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eating ass rn @1hruki ♡

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@dylanuab you’re so messed up lol!i’m just a botheranother night of feeling like my efforts are never enough
Retweeted by tiffany @rosaphy we the same fr @rosaphy me too @rosaphy you ARE @sydvaIo syd you’re always enough i promise you @rosaphy you’re more than enough i love u @luvm1ku ily @poduohcks anyla you’re more than enough ilyi’m done waiting @poduohcks we both cryingmaybe i’m not enough @m1lkuh @JayJaydin2 ????? @JayJaydin2 i’m taller than you it’s already ggs.Tiffany vs Jaydin coming soon
Retweeted by tiffanymy lips on your lips
Retweeted by tiffany @JayJaydin2 WHY ARE YOU LYING TO THEM. @jacksonaliu BRO MANS BE SHITTIN LIVEjaydin be lettin it rip on call LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE @m1lkuh @JayJaydin2 BITCH U GOT SCHOOL @JayJaydin2 @jacksonaliu jaydin THATS YOU @JayJaydin2 @jacksonaliu there’s actually no way bro @m1lkuh @JayJaydin2 caro go to bed. @yqnso real @wholelottacock gnjaydin shits farts and eats ass in call @JayJaydin2 U EATING SHIT RN @JayJaydin2 BRO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS @jacksonaliu 🖕🖕🖕🖕 @natasukashii MWAH @JayJaydin2 it kinda sound the same @m1lkuh @jacksonaliu 🙋🏻‍♀️ @m1lkuh both 😹 @jacksonaliu who said i was subtweeting!!jackson is dogshit @surelynotsi AW @jacksonaliu @m1lkuh real same @azelyuh I MADE IT @m1lkuh @jacksonaliu should be sitting there waiting for me to even respond. @lumbogg the montages LMFAO @m1lkuh @jacksonaliu STOP RN DISM HELP @jacksonaliu @m1lkuh get fucked! @m1lkuh @jacksonaliu LMFAOXIISK @jacksonaliu nah fr should be texting in his sleep and if he can’t he should find a way 😍😍😍 @jacksonaliu yes should be answering in his sleep.if he doesn’t answer in one second i do not want it. @jacksonaliu @luvjxckie noim ngl i am a red flag @jacksonaliu what HAPPENED @m1lkuh WAIT THIS SO CUYE @lumbogg funny but insane! @JayJaydin2 @lumbogg YOU LITERALLY MAKE FUN OF ME TOO?!?!?
@SUPERCAT1439278 Wderanking on valorant again
Retweeted by tiffany @cocoimao hi pretty girl @JayJaydin2 @lumbogg jaydin. @natasukashii ITS SUCH A TURN OFF @m1lkuh i eventually answer u 🙁🙁🙁 @emahwie haii @m1lkuh @jacksonaliu @sekkiosa YOU SO FUNNT ILY @quacksegirly @jacksonaliu LMFAO @jacksonaliu go back to work. @m1lkuh @jacksonaliu PRINCESS @cherrwr @urfavradiant PRETTY GIRLLLLLLLL @miinieie OKAY MINNIE. @miinieie alright @lumbogg @1hrukimy lips on your lips @jacksonaliu 3 days. @Kezyyz @1aisiru u already know @DXMONIAS hi prettyall i have to say is gg go next. @ryukunno_ 😨 @jacksonaliu jackson what happened @rosaphy MEOW @vesleepynap I LOVE BOOKS @jacksonaliu its so suffocatingof course i have a praise kink i was ignored as a child
Retweeted by tiffany @jacksonaliu jackson are you stupid @jacksonaliu we know you’re bitchless it’s okay!i’ll always make sure he’s okay @jacksonaliu @ryukunno_ .who wanna play valll @rosaphy real @ryukunno_ what. @tonygiangg DO U THINK THEY WIN THIS MAP @tonygiangg wait give me a secodn @tonygiangg WHY IS IT OVER TIME TONY @tonygiangg WHY IS THE SECOND MAP SO CLOSE
@JayJaydin2 @mymeloderu ur dumb @cherrwr @minnn_ye nah fr @JayJaydin2 I DONT KNOW THEM @tonygiangg @JayJaydin2 see even tony knows @tonygiangg go to bed