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Terrance @thunter86 Los Angeles, CA

USC MBA '23 | Retail & Shopper Marketing Manager | Advancing the Black Gay Agenda 🏳️‍🌈 | Professional Beyonce Fan | INDY ✈️ MPLS ✈️ LA

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@BrandonGraves_ I know they are sick of hearing Jodeci. 😭😭My neighbors gotta know when I'm high because all I do is blare 90's R&B all evening. @MrAmbitious12 Oh jeez, honestly skip the first spin-off it's awful but it takes place before everything in X1. The… @MrAmbitious12 The timeline is a mess but I can help ya sort it out., just do it on a Teams meeting and call it a day. Jesus. professor really gave us a whole paper due on MLK Day. It's very anti-Black. @stawpfeenin I need to have a conference call with my fellow tops who are using crisco oil. They need guidance. 🥴 @stawpfeenin Crisco vegetable oil?!!!! @Prince_Cardia Chh, at this point it’s looking like it.Excuse me?? bae. ⛰️🏞️
@hoodopulence @hoodopulence Definitely @hoodopulence I was just thinking I wanted to host/join a run about it!!! I’m there.I like surprises but I’d at least like a small hint so I dress appropriately. Like, your ex doesn’t care sweetie move on. @urban_elegance That part! Doing all this for nothing. LolNot sending me a pic of “This is what you missed out on” because I fell asleep last night. Men are so childish. 😂🤣 @JayknowlesT I’m in LA. 🙁Well, I’m high again. @LandoGoesWest I’m not ok. @BoilmyCauldron The thought of having to find another barber...I'm spiraling. 😩My barber just disappeared off the face of the Earth. Booksy is gone, not responding to text messages...I'm in distress. @angryblkhoemo “We have to shower” OMG I gagged. I wouldn’t want a bottom anywhere near my dick and balls if I ha… @LandoGoesWest Traffic out there was nuts.I learned my lesson. I’m not driving out to Malibu at 1PM on a Saturday for a hike again cause I’m just now getting…
@BabaTheGreat2 Pescatarian! @alexgreen713 Like what is going ooooon!, it means that people with college degrees in Texas are being underpaid. Dummy. got so high last night I ate meat and now I’m laying in this bed in distress. 😫🥴 @urban_elegance Side I took a three hour nap earlier and I’m high. 🥴 @MonclareTheDivo @urban_elegance 🧐* @urban_elegance Everything ok over there? 🥳 @HarlemKnightt Oh hey am high boots. wtf? I did not agree with the top two this week. #DragRace @Prince_Cardia Omg yesss! She is Kimora Blacc!! @Prince_Cardia I like Kahmora but she feels like a queen I’ve seen multiple times before. 😬 @Prince_Cardia Nicks* @Prince_Cardia Utica low key may have been my fave. It was giving Stevie Knicks meets voodoo queen. @urban_elegance We can have a little orientation with drinks night. Haha @urban_elegance Come join us! LOVED Tamisha Iman and Utica’s runway looks this week. #DragRaceI don't like that Joey Jay doesn't wear wigs because it made all her looks feel incomplete. #DragRace @MrAmbitious12 Very true. I'm an extremely extroverted person I have a tendency to overshare every aspect of myself… @DecodnLyfe OMG! I didn't realize that was Emma Caulfield! @MrAmbitious12 Use to be the opposite of this but seeing how these boys move now, I'm not showing my man until we're married. LOL.This is a Tamisha Iman stan account!! #DragRace @beaucoupbougee I left so fast.What mess have you pinged me into @beaucoupbougee. 💀She's an AKA, this explains a lot. @stawpfeenin Period. Sick of this shit. 🙄That nap was amazing.Oh I will be perched on my couch right on time for this one! @KrisBeKnowin Agreed. Cause 35 back during my parents generation was looking roooooough. 😬 @KrisBeKnowin I'm genuinely shocked when people don't believe that I'm about to be 35, like how?! lol
Niggas just be on here fine asf for no reason. 🥵 day y'all sound more and more like white people when minority characters are added to every tv show, movie, e… @angryblkhoemo @urban_elegance S W E A T I N G.My hair is hanging on by a wing and a prayer. One more week... @PalIahAbdul LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. @Wallywest90 It's a tie. @TheSlayGawd It's truly a crime.Obviously I'm not talking about the larger chain stores like H&M, Zara, department stores etc. but the problem is b… when the government isn't paying businesses the money they need to stay afloat so they can stay closed what ar… really has the nerve to be wanting to get hot again. I'm sitting here sweating. @MathewNoKnowles @urban_elegance Rude. 😭😭Five days until the most wonderful time of the year! #AquariusSeason @JohnyLovely_ Her voice is better than content we've been given on these last two-three albums... @ddtchh It could've stayed mute.Sounds like a person that has some common sense to me. I'm still up so might as well plug in and watch these first two episode @wandavision @LandoGoesWest W H I F E. 💀Yo this pic is F I R E! 🥵 @Prince_Cardia She stayed on her head that entire season! @DecodnLyfe We don't want this! 🥴 @nessinaround @datcrayburg LAX is not that bad. It's nowhere near O'Hare.D.C. is the only major American city I've never been to. 😬 me get into this Zayn, he never disappoints me. @jontaoht Like, I don't want these ole grandaddy underwear. 🥴Girl, where are the briefs, jocks and thongs? @alexgreen713 I don't like the album at all. 🥴😬The girlies did what needed to be done per usual, I just don't like that song. @KhocolateKhaos 😭😭😭Now y'all listen here and you listen here good - I don't wanna hear y'all on here all day tomorrow complaining abou… @iLLmak3Ufamous OMG YESSSSS!Maybe if y'all shut down LAX and stop letting all these travelers here we could get some sort of control of over it. YES YES! Being in marketing for a living I believe in this strongly. A lot of y'alls hobbies don't need to be a… @HausUrban I have not! Haven't been to NYC in almost a year and a half. I'm glad it's better now! 😩 @beaucoupbougee That airport is literally the hellmouth. I hate it.So is WandaVision coming out midnight EST or is it PST?IAH isn't bad per se, it's just so far from the city it's unacceptable.O'Hare & LaGuardia. Hands down. @Prince_Cardia Whew, a throwback. I loved that show! @stawpfeenin