can't handle how awful the American accents are in this episode.Last week's Tesla-centered Doctor Who episode is so boring that I'm having a hard time paying attention to it. @gimetzco Probably @WilliamScurry @bobfreelander @brettgallman I'll probably watch this at some point, but I was more on board for his ridiculous schlock horror turn.I, for one, am relieved that an R-rated movie about homicidal antiheroes will be able to serve as an example for ch… movie of this quality needs to be less than two hours if I'm going to enjoy it. @micheleneggen I missed this. Hope all is well.Oh my, the new Hellboy is bad from the first frame. @ABCBTom Oh, youth @GeezerHatesYou Not sure. I think the dude with the pro is from out of town, so probably not.I'm a fancy lad and go to the same bars as people with Lamborghinis. gf: Oh, that guy's all alone. We should make friends with him. Me: He's fine. My gf: No, but it's sad. *Hooke… time @DonnaMc1021 I have never heard that term before. @DonnaMc1021 This one was just a bit of fun, heh. People can sound corny if they wanna, I guess.
@CaptShmo Mine just says "Order received" and no longer has a ship date. @aka_X27 Blast off! @ThreeOranges Aha! Here it is
Retweeted by Three Oranges 🍊🍊🍊 @pauljessup @ForrestAguirre There's a definition for changes substantial enough to constitute a new work, right? I… @pauljessup @ForrestAguirre You'd probably have to write a will as if you've died and set up some kind of trust to… @ProfJbones @GotMadAds Kids love WC Fields. @pauljessup I mean, this applies to transporters as well. If you can't maintain contuity of identity when copying a… @tj_mackey432 I always liked Kyra Sedgwick's friend in the movie.Was the Vibes Blu-ray release postponed? It better not have been.every time i almost get mad online, i just try to think about david lynch & harry dean stanton talking about how no…
Retweeted by Three Oranges 🍊🍊🍊 @SFRuminations The Skies Discrowned is really good and has some terrific turns of phrase. @AmberFletcher_ Hah! I'm not even kidding, though. This pretty much made my day! @DinosaurDracula You sure did!I love this little exchange. @AmberFletcher_, corndogs heiress, randomly seeing my pointless tweet and schooling me… @AmberFletcher_ Well, then add him to the list of creators who are wrong about their own creations, along with the guy who invented GIFs! @Tessicat @letterboxd Two apes movies, and those bottom three were all in the same two movies. Then I have a handfu… @PhantoMantis Penn Jillette's novel is about one of those. @Tessicat @letterboxd Mine @Dekkoparsnip2 @gimetzco *Bruce* @Dekkoparsnip2 @gimetzco (Bonfire being a Brice Willis movie in the same vein.) @Dekkoparsnip2 @gimetzco The neon candy color look of the movie just has nothing to do with Vonnegut. It's one of… @robertliefeld *were* @robertliefeld Things we're almost getting interesting. Now I can safely return to feeling done with Marvel after Endgame. @gimetzco Dig The Maxx VHS. Posters for two bad movies @Paul_Cornell @MarsPlastic @pennyddreadful Sandahl Bergman should be more widely known. @ABCBTom Confession: I've never watched Roadhouse all the way through. Seen parts on cable. @ldmullen @chickendynasty @NikkatsuNoir Also, they're already free with ads on Vudu @ghoulieschool I gave your podcast a good review, what more do you want from me? @chickendynasty @NikkatsuNoir 5 is among my favorites. Yes, even without Gutenberg. Rene Auberjonois as the villain kicks things up a notch. @NikkatsuNoir @chickendynasty You've been spending too much time with respectable Film TwitterI dunno ... Cable TV? I didn't really have a horror mentor. @chickendynasty @NikkatsuNoir The direct to video Ernests make Mission to Moscow look like high art @NikkatsuNoir I've seen Goes to Camp the least out of the first three. I should rewatch. @chickendynasty @NikkatsuNoir Basically, if Gailard Sartain is in it, it's worth watching. @NikkatsuNoir It's weird how they're all directed by the same guy, yet some of them are barely even movies, they're so bad @NikkatsuNoir Scared Stupid was the last tolerable one, I think, and I don't really like it. Goes to Jail is my favorite. @NikkatsuNoir After this, the ones I haven't seen will be Goes to School, Slamdunk or Goes to Africa. @NikkatsuNoir I watch more garbage than not! @thedarkhours Many if not most of the gags seem to involve things coming in our out of his mouth. Eating weird thin… movie is disturbingly focused on Ernest's mouth @BloodyPopcorn Defunct grocery store chain @BloodyPopcorn @therealroyclark It's blander than you think. @furkyourwurk Randy Quaid is doing an accent!I bought this for a dollar so now I guess I have to watch it
@mdlbird Oh, am I not supposed to still dress like this?hider ever posts this around Thanksgiving anymore @ABCBTom In case it's not clear ... I made that up. @ABCBTom Interesting. But, yeah, if you had that condition, they wouldn't accept your blood @ABCBTom My stepdad has some weird thing with iron so they ha e to take his blood and dump it out every now and then @OctopusCaveman Perfection takes time! @OctopusCaveman Topical! @Sonicbug @ChrisBeveridge Is it wild and tough? @TheMike31 @gimetzco I looked then and when there were pixels @TheMike31 @gimetzco I think I have seen all of both Grown Ups movies. And I know I saw Pixels. @gimetzco @TheMike31 This represents the first frames of The Ridiculous 6 I've actually seen. @nutellanate Tell me about the movie and tell your boyfriend to get back on Twitter (unless I'm off with my gossip,… @TheMike31 @gimetzco Also, any set that doesn't include Little Nicky is incomplete. @TheMike31 @gimetzco I hate all those movies! @TheMike31 @gimetzco Billy Madison is better @tmruppert