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@dan_abramov @brian_d_vaughn So cool! What bits did it not catch? I’m guessing that fragment stuff was done by hand? @ken_wheeler Like, you peeps have way bigger problems to worry about and be fixing (healthcare and education come t… @ken_wheeler Pretty impressive, he managed to shift the overton window onto a completely new axis. He’s appealing t… @rileyflorence0 @ReactRally Can you bring your doggo @kentcdodds @ReactRally Check your DMs @donavon @ReactRally More or less equivalent to a blue hyper cube tbh
@AdamRackis @BenLesh @davemethvin That’s what I believe, yes. Afk, can confirm in a bit. (If you think about it,… @AdamRackis @BenLesh @davemethvin Nope it’ll still use semver rules iiuc @AdamRackis @BenLesh @davemethvin Tie dependencies to different versions, that should do it @suchipi @ReactRally Yay see you there!Anyway I’ve bought tickets for @reactrally so I’m definitely showing up Come watch me chatter about VR for 20 minutes. I have demos! @slightlylate why would they want to make it harder for me to give them money just whybuying flight tickets with google flights was nice, until they plop you on the vendor page, after which it's just u… @RReverser you pinged me @RReverser hi @codebeast @TheLarkInn @lauragift21 @iChuloo @JemYoung @estellevw @MinaMarkham @adactio @sxywu @YellzHeard @shortdiv Killer lineup!I've had a lot of fun talking with @V_Kurbatov on my work at Oculus, prototyping, and #VR. Thanks for featuring me…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai🎉🎉🎉 So excited this is happening! If you're following me, please go follow Christian as well- he's always 3 steps…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @GabeRicard That’s the spirit. You’ll kick ass.
I’d also be happy if npm could recommend packages to install based on the 50 other unfinished projects I haveIs anyone shipping trained ML models on npm yet? Would be nice for colour palettes, spellcheck, spam detection, etc etc
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the groom and bride. Indian weddings are getting out of hand.
Retweeted by Sunil Pai🐠 Guppy has been open-sourced! 🐠 Guppy is a desktop application that replaces your command-line for React developm…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai🚀 Pose 2.1.0 and React Pose 2.2.0 Popmotion's animate anything update comes to Pose. Get your spring physics all u…
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@sharifsbeat Can agree. Another’s just a view of how they work- “we communicate features between and inside teams… to my newsletter for when we next discuss a burning topic “where did all the vars disappear”jquery devs were shamed for years for not being good at “fundamentals” (and still are?), but I bet they’ve got way… does “good at <X> framework” mean? They’re great at figuring out the lines between components and quickly tran… Someone who can bust out a couple of landing pages in a day that match design specs? Immediate hire. They ca… hard qn (for me). Would you hire someone who understands when to use gDSFP or someone who can reverse… @sarah_edo I try to watch the last half, those are usually the demo/fun bits🎥 I'm on a plane and wifi is bad but I've always been curious about something: If you watch talks online, what perc…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @giuseppegurgone Congrats on launch! Very novel idea, great execution✨ Excited to finally release a first beta of Deterministic Style Sheets! DSS is like CSS Modules but brings in…
Retweeted by Sunil PaiPOWER EXTREME XTREME xtreme ˣᵗʳᵉᵐᵉ
@giuseppegurgone why is that important?Petition to mark Islington as a no fly zone pls office has discovered beat saber, abandon shipooh rough day for js take: the touchbar is new coke @PKodmad @sydjs @gatsbyjs The new guess.js integration is pretty sweetShould dogs have surnames?
Run it up, run it up—@ASAPferg is coming to Oculus Venues, thanks to @nextvr and @LiveNation! Grab your #OculusGo o…
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@mtiller right? ~ 30 callsites in my current project
@AmeliasBrain @rachelandrew Hah, clearly not! @AmeliasBrain @rachelandrew You also used the app across 5 countries in 1 day(!), that could have triggered itThe “can you fix my WiFi” trope is actually about parents reaching out to the children they miss deeply, and we moc… @MrAhmadAwais @dizzyd @sarah_edo @dan_abramov @NikkitaFTW @CompuIves Also dizzy is super tall
@kentcdodds @JoshWComeau @acemarke Meeee @suchipi happy birthday! have a shot on me!
TOW satya discovers the statecharts rabbit hole🚀 @sharifsbeat use a key!
"WebSub is the successor to PubSubHubBub" my head hurts @tushnapatell @uppersivasankar we miss you! @kentcdodds Oh goodness my heart @kentcdodds @uppersivasankar Ha we got married in December (because India’s way cooler then). Today’s the anniversa… years. Xo rabbit, I love you. @squeepippery @ken_wheeler gosh, so much anger. I hope you find peace sometime. @markdalgleish o_O😱🎉 Why limit ourselves to purely static Sketch libraries? Just opened a PR to html-sketchapp, designed to allow you…
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@GabeRicard I miss this :( grew up about 10 mins away from the beach. Stupid inland metropolitan cities grumble bah @StillAgainst @_philpl @NikkitaFTW Yo if you’re asking me why the English name stuff the way they do I’m going to n… @_philpl @NikkitaFTW @StillAgainst I’ve been here. Can confirm, it’s the wooooorst.Happy @ken_wheeler day, 🇺🇸! More like him, please.My DnD character just got a dog named @PKodmad I’ll keep one aside for you @giuseppegurgone fuck yeah “weaponised morality”for the kind consideration of the javascript community @_baxuz @AdamRackis @devongovett @npmjs Tbf I do get called it myself in London way more than I’d expected ha @_baxuz @AdamRackis @devongovett @npmjs No, I meant something specific, and I’d never use that word. Please don’t. @borislit You can call flush(), but frankly I wouldn’t recommend it, more wins to be had by actually keeping the cache alive. @markdalgleish Race you to prod And... go!Tfw you invent something new, and now you actually have to flesh it out and make it good. Can’t wait to share eeeee @ken_wheeler Rocky 4? The dude defeats communism with his fists! @tikotzky LOL