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TNA Till @tillfn_ ur moms house

Comp player for @NewAgeTNA | $26,500 Earned | 🏆 6th Solo FNCS Grand Finals 🏆

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@ChapFN meeeee @NlTROZ @opsqt 😭 @Zinkylol Lol @Zinkylol Didn’t askThis human shit is difficult why couldn’t I have been a leaf1.3k subs before February and I shave my head so someone should gas my YouTube @CorinnaKopf in bio!Bag Boy 💰 | Fortnite Highlights #13 GO LIKE AND COMMENT PLZZZZZ wanna play west cc @KnightFN_ for @ChibbyFN
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bro snipers ruin this game holy fuck our cc is griefed cause of snipersits actually 🐍 szn wtf... @ClixHimself @benjyfishy 👋 @xasma1337 @FortniteGame tf @Plege LOLPreview for @tillfn_
Retweeted by TNA Till @OscarBradbury1 @Cayennefn yea... right... @OscarBradbury1 @Cayennefn very i find finding twitter bots funny asf cause they know nothing @gr0ssvfx @NotSmokee_ talk back* @Cayennefn @OscarBradbury1 he isnt real lmfaoo @OscarBradbury1 @Cayennefn your not human lol @n0nawtf @NotSmokee_ ye obv its badn1 for eu cc or if someone needs 1 i can play dm me @n0nawtf @NotSmokee_ plz tell me this is a jokePreview for @tillfn_
Retweeted by TNA Till @DegenFN hianyone want to play eu trio cash cup @OkisFN k @Frystsama @Bullywyd right here... @KeenySZN Lol @jactsFN @gurtlol @G2Jahq @MackWood1x @Khanada @xCrunchy @tragix_ mfer has 50 followers @gurtlol AHAHAH @Strodlez V @Plege ^ @Ozirvo LOL watched this live i was crying @NotSmokee_ ... @NotSmokee_ it aint happening @NotSmokee_ thatsme! @vohlii no
@idealzeal They sleeping on me 💤 @lxwis_wtsn09 oh im straight beefing bro @lxwis_wtsn09 no your just a random nobody dumbass "bud" @lxwis_wtsn09 as you can tell 2 games is around 50 min, if the tournament started 3 hours ago and i posted this an… @lxwis_wtsn09 just didnt start 2 hours late lol @lxwis_wtsn09 you could do that and still not qual @remnantxx let them, they need to know there place360 pts in 2 games on eu, how is eu this much of a joke @Ajerss @dukezfn @Strodlez LOL @vohlii hola @PlaIism im underrated
NO FUCKING WAY AHAHAHA @asianjeff @Strodlez LOL strodles is most humble guy ever @jojiFN @asianjeff @Strodlez Lol @Strodlez @asianjeff Tru @jojiFN @asianjeff @Strodlez Jeff unblock joji @asianjeff @Strodlez ^ @PlaIism Host a zw with only people who 3-0 everyone that would be interesting @PlaIism I’m PlayStation and Xbox inv me @asianjeff @Strodlez I tried telling himWhy do kills have to be 5 pts @PlaIism I’m mobile @Strodlez Kids a weirdo I told you @bhronosFN Yup @Plege HAHA @Strodlez Didn’t qual by 2 kills ggs @Plege @vnshgg LETS GOOOOO8k subs ❤️❤️Crazy how I’m past the amount of subs I had on my YouTube that got hacked, the support has been crazy recently❤️ @vnbound_ @TNAKirsh @Rated_Hugo LOL @OnePercentHQ 2 @BankTellerFN Was in that game lol @Im_Clayze @Connoreo_ just saw @Im_Clayze @Connoreo_ Oh nvm just saw his tweet @Im_Clayze @Connoreo_ What is he gonna do lol @Vettafy Fucking stupid @PlaIism And I know itSo we get in a game with 2 sec left and only 50 ppl got put in the game, my duo didn’t get in and because of that i… 🏎️ | Fortnite Highlights #12 link in bio! plz go like and comment so i can hit alg! @OkisFN Hola
🏆 DUO DREAMHACK @TeeJayFN 🏆 @ZlemFN @NewAgeTNA GS @OkisFN @PlaIism lol they think im cheating now too @PlaIism that was too easy @PlaIism YESSIRGGs 3-0 everyone in @PlaIism tournament what shitcans lol @ItsEggroll “Yea this kids cheating” LMAO @Strodlez Nope I’m winning @xCrunchy No way @PlaIism MeeeNeed one for heat 1 and maybe heat 2. Dm Fntrackers
Retweeted by TNA Till @TNAKirsh Was this on purpose @cbuzzfn Yup @riv1337 Bro I just woke up chillFell*I ordered food like 3 hours ago and feel asleep I’m sadDecals 🎨| Fortnite Highlights WOULD APPRECIATE SOME GAS ⛽️ ♻️&❤️would help a lot Editor @alkayfn
Retweeted by TNA Till @999Sammyy_ @NewAgeTNA HAHAHA @keitthfn @TheCaliCord @TiltedCord not in that dogshit server LOL