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The true beauty of a self-inquiring sentient universe is lost on those who elect to walk the intellectually vacuous path of comfortable paranoid fantasies.

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*Like Nixon but without the integrity.* -How History will remember Trump Change my mind.yup... just checked.... Baked Alaska arrested! :-D
@mashwacker with my isolated xmas dinner :-)
next one will be in about a month... on tasting quantum nuclear effects! 😉 @KJCByrne @Mark_Lorch @scottishscicomm @hannahroseSC @thunderf00t @RSC_EiC
Retweeted by thunderf00tawww.... thats a shame!
..... plus obama didnt need someone else to sit his exams for him! fan violatives release conditions to livestream himself breaking the law again! Stupidity level: MAGA!!!!!! lets try that again!HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHH!..... yes its a complete surprise to all of us! 🤭🤭 comedy writes itself :-D take it this means @ClayTravis condemn the US War of Independence. I seem to recall that started off wit… Im still struggling with one of the most ruthless caplitaists on the planet (Jeff Bezos) being called a wo… you think they started out as a single money grubbing corporation. But now, for some unexplained reason, theyve… @physicsman cool.... so according to you all the successful tech companies are left wing. Doesnt that mean they ar… @DonaldGBillings whats more, im pretty sure if bin laden had said afterwards that pursing him for his crimes would… @maritanlive lol... that list for trump gets a LOT shorter after the whole 'storming the heart of US democracy' thing! ;-) @physicsman .... then it must be VERY easy for you to tell me why. But for some reason youre not! or maybe your br… someone from the 'get woke go broke' community explain to me how they think all the financially successful tech…
@AFLoneWolf1 the whole thing with a maga riot storming the heart of american democracy.... says YES!!!Trump Impeached for the second time!
.....THIS is what it looks like to live inside an idiocracy!
@sofain yeah... that for me was the walk away moment. If your in there and have since has a change of heart... good on you! :-) @shoe0nhead @rarleidavid ... ive got no regrets! of the shitlords of merely 4ish years ago (the ones I 'quit'), you…!!!! Alex Jones is repeating liberal talking points about not storming the heart of US democracy!! ALEX JONES H… @mashwacker when a man doesnt understand the difference between a riot, and storming the heart of democracy..... yo… it now.... when Trump next gets a social media account... his first post will be 'very fine people, on both… moderate far leftist Dim Tool knocks it outta the park again!!! #AnatomyofCapitolAttack TURN SOUND ON! I submit this video as evidence in the Impeachment of Donald Trump.…
Retweeted by thunderf00twow...... @TheDjOfChoice you seem very relaxed about a right wing mob storming the heart of US democracy. Is there some 'wh…'why wont he MSM tell the truth about the peaceful whitehouse protests!' 🤪🤪 effort needs to be made to identify, arrest, and prosecute every one of these people. They’re beating a fall…
Retweeted by thunderf00tSounds like an amazing deal... just send them the links to all your FB videos and you're covered! 😉 heres your peaceful protesters in action! @Winston_N84 interesting you went with that image rather than the same mob killing a police officer with a fire ext…'ALL I DID WAS STORM THE CAPITOL WITH THE INTENT OF OVERTHROWING DEMOCRACY.... and THIS ... is how the treat US!!!!…!!!! The silencing of the Radical Right is REAL!!! 😂😂😂 where can people have the free speech to commit their open sedition?!!! Where will it end? Puppy videos! its awesome! :-)
Somewhere on the internet there are a lot of Qanon conspiracy nutters saying - 'I dont get it.... why is Donald Tru… unfair... RIGGED. He trusted the plan and this is how it ends?!?! What I really dont get is why he looks like a… jumpsuit man!!! I hear they got one just like it that fits adult diaper for Trump!
@snowwhitejrm @thunderf00t First they came for the Nazis, and I didn't speak out... Because I was not a Nazi. Then…
Retweeted by thunderf00tIm not sure if encouraging sedition counts as 'free speech'. Or do you think all terrorists should have the right… can’t make this shit up: Woman trampled in Capitol riots had 'Don't tread on me' flag
Retweeted by thunderf00tOk joke for you. What's the difference between the US capitol building & Mordor?
Retweeted by thunderf00tAhhhhhh.... karma cometh... and that right soon!!!!! @OPwisely yeah.... I dont like people getting banned... but 5 ppl died in DC incited by trumps BS, and twitter was… @OPwisely yeah... its not like he was inciting sedition from his account or anything.... oh wait....Wow... woke up this morning to realize ... I HAVE MORE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER THAN TRUMP!!! TIRED OF WINNING YET BIO…🤣🤣🤣 Banned from twitter!
Now imagine if he had been re-elected.
Retweeted by thunderf00tATTENTION @MAGA YOU ARE BEING LIED TO! The @realDonaldTrump concession was staged by ANTIFA. Its FAKE. Dont belie… @agameraaron @Maga no... this was defiantly faked by antifa! you can tell because he's not quite the right shade of orange. Clearly fake!!BREAKING NEWS @MAGA An Antifa operative working with big-tech twitter and The Deep State have posted a fake false… CRAP! Im surprised she didnt die then and there on the road! Its sad.....but honestly kinda predictable. This… Fuck trump DAY folks 👍 🐿️ 🐹 😎
Retweeted by thunderf00t @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by thunderf00tnormally I would laugh... but having seen Fox news coverage of the last 24 hrs, its getting difficult to tell! 🤪
If loudmouth Parler isn’t careful, it’s going to blow the whole “It was ANTIFA” lie seditious coconspirators in Con…
Retweeted by thunderf00tWow. Highly recommend taking 7 minutes away from watching Congress. The British news media perfectly captured today…
Retweeted by thunderf00tyes indeed Tim.... what were people thinking! 🙄! Universe (as seen from within the MAGA cult) @thunderf00t It is astonishing how these people lack the ability to see the part they played in this
Retweeted by thunderf00t @davoshka_hinter so you would be happy for islamic preachers 'just listing' made up outrages of why muslims should…! you feel that way about Islamic preachers who are 'just listing why they are so angry and 'just warning' whats g… @thunderf00t tf, don't shoot the messenger
Retweeted by word... enabler! who could have seen it coming.... sigh...... #MAGA crowd is staggeringly hypocritical.
Retweeted by thunderf00tTrump’s MAGA cult in one photo.
Retweeted by thunderf00tNot a big fan of Joe Scarborough but holy smokes he just went off on the Capitol Police, Trump, Giuliani. Don Jr. a…
Retweeted by thunderf00t @thunderf00t thought you might like this
Retweeted by thunderf00t @YAGWG little known fact.... the powerplant for that nuclear bomber still exists at EBR1 in Idaho.... you can just… 2021, Before we continue with this relationship, we need to have a little talk. 😡
Retweeted by thunderf00tThis aged very poorly.
Retweeted by thunderf00t2016: After 2020: After Hillary’s loss Trump’s loss
Retweeted by thunderf00tSo many white conservatives have a sudden whiplash of cognitive dissonance, and they will latch on to the most ridi…
Retweeted by thunderf00tAs a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, D.C., we have required the removal of…
Retweeted by thunderf00tHere’s my statement on today’s violence at the Capitol.
Retweeted by thunderf00twE’rE tHe pArTy oF LiNcOLn
Retweeted by thunderf00t'if we come back we wont be peaceful' while coming out of a door with 'murder the media' written on it..... WOW! has locked Trump’s account. He’ll get it unlocked 12 hours after he removes the policy breaking tweets OR i…
Retweeted by thunderf00tWOW!!!! Even twitter!! The walls are really closing in for @realDonaldTrump now!
Pence called in the troops.
Retweeted by thunderf00t"We love you. You're very special." I wasn't expecting much. This is so much worse.
Retweeted by thunderf00tShoutout to Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, Andy Ngo and all the others as they slowly walk away while whistling casually wi…
Retweeted by thunderf00t........everything is fine....... :-\ it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by thunderf00tWATCH: Rioters turn against reporters near the U.S. Capitol
Retweeted by thunderf00tRight-wing terrorist uses a steel barrier as a battering ram at the US Capitol
Retweeted by thunderf00tcan someone verify this?!