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Watching back some vids I took at from the show, this song is fucking insane’s just setting in how surreal it was to have Kanye play this track after waiting 3 years could probably drive to NYC, sleep in my car, and live off saltines and puddles for this one's best moments at award shows over the years; a thread 1. his iconic Best Rap Album speech for The College D…
Retweeted by Tilly (Kanye’s Lawyer) @DIGITALNAS I’m so good at keeping secrets lol especially ones in dms if u needed to get anything off your chest hahaCan’t believe we’re actually going to get Hurricane but we’ll have this to replace it... endless cycle begging for this to be Kanye maaaan I forget Kanye has literally thought of and created full length albums in under 3 weeksWtf it sounds so much better
@YeIsMyDad He’s gotta make sure Mike doesn’t escape the stadium I get it.@KanyeWest has decided to NOT perform at Rolling Loud in Miami tomorrow.
Retweeted by Tilly (Kanye’s Lawyer)IT SHOULDVE BEEN MEEEEE you for the weekend @kanyewest, even if it didn’t end in an album drop. You brought Kanye fans together to ex… know the video isn’t the best quality but it’s mine and it’s a moment I’ll never forgetWe gonna be okay’m losing my familyNo matter what, you never abandon your familyKanye fans really are the greatest and coolest people in the world
Retweeted by Tilly (Kanye’s Lawyer) @oscos It’s the reality of being a Kanye fan adapt or die @TotoByAfrica1 LMAAOAOOOO I am tweeting out of my ass rnSources saying Donda august 6th @thelifeofwraith I said I was sick lmao they wanted a doctors note not happeningI apologize for the last tweetDONDA BY @KANYEWEST — AUGUST 6TH.
Retweeted by Tilly (Kanye’s Lawyer) @njkplay What’s going on down there ?Another stream tonight when I’m done on the rooftop? @KanyePodcast Baby killed it as expected, no shot Kanye was going to put him on Hurricane unless it was unbelievable @brandongc2021 It can’t be true Bc he was in Atlanta at least a day before the event working on it, they could’ve f… @PaintClown_ I hope soI know we all want it tonight but we actually cannot pretend like some of the songs weren’t finished, nothing wrong… thiiink the only way this gets released tonight is if ye has a notepad of finished verses he didn’t get time to r…
@______Danielll Actually? Bc if I remember right JIK took 7-8 hours Idk if somethings changed since then @tetsuoXVI JIK took like 7-8So no, don’t keep refreshingTakes a while for streaming services to get it up after it’s submitted so even if it was done rn it’d be like a 4 h… LISTENING EVENT (ATLANTA, JULY 2021)
Retweeted by Tilly (Kanye’s Lawyer) @evild03r mm mm mmFavorite song off Donda from last night??I really wish I could hear the LV version of Donda. The more somber tracks were absolutely the highlight from last… was sexy as hell btw I loved itI’m not tripping and MOON was just like a reworked Hurricane melody, right? @oscos He was awesome when I met him, right up until when security caught him out of the production room and he was carried off by 5 menMe to the TL rn @PhotosOfKanye That’s so crazy this rollout is so mysterious @PhotosOfKanye @malikyusef I assume you went to both events, did the songs that played at BOTH events sound less fi… @WestSubEver Copium imoAnyone who went to the first listening party want to DM me so I can ask like 100 questions about it? @devlin_becton_ I heard they sold out of them insanely fastTake care of her first but if there’s a 2nd one around in a medium lmk 👀 like 150 concurrent in the twitter space after last night was just insaneI’m so sad my live stream crashed yesterday I for real had 100 people in there 5 minutes in.... you men and ladies are fkn unreal @KanyePodcast @PhotosOfKanye Notis on on all of themAlso anyone that recognized me and came up to say hi I really appreciated it and the kind words! It did not feel real in the moment 😭Everyone’s said it but @PhotosOfKanye 🐐 throughout this whole rollout @EdgarMarz25 Wasn’t finished at allResults before the listening party’ll ask again, do you think Donda is dropping anytime this weekend? @dropout_joe You’re lucky my section was so dryWait I just realized at the very end of the show Ye preemptively stood still right in front of the crowd, absolutel… @santan_childish Yeah I could see itI’m not used to cities my brain can’t process big buildings being real @JakePettegrew If the song in the Nike commercial was no child left behind then yes @baker808s Best Hurricane would be Any Clemons hook-> waverunner Kanye verse-> ant hook -> lil baby -> Kanye hook outro @BonGucci @therealmikedean I thought they were just running it back LOL @lol51885991 That was usually the outro to it on the leaks he just moved it up to the front of the songLil Baby absolutely fits on Hurricane stop lying to yourself @franlyfunguses I was there and can confirm I don’t think anyone had any idea until they got on twitter after @kathrynpure I was screaming and then I looked around my section and they didn’t know what was going onThought real Kanye fans were supposed to be there smhThe most infuriating part of last night was almost NOBODY got hyped when the Hurricane beat startedI hope Rolling Loud is streamed as well I wanna hear more of this album @DaveTrent9 I was thinking the same thing it’s so goodKeep the “I chose not to be a slave” Hurricane verse btw sexy @kanyewestYeah listening to the livestream Donda a month out minimumThey saying Kanye probably picked the Donda tracks that would sound best in a stadium and I couldn’t agree more @whossamir Listening to it rnWow he did not finish this albumI need a new Donda link please they removed itAny link to the full livestream?I honestly think that Kanye expected a larger reaction to Jay Z. The only issue was the music was so blown out tha…
Retweeted by Tilly (Kanye’s Lawyer) @gorgi__ ratioKanye - DONDA TRACKLIST
Retweeted by Tilly (Kanye’s Lawyer)Kanye West’s discography is crazy because you can have any favorite album and everyone accepts itSTREAM CRASHED I THINK JOIN SPACEGET IN HERE LIVE ON YOUTUBE was fr the last person he signed I’m so luckyDonda handout feat. Mike Dean signature the livestream good quality? The stadium was BLASSTIINNGGJUST MET MIKE DEAN WTFBro I just walked right by Mike Dean @daniels_visions NopeIf that’s even realCompletely missed the Jay verse you cannot make out distinct sounds here 😭😭😭😭The albums playing again for those wondering what happened after the streamKANYE IS GOING TO KEEP US HERE FOREVERHE MADE HURRICANE BETTER WTFFFFFI’m gonna cry were paid actors cheering nothing happenedKanye is an hour and a half late with no sign of him showing up and I wouldn’t have it any other way @vrob330 You bastard