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@EuropeanTour Class act through and through. R.I.P. Good sir.
@LongAshtonGolf Just noticed typo....should have asked R. Wood @LukeElvy Nicklaus always said he preferred a down hill putt to win #PGAChamp @StuartApplebyGreat job with this set up @pga what a farce this day 4 set up is Just another @PGATOUR event and NOT a major #PGAChampWhat privilege does Steph Curry have to be out watching the #PGAChamp Who is he married to? No fans should be NO FANS! @pga
Hey Nance try '86 at #shinnecock @cbs that's 1 that cones to mind #PGAChamp @PeterFinchGolf @BKoepka @PGAChampionship @TommyFleetwood1 Unfortunately I was way off! LolWhen will television coverage admit that with today's technology these young golfers already know what it takes to… @haotong_li head up and full speed ahead. Big fan here!Hi everyone, it’s been a long time! Hope everyone are doing well during this tough time. Trying to keep myself bus…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrThis is the video I planned to post but been blocked due to BGM...Let's rock guys!" 🦵💪 @ Shanghai, China
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrWatching #PGAChamp and enjoying @speckledhenry @JerryFoltzGC @EuropeanTour @andysulligolf @grantboone @TomAbbottGC @LPGA I am indeed a #golfgeek Jerry! @GeoffShac @TigerWoods Lol. I literally grabbed my old #Macgregor Jack Nicklaus version and have been putting with… @Chris3Wood @LongAshtonGolf @TitleistEurope @odysseygolf @nikegolf @KenyonPutting Ready to see the Woodman back on course!Greens are pure @LongAshtonGolf my stroke is marginally better. @TitleistEurope @odysseygolf @nikegolf
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @MarshaBlackburn @WSJopinion How much of the west coast of America was built on the backs of the Chinese?The NBA’s posture in Xinjiang sent a strong message to the Chinese Communist Party: For the right price, anything i…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrTired of being tracked online? We can help. Join millions of people like you who believe the Internet shouldn't be…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @PeterFinchGolf @BKoepka @PGAChampionship Going bold @TommyFleetwood1 fires 62 and wins #PGAChamp @brucewayne5687 @TheBeachBoys a guy could do worse! @LongAshtonGolf C'mon Andy Cox! Is R. Wodd the dad of Chris?Already watched @EuropeanTour Congrats @andysulligolf Now watching #PGAChamp #MarathonClassic & #USWomensAm at sam… find it humorous at best that the @USGA is lambasted for "manipulating" scores near par for the @usopengolf while… me that sure looks closer to the hole @EuropeanTour @TonyJohnstone56 @hendygolf @haotong_li @EuropeanTour @SkySportsGolf This also proves how little research these supposed experts actually do.Or maybe #wilson from the movie #castaway @TonyJohnstone56 @EuropeanTour #ukswing @Supreme____Beef @chambleebrandel @RichLernerGC If you didn't notice the numerous bunker shots that went long and t… @hendygolf @haotong_li @EuropeanTour @SkySportsGolf Is it as simple as due to the virus he chose hotel room and go… hope @haotong_li proves all the doubters wrong today about how hard he grinds day in day out. The guy is a gym/pr…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrThe person who called you a racist because you are white is a racist. Trotsky perfected the left’s tactic of accusi…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr#wilson frome the @ofctimallen #homeimprovement television show maybe? @TonyJohnstone56 @EuropeanTour #ukswing @hendygolf @EuropeanTour ROFLMAOBring your jumpers they said, u never know if you'll need them..... Well here I am naked on my bed in England sweat…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrNot allot of sand in the bunkers talked about all week by the players. Why not go with wedges with less bounce? Dis…
@joostluiten plays his 2nd into 18 day 3 #PGAChamp @EuropeanTour drive by @joostluiten on 18 day 3 of #PGAChamp @EuropeanTour jason day picks the ball out of the hole like he is about to break Just watched him drop his mitten and he ben… why did Rahm get relief on 4 instead of just moving the microphone? @chambleebrandel @frank_nobilo @RichLernerGC look at 18 carefree and not caring so a clean mind leads to two lovely shots Spoeth needs to rid himself of al… McCormack causing severe damage to a feel player. Spieth is like Crenshaw was & Penick always told Ben to go p… @WestwoodLee @TonyJohnstone56 50 years ago #Seve won his first event. How about a favorite Seve tale? @WestwoodLee really enjoying your chat in the commentary box especially little anecdotal stories of past happenings @EuropeanTourAbsolutely loving the #ukswing2020 on the @EuropeanTour
@grantboone @JerryFoltzGC @TomAbbottGC you guys do a great job. Thank uou! @GeoffShac @McIlroyRory @PGAChampionship How many other golfers would do that? #ClassAct #PGAChampClass act: reporter accidentally stepped on @McIlroyRory’s ball in 3rd green search, official Mark Dusbabek allows…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrThe way Paige Mackenzie reviews other golfers you'd think she had won 30 times with 5+ majors @lpga @GolfChannel Su… love the overhead shots of housing. Every once in awhile you see a spot of green. The concrete jungle is alive… the award for most annoying commercial goes to #HellowFresh #PGAChampPretty sad that this course has zero signature holes and all of the things to see are off course. There is nothing… @LThompsonGC @GCMorningDrive @EuropeanTour No worries! You do a great job.Let's go! @joostluiten #PGAChamp #PGAChampionshipHey @GCMorningDrive @LThompsonGC please! There are those of us ready to watch the @EuropeanTour how about warning u…
When did the make them easier practice of smoothing the perimeter sand of bunkers so the ball almost always rolls d… @AndrewSweet @chambleebrandel @GeoffShac Public muny that has had millions pumped into it and let's not forget the… #hardingpark has Cypress trees and is next to a lake and there are buildings all around the course. Those are th… it me or does it look like Speiths hands are further away from his body than normal with the the driver? @chambleebrandel #PGAChamp
As a golf fan watching from home I love #nofans No idiots screaming their moronic comments and seeing the beauty of… @EcoSenseNow Imagine how much more of these we could have with a Biden & AOC New Green Deal. The hucksters will be…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @bwthaiawdik @EcoSenseNow Blind Freddie in a Nano Second would determine this is a #DickHead “renewable” project.…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrI wonder how many millionaires were made on this phoney gravy train. “Trump Recovers Taxpayer Cash On Obama-Backed…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrThat's one way to move up the leaderboard 🔥 @Workday #WGCFedEx
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrWhy do otherwise intelligent people continually fall for these scare stories? They’ve been saying this for 40 years…
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@chambleebrandel when will DeChambeau start getting analyzed for the proteins, chemicals(?) etc he is pumping into…
Thoughts? McIlroy criticizes Euro golfers for not coming over then backtracks & now says he may not play any Euro e…
It’s disturbing to read how the @NBA sent me a “completely inaccurate" statement about their training center’s in C…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrLatest EURO wind track... NC really watching as many showing landfall. Effects possible SC/VA too.
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When you realize your favorite camera operator caught the whole thing with audio. 🐜🐜🐜
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @KylePorterCBS That was embarrassing to watch I understand trying to use the rules to ones advantage but that was t… Chinese Communist Government must not be allowed to get away with murdering hundreds of thousands of Americans.…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrD) Riley for pin placement @EuropeanTourI get it using rules to your advantage but that was embarrassing what dechambeau and his caddy just tried to pull o… stoked having the @EuropeanTour back on. Love the courses, love the announcers. None of the fluff of #usagolf coverageToday, I’m calling on the @NBA to create a foundation and donate a portion of the profits they make from their tigh…
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#maga #virus #MAGA2020
@jacknicklaus @RandA @TheOpen @GolfChannel Still wondering if I am correct that I saw your caddy toting a dark red… @JonRahmpga not sure if it was intentional but I did notice the clean shave for Sunday. Kudos for the classy move (… I just win a 19th major without leaving my couch? 😁 Seriously, thanks to the @RandA, @TheOpen and @GolfChannel
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Incredible evening for golf on Scotland’s northeast coast. The front nine holes at @MurcarLinksGolf are as good as…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrHey @PGATOURLIVE why are we getting #championstour players? Furyk and Mickelson 🙄 Looks like house projects today.… throwback to when 4 time Open Champion Bobby Locke played at LAGC in 1950. Bobby was highly complimentary of the…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evrWith #TheOpen being my favorite tournament of the year this #theopenfortheages is awesome, a little something to satisfy my hunger @TheOpen
Loving a couple of things watching #nofans #golf Really enjoying it No obnoxious screamers & the ability to see the… that a #slazenger bag your caddy was carrying in the highlights of round 1 of #theopen of #theopenfortheages I d… #theopenfortheages Thank you for showcasing great players in this remix. Really enjoying it. Actually want…
@DuckDuckGo Using DDG and love it. Question, Why is radar blocked on weather dot com? @cajunkiwi I think the sweet spot is the winning score -7 to -12 otherwise it is just hot putter wins IMO
@RosinskiBill Rags! @RosinskiBill Bam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget live play by play on @SiriusXMPGATOUR
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @RosinskiBill @SiriusXMPGATOUR @DougBellESPN @Fredalbersgolf @EarlForcey @MrChickSports I actually turn on the netw… all the bellyaching about the golf TV coverage @SiriusXMPGATOUR was on live for every shot. Spent a few hours i…
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @RosinskiBill Despite the number of times I have watched this movie it is one of those when I come across it I am w…
@stevieggolf 🙏stay strong mate
#suckitleft how we haven’t seen any celebrities celebrating the arrest of #GhislaineMaxwell? 🤔
Retweeted by LovinGolf4evr @GDude777 One of my sons...same thing. Oh well, stakes are high and it is his call not mine.Bought numerous @GoyaFoods products myself today!!! #suckitleft