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Wife, mother, lover of the light. OU doctoral student w/research in teacher training in reading, #dyslexia, & #DevLangDis. Taught PreK,K,1. TX/MD/DC/NC/#OklaEd

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Yay! Just finished “Peak” (I think @MrGmpls rec’d?) and this came in the mail. Pumped for new reading material. anyone need a Jeopardy review game for Lifespan Development? Our Exam #1 is this week (prenatal development th…
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It's this year's academic job market.
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Saturday Morning
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @benjaminheddy Because of...? bad advice is circulating again under the guise of expertise. The wonderful thing is the research is available t…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @YehCathery @PascalPrincipal @callmeKi Interesting perspective from a cognitive scientist and math researcher here! @Rwill98 Yes! Especially if you add in reading the first page. Can tell so much by the first page. @zbarnes Ohmygosh meee tooooo. @zbarnes
Jeff Bezos is opening his first pre-school in October. Says student will be the “customer.” Thoughts?
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @DTWillingham Question: an example you give is “don’t let emotion interfere with reason”—doesn’t emotion assign val… @Dr_Jenny_Root @ScottGeisler12 @edufreya @NicoleChester Honestly, I loved the small moments unit with my first graders. They learn…
Does repeating a claim make it true? @lkfazio and colleagues find that both children and adults use repetition as a…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @ScottGeisler12 Yes, it’s seems that 5th grade teacher may be using it for a grade it wasn’t originally designed for 😉 @ScottGeisler12 Does *not* sound like, I meant :) @ScottGeisler12 I recognized it from our first grade Calkins personal narrative unit—touch & tell, then sketch, the… @ScottGeisler12 It sounds very similar to the 1st grade personal narrative unit.... @MatBrigham @lifelonglit @RyonWLeyshon Handwriting without tears
@nsteve15 Have a paper in the works now with a fun title... Now to finish the paper 😅Authors include a detailed table of instruction in each condition: across this study examining how to teach letter names/sounds, comparing contextualized & decontextualized instr…
Reading poll for primary teachers: Could you confidently explain to a fellow teacher what orthographic mapping is…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @drmachalicek Was always one of my favorite projects to do with my K/1st graders. Sooo fun. Enjoy!So excited that my dissertation has been published in @SchoolPsycRev! Huge thanks to my committee, my peers (those…
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New Article Alert! Don't miss our newest article, "Universal screening in grades K-2: A systematic review and met…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierWe are pleased to announce this free six-part webinar series on the Academic Job Search, hosted by @CECDResearch. D…
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Education shouldn't be pro anything. American education should be just as clear about our failures as our successes…
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I just want my students to love math. I used google and WolframAlpha all through school and still got high marks…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @davidjpurpura Make it red though. You know, to balance out for the groups where "science" has unofficially become a bad word. @davidjpurpura I mean, does anyone ever vote for someone they didn’t see on a sign?? @zbarnes Dough=paper @zbarnes This will help with many facets of life
@benjaminheddy @benjaminheddy Cheese nips over plain cheese its any day.So cool! Can’t wait to dig into this issue. #EAChat #OklaEd @benjaminheddy I feel like you are looking for validation to work on other things during meetings.... Does this als… a great, accessible, brief resource! Pass around and share with school leaders and teachers. #ELAChat #OklaEd for a word reading task that can be administered on-line...I recently saw a thread on here with ideas and s…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierCheck out our new article on Schema-Based Instruction. Link provided 50 free copies!
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @benjaminheddy Pizza is a bit too much tomato for me (if I’m remembering correctly). Also, never been a huge irl pi… @benjaminheddy Gotta go for the gold with cheddar on cheddar!YES. This goes for college courses 2–something to think about 4 teaching online! It’s so much easier to zone out &… @benjaminheddy Would change my vote if we’re talking flavored blasted goldfish.
@CayneLetizia @CayneLetizia The links inside the slideshow won't change--it will be the same link (google doc). Now, if you add t… @MiriamFein @reading_league @markseidenberg @SeidenbergRead 3/ Chi’s work (the one the authors from the study cited… @reading_league I disagree with the reasoning on the blog for discrediting the baseball study. The study’s point wa… @MiriamFein @reading_league @markseidenberg @SeidenbergRead 2/They say, “Although direct strategy instruction makes… @MiriamFein @reading_league @markseidenberg @SeidenbergRead 1/- Completely agree. I think @SeidenbergRead misses t…
My @utexascoe #math methods course is all on-line this semester. Here's our list of virtual manipulatives! We'll be…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @aartibellara Stare into space. Let everything sink in and let my thoughts go wild. Some of the best ideas/breakthr… @saraannhart The book The Professor Is In has been a great resource!!
Me: Him: here’s the water cycle
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierNailed it!!!!
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierPrinciples to Improve the Effectiveness of Instructional Videos Five to-dos and one to-don't when creating instruc…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @benjaminheddy @ELindstromPhD @BrittanyHottPhD @steph_morano @CoreyJPeltier @JoshuaMPulos It would be so exciting if it wasn't so… out our newest article! Thanks, @BrittanyHottPhD for leading! @steph_morano @CoreyJPeltier @JoshuaMPulos Ar… Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Teaching
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierThere is no war. The science is solid about how you teach reading. The rest is a romantic fantasy about whole langu…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @Dr_Jenny_Root @CoreyJPeltier @BrittanyHottPhD I’ve taught @CoreyJPeltier all he knows 😉
@RyanPBowles I did that to my 1/2sem stats lectures. Except 2x was all my player offered. When I finally slowed it… the job market? Here are some updates to the #SpecialEdHigherEdJobs list:
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierNew paper out today w/ @HABLAlab! In this one, we find that a 10-question sentence repetition task identifies #DLD
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @mikesully97 @karenvaites @natwexler @ScottGeisler12 @SeidenbergRead I think people misunderstand the term “reading… you ever wanted to pursue a Ph.D. and focus on #LearningDisability and #math? Let's talk! For the fall of 2021…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @natwexler @ScottGeisler12 @karenvaites @SeidenbergRead The "reading skill" they use to determine "high" and "low"… @natwexler @ScottGeisler12 @karenvaites @SeidenbergRead The baseball study excluded kids who decoded below the 30%… is often hard for people with Developmental Language Disorder, as it relies on language skills. #DLDseeMe
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Does anyone have experience with IDEA 34 C.F.R. 300.320(a)(4)? It is parental counseling/training as a related serv…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @benjaminheddy @benjaminheddy Next experiment: Word the new initiative so that a vote of no means yes. @sarahpowellphd Ah gotcha! So I won’t spread it around to my Ok people :)If you're serious about MTSS> #IMSForum2020. This was an amazing event last year in Singapore. This year it's virtu…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @lisapsy1 Check out handwriting without tears—an explicit handwriting program :) @sarahpowellphd Only for Texans?
I would LOVE to go back to grad school and learn from these folks. Check out this awesome opportunity at…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierParticipants recruited through Amazon's Mechanical Turk were given a choice of items to restudy for a test. Those w…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. PeltierEnhancing MC Questions to be more effective & efficient. Three strategies & research ready to easily adapt for any…
Retweeted by Tiffany K. Peltier @benjaminheddy Haha... wait... it's missing something.. "SUCCES_"? Also, Corey stole the How Learning Happens book… @benjaminheddy Where are the teasers?!? @NohaSharafeldin @kopernio ! @ELindstromPhD @NohaSharafeldin @AcademicChatter Check out the chrome add-on Kopernio! Finds more than just that go… @DrSarahLupo @KellyBCartwrig1 @KellyBCartwrig1 In my experience working with typically developing littles and kids with dyslexia, manipulatives a… @KellyBCartwrig1 Yes, but that doesn't preclude it from also classifying as PA instruction--they included these stu… @KellyBCartwrig1 I don't know of research suggesting oral only activities have a benefit over activities w/letters.… @KellyBCartwrig1 In his Essentials book he is mostly reviewing research from many different fields. I believe he wa… @KellyBCartwrig1 That view doesn’t seem to align with what the NRP found. I’d think letters would help with limited… @KellyBCartwrig1 This is where Kilpatrick would disagree, afaik. He has a continuum of difficulty—tasks w/letters w…
@mindy_msb Yeah! It just means they have to pick up their pencil when writing the letter :) HWT uses this verbiage. @KellyBCartwrig1 This would also allow students to explicitly connect the work they do with oral only PA drills wit… @KellyBCartwrig1 I can see your point here in confusing practitioners. But if there is a deep understanding of PA (… @KellyBCartwrig1 And Kilpatrick includes using letters in one of his first stages of using concrete manipulatives d… @KellyBCartwrig1 The NRP states (at the bottom of the screenshot posted above) "PA instruction does not qualify as… new qual study out on the #scienceofreading from @ILAToday’s RRQ. @KellyBCartwrig1 Totally classified as phonics when letters are included, but still could be classified as phonemic… @lysandracook @mistergeezy I’m impressed. 6 for me. I’ll work on it 😉