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2020 vision. A playlist by JAY-Z. (@S_C_)
Happy birthday, @britneyspears🎈 Listen to "Swimming In The Stars" to celebrate. ✨ do we. @sza's a playlist to cheer you up. 🎧: your #TIDAL2020Rewind with us. knew I listened to @JayElectronica a lot this year, but I didn't know he'd make up so much of my Rewind playlist…
Retweeted by TIDALmusic saved my 2020 @TIDAL #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDALJust discovered my 2020 Most Listened playlist on @TIDAL and it's made my whole morning
Retweeted by TIDALTaste. @TIDAL rewind list was pretty lit 🤔 #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDALAs you should. out @BennyBsf. knew before @TIDAL even sent this that @BennyBsf would be my most listened to artist of the year. Idk how YoungBo…
Retweeted by TIDALGot it @tidal #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDAL#TIDAL2020Rewind
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thank u @TIDAL #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDALShare your #TIDAL2020Rewind with us.’s my #TIDAL2020Rewind From a month of use lol
Retweeted by TIDALugh, how this could be so obvi? 🥴 #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDALOf course. ☺️ #Tidal2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDALShoutout @TIDAL 🤙🏽
Retweeted by TIDALMy #TIDAL2020Rewind It was mostly R&B for me this year. Some electronic mixed in.
Retweeted by TIDALI regret nothing #Tidal2020Rewind @TIDAL
Retweeted by TIDALThis is my #TIDAL2020Rewind. What’s yours? ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by TIDALAll Grammy nominated songs/albums purrrrrr ✨✨ #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDAL#TIDAL2020Rewind As you can see my 2020 music selections were a very slow burn. All cool vibes. In the house music…
Retweeted by TIDAL#TIDAL2020Rewind 🍝 🏆 SCOTTIE BEAM @FreddieGibbs
Retweeted by TIDAL#TIDAL2020Rewind My music appetite is all over the place; Beethoven, Lil Kim, and Jay Z are on the list as well.…
Retweeted by TIDALHere’s my #TIDAL2020Rewind . I mean is anyone surprised?! 😂
Retweeted by TIDALAHHH i love that Tidal is finally doing this!! #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDAL#TIDAL2020Rewind - accurate 😊
Retweeted by TIDAL#TIDAL2020Rewind This is accurate—literally the songs I play, and then get stuck on for hours.
Retweeted by TIDALI cannot with one of my top songs being Rain Sound: Bedtime Rain😆!!! I love my peaceful sleep, y’all.…
Retweeted by TIDAL#Tidal2020Rewind @TIDAL
Retweeted by TIDAL#Tidal2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDALHere's my #TIDAL2020Rewind on @TIDAL 👀
Retweeted by TIDAL🙋🏽‍♂️@chloexhalle @HAIMtheband @ladygaga @ArianaGrande @Beyonce #Tidal2020Rewind
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Retweeted by TIDALAh ouais la dictature (ça fait que 3 mois que j’ai Tidal) #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDAL#TIDAL2020Rewind 💥
Retweeted by TIDALI did not expect the Homecoming version of Crazy In Love to be my most played song. lol #Tidal2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDAL#NowPlaying "November 2020" by Summer Walker, Intence, Pooh Shiesty and more on @TIDAL
Retweeted by TIDAL#NowPlaying "2020" by The Pussycat Dolls, Chloe x Halle, Mya and more on @TIDAL
Retweeted by TIDALMy #TIDAL2020Rewind
Retweeted by TIDALYour most played songs and your most played artists, all in one playlist. Find out and share who you listened to mo…🚨 You can finally hear Lil Wayne’s “BB King Freestyle” ft. Drake from ‘No Ceilings 3’ on TIDAL now. (@LilTunechi +…
41 years ago today, @pinkfloyd released their album 'The Wall.' 🎧: years ago today, Michael Jackson released his sixth studio album — 'Thriller.' 🎵: round up of this month's hottest #Reggae & #Dancehall tracks from @busysignal_turf, @Vybz_Kartel, @Stylog, and… at meeee 💖💖 @TIDAL
Retweeted by TIDAL#ENHYPEN's album 'BORDER: DAY ONE' has arrived to TIDAL. (@ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN_members | #BORDER_DAY_ONE |… years ago today, 'Collision Course' was released.
Jam the shit on @tidal tho
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Blessings🥀 Harun Coffee 4336 Degnan Blvd. LA 90008 #ItTakesAVillage 🏁 #District10
Retweeted by TIDALAgain, Tidal the 🐐
Retweeted by TIDALThis is why I love @TIDAL
Retweeted by TIDAL#BuyBlack. #SmallBusinessSaturday, discover and learn more about the Black businesses featured in the "Entrepreneur" music… play El Jonson en ⁦@TIDAL⁩
Retweeted by TIDAL“First things first Rest In Peace Uncle Phil... for real.” 🎧:
.@jimjonescapo’s ‘El Capo' (Deluxe) arrives on TIDAL. 🎧: Learn about #QuarantineStudios Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ turns 50 today. Ashley Kahn, editor of ‘George Harrison on George Harrison… is the best sounding streaming service. Since adopting MQA, TIDAL has won Best Streaming Service 4 years in a…🎶 Ecoutez '3SEX' sur @TIDAL ➡️
Retweeted by TIDALHappy birthday @GriseldaRecords's own Benny The Butcher (@BennyBsf).’s new album ‘The Balancing Act’ features @Nas, @2chainz, @KillerMike, @WHOISCONWAY, @BennyBsf,…🚨 Bad Bunny (@sanbenito) has a special announcement 🚨 EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO is on TIDAL now 📀:…
Retweeted by TIDAL'THE HUSTLE CONTINUES.' An album by @therealjuicyj -- to @lilyachty’s ‘Lil Boat 3.5’ and watch the video for “Flex Up” feat. @playboicarti and @1future on TIDAL.…' new album 'Plastic Hearts' has arrived on TIDAL. Listen now: & @likemike's 'Home Alone (On The Night Before Christmas)' album has arrived on TIDAL - with appeara…🚨 Bad Bunny (@sanbenito) has a special announcement 🚨 EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO is on TIDAL now 📀:…
Hey is not a file format; it’s a technology that delivers the original recording to any playback platform.… this for anyone who may be grieving the loss of loved one. We all g…
Retweeted by TIDALWhether you're bringing a plate or just an appetite to the table this year, enjoy this playlist of delicious titles… birthday, @djkhaled! Bless up! 🔑: to ‘3SEX’ now — @indochinetwitt + @QueensChristine.
Rest In Peace to one of the most iconic fútbol players and best overall athletes ever: El Pibe de Oro, Diego Armand… easy, Hal Ketchum. Thanks for all your great music over the years.'s 'Comfort & Joy' has arrived on TIDAL. 🎄: Fade To Black is available on @TIDAL
Retweeted by TIDALWatch GRAMMY Award winner @TashaCobbs' exclusive film — 'An Audience of One: The Making Of Royalty,' right now, onl… in peace, Garrett Falls Lockhart (@i_oofficial). Having released with the likes of mau5trap, Armada and Grime… to @taylorswift13’s ‘folklore: the long pond studio sessions’ (from the Disney+ special) (deluxe edition) on… to @arloparks newest track "Caroline" on TIDAL now.
Dale. got to do a live @Tidal Session with my amazing band @elliotgarland @daiguitar @chomp_the_beat. Shot by Sergei,…
Retweeted by TIDAL🚀 Rising Artists of the Week 🚀 🎶R&B @AyzhaNyree is the cover of this week's TIDAL Rising: R&B playlist. ▶️:…🚀 Rising Artists of the Week 🚀 🍬 Pop @spencerbarnett is the cover of this week's TIDAL Rising: Pop playlist. ▶️:…🚀 Rising Artists of the Week 🚀 ⬆️ Rising @LASTLINGS cover TIDAL's Rising playlist. Listen to their track "False R…🚀 Rising Artists of the Week 🚀 🎡 Indie/Rock @BCNRband's new song "Science Fair" is on TIDAL's Rising: Indie/Rock…🚀 Rising Artists of the Week 🚀 ☀️ Country @TieraMusic covers TIDAL's Rising: Country playlist. ▶️:… know
Retweeted by TIDAL👀 @KidCudi.@MQAMusic was created to give music fans an experience that gets them closer to the original performance.… to @cordae’s new song “The Parables” on TIDAL in Master Quality. 🎧: