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anyone else heading here today? @jamiebuilds Oh damn you’re not wrong @oliverturner It’s a good one. A foot gun that shoots between your toes.I bet you ‘likes’ are still called favs/favourites in the dbs/codebase haha... entire codebase to see what bits assume differently and make changes eg - a moment, which I assume is an array…’s super interesting as an eng problem imo. The core functionality would be ‘simple’ - how do you patch on a muta…’d bet you that some twitter eng built a functional edit button in a hackathon/side project and it’s been shelved as low-priority.
@joshribakoff @kentcdodds @dferber90 Such a great post, I read this every few months or so.
@mjackson eslint-config-react-app in a heartbeat exercise to the reader is to recognise what conditions made this an acceptable (and scalable) solutionThe key to all ‘holy grail’ stuff is cheating and finding the right constraints. Here, Kent executes an async funct… has a way with the loop station! @BastianCreation and his neon guitar are starting us off with a bang💥…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @KiraArghy Too real @kyleshevlin Dunno! At a gig, that’s the setup. I’ll inspect the gear once it’s done :P @kentcdodds @dferber90 😮 @kentcdodds @dferber90 this is the dirtiest best hack I love it @dvdgee 🤟 Pastor Pastor of muppets I’m pulling your striiiiingswhat the 😍 @modernserf aha explains the fewer 'famous' people too @_baxuz Agreed, and it’s also easy to get it wrong. @_baxuz it _could_ if your caching isn't set up right. glamor/emotion's setup hoists values and stuff, so it's as f… @pratik_shah I also did but I’d heard it wouldn’t be necessary anymore 🤷‍♀️ @jamiebuilds 💋 @jamiebuilds I’ll never mute you 😘 @pratik_shah Disable “show the best tweets first” under “content preferences”(inb4 well aware the world is still on fire thx)My feed has become way more positive after some judicious muting and not seeing liked tweets anymore. Is twitter... good again? 😃If you don’t follow @AustenAllred yet (and Lamda School’s progress), you should. It’s a constant drumbeat of good n…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @ankurs3thi ahem.
@callmevlad @jensimmons @webflow this is extremely my jam, 🤤webrings, but for js lib docs sitesDesign is such a hard job @ryanflorence in awe @kentcdodds packages marked on npm @hhg2288 Maybe! Hard problem to do at scale, I don’t have good answers. @hwk73 I've read the post behind this! also there's a js implementation based on the same ideas here… @hhg2288 I understand I sound contrarian/dramatic, but I'm also not completely wrong. @hhg2288 it's *one* indicator, and _might_ bias out actual good content. the best example I can think of is amp pag… @aminpakseresht @jevakallio Yes @zainabbawa @hasgeek @ReactFoo I’m not certain, I might be traveling during that time :/ just waiting for some plans to fall together.It’s never going to be linux’ year on the desktop; there’s no money to pay designers or ux researchers 🤷‍♀️ @jevakallio Does this make you a Twitter Developer Advocate @GieselaarD I’m not so sure anymore @YurkaninRyan Strong agree
(This would be a great usecase for cloudflare edge workers I think?) @ericsfeed @kentcdodds Periodic reminder to install ad blockers for all your friends and family @RReverser truth. google et al could solve this overnight by shipping an adblocker with chrome. I’m also curious about the brave model.exclude your script tags when userAgent === googlebot, might as well get some SEO juiceWebsite speed metrics (ttfi, etc) are a terrible indicator of content quality, and shouldn’t be used to rank pagesMy new @FrontendMasters workshops are up! ✨ Gentle intro into #d3js targeted towards…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @modernserf I just skimmed the wiki article, and gotdamn my body is ready for JavaScript anarchy @oliverturner @satya164 (Muting thread now, happy to discuss at length over the next round of 🍺) @oliverturner @satya164 not solvable without server hints, of course (if it was, then this would be trivial). But a… @ryanflorence @satya164 Ok ok dad muting promise @oliverturner @satya164 Not sure I get the question, but if I’m reading you right - yes definitely, the library all… @treshugart @CompuIves @kentcdodds you say the when and where, I’m there. @kentcdodds @CompuIves get in line buddy, me first @satya164 Y’know, I honestly recommend UI devs to just setup Unity and do some tutorials (without even the code c#… @zpao @jamiebuilds @sophiebits Ah the old “Lgtm, but...”I just want watercolour backgrounds dammit @satya164 I tried :) css (the language) has very few computational directives, hard to add stuff on top of it (inse… @satya164 I don’t agree with this. The ‘majority’ is hobbled, and this only enforces the status quo. Good, maybe ev… @oliverturner @ryanflorence The Oliver turner problem - he’s so nice, I have to check twice to make sure it’s sarcasm 🤣 @satya164 (I’m just thinking aloud; I think linaria’s a jewel in our collective arsenals, but I want more :D) @satya164 I keep thinking that js engineers (myself included) are just not ambitious enough. It’s a hard problem, s… @satya164 (Should have prefaced with “imo” lol.) Because it disables a bunch of other optimisations that are attrac…, bleep bloop, you do you, maybe prepack and co. will ‘save’ us. 🕹 @pspeter3 svelte is a goddamned inspiration. I was just admiring @distillpub recently, and spotted sveltes telltale… @ryanflorence Yeah good call I’m not sure why I’m doing this frankly.Same for a file upload component, or consistent theming without overusing !important, or whatever. Examples of usa… of your bundle is dealing with product reqs that you can’t manage without tons of code that the platform doesn… related, it’s odd to me that people want static extraction of css so badly, but won’t touch the subject of… @ryanflorence @dizzyd Late 30s? Cool, so I should be getting better at this in... er, 2 months. 😣Ref: still the only lib that can correctly ‘polyfill’ css variables in browsers that don’t… get a real kick by seeing some of my ideas live long after the conf talks I hacked them together for lol Which… @dizzyd I struggle with this everyday.Ooh Babel macros makes it into this release. i18n, relay, whatever fun stuff you can think of. @kentcdodds @chrisdhanaraj @framer lovely side effect of it being electron (or cef?). #usetheplatform, as it were.… @Foxhoundn @ken_wheeler @Foxhoundn @ken_wheeler yeah that looks like a yellowjacket or a european hornet @Mandy_Kerr @TypeTerrance Wiiild, I love it @kentcdodds @chrisdhanaraj @framer emotion (and every other cssinjs lib) works just fine in framer x.I just learnt why peeps were RTing toad and I need to wash my eyes and brain out with soap nowToo many === I can’t find the one I’m looking for :PToo many tweets match the search phrase “kentcdodds love” @ateevchopra Does this.state have keys that aren’t in initialState? If not, why not just this.setState(initialState…! Вorеd... Anyone wаnnа сhat with tiny scripts? 👉 @ minifiiine 👈
Shipping is a mistake @AdamRackis @dan_abramov @left_pad You can’t install custom plugins on CRA. @samccone @oleg008 Oculus Connect traditional talk will be streamed live in Venues. If I can sneak away from the physical conventi…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @zainabbawa @dan_abramov @ReactFoo say yes Dan.Announcing #OC5 Livestreaming in Oculus Venues, Plus @voidvr and @ILMxLAB Bring ‘@starwars™: Secrets of the Empire’…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @_baxuz Ha! That thread has some other suggestions, may be worth checking out.this might also be because of