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@okazyey i commented on it so i felt obligated to* @okazyey depends what “banger” means to you @okazyey it’s probably bc of ur tweets @1aidn i smurf ur peak 🤓 @1aidn ur like silver bro @Naturres hi @okazyey @stellariwnl @turtlewurdle ok @lunarpr1nc3ss i’ll never shit talk my duo unless they wiff @deIilqh You are 16 bro @1kotaaa I’m making conversation @okazyey @stellariwnl @turtlewurdle balls dropped in yo mouf @stellariwnl @okazyey @turtlewurdle No need to remind me bro @deIilqh Dude @1aidn @1EDEN_ ? @baileebboat It would literally be the most awkward thing @baileebboat Come scoop @n0rmalizeSTAN @n0rmaIize noah fs made this account @camilleettv stfu u got an anime pfp 😹 @kiwiramune @keencval if i was u i’d swing
@FatalGlytch i’ve been in high imm lobbies where people are legit terrible at smokes i would 100% rather have some… @FatalGlytch if you put a person who’s a god entry on smokes and they put gaps in them doesn’t smoke deep etc peopl… @FatalGlytch just because you don’t get ur dream comp doesn’t make it throwing some people are just better at some agents than others @srrirachha maybe tomorrow @kxtieoh who is that @srrirachha you bench 405 tho? @FatalGlytch lmfao everyone has the chance to auto lock not everyone plays the game for “competitive” reasons if yo… @okazyey my b @okazyey stop tweeting bro @okazyey did you like fact or cap this or what @okazyey dude @chlofps are u crying ?💀 @weirdkidong OH NAHHH @chlofps u good bro @1EDEN_ 11she don’t love u @iffeeval @k2miko you were probably the sage cuz u always at the bottom😹😹😹 @1aidn pinical can go fuck it’s self @weirdkidong i feel like the account is literally satire to make fun of mistime @chlofps @seagdd bro @blue64 dude i just copied pasted thisyour crush is probably getting her back blown out bro, just go to sleep and focus on you, king. @iffeeval it’s cool @syIv1a yes @iffeeval shut up @iffeeval by the looks of all these comments you could make bank @Nate_VAL_ @hiddenreaIities @xxelitism @sAv1oRVAL @1kotaaa nah what you mean by that🤨
@iffeeval shut the hell up i know ur ass gonna be queued with someone today @Nate_VAL_ @hiddenreaIities @xxelitism @sAv1oRVAL @1kotaaa nah fuck this guy @1kotaaa @hiddenreaIities @xxelitism @sAv1oRVAL you got me there!!! @1kotaaa @hiddenreaIities @xxelitism @sAv1oRVAL that’s literally what twitter is bruh a bunch of pixels 💀 @1kotaaa @hiddenreaIities @xxelitism @sAv1oRVAL and ur horrible at valorant @hiddenreaIities @xxelitism @sAv1oRVAL @1kotaaa i was in there before all those mfs @okazyey @1kotaaa i absolutely smurf ur peak you are horrible at valorant you will never make it out of plat becaus… @1kotaaa i can coach u @iffeeval you alr queued with kumi @twindrac0s @cloudyerin_ the total team diff game💀 @twindrac0s @cloudyerin_ i was above both of y’all @iffeeval damn right i do🤤 @iffeeval just say u suck @iffeeval she raged quit because of my movement @iffeeval when you win a 1v1 against me is when i will no longer call u boosted @iffeeval @1EDEN_ @k2miko nah i’m not short 💀 @iffeeval @1EDEN_ @k2miko you played with julian 💀? @1EDEN_ @iffeeval it’s that mf julian bro @1EDEN_ @iffeeval WHERE DID U EVEN GET THIS @1EDEN_ @iffeeval AY BRO THIS IS SO OLD @iffeeval @1EDEN_ nah you practically gold i’ve seen you play @1kotaaa @Ino_VAL @cloudyerin_ still better than you tho all that matters @h2nnyu @1kotaaa @Ino_VAL @cloudyerin_ he calling u shit bro you gonna take that? @1kotaaa @Ino_VAL @cloudyerin_ oh💀 @1kotaaa @Ino_VAL @cloudyerin_ i’m not struggling tho diamond was easy @1kotaaa @Ino_VAL @cloudyerin_ you just suck it’s not the games fault @_Od26 please help me bro i’m hardstuck @cloudyerin_ @twindrac0s it’s bc the ping @h2nnyu jett tech is my line
@ermbeqqa nah why u immortal playing in plat @ermbeqqa nah how u immortal and losing in plat @snowsval @sevvn my goal is to have his aim @okazyey @julianwya why u tellin all them e girls he tall @okazyey @julianwya she lying i go to school with him @okazyey @julianwya he’s 5’6 😭 @11tzuki playing a different song @claiskyy yea i play VALORANTvinnie was simply freelo (last act) love tiktok
@h2nnyu finally bruh that name was so shit @baileebboat 😭😭 @okazyey i can’t because how shit the quality is @Nighty10k yea if u play unrated in VALORANT shut up @1aidn i fucking hate fat people @okazyey why is the quality so shit @1kotaaa @1wiiree yo @annettaaval how abt you go slay 🙂 @annettaaval i pulled a hunnyu last game i need a break @annettaaval you fake asf @annettaaval duos🤨? @amiehrt 🐹
guys what should i change my tag to
@domojrr @ricesooo i mean i guess but what exactly makes it rude/offensive? @ricesooo i still never figured out what’s wrong with females