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NB: I have NOT made a private twitter. I’d just like to be invited to one.I’m not saying you should make a secret twitter for your friends but if you are I can provide references to score an invite @monzo Everything? 😅 it’s nice to have something put away out of sight. @monzo I’m a big fan of savings pots, great work. Love getting the notification when I hit my goal. @tlakomy would you prefer to be blocked by someone you *have* interacted with? Happy to oblige @vincentriemer Very cool work. Surely there’s a limit on correctness? Do you plan on versioning the db? @bell_oron There are literal case studies in the article. I don’t know how more specific to get.
@ken_wheeler My guess @ryanflorence @davatron5000 (Sorry for butting in!) I’d use ctrl-cmd-space to insert it, so I’d prefer one that has an easy search word.If you're gonna take advantage of webpack magic, it's nice to admit it right there in your imports ✨
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @ryanflorence This can be grepped too! Doooope. @bell_oron Read the linked article? @bell_oron That’s not true, especially if you’re unaware of the harm that it could cause if not shared/used with context. @jdan I know, I think I was mostly reminding myself. soapbox consumption commentary.There’s an inherent problem with voluntary data sharing: selection bias. The conclusions yo… @TatianaTMac All of ‘em? 😅 @TatianaTMac You’re not in my college buddy group! @TatianaTMac One of those great nights, we discuss it on the group DMs often some photos I took of Sonam Sherpa when Parikrama performed at college in 2005. Amazing gig, and we got drunk… @jongold I get very little playing time, so I’d rather have 50 good presets in a cheapo zoom unit, y’know? Plugin a… @freezydorito @tlakomy Didn’t work for me, probably a bug for the iOS app @freezydorito I’ve been feeling like shit since yesterday, but unsure how to communicate it. I understand the inten… @tomduncalf Huh that does sound good. What’s the data cap/fair use on this? That’s usually my problem
@NikkitaFTW @ryanflorence @jlongster Loren released it under Innovator’s Patent Agreement @ryanflorence It’s no fun if your guitar isn’t actively trying to stab youIt’s so pretty Synth/Guitar nerds! I'm selling my @empress_effects ZOIA + accessories. hmu found 10£ in my backpack! Great day
I can turn it on and off on command, which is super convenient. Good skill, well done me.I will embrace and cherish and wear my dork-acity on my chest and you’ll have to watchPrince of Dorkness 🧛‍♂️ (It’s me) @seldo I hope No One is your president for the next 4 years. I like No One. No One has always come through. No One… Metal is 50 🎂
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@vincentriemer sick @suchipi @suchipi Way more tame than it suggests."Be the change you want to see in this world" I am now 27 rupees.
Retweeted by Sunil PaiToday we're launching a new GitHub team in India – the world's largest democracy. Indian developers, please let us…
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @ken_wheeler Get a succulent*poke poke* @TwitterEngThis should be - on by default - searchable - visible even when you haven't enabled the OS options - available fo… @karanganesan very cool! @hennessyevan @Telerik I was thinking more like a marketplace, but sure! @p_syche_ @KevinDavus BEST. FKIN. SHOW.I miss 30 rock so much. Best fkin show ever.There’s a 30 rock episode about “Leap day” celebrations, and how Liz Lemon has no idea what it is because she’s nev… @seldo DATA ANALYST? Haha. @jevakallio @elibelly 🥓 @jevakallio Your face is poorly formulated @jevakallio Not distinguished elderly or a scientist @rickhanlonii You are neither distinguished nor a scientist
@rileyflorence0 HI PENNY I LOVE YOU @WickyNilliams Yes! @alexeyraspopov Aiming for companies and offering support. Not for the casual hobbyist. Imagine a 1000$ monthly sub… @DavidKPiano Statecharts as the product is an interesting idea. Like ICs. @tesseralis THOUSANDS. @DavidKPiano yeah why not! I’m serious about the b2b infra/support angle. @clutchcreator I’d love to try it out! @tesseralis I want MORE. Hundreds.This isn’t an original idea, but I can’t comprehend why it isn’t a bigger deal/hasn’t been done to death yet.Ffs, extjs still sells its stuff. Jquery widget marketplaces were (are?) a thing. Get paid.An online store - for components, across f/ws - for money, which can buy support - and generates invoices, licens… @davidbrunelle @rem fwiw I also think “cloud” and “serverless” have done a terrific job of communicating networking… @rem The replies here are so mean, almost gatekeep-y. 😕 no one’s suggesting improvements either. eg- “stupid” isn…*stares at tech twitter* @mostruash @AndaristRake @wSokra @babeljs @reactjs That would still get DCEed in production tho @hdjirdeh @addyosmani @ChromeDevTools I'll dive into this later this week! if I'm lucky I'll try to send you a PR :)That line from American Gods: keep your head down, do your own time.
Retweeted by Sunil Pai @addyosmani @ChromeDevTools @hdjirdeh found it @addyosmani @ChromeDevTools @hdjirdeh Could you point me to where these heuristics are defined in the lighthouse so… @freezydorito thanccOk this has some interest! I’ll do this after the next React release. @wSokra @AndaristRake @babeljs @reactjs One concern is it’ll affect custom jsx pragmas that *have* side effects (li… @AndaristRake @wSokra @babeljs @reactjs I understand that, but it’s not clear to me how common this is @AndaristRake @wSokra @babeljs @reactjs Is this a common pattern, of unused element trees? I don’t recollect seeing it @rickhanlonii This is a very silly tweet but I stand by it @rickhanlonii Everyone’s a monkey, so it’s their god given right @wSokra @babeljs @reactjs Could you explain why? Thanks! @monicalent Yikes @i_hate_pasha I thought dan had written something, can’t find it atm. @stubbornella @vuejs Radiohead 😮 and more at @duailibe I’ll start writing down something soon.Secret sauce are some big companies using @vuejs for their sites? I want to look at traces and learn how they vary by frame…
Retweeted by Sunil PaiThinking of making a talk (post? video?) about how React/FB use console.log/console.error. It’s very cool, and imo…
@Daniel15 could I have the thinkpad keyboard + macbook trackpad? plsthx.Such a good account. Follow. @chantastic @ReactPodcast @rtfeldman @lexi_lambda @hillelogram Great post! I dig it.I blogged! Inspired by recent posts by @lexi_lambda, @hillelogram, and others. "What would you pay for type check…
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@s3rioussam Oh it’s *that* paper. Disregard. Found a bunch of recent tweets with the word in it, I retract my reasoning. @s3rioussam I bet they have an aggressive filter that blocks “tramp” and the writer’s on a deadline @ken_wheeler wants to spend their social capital on a truly contrarian opinion