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I stream on @Twitch and play a lot of valorant ✿ ✿ ✉ Business -

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@KrystalogyTV We can only hope he changes his viewpoint as his daughter grows up. I would hate to think he blames h… @F1nncher @PlayVALORANT 8.3On another note I will be streaming gameplay of the new agent tomorrow I'm super excited to show you guys how freak… @BasedYoona Oh my GOD 😱💀Tell me this is just a fucking joke lol @jessicahkim you're literally one of the strongest people I know who does not take any type of shit from ANYONE reg… @AnneMunition coming from someone I really look up to thank you for taking your time to respond to this! @starsmitten_ It was the most frustrating conversation I've ever had in my life. Ty for the kind words celine 😭💕 @DinJeffrey1 I confronted both of them...? This guy just chose to come to my stream and sub afterwards so I asked h… @plooful ❤️❤️
@YenaTweets How the sweetest people in the world like you get harassed into staying silent in every game they queue into is mind boggling @_ahlyx Hi you're bootiful @jessicahkim Sigh I adore you @maddiesuun My fists are up and im bout to start swinginf @Yunnieee @leeholic LMAOO wait this is so cute @CraigHoff85 ...? Talking shit? Is talking shit asking me how fat my ass is? Or if my ass jiggles when im having se… @AriaSaki 🥺❤️❤️ @KrystalogyTV Hold your friends accountable if they're being shitty 🙄 It's not rocket science.This vid popped off on tiktok so I thought I would share it here. Some guy was harassing me with sexual remarks the… @Minatoryu2 SKATING I MEANT SKATING 😭 @mvstically WOOPS LMAOOOHad an ice dating date with one of my subs today and we were talking for so long she forgot her meter ran out and g… @issfanfan WAIT I WAS THINKING OF THE WRONG GAME. All 3 games are funn
@jessicahkim Wdym? @ChoboMe and I are coming to visit you silly 😎 we can pick itbup ourselves @jessicahkim I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING @dixuuns @flexinja @Pterodactylsftw @Yassuo @ricesooo @acesu @TheRay_C @k_shymko 😳 im ceo of "nice shot" @starsmitten_ 😭 I DIDNT READ ANYONES CHAT BUT MINE CAUSE IM SCARED TOO @blaustoise @ricesooo @Pterodactylsftw @flexinja @Yassuo Wait actually true @k_shymko slapped us around like a wet napkin tenz who @Pterodactylsftw Shouldn't have followed me back two years ago 😤😤No seriously please hit me its 5am I've been laying here for like three hours yes this is a cry for help.Can't fall asleep got an insane amount of love on stream even though I played like shit and also got a follow back… @flexinja @Pterodactylsftw @Yassuo @ricesooo @acesu @TheRay_C @k_shymko sheriff god 🥵 @starsmitten_ @Pterodactylsftw me too me too me too @ChoboMe THANKS MY LOVE IF IT WERE U I WOULD SCREAM EVEN LOUDER 😏😏😏😏 @QuarterJade you're actually insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @SuperAmyy @SparkyR3ptar @MissGinaDarling I will drag my body over broken glass just to sniff your seat @MissGinaDarling @FallenAngel884 Lmfaoooo if it was something I can control/contain I wouldn't be doing it. It's something that happ… @Pterodactylsftw @flexinja @Yassuo tweet that ace clutch you wontAlso for you dumb ass mother fuckers in my chat who kept flaming to stop screaming MY BAD I'm emotional and get exc…'m SOOO proud of my team 😭😭@ricesooo @Pterodactylsftw @flexinja @Yassuo our morale was down after aceu/tenz games… @Pterodactylsftw @flexinja @Yassuo OK MS. DOUBLE CLUTCH INCLUDING AN ACE CARRIED MY ASS
I'm not the only one getting in on the action today. @dunkindonuts is making their debut as the Official Fan fuel o… @issfanfan Same @ethoz @acesu @flexinja @TenZOfficial @k_shymko Okay but who you cheering on the first match? us or aceu 😤😤😤😤 @raekanoa THANK YOU ❤️My biggest fear is letting down all the cute girls cheering me on tomorrow, however shall I sleep tonight 🥺🥺
@Purilly WHY ARE WE BUILT LIKE THIS 😭Anyone else just perpetually look like a god dam panda regardless of how much sleep they get? Why eyebags why u look like dis 🙄🙄 @Galorants @benitanov @lxisha_ @NaomiSuave @mel6302 @ChoboMe @clgaming If Chobo has million number of fans i am one… @flexinja GO GET EM TIGERstop liking this tweet im going to cry @UmiNoKaiju1 🥰❤️Less than 48 hours until Twitch Rivals and thousands of people get to watch aceu/tenz farm me like an ai bot live o…
GOOOOD MORNING 🥰 I hope your day goes great bren practicing for twitch rivals so here's my little chonker who keeps me company while I play off stream ☺️
@Laitilee Me @itsfaerella NO WAY 😔😔😔My dog ate $18 from my bfs wallet ama @akaNemsko You aren't cold cause you're hotttt as hell 🥵🔥Teams are locked in & ready to rumble in Twitch Rivals: @PlayVALORANT Series 1 Which team do YOU think’s winning i…
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@NatarshaAU LMFAOOOOOOO what an embarrassmenthi good afternoon :) today's stream is #sponsored by @ConquerorsBlade download for free… @mumwheresmyjuul Yes LMAOO @_patuuuu Good morning queenMe quietly sneaking into bed at 3am trying not to wake up my bf. Aso me : *charger wire gets stuck on door knob i… @ArilynaMusic Someone recently asked me about my ex from 6 years ago LOL like WHY DO U CARE ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESSSOn another note had a rough day but I thought this was the most wholesome thing one of my viewers deadass takes not… hate when I play poorly :( makes me so sad aaaaah sad cause bad!!!!!!
@Sydeon 🥺❤️❤️ @portilho @Sydeon left handed master raceSmoll 4k from the stream earlier after shaking off nerves from a generous host from the queen herself 🥺 thank you… @Maineyxc :B idk what ur talking about
@leesherwhy @PlayVALORANT YOU'RE HIRED 🥰
@_ashleykan Let's go to taiwan together in the futureeee 🥺 @akaNemsko Oh my god 😭😱Also reposting from my priv twitter but when I was feeling homesick Nate made two of my fav dishes in celebration o…'ve been dating so long he buys me chocolates just to eat 90% of them 😂😂 Happy Valentine's day!
@jessicahkim @Misah_Chan ^^^^^ @milkyvitamin when you blow up remember me
tiff it's only 6pm you don't need a fucking nap
@tytitv Happy birthday! @KrystalogyTV TRUE @Natsumiii This is on tiktok not twitter 😅HOW?! IM SO BEYOND BAFFLED. I thought with more followers the %'s would balance out a bit more but it somehow went…
@MrGrimmmmz 😔😔😔Struggling with sleep recently more than usual. I miss my parents, my friends and so much more. I miss feeling like I'm alive. @emmyuh @jessicahkim True @_patuuuu Why are you so cute
@LiaSamurai 🥰❤️❤️ @playitshady blind gang 😎 @phoFPS How are they so good at hiding 😭 @jessicahkim YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS YOURSELF!!! 😡😡😡😡😡I would like to officially like to thank my boyfriend because without him I would have no idea where the fuck my gl… all my games today sadge but got a fat donation to help push me into finally build a new pc (mine is 5 years o… @tsukiko_mori thank you molly ❤️ @_ashleykan 😭💕
Hiii streaming ^_^ Been a journsey since Sept but... I hit 100k on TikTok today! @EESowho Hell fucking no @GaronYamashita You must get invited to parties!