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She/He. 🇧🇪x🇲🇺 Digital Designer&Photographer in Osaka 🇯🇵 大阪在住のベルギー人のwebデザイナー&フォトグラファー。♡物→ デザインや撮影、ユーチューブ、筋トレ、SF映画とドラマ。FR・EN・日本語・한국어공부중・IG: ThroughDexEyes

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リビングのビフォー・アフター 同じ角やのにほんまに他所みたいw 雰囲気全然ちゃう。 一人掛けのチェアも置けるかなぁ〜 リラックスできそうな角にしたい。 @RillJapan C'est chouette, je trouve ! En Belgique j'étais avec qqun de TRES sociable aussi, on s'était arrangé du… @kween_artemis @RillJapan Le gros red flag... Au moins, maintenant tu sais 😭 @RillJapan @kween_artemis Avec mon copain on est tous les deux solitaires du coup on a pas bcp d'amis = on est tout… @kween_artemis @RillJapan Quelle horreur @RillJapan @kween_artemis Je me disais bien que ça n'arrivait pas souvent mais jamais c'est fou xD Ca doit vraiment… @kween_artemis Ca se passe comment quand ils se voient en couple avec ami.e.s en plus 😭 @tokyojink Merciii 😍 Au fait, j'ai acheté le shaving duet de Aesop à mon copain pour nos un an et il adore 😆
@nezimbecker 😂😂😭😭 @Karim_abdh5 I know je dois la faire réparer 😂😂 @__Nnyy_ Emménagement avec mon copain et on a adopté ce petit monstre sur pattes @AndrewJamesMD Finally smth cool happened! haha Btw they found me through Unsplash 😊The company (Belgian, btw, love that) that contacted me at the beginning of the year to have a contract with me for… @Yana_Yz @anocam_ @mikantheorange Basically Nox 😂 She hates the outside world... Cant blame her, she got it from me 😂 @anocam_ @mikantheorange im jealous because my cat is a 100% indoor cat 😂😭 i wanna go on walks with Nox too
@sai_frame OK I'm gonna insist. I just asked the reason of why they can't credit it. It isn't hard to add a "photo… @DonaxND OK that was exactly what I was thinking too 😂 @Ninineji Right 😂😂 They're probably just trying to get the picture for free as they must be thinking Im a basic ins… @Naerika C'est ça quoi ! Et je comprends vraiment pas pourquoi ils peuvent d'un coup pas mettre mon ID juste parce… @Ninineji Right?? I guess I'm gonna tell them to pay for it and if they won't, I'll tell them that I won't let them use it then... @sydneydesu Haha my mother is also very chill and was on my side too 😂 I feel you completely... Good luck with your… @sydneydesu It was SO frustrating because I was actually that teen who wasn't doing anything 😩 Always home alone on… @sydneydesu I feel you, my dad stopped when I came back from my internship here when I was 21, but until then I had… @sydneydesu This is insane... you lived and worked abroad, you know how to take care of yourself... @DeadBlueMorpho Merciiii 😍 @Yana_Yz Thank youuu 😍 @miyavizmm ありがとー!! @_alexdayo ありがとう!!
@lindiebee I'm so happy I could understand your message in Afrikaans with my limited Dutch skills haha @sydneydesu Omg 😵ちょうど一年前🤩 2人でヘルシーやった!笑 year 🤩♥️ 一年記念日!休みとってユニバ来た!!! @AmbroiseVelvet @Ninineji @writerofscratch Belgium too 🙋🏽‍♀️
@tokyoiteee hahaha I guess j'y ai pas pensé car on le disait en JP tout le temps, du coup 😂 @tokyoiteee J'ai bossé 2 fois sur les gifs qu'il y a sur le site, j'y ai jamais pensé 😂 😂 😂 Maintenant je ris trop omg
@StreetandSonder That second one 😍 @INTcitizen Après faut dire que ça marche bien au niveau de leur public ! @remurance Sacrilège今ベルギーに帰ったら、 どんなストリート撮るのかなぁ。 Brussels, Belgium Canon EOS Kiss x5 / 50mm 1.8 2018
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆ @Naerika De quel genre ?? C'est fou ça ! J'ai une forte tolérance à la douleur en général aussi mais là c'était pas… @misshanake Pansexual bigender here 🤩 @Naerika Mon dieu courage 😭😭 De mon expérience en juillet passé, si y a un truc cassé c'est limite impossible de ma… @ArtComptant Aaah 😵Sunday 23:30... I finally uploaded my new video about my web designer job in Japan! 🥳 I talk about the differences…
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆ @senamoun C'était trop bon 🤤やっとタートルネック着れるー🤩 It's the turtleneck time of the year againnn yessss 🤩
@anocam_ 😍😍😍😍😍Lost in thought Feature: Sushil Nash
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆ @lwi_611 なんも書かずにリツイートのボタン押したら普通のリツイートになる!ほんまにめんどさい @AmbroiseVelvet It has always been one of my fears!!! 😵 As a kid I was always shaking them before putting them on 😂…てか27日になったら骨折してから3ヶ月! ほんまに3ヶ月で治るな。3ヶ月は長いと思ったら早かった。足首ほんまによくなって来た。 普通に歩けるようになった。歩き方も速度も普通になった。 そして今朝足の運動したけど、左足首だけの運動をしたら大丈夫そうやった。ただバランスが超悪いw ずっと落ちそうやったww バランスの練習しないとw… @sunakosatoru Merciiii, tu dois etre servie maintenant, comment tu me harcelais pour en faire !! mdr
@Ninineji je meurs😭😭 @migaki13 でしょうww 面白いw 自分でつくれるやんww自炊めんどくさいからウーバー頼もうと思って、 でもヘルシーのが食べたいからヘルシーの探したら、 こうゆの出たwwww 確かにヘルシーやけどwwww新しい動画をアップしました🎉 大阪市に住んで好きなことと嫌なことについて話したで!よかったら見てね🥳 New video on my channel🎉 I talk about the things I like & don't…
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆ @tokyoiteee @Ninineji 😂😂😂 @Ninineji @tokyoiteee J'ai aussi bugué au début !!! Puis en réfléchissant plus longtemps j'ai compris 😂 😂 @AlfieJapanorama Those thumnails are so Japanese, so ダサい I cry 😂I've been alternating fun vlog videos with the bf and videos where I talk alone in front of the camera, and this wa… have such a fun video idea with my boyfriend for my next youtube video 🤩 I'm going to record it on Saturday, I'm so excited about it 😂
@Dr_kait0 Oooh, ça fait un moment que je veux prendre ça en photo mais j'y suis pas encore arrivé ! Je n'ai pas bcp… @AndrewJamesMD It's unsplash!
How fast it goes up 🤯 love when this happens 🎉 Thank you @unsplash @FreXxX @marimeiku It is!! I just love yoghurt + dry fruits 🤤 @marimeiku Lemme know when you do! I'm curious haha @marimeiku Haha that's true 😂 My favourite though is the white Asahi one 😍 15g of proteins and it tastes gooood @marimeiku I was so excited too when I saw it 🤩 But only 5g of prots compared to the 15.9g of inバー 😢 @Ninineji @_jasminewho めっちゃ綺麗です😍 @Ninineji please make a cake for next time you come to Osaka 🤤 @Ninineji Aaah I think I see who they are 😂 @Ninineji Really?? I hear them speak sometimes but most of the time I just hear them typing on keyboard 😂 Thank youuu 😍🔎 Feature: Ulysse pcl
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆ @ilovegraphics I feel this, in Belgium I used to work with Flemish people so I had a slight Flemish accent in EN😂 I…今ベルギーに帰ったら、 どんなストリート撮るのかなぁ。 Brussels, Belgium Canon EOS Kiss x5 / 50mm 1.8 2018
@Hisa0808 @cram_box @jkobari @_jasminewho @riku_yamashita @taromoberly @nobu_112_ やっとね!楽しみ!😁 @cram_box @Hisa0808 @jkobari @_jasminewho @riku_yamashita @taromoberly @nobu_112_ 家の近くや!絶対行く!!いつなん??もう一枚あった😍 @Ninineji Merci 😍 Ouiii ils sont magnifiques, et autant à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur ❤️この写真思い出した... ポトレ撮りたい😶 Canon EOS Kiss x5 / 50mm 1.8 2018 @philknall @capsulebutt I used to do both as a child haha Under the tongue or the armpit @Jii_en 😂😂😂 I don't have any other experience in other JP companies so it's nice to see if it's just mine or if it's a general thing haha
@senamoun ♥️♥️♥️ @sydneydesu いいねいいね😍Sunday 23:30... I finally uploaded my new video about my web designer job in Japan! 🥳 I talk about the differences… @hulylypon @nandiJKJ I DON'T *out*Primary colors 原色
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆ちょうど一年前の東京🗼📸 FujiFilm X-T3 / 56mm 1.2 Tokyo, Japan 2019.10.06
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆この写真を撮ってからもう3年が経った🤯 一年しか経ってない感じがするけど笑 まだブリュッセルに住んでたなぁ。 Canon EOS Kiss x5 / 50mm 1.8
Retweeted by Laura Dex ☆
@A__punch J'ai vu ça, j'ai fait la meme tete 😂 Qu'on laisse cette pauvre série tranquille @AndrewJamesMD Rightttt 😂 Same for different browsers, Firefox is 🔥with lots of contrasts and saturation and Chrome… struggle is real for design and photography as well 😂😢
@FrenchieInTokyo Trop mimi 😍 Joyeux anniversaire !! @lemelodychan This is such a lovely video! I'm sorry to hear about the funeral and I hope you and your familly are OK 😢 @tkcartworks すごいね!!書くのもよくなったね!さすが! @sydneydesu I only got Ani 5 months ago but I already think of how sad I'm going to be when she leaves us in 14-15…