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tiekko 🇨🇦 @TiekkoFN Pronounced ty-co

5.2k earned - best fighter | daily streams @

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is anyone hosting drafts dm me if u are
LFT for FNCS and all future events(can’t play warmup)
Retweeted by tiekko 🇨🇦 FNCS WARMUP OPENS @zcoderr @codgenesis_ @Tkaylol 🏳️‍🌈 @ItsZlem So expensive brooooo @ItsZlem Bro don’t make me buy it @MooAcademyFN @Cryp_VI ALR GOT TRIO BUT CRYP THE GOATw/ codgenesis and coder 😈 @KlayySZN Hard V night scrims soon
@trapistaken @MooAcademyFN he chose them over me :/ @MooAcademyFN 💀 @spdyqt @MooAcademyFN @breadfn_ little ass boy to me @spdyqt @MooAcademyFN @breadfn_ for?is this @TiekkoFN or @NICKMERCS
Retweeted by tiekko 🇨🇦 @KlayySZN @ZpxySZN @GoodGuyNani @Magnolia1_ HELLO @ElsaFN_ all i said is u got put the fuck down off spawn everygame @Goldwydd BRO STOP UR NOT BAD LOL @ElsaFN_ i literally slandered u and followed u, but the apolloz slander that shit was from the heart @Goldwydd ive nvr heard gold slander lol
I hate the way people slander some people so hard where they can't find trios and if u play with them everyone thinks ur bad too trio scrims soon daily stream 14/90 @FoppeFN @zcoderr could be streakyto put in perspective on how consistent I am, ik it doesnt mean much but seriously im fucking crazy @AlacranFN @Magnolia1_ @zcoderr thanks bro <3 @AlacranFN @Magnolia1_ @zcoderr 👋 @ApollozFN @bhronosFN @FNreece @zuccrr apolloz i apologize for my actions @Magnolia1_ @zcoderr whatDM ME IF U WANNA TRY OR SMTG IM CHECKING AFTER SCHOOL @DeathNYC Yo@ good players LFT please.LF1 w/ @zcoderr or LFT as solo (any role, can igl) @ElsaFN_ @kburbs_ @Magnolia1_ It’s all g everything happens for a reason you’ll be fine @ElsaFN_ @Magnolia1_ You just shouldn’t of dropped Bhronos @ElsaFN_ @Magnolia1_ apolloz might not be bad but bhronos is far betterANOTHER GOD STREAM 10K BITS + 1 SUB AND 15 AVG VIEWERS S/O TO @bmobtw @vyhable ILY GUYS (no stream stats bc my in… @Profitable_ @CashewGG @zuccrr yeah they thought anonymous mode could save em 🤣 @Profitable_ @CashewGG @zuccrr elsa and apolloz played whole of last season, well kinda we fucking railed them ever… @zuccrr he is so bad bro u cant change my mind @zuccrr i told u he was bad
@Vettafy I can’t name them but I have vivid memories playing them @ApollozFN Did it motivate you when you would get body slammed off spawn?please bro 🙏 @bhronosFN I Igled for the first time in 4 seasons and didn’t do horrible how they strugglin? @tylerisaqt @tyqzuFN @ItsKwanti @AcademyMoo I wouldn’t be having this personallysm1 juice to 1.5k 🤪 @Hammythan duo tourny and we were the team with the highest points streaming @Magnolia1_ arianna grande no trollno host.W FUCKING STREAM LETS GO CAN'T WAIT TO STREAM EVERY EVENT THIS SEASON ITS SO HYPE, THANKS FOR THOSE WHO CAME OUT TO… at a split 5/5 15th ($100) first time hard igling + i threw top 5 :/
@glepo_ @50taruns dont leak this broreminder. @zuccrr @Cryp_VI stealing my whole flow @pdplague @Vettafy we can agree on one thing 🤝 @mossxyzz @KlayySZN gl no hard feelings @NAEcompReport for 5k Upscrims tourney w/ @KlayySZN going logjam + spire @Goldwydd v @AcademyMoo @zcoderr @CartoonPaul 🤣💀
@GoodGuyNani idek @GoodGuyNani no reboot van LOL @Cryp_VI 🐐 @pdplague yup ggI can’t believe I played that many hours of scrims @DeathNYC @PeterbotFN yh 🥲 @PeterbotFN u can have craggy we got off @Machipreetk @zcoderr ? @PeterbotFN yo whatup @Magnolia1_ @zcoderr wym man @tetrobcool @zcoderr we need one to try not fill @SquishFN @CodeHeda to goated man
@zcoderr WHEN IS IT AT @pdplague @glepo_ NOOOOOOOO @cracklyy no we still trying @zcoderr @Goldwydd bc its more fun and most kbm fraggers just cant frag im ngl @200_PXMP Vstill looking to try people out w/ @Goldwydd or lf2 (at least 1 controller) to try out in scrims I igl + LFD (contr… @ProblemSZN yes yes me @FoppeFN Ill play when they at @Seeklul to good
restarting it in 30 mins @SquishFN @shibabvfx 🐐 @Wozlol @Suckylol an era that will never be forgotten @tetrobcool Oh bad looks @bhronosFN @zuccrr @ElsaFN_ elsa u suck dick @KrispFN @ItsBylah I ducking hate catty @tetrobcool Why not lol @tetrobcool aren’t u playing wit problem @pdplague @Profitable_ never that @pdplague @Profitable_ alr beat you in a 3v3 🤡💀 @pdplague @Profitable_ 💀💀 1-0 in game @Seeklul @pdplague 🤡 @Seeklul @pdplague 🤣🤣🤣 carried by alien @pdplague weak ass fighter @pdplague im better than u @cloud1k_ @Goldwydd hellooo cloud