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ThundaRaven⚡🔞 @ThundaRaven Amateur Voice Actor

I am the Himbo Beyblader PNG Model/3D: @machopiika Ambassador of @ArtesianBuilds #Vtuber #ENVtuber #VStreamer #ThundArt

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@Onizuurin Turns out I'm the one who needs education after allI've had a lot of setbacks and to say they don't hurt is a lie. I try not to involve others in my business cause… raided into @NanaSundaeVT Go check her outthank you to 1968_jeep_wrangler for the raid I appreciate it <3ANYWAYS thanks for the fun unplanned stream MY FUCKING GOD I THOUGHT ITWAS SATURDAY THATS WHY I STREAMED FUCK \ 4From one sparky birb to a mischievous bengal, I'm glad you're around. I hope you feel better soon! @xLadyLokix the…'m going to sell gamer boy clout water, making a Kickstarter rn🔴LIVE NOW🔴 It's time to touch grass and go fast, plus I have new redeems and stuff! of you treat social interaction like an elaborate game of chess. Be genuine, speak the truth, and be kind. Tha…
Retweeted by ThundaRaven⚡🔞 @lucibubz LMAO I THOUGHT IT WAS SOMEONE RANDOM
@roxoah_ Piers is one of my fav gym leaders tbh @lucibubz They drew a heart @Zungiebungie Ahhh i looked it up i seeeeee @Panik_Bby Damn you right just seeing you does the trick 😏Good morning, yes im late for my own stream, and yes there will still be a stream today, sorry my body isnt working recently @Panik_Bby You keep drawing people in underwear and im gonna act tf up @Zungiebungie Idk what it is but GOOOOSo like i dont know how i manage to like not water it for 2 weeks and then i remember and do it properly and this t… @Panik_Bby Thats just the beginning bbYeah I do really be like "We're gonna make raven look like he fucked yo mom, yo dad, and yo cousins."Kinda cringe, this is irrefutable evidence and its very despicable. Its sad to see every couple of weeks thing li… @kingduane26 Idk but that shit scarred my childhood @CelestialVT_ @profdragmire +_+ @CelestialVT_ DO NOT @Leocr127 @KonchiiUtakon WOWIE THAT'S SO INTERESTING I'M INCREDIBLE INCLINED TO CARE ABOUT THIS AND YOU'RE TOTALLY NOT A BOT RIGHT? @Avendaria_ Yeet my ass in a god damn river, bet @CelestialVT_ @profdragmire NO NEED TO FEAR CELESTE +_+ @profdragmire Hey bb i be looking at that flat chest and all I can think is how I could use you as a chopping board and thats fucking hot @lucibubz Im so proud of you @domoarigathanks They cheap, they aint even gone for the 10+ days option smhListen you aint wrong, but still STOOOOOOOP is jerry, dont be like jerry, respect the people around you and only ask their underwear colour if you're draw… been watching majo no tabitabi and I am FUCKING IN LOVE with the story @freddyf202 fucking dying @DreamlikeMelody Damn dream you got 6 eyes and you're still too blind to see how incredible your voice is, literall… some reason i cant access twitter on my pc rn @AkamiHebiko YO I SEE THIGH SQUISH WE LOVE THAT SHIT @WildBunnicorn @freddyf202 My side, the side that wants to see sexy people in sexy swimsuits. @WildBunnicorn @freddyf202 You do it too @freddyf202 Do it cowardThank you guys for the stream today! I hope you all have been feeling wonderful <3
2022🔴LIVE NOW🔴 Alright, it's time to game gamers! Link in replies! #Vtuber #Vtubers #ENVtuber #ENVtubers @NanaSundaeVT Annihilate them with the guns fuck the healing @KonchiiUtakon THE LAND OF THE TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE you make a percussive AMV like this I will literally marry you @KonchiiUtakon Cute as hell you can have ALL my coffee crisps @KonchiiUtakon 😈😈😈 @KonchiiUtakon 😏😏😏 @NajaAn_VT Headpats and handholding the lewdist acts of all @KonchiiUtakon be afraid @mlHelixAGT HECK YAH BBUpdate: I got sick because I didnt eat enough today and then had to get out of it LMAO @MayChanVT YUP @killycatt_ All the more to touch you with @MayChanVT I JUST HOPPED OUT BEC OF SICKEY @MayChanVT YAS BABYAlright i fucking did it @SupImLumi im not even a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird @SupImLumi F's for lumi @snowykamivt Borbment @Kiri_Poi yo you hella right get it real deep in there @AkamiHebiko THAT IS MINTY FRESH
@snowykamivt Pretty borb @LovMura DAYUM LOOKING FINE AF @Kiri_Poi It has a lot of toppings @kingduane26 @killycatt_ @fairlysarcastic Omw to "help" @spectorwolf_VT BOI DONT GET PUT IN PRISON BR SAFE AS YOU CAN MAN HOLY MOLY @Amorrette_EN You fucking deserve it they found you because of your lovely attitude, great content and interactivity, YOU KILLIN IT AMO @kingduane26 LMAO @MizunoNeo @Goemon_AZ Get destroyed nerd perish to the workoutIM STRONG AF I CAN DO THIS I'M GONNA BEAT UR ASS. WATCH ME. okay maybe go a little easy??? @Goemon_AZ PS: could…
Retweeted by ThundaRaven⚡🔞 @Onitatts Bet @TeddyyRae Dont worry Teddy You'll enjoy it <3 @Panik_Bby EHE @Panik_Bby LISTEN I GOT AN ALT VERSION THATS SO FUCKING GREAT @_Sweaty_ but I can compare to your tiny brainMAN THIS ANIME CAST MEME IS HARD IDK WHERE TO PUT PEOPLE @freddyf202 I facepalmed @lucibubz Didya know for the low low price of very fucking cheap you get access to a plethora of well-photographed… sent the love over to @_Killakuma Check em out over at you to the lovely raiders: @CaerRavynna, @NateDog_Ch and @freddyf202 for the raids. I swear ima kiss yall on… I had such a lovely time today, thank you guys for the support and love you fucking wonderful beans, WE…'m gonna make this 10x better than yall realize drop your pngs and ill assign you a role! #Vtuber #ENVtuber #Vtubers @SinnamonSucc OOOOOOOOOOO EXCITE🔴LIVE NOW🔴'm gonna do some unboxing and take a look at all the throne gifts that came in today! I don't have the energy to… @defineprog gotchu bb ill hit u up when I learn, I also sing a bit 👌 @defineprog GIVE ME 1 MONTH AND SOME COCAINE AND ILL RELEARN GUITAR? @defineprog Baby ask and im there for you, fuck id even be the hype man in the back of a diss track going "YUH" for you @comfyLenox Its sad that people dont realize this, the reality is that if someone is skilled you would want to hire… its been impossible to do work or even wake up at a reasonable time, i swear im trying to get stuff done I'm g…
@shinominya LOOKIN CUTEI HAVE SOMEHOW MADE 2 VIDEOS PLAY AT THE SAME TIME AND ITS BROKEN HELP if you dont look like THIS dont talk to me have no fucking clue whats happening in the first episode of osomatsu sna but im vibing bro @Panik_Bby Man uta prince got nothing on osomatsu-san