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@kimlipimplants so glad i saw ur last tweet bc i had heard love so sweet and didnt know who it was by lmaoo tysm @brandyhabibi ooh ok well i’m gonna be unconscious for like 12h so good luck to miss moderna. i don’t see side effects in my future @bakedzuccini okay stayc @kimlipimplants honestly i love itlike... unless it kicks my ass in the middle of the night i have zero concerns im giggling. just a sore armok it’s been like 12h and I’ve had no side effects from this second dose LMAOO i really am built differenti also 💕 pecs
Retweeted by Saúl @mascfeme which do you use? 🤔 @Abalisah very excited to see her teaserswho else is sexy & streaming namasenda? @malxkjpeg 🧍🏻not to say all but a significant amount. at least on the apps, most ppl are normal out and about god bless. but the… local gays are so fucking weird like... 😕 I can’t win rlynot that I’ve tried like... why would I lmfaowait but i rly can’t fight @kimlipimplants would never trust a k hair stylist to do that right tho.. we’ve all seen things @kimlipimplants she’d look so good with like almost fully white hair... like silvery white @bennybijou the way i sent this to oomf immediately @puertofico hi @puertofico they could have saved themselves if it was that serious like ? how are they gonna be her guardians when… @Poniiboi sounds delicious @puertofico it builds character @kimlipimplants hard agree @Abalisah third is giving one & only @kimlipimplants except w*nho. he needs to let that go asap @fioredeicieli twins! @sissythatpatch oh my god there’s an ep where a woman is interested in fran and the dialogue between them is so good lmao @fioredeicieli wait so did i 😳 @kimlipimplants can he not afford toner like im so mad but i want to su—
@bakedzuccini all this over an emoji? sicki guess i stopped using my tret for longer than i realized it and i used it again and when i tell you my skin is peeling like crazy aowkejtvery curious if this second dose will have me incredibly horny or unconsciousgetting ratio’d and doubling down... kind of slayful imo @Abalisah @sissythatpatch LMAOOthis is iconic gaslight gatekeep girlboss behavior, i want to see more of this actually @kimlipimplants the xx teasers were CINEMA @kimlipimplants like it’s very weird.. @toi_ano and you were right!new spider anime episode he’ll yeah @themdies @Abalisah ??? @Honyeol wym pe in college... @bakedzuccini literally just fresh plantain chips basically lmao but a lil thicker. i love them @bakedzuccini have u had mariquitas? i only learned that wwe the name for them a few years back but my mom would make them all the time @bakedzuccini ok miss picky! tbf i bet 3 has so many good crispy bits... i can see why they’d do that @bakedzuccini same wtf. i’d still eat them but ?? @Abalisah put some red contacts in @__sacramental i needed this, thank you @Short_Queer deep dish dick?buying a red bull after getting my second dose because i need some real medicine in me too @thegreynightsky 🙏🏼they call me double dose daddy... @thegreynightsky i would like to see itshe didn’t even ask me what arm i wanted it in last time so I think that alone validates my opinion actuallyidk idk but i just feel like she’s not amazing at itoh no the person administering the vaccine is the same as last time...Good morning
Retweeted by Saúlthinking about may zoziif it gets me while im recovering from my second dose before i even get to see the l***a comeback im gonna come bac… rewatched the new moon teaser and.. ok @Abalisah i don’t think they’ll be good enough for that at this point but who knowsgoodnight @wtfjxremie he’ll figure it out @Abalisah insert that i give this many fucks video tbhmy sister immediately texted me that tweet... 😐gonna mute l**na so i find out about the music AFTER it’s dropped. idgaf about some lengthy teaser process. i’m just an enjoyer nothing more @Short_Queer no they don’t @_ncsweet twins i got the brown one! @puertofico ohhh s3 is one of my favorite things in anime tbqh @puertofico is this your first time watching crystal omgHuge heads up on PayPal Twitter Tip Jar. If you send a person a tip using PayPal, when the receiver opens up the re…
Retweeted by Saúl @kimlipimplants there’s like only one rly good pink imo so I don’t mess with that too much but i got that pink on m… @kimlipimplants i love bathory’s omg @kimlipimplants omg i only see rera and anastasia as maybe needing a rework but even sabrina fits the palette rly well! @errantfag honestly thought you had gotten a dildo making kit
@s4hia stay tonight?? bother me? the drum & bass interlude Side C? @petitenfertile @iAM_Brain_ ok i won’t 😌 @overtherainjoe why does everyone have my same sun and venus all of a sudden @s4hia I’d like to see thatnct dominican republic
Retweeted by Saúl @xxxngel wait... same sun and venus... nicewatching invincible and... the first costume was better 😕 @kimlipimplants honestly i love it, some heroes are so not dye-friendly though lmao @nocturnalstance the type of shorts you want too, hopefullylike i could buy that same pair for $6 and i know where, actually. 😕thinking about when i remade gr*ndr down here this gay said i should model for his underwear brand but I looked at… @__sacramental my upcoming space. buy your ticket now! @ponyboydvil ooh and you got the matching thong too! i can’t wait to wear this under proper blacklights tho 🥴ooh @sissythatpatch chopsticks probably? like takoyaki lmaoo @kimlipimplants that was gonna be my guess from looking them up omg... cuir intense was def not it by name alone lmfao tysm @kimlipimplants but now i need to know...i love body pics in fun little mirrors... I need to get some cute mirrorsi should start wearing necklaces @themdies im so sorry to hear you hate latinas. 😕 @themdies no taste @__f4g hi! 😌 @sissy_xcx thank you they’re swim briefs! I don’t know who they were made for bc im skinny and they’re tight on me 🧍🏻 @brandyhabibi thank u 😌these swim briefs ARE a little too tight on me thanks for asking