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Tim Breemersch @TIIM SKW/Mechelen, Belgium

Former basketball player - Yes, I'm tall - Transport research @tmleuven but rarely tweet about work – #SFB8 #SFB9 #SFBX - #girldad

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Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's 4 different apps and a filter.
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @FF_Gouge @JohnBoschFF @pahowdy @RichardBoehmer1 Got this one in a six-pack at the supermarket some 8 years ago, ha… @DoglegBrewer @JohnBoschFF I have it in my #SFBX avi 😬
@JohnBoschFF @RichardBoehmer1 @TomKislingbury @the_ff_german @TheFFRx @MikeMarFF @MattPriceFF The best beer in the… @RaceboyStijn @vanranstmarc @VandenhoeckK @Nanske001 Dat is niet bewezen. Ik ben wel eens gevaccineerd en nog altij… @JohnBoschFF @pahowdy @RichardBoehmer1 Nice, I love Chimay Bleue. I just put this one in the fridge to chill a bit. @DoglegBrewer @rodenbachbeer @dogfishbeer @JohnBoschFF @ScottFish24 I'm sure it's my tweet that triggered you to st… @JaredWackerlyFF Belgian-American collab between @rodenbachbeer and @dogfishbeer feels appropriate for today. Cheers… @the_ff_german @JohnBoschFF @DoglegBrewer @JohnBoschFF The glass isn't too bad actually. This is not a beer deserving of its own glass (like a Duvel or Orval).It's essentially "Days of our lives: the beer" @ScottFish24 My wife is much better than me at games that require spatial intelligence (tile laying games). I usual… 4th of July to my American friends. Enjoy the day, have a few beers, stay safe. 🍻 @ScottFish24 You're a good man Scott. So many people appreciate you immensely. Enjoy your 4th of July. 🍻 @Broektes #zurebiertweet ❤️❤️❤️ @Broektes Ik wilde niet te lang kijken. @Broektes Water zo kostelijk daar? @TomKislingbury (sorry - I never miss an opportunity to bring up that episode 😬) @NVLTweets @JackHumphreyKM @NFLwithNia @tbolt87 @reigaterustler @NFLUK He's receiving 31.4 million to play this year, so that's pretty good. @TomKislingbury So you're OK with the London Silly Nannies. @ScottFish24 @FantasyFabio This is why I have some difficulty with it. I'm in Europe drafting from 1.12. That's sti… @ScottFish24 I have 10 podcasts and 25 articles about #SFBX lined up for the weekend. Now I just have to pretend my…
@grietdeceuster @KoenVanderElst En toch is hij hier 22u later nog steeds. @REDROMINA Cop goes to the airport, bad guys are there. Flights are delayed
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @REDROMINA some rich dude buys an island and puts old lizards on it
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @REDROMINA Man turns off alarm clock 3176 times.
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @REDROMINA These two kids have to walk a few hundred miles in order to properly dispose of a piece of jewelry.
Retweeted by Tim BreemerschMan orphaned in archery contest long time ago gets really good at archery but his pet goose dies. There are no bows… ⬇️ Droger ⬇️ De uitspraak van de Brusselse Rechtbank inzake Hoeyberghs & c.s. 😅😂
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch#vrijdagpintje (het is toch vrijdag he?) - Drinking a Rodenbach Classic by @rodenbachbeer @ Untappd at Home — What’s your favorite paradox? Me: If you ask Rick Astley for his copy of the movie UP, he cannot give it t…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch
@jonnyboyrev @JackHumphreyKM @SFBPodathon @RotoWear You already got yours in the UK? My tracking info says mine are still in Miami 😢 @Jesske3003 @mostreytom @anneke2600 @WestbrookBeer @hopsandfood En weer bier in het glas - ge hebt dat goed gedaan! (en ook complimenten aaan @Vannieuwkerke om goeie suggesties mee te nemen) @anneke2600 @Broektes @dcnatalie Vinken is een vorm van vogelen he? @Mark_in_Mi @SFB_AviMakers Can you get all of them done by Monday? 👍You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @Cantona_10 @EurovisionFFC Thanks, I'll be sure to do that. And if you change your mind - we'd love to have you. W… @Cantona_10 @EurovisionFFC Fully understand - Do you know other Polish fantasy players? Would be cool if you could… @Cantona_10 This wouldn't be just any league - it's the @EurovisionFFC. Have you heard of that? @Annelieseken Nee, een half uurtje geleden gestopt. @Cantona_10 Hi, I saw you were a European fan of the Green Bay Packers - do you play Fantasy Football by any chance?Counter-attacking football at its very best 👌 Two years ago today, 🇧🇪@BelRedDevils capped an incredible #WorldCup
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @WordForgeGames I've send you a KS message, I've emailed you, I've pledged 1229,6 GBP on your D-Day Dice Kickstarte…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @KoenVanderElst @filletk @jandemol @randrafels Ik stel voor om het te herdopen tot "oorloof", en iemand die het net…
@MomentSurprise @ntone @BoemelenKwak Nog maar 2472 - eitje. @HVaerendonck @MartijnK De pindasaus is authentiek Indonesisch heb ik mogen ervaren.This can only disappoint, but I still want to see it. #Cornholio @ntone @FakePlasticRuby Lake Louise is anders heel mooi. Wij hebben dat wel bezocht heel vroeg op de dag, toen er n…
@Neil95Mc @FF_DownUnder @ClarkRumsey @DocFFFN @Mark_in_Mi @abzies @Justinff__ @Ab3Fr0man @benjamm1n @Gorgaroth @FF_DownUnder @ClarkRumsey @DocFFFN @Mark_in_Mi @abzies @Justinff__ @Ab3Fr0man @benjamm1n @Neil95Mc @Gorgaroth @noorke Naast de hier al vaak genoemde Sportzot, vond ik ook Non(netje) IPA van Jopen en Energibajer van Mikkeler d… @Belgiumers Dat is nog een eindje van hier, ik woon in het centrum. @Belgiumers Ja, hier ook SKW, maar daarom de vraag om meer precisie :-) @Belgiumers Het werkt! Als ik nu nog iets preciezer zou weten waar je woont, kan ik zien of het voor mij ook nuttig is 😉 @2345Jonte @ScottFish24 I'm sorry, it was @JonasHuerbin - I got your twitter handles mixed up. With @DragonFF2,… @rogerjroper @ScottFish24 @RyanMc23 Wow, invites are out already?Seatbelts work, but that doesn’t mean you should drive 100 mph through a school zone. We can be smart and take addi…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @2345Jonte @ScottFish24 I'm in the main tournament like you 😬 @ScottFish24 Aaaaand it's full. @SaidBataray Je had er nog bij kunnen zeggen dat het losjes geïnspireerd is door Back to the Future. @NimblewNumbers I've been not going to bed with you for 38 years and I intend to continue that streak for at least another 38 years.
@Nonunsenses Behoorlijk pittig maar niet onhaalbaar me dunkt. @Nonunsenses Ook al overwogen. Hoe is het van intensiteit?One year ago today, @ScottFish24 was pushing towards 20K followers. With #SFBX a week away, he is nearing 30K. Let…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @Bert_VdA De zitpenningscheque (voor als ze eens een vergadering moeten missen) @katrijndecuyper Ze zouden zowel heen als terug met de bus gaan (ik weet niet wat normaal regime is, het is haar ee… @katrijndecuyper We mogen alleen zelf rijden nu 😐Our little American Football Community Belgium podcast got mentioned on @picksixpod - how cool is that?… @WillBrinson thanks for the shout out for our AFCB @AmericanBelgium podcast on @picksixpod! Looking forward to havi… @Stephen_Roto @SFB_AviMakers Can't wait to get mine. @Belgiumers Ah, van Katlaane!
🎙️ *NEW* GAME CHANGERS PODCAST: SCOTT FISH 🎙️ Don't know @ScottFish24? He only runs the most renowned…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @KimiTomiDoll Verzorg u goed. @De_andere_Kris Niet hoog genoeg om Kevin Debruyne tegen te houden om de bal voorbij de Chinese keeper te trappen.Brad Valle of the Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of endan…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @ScottFish24 Shared on the Facebook page of the American Football Community Belgium - hope… @NatashaG2017 @theonlydupe @RyanMc23 You'll need to follow me back or open your DM. @theonlydupe @NatashaG2017 Since you are also in the Smurfs division for #SFBX, care to join the group DM? @RyanMc23Not in #SFBX? Want to draft in the same scoring? Have the same divisions and maybe get avis? Be a part of this h…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @xi0n Is dat gooien in de service inbegrepen of moet ge dat speciaal aanvragen?
@TomKislingbury @WildBeerCo First time I've tried them, but I'll try more next time I go to my local beer shop. The… been saving this beautiful English beer for a special occasion, and I felt I deserved a treat after my first ru… @amazehayes_ @JohnBoschFF @PrestonYarnell @Aquel_Mae @Chad_Scott13 @GOATdistrict @jarrettmccoy @MaclandJ How many did you fill s… @anneke2600 Ik weet het. Het zijn leugens. Gore leugens zeg ik u!#MKF partner @hoffman_charley is in the hunt & paired w/ @PhilMickelson on Sunday🔥 We’ll donate 10$ to Charley’s F…
Retweeted by Tim Breemersch @KendraVangheten @stijnvantwerpen #booble @KendraVangheten @stijnvantwerpen Ik ben weer van Tet overgestapt op #tettn, sorry. @xi0n Het was aan de ingang 🙂 @dirkvandenbergh Effe heel slechte timing gewoon vrees ik.Ah, nu wel. 1 iemand. Die heeft het net opgezet.15 mensen voor mij in de rij van de supermarkt. Niemand met een mondmasker. @Dirk_Lauwers Wauw. Wat een vrouw. @rozebotje @katrijndecuyper @HVaerendonck Gij weet. (Of hoe zegt de jeugd dat?) @TomKislingbury However, my main issue with using full season points (actual or extrapolated) to rank players is th… @TomKislingbury But in the end, full season totals only matter for total point leagues. Everywhere else, weekly poi… @katrijndecuyper @HVaerendonck Tussen de Keurslager en den Aveve. Dan weet ge in elk geval al genoeg als ge van hier zijt 😉