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coming out culture is a symptom of a much larger problem which is telling your kids they're cis and straight and th…
Retweeted by SaúlBITCH!!! They snubbed Red Sangria !! #GRAMMYs
Retweeted by Saúl @sh0rtkingg why would i hate her just bc she’s ugly omgmad at like 15yo me for not saving my avatar outfits from this one website in like a concrete way... i have some pi… @gorevidarius link her to double scorpio’s pageme lying
Retweeted by Saúl @dslubes oh had you not listened before? yeahAHHHHHHHHH sister’s dog is kinda ugly... it’s very funnywho wants to get me a new phone so i can have an immense library of funny vids @dslubes i never said it was a good joke @dslubes being white is a pretty obvious joke to me @ratparkprince pocket* this is so mortifying let me delete my accouny @ratparkprince the inside of pockey pussies:Let’s talk about it
Retweeted by Saúla Grammy nominated song btw.
Retweeted by Saúlwow it's almost like we've been told the exact same thing every single day for 10 months
Retweeted by Saúlgenshin impact crab-catching team compi got thirst followed this is a nightmare
Retweeted by Saúl @sissy_xcx no clue i just thought that tweet was funny as fuck @sissy_xcx manifesting a cocksucker and some shrooms @sissy_xcx it worked so u tell me @mssingnoah ngl i giggled at this1 @sh0rtkingg cocksucker suck me a cockThere’s only one answer
Retweeted by Saúl @moonhomo good luck @ the blowjob interview!not looking forward to spending this money tbhjust fully ran out of space on my phone... let me bite the bullet and just get one w proper storage 😐 @Ayengel well shut up and go back to sucking cock, f word!What is 0 to the power of 0? 🤔
Retweeted by Saúl @Ayengel damn ur mouth is big huh. pours myself a drink My body with cashews and water in it:
Retweeted by Saúlthis adventure
obama: *punches me* what is my fursona me: fuck you ass hole obama: *throws a chair at wall* how do i get a fursona me: got o hell
Retweeted by Saúltrans awareness week has ended but we still celebrate and uplift the girls everyday. pls keep sharing my gfm!
Retweeted by Saúli’m gonna start muting all my tweets for funlike TRASH mv. will not even be open to discussion on this. styling — trash (there were some good and highly misuse…’m good with never hearing another bloodpop song again actually. now that everything’s calmed down I can say I tho… was a gag and a half I’m not gonna lie. now I hate him too, he better not be playable like childe @yvesraejepsen OH RIGHT I FORGOT THEY DID THAT. yeah that explains a lot lol @yvesraejepsen this sound wasn’t even remotely fresh when gaggy did it like... i’ll be bopping but i hope this does… with the photoshop work on that cover... 😞 i will be streaming but idk about all this you’re seeing this it’s a sign to stream STAR by LOONA & also Shygirl’s ALIAS EP has six retweets why hasn’t galaxy lights or whatever offered me $14 to promote them 😐 i kinda love that LOONA didn’t work with digipedi for star, it made it feel so different stylistically and… @dizzyiszy 🥰 @tiddie_ @sh0rtkingg Legendaric methinks 🦋
Retweeted by Saúlhugs n kithes for a few of you! the rest... good luck with all that 😄 @dslubes a masterpiece from the snort laugh to all the unnecessary narration lmao @dslubes here i go— oooOOoOoOoooooHhhhhh @dslubes yeah fragrance specifically is the big gamble lol it could rly be anything @dslubes they’re just irritants so depending on what the fragrance chemicals are / the amount in there + the irrita… @dslubes just from looking at it though, fragrance and citrus oils stand out @dslubes hate tartaglia. a few summons hoping for ningguang and got tartaglia instead. i’m gonna be sick lmfao why is she so hard to get’s nutting and squirting tn?Ell*n wishes.
Retweeted by SaúlSing, win a Grammy, write, let go of the past, etc etc
Retweeted by Saúlu btchs is weird i don't wanna hang
Retweeted by Saúl @itssecretqueen taste, it rly was so goodhyunjin’s around you film currently has a higher rating than avengers: endgame on letterboxd
Retweeted by Saúl @deadbodyonline only thing i wanna eat is your tres leches tbh @deadbodyonline i mean i’ve made tres leches w coconut milk! that’s si interesting though @deadbodyonline WAIT this is so smart...We did it Joe 😩
Retweeted by Saúl @deadbodyonline omw! @angryjewishboy tysm @angryjewishboy absolutely read the ah as megan’s ah👅 @yvesraejepsen @sh0rtkingg i know omg the lil monkey is breathtaking @QueerElizabeth1 ty!💙 @sh0rtkingg yeah u nailed it tbh MANY YEARS!?
Retweeted by Saúl
Did we know the origin of dunking booths were racist?
Retweeted by Saúlholy shit? to shygirl and feeling too sexy wbu?at least my baby genshin account i pop on for fun occasionally can’t pull a second ningguang either 🙈 @yvesraejepsen except when i have to break fatui warrior shields ❤️ literally hate that shit like just DIE @yvesraejepsen it’s honestly rly good lmaoo @valentine2fine i am not bringing my blue hair back probably ever but i do appreciate the sentiment! @nineteen__93 welcome to the club! @CastelanB_ oh absolutely. i started playing a little on another account i had made too. figured it would be cute t… personally think a man should be paying me to get the boots i wantwhy was old school barbatos thotting along in the booty shorts and hooded long sleeve super crop? i love
Retweeted by Saúl
again. meringue cookies... @glossyblacc @shinyhunty ok FBIThink the Laurel or Yanny thing is weird? You can hear the words ‘Brainstorm’ or ‘Green Needle’ based on which wor…
Retweeted by SaúlPeople who argue that dramatic changes to policing, including budgetary ones, will mean “violent people will be let…
Retweeted by Saúlsongs for you was released one year ago today, @tinashe‘s first album as an independent artist.
Retweeted by Saúlme listening to siren by shygirl @mawmasis I can see why that would put it in the top for ppl! but for me it just makes me giggle a lil. i still like it though lmaooI miss going out
Retweeted by Saúl