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@ayushjn_ @TwitterDev Feature flags aren’t controlled by users, you’re describing something else, and wouldn’t use… @swyx @Coding_Career @paulbiggar @dan_abramov @GergelyOrosz I mention something like piranha in the post. Would be a neat project for js. @ayushjn_ @TwitterDev I don’t think so, this is what I’d call a user preference. It’s doesn’t affect multiple people, just yourself.(This is a terrible time/day of the week to share, but... eh. I’ll retweet on Monday.)I did a write up on feature flags; what they do, and why they’re useful I hope it’s useful to you!
I wrote a quick note about sparse checkouts with git, you might find it useful Happy to d…
this was a good idea, staying off for even longer. later peeps.
brb @Rich_Harris I don’t understand, why does AMP disallow these?Follow @/trizzytrack on instaHappy 1st anniversary to this incredible performance has that ONE chair in their I created The Laundry Chair - the first chair ergonomically designe…
Retweeted by Sunil PaiAnd when she said “We’ll move to India forever”, I FELT THAT.When Tay said fuck you forever, I felt that @its_txbrown daaamnis/ought is/ought is/ought
@sxywu I’ve been following the FT tracker, fairly comprehensive, and they link to all their data at the bottom of… @jlengstorf @tlakomy @react_india we were so young, so pretty @devonbl is it because you’re using javascript 🥁 sorryUndefeated mask game, so hot 🌶 are essential to winning. I’d forgotten. @freezydorito feeling ill, taking the week off.🤢
@itsmadou @kripod97 @AndaristRake @mxstbr glam, not glamor. Compiled looks like it’s better tho. Glam also did fall… @kripod97 @AndaristRake @mxstbr @itsmadou built the worm twitter™ controversy, that’s enough Internet for today @fardarter @holtbt FUCK BROCCOLI, IT’S JUST IMPOSTER CAULIFLOWER that felt good aaaah @fardarter @holtbt If you can do this without hurting people and conveying context, you’re awesome. @fardarter @holtbt I also think there’s a difference between a public message (and being stripped of the context it… @fardarter @holtbt Besides that, it’s a perfectly reasonable choice for the people who use it for what it’s good at… @fardarter @holtbt No one’s in a position to “allow” or deny you anything. I’d recommend you critique technology by… @beefan @TwitterA11y I’ve heard the rationalisations about the internal CMS. Would love to see prioritisation and action instead, thanks!I should pick a taller hill to die on, this one’s getting old.2 more months and this is still not fixed. 3 more months to this bug’s 2 year anniversary! Thanks to all the PMs an… @glenmaddern oh god eww @freiksenet“C’mon bro you’ve seen this listing for the strato at least 400 times, and it’s at least 75% off, just buy the thing already pleeeease”I’ve replaced soho guitar/synth window shopping (my favourite thing, really) with fb marketplace/gumtree window sho… @holtbt I’m embarrassed by my own past when I did this. Really hate to see it happen inside React circles now, espe… @holtbt It’s the easiest tell of how long someone’s been around, how broadly they’ve explored the solution space, a… @freezydorito Mmmmmm no. Punt for weekend? @freezydorito I haven’t taken public transport in monthsoh shit it’s ~π day ~woohoo @peterpme @reasonml I'm a fan of reasonml!“Taking the £”, i.e. choosing to do something unsexy but more tangibly rewarding @GNUmanth Heh yeah! can’t find it now unfortunatelyEngineer is Tamil for ginger water. (PFA: Proof, via google translate) favourite @jjbbllkk just dropped a dope playlist of OP-1 tutorials. The weekend can’t come quick enough. Thanks… @wongmjane 200 million usd would be a good starting point for negotiations if I was a big ass software company who…
@rsms Curved! It only lasts a couple of seconds if I stare, but comes back if I don’t focus again @editingemily brutal, I’d never recover from that @BhashkarSharma I bet you could write a script that scans the codebase and points out used flags that are at 100%.… this illusion, where none of the necks seem straight. @BhashkarSharma Regular cleanups? Like once every N months or so. @kyehohenberger good advice @kyehohenberger This would be a good problem to have ha @_aatikakhan_ I don’t think so, you’re describing checkpoints I think? The linked article goes into depth.To clarify, I’m working on an internal guide. I know what it is, and we have the tooling, but I want to make sure t… @peaonunes No branches, all PRs to main, everything gets deployed/integrated immediately/ASAP @_duncanhall We have something internal, but a lot of people have recommended @LaunchDarkly(You should consider doing it yourself, abandon branching hell)Has anyone written a good guide on how to do feature flag driven, main branch only development? I’ve been working o… example - ‘return’ types of components that express side effects, not the top level element type (which was always useless)example usecase - import(‘some-component’) starts parallel fetches for linked css files inside it by defaultdoesn’t even need to be broadly generic, pick a f/w like react and build it specifically for that. once you solve f… @aweary nudge wink nudgeneed a language AND bundler with first class UI primitives
hope @SBinLondon the cousin 'necessarily' is the contrarian assholeWe are always looking for speakers for our meetup! #womenwhocode
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@greweb After playing superhot for an hour, when talking to someone irl I’d move my hands in circles to “make” them… @WickyNilliams yup you’re screwed. You can practice by throwing money into a trash can on fire. @WickyNilliams po33 wooo
@JessicaCregg pspspsps @oliverturner Yeah same! So good
A great thread from @JuliaLMarcus who's been so on point. We cannot shame or stigmatize people into public health c…
Retweeted by Sunil PaiZefrank is one of the OG YouTube stars, and his series on true facts about animals is awesome, worth the binge. Enj… you reply to this, nope, that’s drama too. Don’t meta-drama either. Get yourself a cookie instead. Or watch… maybe a little drama. Ration yourself one subtweet a month. And put some effort into it, it’s obvious when you’ve half assed the pile-on.You don’t have to participate in tech drama. Ever. Been living this for a few months and it’s amaaazing. Dodge that boring low-budget shit.hamster pics
Retweeted by Sunil Paiimo this shit perpetuates the caste system, I wonder if that’ll come up in the showI thought this was a spoof. Cringe. @chantastic Fuckin’ unnecessary @appsforartists 😂 @vbhvsgr @freezydorito Delete your spoilers sheesh @freezydorito He’s a child! Y’all... @freezydorito #remindme of this once lau’s done watching the whole thingMOAR"and more!"
@joshuaisgross 👀🍏 @DanielKempner const something = requireCond('someCondition?package1:package2') @suchipi yeah, but with granular permissions, and integrated well with other systems (like, it generates different… @padmaia OMG don't even jokerequireCond() would be sooo nice right about nowQuickly becoming the “at my last place we used to...” guy and it’s super annoying (to me and my colleagues) @dizzyd THANKS DADMissing fb gatekeeper a lot today, what solutions exist out there? Open source or otherwise, as long as it’s “good”. @brian_d_vaughn @PKodmad Go back to bed, 0.1gag