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Solar-Climate Theory Sheds New Light On History Of Chinese Civilization via @ccdeditorYou are just plain wrong, there is no “proof” of AGW. This is the Modern Warm Period, 300 yrs into what should be 5…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrI WILL FIGHT BACK & I WILL WIN Now I’m being Reported for showing proof the Twitter Legal Team emailed me about i…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrAmen @w_terrence Just go to YouTube and you will find videos of him defending Trump or giving him a chance. Who…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrI DONT SEE A PROBLEM WITH BLACK PEOPLE SUPPORTING TRUMP! People have been attacking me & others for going to the W…
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Woke Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Silent on NBA-China Controversy via @BreitbartNews #hypocrite #maga #2A #1A
The US is the only major economy to significantly reduce CO2 emissions over the past decade, and @washingtonpost bl…
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Bokhari: The New York Times Declares War on Free Speech via @BreitbartNews #1A #2ATake it to the bank...ig her lips are moving this woman is LYING! #lizwarren Video appears to contradict Warren's s… MET PRESIDENT TRUMP TODAY! Growing up I went from foster house to foster house & i never thought I would be at…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr#ProtectTerrencekWilliams @w_terrence LEGAL TEAM CONTACTED ME ON THE DAY I GO TO THE WHITE HOUSE! People want to take my account down because I…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr'I’m not gonna respond to that': Biden snaps at reporter asking about son via @nypost
#fauxcahontas Flashback: Warren Claimed to Have ‘Plenty of Pictures’ Highlighting Native American Heritage… Warming: Britain Braces for ‘Coldest Winter in 30 Years’ via @BreitbartNews
@Tim_Auger Hi Tim, follow up article. P2 (FYI:)... UN Carbon Regime Would Devastate Humanity And The Environment…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrNo Climate Emergency say 500 Scientists to UN via @YouTubePlease give credible references for claim crop yield down 30% in 2019. What crops? Where exactly? I don’t know if…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrDemocrats want to stop Barr from investigating what happened in 2016. via @WSJCareful #democrats What U.S. Attorney John Durham has found on Ukraine may be quite different from what the Democra… Schiff knew about whistleblower's complaint before it was filed: report via @nypost
@JohnBarchard @SharpFootball @SportsRadioWIP Tried to use this today to listen to the Giants vs Redskins USELESSKICK VONTAZE BURFICT OUT FOREVER!!!
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @SharpFootball Did you see the #patriots d'back headshot on the #Bills QB? After knocking him out he stood over him… once he paralyzes a player or concusses them into retirement the @NFL will stop him for good. More reasons wh… what you sow. $15-minimum wage hike is hitting, hurting NYC restaurants via @nypostShock news : UN Carbon Regime Would Devastate Humanity via @JWSpryNot a peep about @ColeHamels flipping Molina off #CHCvsSTL after Molina overreacted to the high and tight pitch… @MLBONFOX @kevinburkhardt @Ken_Rosenthal Seriously guys YOU did not see Cole Hamels give Molina the finger? Do pay…
Jeremy knows perfectly well no one is attacking Greta “for her disability” or because she is a child. She is critic…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @GeoffShac @SafewayOpen Cripes don't get me going. Equipment, Training Technology, Video, Course conditions the sam…
More evidence, from Chinese scientists, that the Modern Warm Period is just part of natural cycles that have been g…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrThis is What A 'Quid Pro Quo' with #Ukraine looks like: Please retweet this video so everyone of your friends ca…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrRegarding child suicide. This is no joke. Young people have always been vulnerable to feelings of hopelessness. Gre…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrSchiff Rewrites Trump Transcript So It Says What The California Congressman WISHES It Said via @gatewaypundit
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrExcuse me, I'm looking for Hunter Biden, has anyone seen him?
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @MoMcCormick7 Is Eve carrying Fluffy?Former CIA official on whistleblower: 'How could this be an intelligence matter?' via @nypost
Democrats exposed again.
Absolute privilege to help celebrate Archie's story. What a guy. #ThanksArchie
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrThe #climatestrike is one of the most elitist, over-privileged protests that the Left has come up with to date. “…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrDear children who are being manipulated by the Left: When I was in school, Al Gore told us that we had ten years l…
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Why is @Twitter running declaring that I said “white nationalism is not a problem” for black America— when they kno…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr.@RealCandaceO took these liberals to school! It’s funny how white liberals tried to lecture her about racism. BLA…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrWhen do I turn volume off of @Cardinals games? When Tim McCarver is announcing. Worst "home" announcer in all spprts. #stlvschc
Nolte: Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions via @BreitbartNews #climatesdochange #climateBLACKFACE APOLOGY! Justin Trudeau said he didn’t remember he put on a black face. My white Friend Chip Williams…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrMade-up professor @kathleen_belew made the SEVERE error today of personally attacking me at a hearing on White Sup…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrIt’s #gotime! Excited to be teeing of in France for the @LacosteLODF this week!! 💪🏼🇫🇷
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrGood on you mates!! 👍👍
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrFULL #VIDEO: Epic exchange between #Lewandowski and #Swalwell: ‘It’s a big safe, lots of guns in there’
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I think the next impeachment hearing should be about AOC & The Squad . Who else is ready for that ?
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrFun on ⁦@colbertlateshow⁩ tonight with my Brady friends! ⁦@hgtv⁩ Thank you so much ⁦@StephenAtHome⁩ And congratula…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrThis is a lie. I have flown across the Amazon. For five hours ther is continuous forest. It is one of the least def…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrPropagation of Error and the Reliability of Global Air Temperature Projections, Mark II. via @WattsUpWithThat😍
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @EcoSenseNow Seems to me that Kavanaugh needs to begin litigation in these cases.
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Lawrence Jones blasts 'self-absorbed' millennials as study shows American 'values' changing #FoxNews
Be honest. The #USA @SolheimCup team looked "splendid" in their jammies on Sunday. Then the socks and shoes....oh… @LivingDuncan Lost my brother in 2018. His started in his nasal cavity. Pain is still raw. God bless you and RIP @chrisduncan11Love this story so much ❤️ #finnsbench
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrSeeing this just now was the icing on the cake and a beautiful way to end my birthday celebration! Thanks…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @MoMcCormick7 be fun to see 3 girls and 3 boys of #thebradybunch join the 3 girls on @LastManStanding“It’s A Sunshine Day” ☀️ Tonight is the premiere of #AVeryBradyRenovation on @HGTV at 9pm🏡💛🌼🌸 Thank you ⁦@TODAYshow…
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Red Flag Battle Intensifies in Deep Red Georgia – GOP Ad Maker Responds to Ocasio-Cortez: ‘I’m Getting Death Threats’ from Your Socialist Supporters… Continues Support for Abortion Provider with Troubled History!! This beautiful and Patriotic little girl that isn’t even 2 yet recites the ‘Pledge Of Allegiance’ This In…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrAmerica didn’t give you the right to protect yourself or your family. God did. America implemented into law a God g…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @augustaeighty1 @JFeinsteinBooks @Bags2121 @chambleebrandel So then does @themasters and @PGAChampionship lose majo… always said miss em quick This #SolheimCup is pathetic to watch Ladies want their coverage increased - el… Mom’s Facebook Posts on Illegal Immigration Removed for ‘Hate Speech’ via @BreitbartNews
Way to hang tough and make the cut @Chris3Wood now #golow the weekend! @LongAshtonGolf
@PGATOUR @McIlroyRory @jacknicklaus Felt all along @McIlroyRory was the proper choice! Glad his peers recognized th…"I've got goosebumps." No one better to surprise @McIlroyRory with the Jack Nicklaus Award than @JackNicklaus hims…
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On the tee: KLM Open - European Tour via @po_stBeautiful send off for our dear friend Gordy. A lot of love and wonderful stores being told this afternoon. Thanks…
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@Lowes No need. Called your 800 number. They contacted vendor who is still working on parts! Never shipped, amazing… this! I am willing to bet this is taking place at other schools as well currently. Parkland dad uncovers how d…
The Nuclear Option: Meteorologists, the Professional Fake Forecasters #FakeNews and #Fakeweather
It would be naïve not to acknowledge this blatant and lopsided reporting in our news media. cannot believe @DebraMessing is trying to shame conservatives in Hollywood! Shame on you! I don’t care who anyone…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrI hope the American people will look at the cold hard facts of what will happen if the Democrats’ advocating for ‘T…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrScripts in hand. Look who’s back. Season 8 @jayleno @LastManStanding #LastManStanding
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrGood news for a brave professor and scientist. Hats off Peter.
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @EstherThePig Look at the Wiki entry for Solomon Islands. No mention of sea level rise or l…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr30 years ago the U.N. predicted that “entire nations would be wiped off the face of the Earth by year 2000 due to s…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrLGBT vegans are protesting Chick-fil-A in Toronto but not Halal meat restaurants/grocers. So inhumane slaughter of…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @Lowes Had to resort to social media 😒 Ordered @DEWALT track saw and bar clamps beginning of Aug. Was billed with i… Mueller helped Saudi Arabia cover up its role in 9/11 attacks: suit via @nypost
Nice to move ⬆️ the leaderboard today @omegaEUmasters @EuropeanTour. Hit the ball a lot better today and holed some…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr“The vindication belongs to the President for firing James Comey. It was clearly the right thing to do. You don’t w…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrDumpster-diving bear cub rescued in Lake Tahoe town via @nypostTrees are the Answer: To reduce impact of human CO2 emissions on atmospheric levels of CO2. Suck it up with trees a…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrWhat she’s not telling you: she’s funneling a quarter million from her campaign funds to support the lifestyle of t…
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Greta is a female child with a mental disability Bob, not a mature woman. @AOC is bad enough. Why don’t we just ask…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrSmall taste of what #redflaglaws will bring #wakeupamerica Student Suspended After Shooting Guns at Range with Moth… opening round 1 for @Chris3Wood we're glad to have you back Woody #OmegaEuropeanMasters @LongAshtonGolf