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hello, i am thursday! art: @rainy_thursday nocturnal nonbinary bug toucher working on games and junk 30⚧ halloween avatar by @mintdecot

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@p0ltwo this is amazing @weoooweooo thats the stuff @p0ltwo it was pretty commonly used on 4chan like 5-10 years ago which is around when MLP was at peak i guess lol i… @weoooweooo yeahhhh i love the ones with deserts this is weird but for some reason its so cute to me that HUNGRY… @fulgadrum i'm not sureee. nothing is really coming to mind. i feel like i ate a lot of them in high school on weekends. @stairwellcocoon ethereal deereal....frozen meals have a sad reputation for a lot of people but for some reason they're nostalgic for me lol @carvetheearth ally @_heartexp cinnamoroll censor @_heartexp waaa .. cuteima tadaimaI am a little explorer.🐌✨ 僕は小さな探検家🐌✨ #snail #かたつむり #蝸牛 #カタツムリ
Retweeted by dessicated thursdayman this lighting style is the best ngl re-rendered this in the modern-est lighting style of nintendo oh you can a…
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @viddymalchick if you had the money could you go get onei hope work is closed tomorrow @viddymalchick aw dang its not covid is ithurricane headache @MIKEKAD0 its a good voice @kazoobat heres a peacock i saw the other day @sulkaritari i was poking around and saw they had a single out on bandcamp in like 2017? or something @sulkaritari they put out an album a couple years ago! it's really good i think only one of… are a lot of japanese bands i may never get to see, but i really really want to see themi want to hear mass of the fermenting dregs live someday @weoooweooo valid @weoooweooo woahLove U Moon World #moon_rpg
Retweeted by dessicated thursdayI had this idea all the way back in January but I only just now got around to doing it
Retweeted by dessicated thursdayFor the past 120 years or so, people have been able to count on being able to make a phone call to get help in case…
Retweeted by dessicated thursdayPet Cursor is a simple javascript file that turns your website's cursor into a cute playable character! (for the de…
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@carvetheearth disgusting.. filthy. putrid humans. hairless apes. meat sacks filled with cum. repulsive @carvetheearth i think this guy just hates people lolThe Diversity in ‘Hades’ Is Unrealistic Because There Should Be More White People in Hell
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @emamouse "when will you fix the typo?"
Retweeted by dessicated thursdayaw damn, not my mediafire account.. and thinking
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @HOOTwheelz i know its being like 'that dude' but delays rarely mean 'pressure off' for the employees, especially t… @DreamyDoric i think if its third person i prefer inverted lol. not sure about mario.. i feel like i can go either…
Retweeted by dessicated thursday森屋たいとさんにキョンシーチャンモチーフのブローチ作って頂きました!💖 上から見ると頭のてっぺんにちゃんとパンダ🐼が居るしお札の文字も凄く細かく再現して頂けた上に可愛いで埋め尽くされてて本当に嬉しいです…😭 オーダー受け付けて…
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @Emma48217405 messaged the guy who compiled it for the event on FB.. it was 3 years ago so idk if hed know still haha @weoooweooo (i feel you and it sucks) @weoooweooo :[ will never find the person who made this song (i tried asking relevant people and searching but no luck)i dont care if it was a 9 year old necro im glad someone said it inspired to a Slime Token for my deck! I think it a thing or two before print 🤔
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @p0ltwo rest polt so you can successfully polt tomorrow @weoooweooo im actually moderately into it and im worried that none of my art has been in that direction so its gon… @weoooweooo me: mel yesbotch jack sprat could eat no fat his wife could eat no lean - georgie porgie pudding & pie his wife could eat no puddi…
Retweeted by dessicated thursday's Neural Filters are dumb
Retweeted by dessicated thursdayHello... This is a new song I made as Earth Treader Fen.⚱️ ✴️It's called Flix Tri - I made it for my friend's film.…
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @Waasiq @cryptstwerp i dont understand it properly but i like it @Waasiq me and gurm have been talking about math rock forever welcome to the club nerd @weoooweooo you're gonna turn into onegone with the blastwave is a girls' last tour prequel @beastdeities haunted @Emma48217405 oh hahaha that's goodいつも素敵な企画ありがとうございます! 粘土でお人形やブローチなど作っています! 可愛いものが大好きです! どうぞ宜しくお願い致します☺️ 販売所→ @Lupopo_cafe
Retweeted by dessicated thursdayHave a good time on your new day
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @_yurapyon dang ok @cpp99x i enjoy coding when its like, exploratory and creative but ive been working on this fucking shader for year… miss being creative lol coding kinda sucks sometimes @Emma48217405 just normal chocolate!hey ive been working on this btweating 1 cup of pudding @_yurapyon hey did you vote in the name poll, two people didnt and we need a tie breakwhooping and whollering @chitinographer it does be like that though @skoliopoesis @ArcadiaDreaming people like this are broken lol they really really really really think someday master will throw them a bone:(
one Hades then Work @crevicedwelling a big year!me: okay so what does this card mean person on other side of table: it means you will lose a lot of money me: ah in…
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @autonomousfish i think its worth trying to figure out why you feel that way, the causes could be cheating unrelate… @autonomousfish cant say if its true or not obviously but i think gut feelings 100% need to be dealt with, either c… @crevicedwelling they're so small. you could keep them in a large terrariaum @p0ltwo IT SUCKS THEY SUCK✨Hey everyone! I'm reopening my commission slots! Please read more info and order in the form attached here! Thank…
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @emamouse 🪤*cries in halloween*
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @wasnotwhynot hahaha no no i didnt think it was serious i just literally never thought about it that hard before @wasnotwhynot he's basically goku, right? like an amoral thrill seeker @tlenele they are kinda weird and people have completely different intentions when using them so its hard to judge @cpp99x CARD LMFAO @wasnotwhynot his theme song is literally titled "it doesn't matter" "it doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right"All of us trying to use R or Python to analyze data
Retweeted by dessicated thursday @protocreature idk much about magic but i always liked this mutant kitty on harmless offering @protocreature just like a fish tank @cpp99x its pretty bad at times lol a lot like p4 in that regard @p0ltwo good luck polt..............
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