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Thee T @tiki_straw between daydreams & reality

TV addicted, book obsessed, chem nerd who is ocassionally saptastic. Love the life you live

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@OldSoul_YungAge It's beautiful work honey! Gotta see you myself 💕The talent! The versatility! Support yall! #BLACKOWNED #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackhairstylists #blackqueen @ChocolateNimbus It's probably tied to niggas lie. Like when you trying to sauce me up hell yea you gonna say all t… are weird. I've been remembering the oddest but clearest things. Plums, butter, it drugs? I… @ChocolateNimbus Cuz we want yall niggas to CARE. We wanna know that you have an emotional investment in our presence.
Retweeted by Thee T @Zay_Clusive A girl in my class dead passed out in his prescene. I was so confused.
Also my mother is a GOOD christian woman so I shouldn't be too too surprised.I be reading my bible app and sometimes it's my favorite gospel lyric or just now I seen the benediction all the… mood for literally anything
Retweeted by Thee T @jessiguess90 I get that. Its like black people with nigga. We can say it if we so choose; you cantI know people who really care about this but I've always used the terms interchangeable. Also: even with historica… seen my hitta in forever. Just a reminder. We are it.😭😭😂😂😂 @JoelDamien2102 Obvi for all us just fall down cant breathe must be! 😭😭😭😷I’ve been obsessed with this video for hours. It’s so beautiful to me.
Retweeted by Thee TWear your masks fools @CashApp $Tikidolla please ya girl in med school struggling. It's my cuz bday too! @MzPooki3Pooh so yall could slide on sis 🤞🏼Recently I interviewed G Herbo about Swervin' Through Stress, his new mental health initiative in which he's provid…
Retweeted by Thee TUngodly hours. Fr. Not even for no good nasty shit. School. It's always school 😪✌🏼Again, put respect on Stokley’s name.
Retweeted by Thee TYou know I got you👀😩🥴🥴🥴“We came out here in t-shirts, they started gassing us. We came back with respirators, they started shooting us. We…
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Pls stop overthinking. You can't control everything. Just let it be and have faith >>>>
Retweeted by Thee TI got all my small group questions right today. Such a small victory but so excited 😁🙌🏼Fader Debut for the home team. Im telling you. Go check the album out. We talking bout the future here. Like back…
Retweeted by Thee T @_GorgeousxoJay Understandable. But its filling, allegedly good for you(?) and I dont have to cook which is great c… Peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast......who am I? Martika of just a year ago is cringing.
Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy! Netflix secure yall bag period @jessiguess90 I think it (somehow, idk how cuz it's a mfn hit) flopped. Even tho Rick back there producing high as hell.Y’all sleeping on Tity Boi
Retweeted by Thee TI randomly burst out into this all the time 😭😭🤣🤣 someone need to sample it STAT things. I hope we get to changing everything in this new world order. ANYWAY DONT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT PEOPLE. The end.All these microaggressions in a world where things are stacked against you. I've been to predominantly black school… wife (who was 1 of my mentors) quickly stopped him and said "Dont do that. Even though shes probably never hear… remember I was doing GRE questions with someone when this happened (I knew the word but couldnt say it) and he wa… All. Theeeeee time. @jessiguess90 🤣🤣 she mad she couldnt catch the rhythmPubsub. I miss thee.Foooiiiinnneee. So fine. Still fine. Aged like top shelf exclusive Hennessy 😭😂 LOVED watching gymnastics growing up. These people literally makes themselves fly. Seeing black bodies excel at m… @RetteRoulette Tity period
Was supposed to be sleep by 12.....we try again tomorrow 😭🥴I had a chemistry joke but all the good ones Ar
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Boy duolingo be kicking my ass 🥴 upsetting me and everyone else who understands how the "justice" system is supposed to work cuz it's like....if…🗣🗣 UNIVERSE! SOME JOY! GOOD THINGS! PERFECT TIMING COMING TO FRUITION! PLEASE AND THANK YOU WITH A CHERRY ON TOP! The universe laughs at me. It better be bringing me some joy.
If Internet pirates were real: part 2
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@jessiguess90 On the poverty line!I have an epidemiology joke but it hasn't yet gone viral.
Retweeted by Thee TThere's this assumption that professors and departments have about what students have access to. While physically o…
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This is probably a hot take, but all these universities that are going online/remote (which they should) should pro…
Retweeted by Thee T @iamloveleighh Just speaking the truth. Love you just as bad ❤It's the best. Say it with your chest 🥰 me ladies, it doesnt get better than these hands. Get laid and slayed! #BlackOwnedBusiness one can tell me that God isn’t real. I’ve seen him show up way too many times for me to believe otherwise.
Retweeted by Thee TI was determined to figure out rice sans cooker. I felt like my Caribbean card would've been SNATCHED away. I had t… is Black Excellence
Retweeted by Thee T @taebaae Congratulations gorgeous. I know she just as beautiful as her mama! ❤❤❤I'm a scientist but omg I hate how people make it so boring. Even if I can comprehend my brain just turns off. Mo… bra energy.🥺🥺 you love to see it I am aware this is most likely about Beyonce. I just couldnt resist. So dont. Thank you 😁*these rules do not apply to any persons hailing from Bahamas I see you bey. They cant hurt you here 💙😂 name is Ayo and I am a 22 yr old engineering student. This summer I launched the FIRST #blackowned premium benda…
Retweeted by Thee Twhen does she turn 35
Retweeted by Thee T @JoelDamien2102 Lmao exact emotion @JoelDamien2102 She do me man 🙄I have never met someone who lies on my good name so much
Make this a movie instead of all the slave movies we’ve been getting
Retweeted by Thee TWhew. think its cuz I like to believe I am unobtrusive but observant. Like I'm a sneaky super spy and someone just blew… always feel weird about people who I dont know, knowing me. It's Why? What about me is drawing your… @_killagraham Girl! And just stand in front of the mirror like bow! @moss_thee_boss @_GorgeousxoJay The karma is a Bee made me ugly laugh. @moss_thee_boss @tiki_straw lmfaoooo 😭
Retweeted by Thee T @moss_thee_boss @VONTAECOACHMAN Lmao I just flashed to him cussing out the McDonalds peopleA cold tropical punch Check or Ritz hits everytime! Something bout that red dye #40When I get some cash I'm buying these sets just to sit around the house. talking about me, y'all!
Retweeted by Thee T @jessiguess90 You deserve! All the accolades!Every time I see my best friend getting praise for her writing I'm so Super de duper proud. It's a long way from Pa… @moss_thee_boss @VONTAECOACHMAN Drunk iHOP sit ins were the worst! What were we thinking? Too old for that now @VONTAECOACHMAN @_lexys__ @_GorgeousxoJay @moss_thee_boss @iamloveleighh @_thxg_ @NesharaB Lmfaaaaooooooooo! Naw si…
@ChocolateNimbus It's okay I know every person feels me. Except that mf who dont contribute to the project 🙄
@melbourne_61 Hell no. Yall having to do labs as a group was bad enough man.I will hate group projects til my casket drops. I'm probably gonna be pissed that dropping me in is a damn group project lowkey.Good day! The lesson of the day: do unto others and you would have them do unto you. AKA in all your interactions… welcome relationships that don’t bring with them hard life lessons. I welcome an easy, breathable love.
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The Bahamas said US citizens in The Bahamas have until Wednesday to LEAVE the country. No longer welcomed 🥴
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@JoelDamien2102 Dan ain't lie about that one 😂😂😂Cirque Berserk by @jessiguess90 is fun as hell. Hey, @netflix, let's get a new slasher movie made!
Retweeted by Thee T @JoelDamien2102 just randomly sitting here thinking bout how Nate went to cotillion every year. As someone date 🙃🙄😂Both John Lewis and C.T. Vivian passed away on the same day. Both spent their lives fighting to make America a bet…
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#DefundThePolice #BlackLivesMatter #ARRESTTHECOPSWHOKILLEDBREONNATAYLOR This is disgusting. Dis. GUST. Is all you…’t wait to see why God had me wait
Retweeted by Thee T @moss_thee_boss More romantic. Designer on a budget ? You so smart baeStill romance.
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