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@whymclovin @johnmaeda Can’t wait to see it, looking forward to all the videos from it!What a lovely boulder, I should push it all the way uphill, that should be very satisfying. @snookca Replied again! @ryanflorence Luck! @scottohara @keithjgrant Was this my post? I’d love some feedback; I’ve admired the stuff you’ve done and am eager… @keithjgrant Thank you! And please write the article with better arguments for it :) @necolas They could be more useful :/ doesn’t feel thought out most popular tweet in a long time is about variable names. I think I figured out how to become a thoughtleader everybody
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @_developit @matthewcp @olivtassinari @oleg008 Don’t feel bad! All good, thank you! @_nickwalt It’s really the same thing, based on good ol’ computer science. @_nickwalt how about memory management - do you want to manually manage memory like C? Or let a garbage collector manage it for you? @_nickwalt do you worry about the order of modules in a js bundle? Or do you let a bundler like webpack worry about it for you? @ken_wheeler @kentcdodds @ken_wheeler @kentcdodds @ken_wheeler @kentcdodds @ken_wheeler @kentcdodds @ryan_castner Yup @_developit @matthewcp @olivtassinari @oleg008 please retract/correct this Jason. It’s just not true. @kentcdodds @matuspeciar @Huink7 @seejamescode @kentcdodds I just wrote 1200 words on this lol. among other things, those class…
@kentcdodds @matuspeciar @Huink7 @seejamescode ☝️this guy gets it @matuspeciar @Huink7 @seejamescode @kentcdodds I add actual human friendly classes/data attributes by hand for that… @innovati I owe you more than a pithy reply on a gist; it’s my fault that I haven’t truly dived into your work. It… @kentcdodds the Dan RT, rip notifications @glenathan @fold_left @snookca perhaps! I like to think of it as enforcing view = function(data), which is the most… @tobie @mjackson @ppk @Vjeux @csswg yo @tobie big fan here, thank you! Prototype.js foreva. @mknepprath oh god I really hope so 🤗 @modernserf Kneejerk @mrmrs_ Not as much as I love you (I quoted you too! It was great to have actual data to “prove” a point)“The facebook codebase has thousands of !important statements, despite being written by competent engineers with so…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @drpoindexter Haha thank you! I’ll be happy even if this makes the conversation around the topic a little less combative/divisive. Cheers! @mjackson Mikeeeeee ☺️😊🥰"So the big deal about css in js is selectors." If you are wondering about the value proposition of CSS-in-JS, or…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @marcysutton still better than open plan layouts with free coffee @JeremyMorrell oh shit @JeremyMorrell I heard they’re making a comeback! (which really tickles the hipster side of me tbh) @aweary I just hit send *runs away* @ken_wheeler I remember being intrigued by this @aweary You joke, but I’m so worried this late night ramble is going to bite me on the ass 😶 @snookca Hi, I wrote a reply to this tweet I’m a gist. It got a bit long, but I hope it answers your question, even… @seldo @ryanflorence @chrisbiscardi hold me back, I might regret this @_developit @matthewcp @olivtassinari @oleg008 btw, we wouldn’t need the dev mode hack if browsers co operated :) a reply to a tweet, might be getting carried away @_developit @matthewcp @olivtassinari @oleg008 They usually make one style tag and insert rules into it, not sure w… for some Sr React devs who wanna work remote, slide in my DMs
Retweeted by Sunil PaiI'm joining the @instagram team! I'll be working on the Instagram web app and contributing a little to React Native
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @oleg008 Haven’t used myself, but looks closest to react hooks you ever roll your eyes so hard the back of your eyeballs hurt @dan_abramov @sophiebits Favourite post, ♥️⚛️ New on Overreacted: Why Do Hooks Rely on Call Order?
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @pakastin @jevakallio chicken butt @aweary @JoshWComeau Troglodytes, get on v8 isolates yesterday
As developers, we have a responsibility to make our applications not only usable by the people who use them, but al…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @cpojer accepted @cpojer @wongmjane I’m in awe. Incredible. @wongmjane 👀 oh you’re so good, I see what you’re trying @jamiebuilds @nstadigs @sophiebits Afk, I’ll write a gist in a couple of hours. (It’s just an idea and I haven’t th… @jamiebuilds @nstadigs @sophiebits One idea I had was to do css modules, but convert it to json. On server side, do… @ryanflorence @stephenrivasjr 🤓😏😉mood Status: adding more crap to our extension of Backbone.View
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @thegoodoommen And north and south and all the bits in the middle @ankurs3thi If you can’t handle me at my worst etc 😘 @thegoodoommen Let me blow your mind - bacon biryani. @ryanflorence @jamiebuilds @sincerely_tegan So for wrappers, imo still prefer function Styled(props){ return <div c… @_developit EHLO FROM THE SERVERSIIIIDE @gregwhitworth @sarah_edo has wanted h/w acceleration for svg since forever (666244) @brian_d_vaughn @dan_abramov they’re good functions, bryant @dan_abramov Function decorators and/or render props (*I* know, but I love your writing) @hwk73 globalised, rather! You’ve not lived till you eat gochujang as a pickle substitute. @tesseralis @jamiebuilds @sincerely_tegan Haha, just personal stuff, nothing new. (For now :P) @jamiebuilds @sincerely_tegan no argument from me! I honestly never understood the appeal for the styled syntax, bu… @aulisius_ I’m the Alpha-est of thought leaders 🕹 @keyanzhang Globalism is delicious af @aweary I will ping you after my pto with some ideas for 2019, would love your feedback :) @aweary I’m piqued. Always wonder what a first class syntax for components would look like. Also, really annoying… @jamiebuilds @sincerely_tegan Yeah agreed. I went down this thought process and ended up with glamor/css prop, seem…, dimsum, bacon for breakfast You can unfollow me, I deserve it @jamiebuilds @sincerely_tegan Just the decisions that vue took, to simplify associating template+script+style. @mtiller @sundaripai 😡😡😡The Best Breakfast
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @threepointone @reactjs I vaguely recall @Vjeux buying it (maybe?).
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @cpojer @reactjs @sophiebits This seems likely? There’s even a photo of it on the site @sincerely_tegan @jamiebuilds We should definitely try tho. Good project for anyone who’s inclined hint hint @sincerely_tegan @jamiebuilds Just the effort, really. It also means you can’t define multiple components in one fi… @tesseralis @reactjs I don’t even know yet if this team does offsites ha. If not, willfix for the London branch :P @MarkFunk @reactjs I haven’t seen it! But I haven’t spent much time there anyway.It even gets the font right. Lovely.From the mpk office (Is there a story behind this, @reactjs?)
@sundaripai 😡 @zainabbawa @wtf_khubo @ryzokuken I live 15 mins away from the gmt line, so technically yes. In spirit, HELL NO.We need to talk more about democratizing design systems Dedicated design systems teams are great, but everyone in…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @jamiebuilds Nah Jamie, you’re right. It’s a good thread.#clarityconf fomo