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Tiffanie Lovett @Tiffanieskater San Diego, California

A figure skater and beginner aerialist. Double gold medalist. Studying to be a digital marketer. I am also a Trekkie 🖖🏼

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Beautiful 🙌🏼 + Mr. Combs 😍 @semperpho Thank you!! 😊 @STCChristopher @7thRule @Incredible_Husk I shared a clip before and one in the DS9 Facebook groups 😊 I plan on sha… @jennifergreen31 Thank you!! 😊God I love @TheKateMulgrew so freaking much!! I can’t post the whole vid here so I’ll share on YouTube or something…
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @jAlexMac @TheKateMulgrew @galaxyconlive This is beautiful!! ❤️❤️❤️ @STCChristopher You're welcome! Nice 🙌🏼DS9 and Enterprise can wait, I plan on making a routine to Voyager. At least play around first and show my drafts ⛸️🖖🏼 @CaptainCKCoffee Thank you!! @jennifergreen31 Thank you!! 😄 @ricadink Haha, yes 😄 @ZaneBrumley Definitely!! @BNGcle Thank you!! I saw some of the stream too before my chat session :) @ThriftyTrekkie Thank you!! It was a great experience 🙌🏼 @watchtrek You're welcome!! @JasonTasse Thank you so much!!Sharing my YouTube link to make is easy for all you #StarTrek people to find. There are ice skating videos on there… @STCChristopher I post clips on here, but you can follow my instagram @tiffanieloveit and the link in my Twitter bi… @Ballerina_KC Thank you so much!! Yes, I love the way she interacts with each person who purchases the live chat. S… @skatefan78 Yes! I received this short chat as a gift which was a very nice surprise :)As promised to share and keep you updated, here's one of my latest videos @TheKateMulgrew 🥰 little glitch, but still good 🙌 It's amazing to know how she is a figure skating fan 😍 Kate Mulgrew is a lovely l… @GarrettRWang @NeyshaMeows @BernieSanders @TheKateMulgrew @roxdaws @robertbeltran74 @RobertPicardo @robertdmcneill…
Retweeted by Tiffanie LovettLast one, I promise!🤣 Great to see some of my crew today at the virtual Galaxy Con event...everyone mask up and get…
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @StarfleetQueen1 🤣 thing you'll see today 😍
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @TakaakiMasuda1 Dang. I have been asked before if I knew how to speak English well 🤦‍♀️
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @MMellchen @jemabean1 @CC_at_YCTAC @StarTrek 🤣🤣...Now we just need the "Qpid" version... ~ Okay, @CC_at_YCTAC...! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #StarTrekVoyager #BernieBeams #BernieTrek…
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Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @jennifergreen31 @TheKateMulgrew Aw, how wonderful! I get to talk to her soon too. Currently #10 in line. @JoshMetcalf4701 @galaxyconlive Yay! The tech person checked in with me so my browser and camera are working fine.… @JoshMetcalf4701 @Alex_Kurtzman @brothershageman @MikeMcMahanTM Ok sounds good.So I had a mini panic attach because I thought @galaxyconlive broke 😂 So I get to do my call with Kate Mulgrew after all 🙌🏼 @JoshMetcalf4701 @Alex_Kurtzman @brothershageman @MikeMcMahanTM I think that's supposed to happen because I am now… @JoshMetcalf4701 @Alex_Kurtzman @brothershageman @MikeMcMahanTM It's telling me my current position is 16. I am not… @JoshMetcalf4701 @Alex_Kurtzman @brothershageman @MikeMcMahanTM Wonderful! I am in the 3rd session. Currently in th… would take my business elsewhere.
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @jeffreycombs
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @jeffreycombs Perfect 👍🏼 He ended up being my new skating competition referee. Bernie's got multiple jobs hehe @ThePoetEnters Always a polite and good thing to do :)
🤣 @seabisquick @galaxyconlive Those are always fun. I was skipping around last night and watched the season six episo… @seabisquick @galaxyconlive He's doing pretty good.Opinion | How Biden’s executive order could reduce hunger today — and long after the pandemic is over
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @CBPost_Jessica Ok yeah, sounds good 😁 @CBPost_Jessica My chat with her is at 7:30 est time haha. I watched the panel. Beautiful as always and she's been busy writing. @StarfleetQueen1 @DutchNoodle_ You're welcome :)I forget how quickly these panels go by but thank you for a great Voyager live stream @galaxyconlive 🖖 @StarfleetQueen1 @JBillingsley60 Lol. That kidney stone was probably the most expensive one ever. @StarfleetQueen1 Thank you!! I just came up with a random podcast idea just now too. Maybe she can be a future guest on your show :)Saturday morning well spent. A digital painting I did in Photoshop of Mr. @ShimermanArmin #StarTrek @SophiePayne23 Thanks! 😁 @ThriftyTrekkie Thank you! 😃Kept it a secret for a good amount of days. I get to chat with Kate Mulgrew today. I was gifted this by a friend on… @OGTrekker @AaronBossig Thank you! :) @jamesthomas_UK You're welcome!! Thank you 😄 @StarfleetQueen1 Indeed! @AaronBossig Thank you :) @StarfleetQueen1 Now you see it 😁⛸️ @leemerickson Thank you :)Good morning 🌈 King... RIP 🐐
Retweeted by Tiffanie LovettLarry King pioneered the live-interview environment we now take for granted — where you weren’t exactly sure the wh…
Retweeted by Tiffanie LovettGoodnight 🌌If Bernie worked for Danielle Earl Photography hahaha
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @JBillingsley60 Doing some of my drinking as well. Amber AleThinking about @actordougjones Just because 🤗❤️ Also watching some Voyager too.⁦@JBillingsley60⁩ Saw this today made me LMAO Have great weekend John!
Retweeted by Tiffanie LovettAlright, my wife is home. Time to stop fucking around and begin some serious drinking.
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @AltruisTom Thank you very much!! If you have Star Trek theme or any music from the shows you want me trying skating to, just let me know :) @thathopeisyou Thank you! :) @Zippy_74 It might, course adjustments can always be made :) @StormCaywood @Zippy_74 Thank you!! @Zippy_74 No, but I would love to do something like that someday :) @CzarWyrm Thank you!! @MMidlander @Zippy_74 ❤️😁We will walk together again. We will fly. We are love.
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @JenMarieStones Thank you!!! Feel free to share with others :) @StarfleetQueen1 @jonathansfrakes That'd be incredible 🙌🏼👏🏼 @StarfleetQueen1 Lovely 😂
@StarfleetQueen1 @JBillingsley60 Thank you!! It's a favorite of mine as well. @StarfleetQueen1 @JBillingsley60 5 star quality @StarfleetQueen1 @JBillingsley60 Him being himself <3 @StarfleetQueen1 @JBillingsley60 You're welcome! I do love the chemistry you both share. The cuss words add flavor too lol.Here it is. My quick blog post about @StarfleetQueen1 and @JBillingsley60 podcast interview #StarTrek @5dChief Thank you! @Mr_Picard So glad he got it 🙌🏼❤️So not crying but feeling sad about the death of Mira Furlan. I didn't not know her personally but I grew up watchi… do we say thank you to the health workers and scientists for their sacrifice and service? Receive the vaccine a…
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @jptrekkie82 Welcome back 🖖🏼 @darkdre57036765 Thank you! :) @StarfleetQueen1 Magic or telepathy 🙌🏼 @TimeForAFilm Thank you :)Returning to DS9. Well, ice skating wise. Coming up with moves that fit with this song #StarTrek’s a song for you… Save The Children by Marvin Gaye @marfamovie
Retweeted by Tiffanie Lovett @StarOfTerra @StarfleetQueen1 I was thinking that too 🥰 @misskiranerys Depends on the mood, but I like listening to Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Shania Twain etc. In the Wor… friends, but not just with the fans. If more meet & greet options were available, I find creating a relation…