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really enjoying impulse purchases on amazon. this is a problem. @rafaquint @dan_abramov @reactjs Working on fixing this ASAP. @dan_abramov @reactjs The fan base can get weird. @andrewtfluck @dan_abramov @reactjs @0xca0a This is an unpopular opinion thread :) @andrewtfluck @dan_abramov @reactjs @0xca0a @viankakrisna @dan_abramov @reactjs It’s great, but not good enough. Unmounting is particularly annoying without re… @dan_abramov @reactjs sucks for animations. Rather, we haven’t cracked it yet.Unpopular opinion: @reactjs edition Bring it on 🔥
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @dan_abramov @reactjs Doesn’t feel the same without @sophiebits @Mandy_Kerr @nbcbrooklyn99 @melissafumero Holt would disapprove of the coloured tightsthere are now more people online in India, than the population of USA+Canada.called this so hard pls stop using india as your canonical "but what about 2g in third worl… @sebmck @vincentriemer @dan_abramov yeah but then I can’t complain @vincentriemer @dan_abramov @sebmck ffs have to literally land there to watch this @dan_abramov @sebmck All of us! Party in the USA! @gribnoysup I did want :) thanks! @suchipi I’m glad we’re friends. Thank you. @jessidhia TIL. Solid phrase.Being human is hard.I really dunno why I share this with *gulp* 10k people, but this is what passes for modern relationships? I’m glad… a rough week. Ended with favorite food at favourite restaurant with favourite people. Happy.
@codehitchhiker @codehitchhiker I look up to you. You’re stronger than most, and I’m so happy and grateful you’re a part of our com… @modernserf @modernserf wasn't it an awards thing? lemme try to find @keithjgrant Oh my this is a good tweet, iirc it’s a 14 min avg round trip 👏 @codebytere oh no lolWe just released React 16.8.5 that includes a bunch of fixes for shallow rendering. In particular, this should enab…
Retweeted by Sunil Paimy teachers in college told me to look for another career, because computers were definitely not for me fuck you… @jsjoeio @byteconf ♥️ I'm happy it helped! will definitely watch this later. @AysSomething The worst kind of person. I’m sorry. @jlongster totally your call. the autofix experience is *really* good tho. but you should update! it's gotten terri… @jlongster Are you using the lint rule? How’s it feel?did @ken_wheeler go back in time and crash the meeting they decided theseI mean, "shaftesbury"? really??? dying lolI don't understand how the english can name the things they do and not expect every one to die laughing I bought this when it was on sale for 30£. the audio's... ok. sometimes disconnects for a c… @ChakkDePhatte the line, yes :) but I've been doing it for years, so phbbt
@rickhanlonii @kentcdodds @jdan @jack spider-man-points-at-spider-man.jpg @dizzyd @sarah_edo 🍿 @sarah_edo @dizzyd this is bigger than you now, sorry / not sorry @browniefed @jdan owwww too soon @dizzyd @sarah_edo No UK delivery booo @jdan T H U G L I F E @jdan @heydonworks @markdalgleish @souporserious @TwitterSupport I personally believe that if twitter just made writing/v…’ll never get tired of this feeling. Amazing that music can do that to humans.(Also why I’ll always love pink floyd. Legends.)I also get that feeling with some ‘modern’ electronic whatever music, like this is why Adam Sandler movies _were_ great - despite the occasional gross shit, they included both the underdog s… figured out why 80s glam/hair/whatever metal is so great - they were the best at the final crescendo, giving that… @markdalgleish @souporserious @heydonworks @TwitterSupport Totally agree. I do alts, but it feels like it goes into… @emmabrillhart @kentcdodds +1, big fan here too. I really like how _little_ it does, making tests more deliberate.Come join @react_india AMA session with @kentcdodds.Submit your 🔥questions today -
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @left_pad I hope so!(inb4 lisp 1 2 3)(is it obvious that brackets mean I’m whispering)(GitHub is cool and I love it, but gah so much potential to be amazeballs)(I want stacked diffs, and an awesome gui. At least.)github could be so much better, but I worry it’s already too ‘big’ to make the changes I dream of.Follow @faassen, but only until he’s at 2018. 😈 @zainabbawa you know how we do @urajat ... good only lol @mbrevda 🥁 @Dj3bbZ @dan_abramov I'll have a look later today, promise @ken_wheeler ADSM is too close to another abbreviation to be a coincidence @Dj3bbZ @dan_abramov Not really. but again, can’t comment without specific detail. Maybe if you wrote it up in a gi… @Dj3bbZ @dan_abramov the jsx pragma replaces React.createElement with whatever function you choose. can't say more… @codehitchhiker I regret not saying something now lol, playing back zingers and comebacks in my head @Dj3bbZ @dan_abramov Unsure if this will work for you, but have you considered a custom jsx pragma/createElement? @Dj3bbZ @dan_abramov Got more details on your usecase? @haroenv @wongmjane @bendhalpern I think they fixed that? it worked today on this tweet @dan_abramov peace dets @wongmjane thanks god mine are cheapos @ItsMayho aah that sounds super satisfying @archiword Never!Also WTF I just dropped my earphone into my coffee What is this day evenAnd yeah lady I’m aware my shoelaces are untied It’s a choiceA couple standing next to me in the lift spoke to each other in Hindi commenting on me??? Do I not look brown enough??? What??? @old_sound oooohh ok I get it! @old_sound oh my I have to try this later today @old_sound that's fkin right 🤘🏽 @old_sound does this bother you too @old_sound ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️working on something *very* cool but can’t share it before it’s polished ngggh
.@uppersivasankar got me a diy marquee ♥️ so I had to recreate my pinned post @ryanflorence I’m actually considering selling, it’s no good for my bad back :( @ryanflorence then now you know more than I do!Best workshop material I've ever worked on. You're gonna want to come to this (April/May, 10 cities in the US):…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @ryanflorence you should talk to this guy @ryanflorence lol stack overflow tab @GroundControl for the hash (assuming node) - require('crypto').createHash('md5').update(imageBuffer)… @dan_abramov @jgabriel_lima when I was 11 and wanted to impress the girls in my class, I wrote a song where I copie… @andrioid @markdalgleish one can hope! @markdalgleish @dinosaras Presonus Eris E4.5the prettiest character is ✕
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